Sasha Makes a Friend


Joey took a swig of his beer and leaned further back into the chair he was slouching against. The steady thump of bass seemed to match his heartbeat, and he felt pleasantly buzzed. Sasha had his gaze pinned below, his girlfriend Sasha was on the dancefloor. He watched as she moved her hips against a friend, her hands wrapped around her shoulders. She had pulled the girl back until the girl was plastered against Sasha’s front and Sasha seemed to whisper in the girl’s ear, her lips brushing against the girl’s neck. Joey leaned forward, enjoying the view of his girl tangled around another pretty woman. In that moment he felt like a voyeur, drinking in the sweat lined skin, the tendrils of hair that draped and tangled against each other. Their bodies moved together like a song, the lyrics sensual and suggestive. He bristled a little, noticing the attention they were getting from other guys as they effectively ground against each other. He felt his phone buzz in his pocket and reluctantly pulled his eyes away to read the message he’d received.

U like?

It was from Sasha. He jerked his head to see her looking up at him. Her hands had drifted to the girl’s hips, and she was directing the movement, her fingers kneading the girl’s thick curves. He could see the playful gleam in Sasha’s eye, the lift of her eyebrow. His fingers tightened around the beer neck. Did she mean what he thought she did? He and Sasha had talked about threesomes. He hadn’t thought she was so excited that she would hunt down a third herself. No, she couldn’t mean that. He shook his head; the beer had muddled his brain. He replied,

Nice dancing babe.

He watched as Sasha pulled her phone out and frowned up at him. She leaned down to whisper in the girl’s ear again, pointing up to him on the balcony. He froze as the girl’s dark eyes slid over him, a slight smile quirking her upper lip. The back of his neck prickled. This wasn’t a friendly look. It was a hungry look, like the girl wanted to devour him. He watched as she leaned back on Sasha, her hips rotating lazily against his girlfriend, and seemed to nod at something Sasha told her. The bass had gotten louder, pounding in his head as he watched the tangled limbs of his girl stroke someone else that wasn’t him.

He felt a tightening in his cock as the girl grabbed Sasha’s hand and placed it on her gorgeous tits. Her dress was low cut, and they swelled over, more than a handful and begging to have someone’s face between them. He watched as Sasha massaged the girl’s tits, pawing at them without preamble. Her fingers inched under the slinky material of the girl’s dress and slid out of sight into her cleavage. The girl jerked in Sasha’s hold, and rested her head on her shoulder, her eyes closing as Sasha fondled her. Sasha looked up at me, pulling the dress down to show more of the girl’s delicious tits and the flash of a sheer purple bra. Joey’s mouth watered and he shifted in his seat, adjusting his jeans.

U like Anna?

She wants to play.

Sasha had messaged him again and this time it was clear what she meant. She was watching him again, the heat in her eyes seared him and he necked the rest of his beer. He jumped up, yanking on his jacket with shaking fingers. He felt lightheaded as he took the steps two at a time, almost stumbling as he reached the bottom. Sasha met him there, a coy smile spreading her red painted lips. She had Anna’s hand linked in her fingers and pulled her forward.

“This is Joey,” she said to the girl, “Joey, this is Anna” he leaned forward to kiss her cheek, and she giggled in his ear. She smelled like vanilla, thick and decadent, and her skin was blistering hot as she pressed up against him. That brief touch made his cock jolt in his jeans, and he shot a disbelieving look at Sasha. Were they really doing this? She sidled up to him, pressing her lips to his neck and sending a shiver down his body.

“Are you alright with this?” she whispered softly in his ear, husky and, if he knew his girlfriend, horny. Her hands wandered over his chest and promised dirty things. He certainly wasn’t going to say gaziantep jigolo no.

“I’m in if you are,” he replied, and she gave him a quick kiss.

The drive home went fast, the girls piling into the backseat. He craned his ear to listen to what they were saying, but something muffled the giggles, quiet moans and heavy breathing. By the time he pulled into their driveway, he was sporting a half chub and was picturing filthy things. He waved the girls in and poured three glasses of wine. When he passed a glass to Anna, she made sure their fingers touched and leaned forward to brush her full lips on his neck.

“You smell yummy,” she commented, her eyes teasing over the rim of her glass. Joey wished he could say something clever back, but his tongue was thick in his mouth and he couldn’t keep his eyes from darting to Anna’s luscious tits. She turned and strutted over to the couch where Sasha had already perched herself. The short dress perfectly encased her ass, a hint of it showing as she curled up on the couch and kicked her heels off. Joey took a seat in the middle, cradling his drink and looking over at Sasha. He wanted her to lead this, not that he should have worried. She was already leaning forward to unbutton a few of his buttons.

“You look hot there, babe,” she said, winking at him. Her fingers slid in, her nails running across his chest in a gentle scrap. “Are you hot too Anna?” she said, all wide-eyed innocence to Anna. The pair shared a conspiratorial smile together as she leaned over and, using one finger, drew down a strap on Anna’s dress. The material sagged, revealing the swell of one breast and the dusky nipple still encased in a purple, lacy bra. “That’s better, right?” Sasha said, and Anna laughed. Joey’s head was spinning, the heat of both ladies seeping into his arms and legs where their supple bodies pressed against him. He took a sip from his wine, letting it coat his tongue. Anna gripped his jaw suddenly, turning him to look at her as she rose to her knees and searched his face.

“He looks cold now,” she commented to Sasha, her nails digging into the slight scruff on his face. Her lips were so close and her eyes looked hazy with lust as Sasha shifted, sliding onto his lap. Her hot pussy pressed against his cock as she straddled him. She’d unbuttoned her own dress, bunching it around her waist and leaving her titties in his favorite red bra. She ground down, drawing a grunt from him. Sucking on his neck, scraping the skin as she moved her hips back and forth over him.

“Is that better?” she asked Anna, who didn’t respond. Instead, he watched as Anna leaned forward and took Sasha’s breast in her mouth over the bra material. Her pink tongue swirled over Sasha’s nipple, encouraging it to harden. Sasha whimpered on top of him, her head dropping back as Anna moved to the next one. The bra was practically see through now, her pink nipples flushed and pointed from Anna’s attention.

“Does that feel good?” Joey asked, wanting to know how it felt. It was hot as hell watching someone else suck his girlfriend’s tits, especially as she rocked against him, the warmth of her pussy scorching even through his jeans. He knew she’d be wet, too. He bet if he dipped his fingers in her panties that she would cover him in juices. Anna beat him to it. She was kissing up Sasha’s neck now, biting her softly now and then and her fingers had snuck up the bottom of Sasha’s dress and he could feel her pull aside Sasha’s panties and explore. Sasha groaned, lifting slightly to give Anna better access. He felt the movement of Anna’s fingers against his cock as she pumped in and out of his girlfriend.

“Oh, yeah,” Sasha said, turning her head to capture Anna in a deep kiss. He couldn’t help jerking his hips up. The friction between Anna fingering Sasha and the sight of their tongues tangling was too much. He grabbed Anna’s hand and pulled it out, drawing it to his mouth and sucking off Sasha’s juices. Her flavor burst in his mouth, salty and thick, and he lapped it up, running his tongue over every groove jigolo gaziantep of Anna’s fingers. She broke from kissing Sasha and leaned over, replacing her fingers with her tongue. Her tongue ran against his, slow and sexy. Sasha was moving above him. She grabbed his hand and wrapped it around her bare tit. She’d taken off her bra and was now half naked.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Sasha urged, and she didn’t need to ask twice. Joey’s jeans tented, and the zipper pressed against his cock uncomfortably. He’d gone commando, and he needed to get his pants off. The girls raced ahead of him, shimmying out of their dresses and tumbling into the bed together. He followed slowly, undoing his zipper and enjoying the sight of Anna’s ass, a matching purple panty that rode up her juicy ass and hinted at the wet heat between her legs. Sasha was taking Anna’s bra off and once she had it out, she tossed it over to Joey. He fell into the seat by the bed, content to watch the girls together for the moment. They seemed lost in each other, writhing, naked limbs, soft and smooth. Gorgeous curves and dips melding together.

Sasha had her fingers wrapped through Anna’s panty strap and she let it fall against the girl’s skin with a slap. Anna cried out, and Joey couldn’t help but unzip his pants. He let them fall and wrapped his hand around his cock. Sasha was drawing down Anna’s panties and the girl let her legs fall open and he saw the glimpse of a bare pussy, just a small strip of hair. Her pussy lips glistening with her arousal. Sasha kneeled between Anna’s legs, looking up to share a provocative look with the girl before she leaned in and gave a tentative lick. Damn. Joey strangled his dick in his hand. He knew Sasha had never done this before and it showed. It didn’t matter though, Anna urged her on, encouraging murmurs and gasps coming from her as Sasha dove in. Her hands splayed Anna’s thick thighs, spreading her like a feast.

Joey watched as Sasha fucked Anna’s hole with her tongue, using her fingers to circle Anna’s clit. Then she would swap, her fingers diving into Anna’s pussy and her mouth covering her clit as she laved at it enthusiastically. Anna was loving it, her tits heaving as she sucked in deep breaths, her voice turning high and pleading. Joey stroked his dick as much as he dared, feeling his balls tingle way too soon. Sasha’s ass was in the air and he could see her pussy lips begging to be fucked. With a willpower he didn’t know he had, he watched as his girl brought another girl to orgasm, Anna’s thick thighs clamping down on Sasha’s head, her fingers scrunching the sheets as she came all over Sasha’s face. Anna was loud as she came, groaning and bowing off the bed. Her body glistened with a fine sheen of sweat as she caught her breath and Sasha pushed herself up. She leaned over Anna and licked her lips, her chin glistening with cum. Sasha looked at Joey and crooked a finger.

“You want a taste?” she asked, her eyes dancing with a heat that he couldn’t wait to get burnt by. Joey scrambled onto the bed, digging his hands into Sasha’s hair and kissing her deeply. He moaned into her mouth, the scent and taste of pussy making the kiss seem filthier, dirtier than he could imagine. He felt a hand kneading his balls and looked down to see Anna palming him. She looked sinful, her dark eyes like melted chocolate and her lips bruised from kissing his girlfriend. He could feel her hot breath ghosting over his cock and it jumped with anticipation. Sasha pushed him onto his back

“Anna will take care of you, if you take care of me?” she said and Joey nodded vigorously. Sasha straddled his face and lowered her pussy onto his mouth. He dug his fingers into her thighs and encouraged her to grind on his face. She was soaked, and his tongue made obscene noises as he lapped up her juices. He moaned, vibrating against Sasha’s sultry heat. Anna had given up fondling his balls and had taken him into her mouth. It was sensation overload, and he almost came in her mouth as she took him as best she could. Her tongue carved a scorching gaziantep escort path up the underside of his cock as her lips wrapped around him in the most decadent warmth he could imagine. He tried to focus on Sasha, his fingers convulsing around her skin. He was holding her so tight that she might have bruises, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was grinding onto him hard, panting little moans. Suddenly, she lifted and flopped down on her back next to Joey. He looked at her with surprise, biting back another groan as Anna took him deep in her mouth again.

“Don’t you want to fuck her tight pussy?” Sasha asked Joey, and he moaned in response. Anna popped up and Joey felt momentarily bereft, but as Anna shuffled around, presenting her ripe ass to him, it cheered him.

“You want to fuck me?” she said, wiggling her ass invitingly. Joey leapt to his knees, his cock so hard it was hurting now. Sasha angled herself so that her pussy was directly underneath Anna and she spread her lips in silent invitation to the girl. Joey hauled Anna’s thick thighs back and lined his cock up at the entrance of her dripping pussy. His legs were shaking in anticipation. He didn’t need the lube, but he ran the head of his cock up and down between her slick pussy lips, anyway. Unable to wait anymore, he slid inside her, slowly letting her hot pussy swallow him deep. He groaned, his head falling back at the feeling of Anna’s pussy surrounding him. Sasha was writhing beneath Anna, her head bobbing as she flicked her tongue against Sasha’s clit.

Joey pulled back slowly, thrusting into Anna slowly, his fingers gripping her hips like handles. She was so hot and wet, and he could feel her pulsing around him. His hips bucked forward, forcing Anna deeper into Sasha’s pussy, but he couldn’t stop. It felt too good. He wondered belatedly if he should have put on a condom, but the feeling of her raw was too good to stop. He gripped her hips like handles and fucked her deep, slamming his hips against her until her ass jiggled. Her cries were muffled by Sasha’s pussy, who had her hand on Anna’s head and was grinding on Anna’s mouth. Sasha had a hand wrapped around her tit, squeezing so tight her knuckles were white and her eyes screwed shut. Joey slowed down, seeing that Sasha’s thighs were shaking and not wanting to distract Anna from devouring his girlfriend’s pussy.

“Come baby, come all over Anna’s face,” he begged her, not able to take his eyes away from the scene in front of him. His cock jerked inside Sasha and he pumped into her short, shallow and gentle, not moving her too much so that she could still concentrate. Sasha gasped, her mouth wide open as she came with a scream. The entire room reeked of sex and it made Joey’s head spin. He pulled out of Anna and flipped her onto her back, mesmerized as her tits bounced. He felt giddy as he spread her legs and hoisted one knee up. He was inside her again in one thrust, groaning deep in tandem with Anna. She looked at him through half-lidded eyes, her face still wet with Sasha’s cum.

Sasha wound her arms around his neck and pulled him down for a breathless kiss. His tongue tasted her mouth, thrusting in time with his fucking. He urged her to kiss Anna and watched as she licked a path over Anna’s tits and sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. He wasn’t going to last much longer, it was too much, too hot, and he could feel his legs tingling as his orgasm came closer. Sasha was bent over, her pert ass in the air, and he slapped a hand down on her, hard as he bucked into Anna’s endless heat. She was moaning into Sasha’s mouth and he reached down to circle her clit, hoping that they might come together. She grabbed his hand, moving it hard against her as his thrusts became erratic.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he said, his forehead dripping with sweat. The girls didn’t reply, too caught up in their kissing, Anna chasing her own release as hard as he was on his own. Her hips jerked, and he felt her flutter around her as she cried out, her hands tangled in Sasha’s hair. She was coming and Joey couldn’t hold it any longer. He drove his cock into her deep, not caring anymore that he wasn’t wearing a condom. His cum exploded into her hot pussy, filling her with his own release until he collapsed on top of them both. As his cock jerked the last of his thick release into Anna’s wonderful pussy, Sasha brushed a kiss against his cheek.

“I love making new friends,” she sighed.

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