Noelle’s Tentacle Gains, Part 3


Noelle turned to find a third woman in the room, sitting on the edge of her bed. Noelle hadn’t heard her enter; the door was still closed, and her window was too small to climb through. Noelle gaped at the intruder, feeling suddenly self conscious. She was naked, aside from a t-shirt, with a green tentacle poking out of her vagina, an oily-coloured vase wrapped in its grip. Noelle glanced at the floor, where her similarly naked dorm neighbour, Amy, lay in a restful sleep, a puddle of light blue orbs next to her.

“You don’t waste any time, do you?” The woman said, a sly smirk on her face. She looked to be in her mid-thirties, wearing a long brown jacket, a yellow cardigan and a grey pencil skirt that ended before her knees. Her hair was a silvery blond pixie cut with a pair of thin stencilled glasses resting on top. She was sitting cross legged, her legs bare save for a pair of white Cuban-heel boots.

Noelle blinked. “Uhh…”

“Not two hours after your first encounter,” the woman continued, casually inspecting the light blue orb in her hand, “and you’re already on the hunt.” It was one of Amy’s; Noelle hadn’t even seen her pick it up. From her demeanour, the woman acted as though she knew perfectly well what the situation was.

“Are… you from the Long-Long club?” Noelle asked, wondering if she should be trying to cover herself up.

“Not too hard to figure out.” The woman shrugged, turning to her. “Tell me something; why did you swallow one of these?” She waved the orb in the air. “It did say not to.”

Noelle’s eyes widened in realisation. “That was an accident! I wasn’t… I didn’t mean-.”

The woman raised a placating hand. “You’re not in any trouble.” She smirked again. “Yet.” She pointedly looked down at Amy, then slowly returned her gaze to Noelle. “Let me guess… you two just gravitated together like you were both possessed. And fucked like rabbits, right?”

Noelle nodded sheepishly. Who was this woman, the tentacle police? Was she going to get put in tentacle prison? Actually, that didn’t sound too bad…

“Well it’s not too uncommon in this business.” The woman yawned, cracking her neck with a twist of her head. She pointed at Noelle’s green tentacle, which was slowly receding back into her. “They’re all coated in an aphrodisiacal slime. Strong stuff, really gets the blood pumping.” She nodded at Amy. “But you’d have to have gotten her to touch it first.” Noelle blanched, the woman was giving her an intense stare. “Tell me, how did she come into contact with it?”

Noelle stared dumbly, looking down at Amy, still dozing peacefully. “She was…” Noelle remembered what she was doing before they had devolved into rough sex. “She was trying to pull it out.”

The woman blinked, showing surprise for the first time. “Trying to… pull it out?”

Noelle moved her tentacle so that it put the vase on the ground. “I didn’t mean for this to happen. I don’t want this thing inside me, so…” Noelle gestured helplessly at Amy.

“So you… had this girl try and, what, yank it out of you?” The woman raised her eyebrows, her stern expression lightening into an incredulous smirk.

Noelle nodded, feeling a little embarrassed, but not exactly sure why.

“And do you still want it gone?” The woman nodded at Amy suggestively.

Noelle hesitated. The sensations she’d felt through the tentacle while she, ahem, ravished Amy… It was nothing like she’d felt before. Regular masturbation paled in comparison. She looked down at the offending appendage, as it innocently dangled from her snatch. “Well… I won’t be able to… you know… take anything else in while it’s there…”

The woman tilted her head. “In that case, you can just send it back to its pocket dimension.”

Noelle blinked. She felt like she’d stumbled onto something that was edging beyond her ken.

“Ah.” The woman stood, placing her glasses on her face. “I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I’ll start from the beginning.” She raised her hand, palm facing the ceiling, and the tearing noise sounded again. Noelle gawked as a black light grew out of nothing in the woman’s palm. Then she blinked. The darkness was gone and in its place was a notebook with a ballpoint pen. “There are many names for what we are, but the simplest one is ‘Witch’. We commune with those beyond humanity and are bestowed with their gifts.”

She pushed up her glasses, all business like. “My chosen name is Helja.” She looked at Noelle, notebook and pen in hand. “What might I call you?”

Noelle’s head swam. This was crazy, like something out of the weird online Sex hikayeleri pornos she’d read. “Witches…?”

Helja tilted her head in mild embarrassment. “I know, it’s a bit hoaky, but it stuck, somehow.” She pointed to Noelle’s tentacle with her pen. “And like it or not, you’re one now too.” She tapped her notebook and looked at Noelle expectantly.

“Wait, wait.” Noelle held up her hands. “Like, magic stuff? I can do magic?”

“Of a sort.” Helja nodded. “What’s your name?”

“Uh, Noelle.”

Helja jotted it down in her notebook. She glanced at Noelle, looking her up and down, then wrote some more. Noelle fidgeted a bit, feeling like she was failing an audition.

“Forgive the paperwork,” Helja turned a page and began making tick marks and crosses. “I’m managing a census of sorts on all known witches. Keeps things tidy, in case of… incidents.”

Noelle swallowed. What counted as an ‘incident’ for witches? Whatever it was, she was sure she wanted nothing to do with it.

The notebook snapped shut and vanished into the tearing blackness. “Alright then, Noelle.” Helja stood and removed her glasses, a gleam in her eye. “Time for your first, and only, lesson.”

Helja raised a hand, palm pointed to the floor, then slowly lowered it, breathing out, focused. There was a faint sound of tearing, and from the hidden gates of Helja’s short skirt came a fat, golden-yellow tentacle that pulsed and rippled with an uncanny energy. It snaked out into the room, gradually closing the distance to Noelle.

Noelle took a step back, but her dorm room wasn’t spacious. Her bare butt bumped into her desk, and there was no more room for retreat. The yellow tentacle was about as thick as her arm, ribbed and rivulated. She could smell the faint aroma of the tentacle’s musk, drawing the fog of lust toward her mind.

“Do you like it?” Helja smiled. “We simply call them ‘Creatures’, as their true name is long and obnoxious. This particular specimen is from my personal energy, like your green one is from yours. I’ve been cultivating it for years, and I’d go so far as to say it’s the finest of its kind.” The tentacle edged closer to Noelle’s face, and she turned her head as its bulbous tip approached.

Helja smiled suggestively. “Let me give you a demonstration.”

The gold tentacle passed Noelle’s head, curving behind her, circling her, touching her shoulders. Noelle half gasped, half moaned as its powerful aphrodisiac seeped into her skin. Her pussy ached and was already soaking. Her breathing turned quick, hot and humid and her eyes rolled upwards in their sockets. The thought of being impaled by this glorious gift to womankind was quickly becoming the only thought in her head.

“Sometimes I get jealous of my… ‘partners’.” Helja smarmed. The golden tentacle curled around Noelle’s stomach, pressed against her ass and spiralled around her legs. With seemingly little effort, it lifted Noelle off the ground.

The fog pressed against her mind, and she had to fight to remember how to form words. “H-hold on, j-just a sec-.”

“Shh.” Helja put a finger to her lips. “Listen to Teacher.” She approached, slowly, legs serpentining seductively. “You were wondering how you’d have sex the normal way with a Creature inside you?” Helja pointed at the little green tentacle quivering in Noelle’s vagina. “The root of the Creature is not actually in your body. To put it simply, there is now a small dimensional rift within your womb, which was created when you swallowed that orb. It is a personal pocket of space under your control. For now, it is where the tentacles you own reside, and they can stay there or emerge at your command.”

The golden serpent constricted, squeezing her slightly. The sensation was oddly arousing, but brusque enough to momentarily break Noelle out of her stupor. The tentacle brought her closer to Helja, their faces a mere breath away.

“Do you want it inside you?” Helja purred, her glossy lips almost within reach. It was hard to listen to her words. The texture, the smell, the girth… the lust of the tentacle called to her. Primal and eager.

A fuse broke in her mind. “Oh, God, yes!”

Helja smiled, a wide toothy grin. “Then send yours away.”

It was instinctual. She needed that thing inside her, and the green tentacle obeyed, slithering back inside her and vanishing from her body. There was an odd feeling of loss, as though she had misplaced a phantom limb, but that concern was far from her mind at the moment.

The thick tentacle caressed her as it slithered along her body, its bulbous head Sikiş hikayeleri positioned itself by Noelle’s pussy. She watched it with anticipation and fear, and a concern bolted into her head like a panicked pony. “I-it’s, it’s not going to fit…!”

Helja shook her head. “Fortunately, a curious property of the tentacle’s slime is to render a human body more supple and sturdy. In other words,” she leaned forward, her lips by Noelle’s ear, “You can be stretched incredibly wide without… breaking. “

Helja’s fat tentacle pressed into Noelle’s sopping cunt, spreading her lower lips like a blooming flower. She was so wet, there was barely any resistance. She half howled, half groaned as the meaty thing bored into her, filling her insides to the brim with its sheer girth. It felt like an entire telephone pole was going up her snatch. She came immediately, cum spattering out around the tentacle. The fog had completely ensorcelled her brain, and there was no more space for objections. There was no pain; only pleasure existed.

“Mmm. Yesss…” Helja closed her eyes, smiling with satisfaction. “Oh, you are tight. I do hope I’m not hurting you?” She asked with mock concern.

“Nhab bahdhab~” Noelle replied, losing all ability to speak coherently. The tentacle had penetrated deep into her womb, squishing itself in as far as it could go; Noelle could see the bulges on the outside of her belly. Having no more room to go, the tentacle extricated itself, slowly moving out, leaving a strange empty feeling behind. Then it thrust back, powerful and unchecked, slamming into her womb. Noelle gasped, half-scream, half-hiccup. She came again, the orgasm rolling through her like ocean waves.

Helja moaned with pleasure, holding herself in a delirious hug, and increased the tempo of her thrust. The tentacle left her clingy womb abandoned when it moved away, and consumed its desperate love with each inevitable return. Noelle felt like she was being battered from the inside, and distantly wondered if you could get inner bruises. But such thoughts quickly flew from her mind as she orgasmed with nearly every thrust.

“Oh, you’re gooooood.” Helja purred. “I want to feel every inch of you.” The thrusting slowed as Helja concentrated. The tearing sound returned, louder this time, and Helja’s skirt blossomed and bulged. Noelle’s eyes widened as glistening tentacles of all the colours of the rainbow snaked their way into view. Some tapered to points, some had stringy feelers, some bulged like mushrooms… Dotted, lined, or silky smooth, they swarmed her body, caressing and fondling as much as they could. “I want to make you mine!”

Helja, and the entire room, vanished from view. Noelle was swallowed in darkness, enclosed within a cocoon of slimy, slithering sex. Every touch seeped with the arousing aphrodisiac, it got into her eyes and her hair. Every bit of exposed skin was enveloped by the swarm, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The golden one continued its mounting thrust, joined by much thinner tentacles that forced their way into any unoccupied space her stretched vagina could accommodate. Two tentacles fought to ram their way into her lolling mouth, pushing past her mute lips and slipping deep into her throat. Air blasted from their tips, providing her oxygen as they sloppily face fucked her. An exploratory pair of feeler-tipped tentacles discovered her hard nipples, massaging them with the force of a hundred tiny tongues. Another spread her ass wide open, this one segmented like balls on a string, popping in and out like a train of pool buoys.

The experience was indescribable. Noelle’s arms were stretched out, covered in tentacles of all sizes, her legs splayed and soaking with slime. Feeling the smooth, warm tentacles slithering about her skin, both inside and out… A small, thimble-like tentacle took interest in her citorus, and her eyes rolled back so far she began to see stars.

Noelle fell into a state of semi-awareness, suffering from one long, eternal orgasm. She lost track of time and dignity. She was nothing more than a meat puppet, a thing to be fucked; it was her purpose for existing. There was only the fog of heat and pleasure in her head, pushing out any thoughts to the contrary. She didn’t know how long the slippery staves screwed her sopping holes; it could have been minutes, or hours, or days. The tentacles continued to make love to her, pumping and pistoning and slithering and fucking and using her lusty body to fulfil their primal needs.

The tentacles grew bolder, every one of them thrusting faster, synchronised in Erotik hikaye their movements. Noelle dipped in and out of consciousness, moaning whenever she woke, muffled by a mouth full of spit-soaked tentacles. The fat one she could feel the most, stretching her soaking cunt to its breaking point. It pulsed with a vigorous energy, the ribbed edges, dripping with an endless stream of Noelle’s cum, caressing the folds of her sensitive labia with every inch of its girth. The golden king of the swarm led the charge, conquering her naked body and overpowering her senses, claiming her juicy pussy as its hot, messy castle.

Noelle’s eyes grew wide as the entire cocoon shuddered. There was a moment of peace as every tentacle halted. Then all at once, each slippery member pushed as deep as they could into her. A distant, flowing sound vibrated through her skin, like water rushing through pipes. Then an absolute mountain of alien cum exploded onto her, and into her. In her throat and stomach, in her ass and especially in her pussy, the hot cum of the swarm filled her even more than she already had been. Her magically fortified body gurgled with the sticky liquid, her insides stretching beyond compare. She could feel her belly swelling like a balloon, growing and growing and not stopping. Her belly grew so big that it pushed through the wall of tentacles, and she could feel air on her skin again, cold and biting after the warmth of the cocoon.

Noelle hung in the air for a moment, impaled on an imperceivable number of appendages. Then, one by one, the tentacles removed themselves from inside her body. The swarm dissipated, retreating back within Helja’s skirt, dribbling cum in their wake. The fat one was the last to go, removing itself from her vagina with a sticky, audible pop. It lowered her to the floor, setting Noelle against her chest of drawers and uncoiling itself from around her body.

Noelle was completely soaked from head to toe. She hiccupped and coughed out a gallon of cum onto the floor, the white liquid oozing from her ass and pussy, spilling all over the floor. The fog gradually dispersed from her mind, and she dimly realised that the big flesh-coloured ball in front of her was her own belly, inflated to the size of a small yoga ball.

“Ahh, fuck yes, that was the shit!” Helja loomed above her, stretching her arms and rolling her neck. “There’s just something about new witches that makes them feel incredible.” She leaned over, smiling smugly. “Was it good for you too?”

Noelle coughed meekly, unable to form coherent thoughts as her mind tried and failed to reboot.

“I think I’ll make you one of my favourites.” Helja declared, summoning and scribbling in her notebook. “How about I come back next week? I’m sure you’ll be ready for another round then.”

Helja waved her hand and the tearing noise sang out. Her palm indented itself, a black hole appearing where the skin had been. She crouched down, cupping her hand around Noelle’s pussy, then pressed down on her belly with the other. A wave of vertigo rippled through her body as an innumerable number of green orbs popped out of her. Helja’s palm vacuumed them up, disappearing them to realms unknown. As the deluge began to slow, Helja dissipated the black hole and let a few of the remaining orbs fall into her hand. She stood above Noelle, admiring one of the green orbs, before popping it into her mouth like a grape and swallowing.

“The fresher, the better,” Helja glanced sidelong at Noelle. “Don’t you think?”

Noelle watched as a tentacle almost identical to her own explored its way out of Helja’s skirt. Helja ate another of her orbs, and the green tentacle grew longer. Helja swallowed the handful of orbs one by one, each time the green tentacle extended its length by a few inches, until it was long enough to caress Noelle’s face. It was joined by a blue tentacle, the two slimy appendages patting her cheeks. She vaguely noticed that the pile of Amy’s blue orbs was now missing.

“This is your first lesson: the strongest witch gets all the witch bitches.” Helja lectured as she straightened her clothes. ”A witch cannot be penetrated unless they consent and retreat their own creatures. Overpower your opponent’s inhibitions until they’re begging for your tentacles, then you can take all the orbs you want. If you don’t want to be the bitch, be a stronger witch.” She raised her hands in a shrug. “Of course, being the bitch isn’t so bad, wouldn’t you say?”

The depth of Helja’s words tried to sink into Noelle’s brain, but it was like trying to force a basketball into a golf hole.

“This was a fun night, Noelle.” Helja turned her back on her, the two tentacles trailing behind. Noelle’s eyes drooped as a powerful exhaustion overcame her. “I look forward to a lot, lot more…”

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