Emma’s Endurance Ch. 15


Dear Literotica reader, Emma’s journey is drawing to a close, but it will be a cliffhanger. Meanwhile, bear with me and please do read the previous chapters.

The young girl who had carried the breakfast tray earlier, returned to help Emma do her hair and make-up.

She held out a beautiful black sleeveless shift, which was elegant, yet sexy. Emma stepped into it and gazed at her reflection in the mirror, wandering how many of her school friends knew about The Order of Saint Ishmael and if any were also learning the ways of the libertine society.

Sir James knocked once and entered. He was dressed in evening dress, black jacket and bow tie, classic high society clothing, immaculately tailored.

He reached into his pocket and took out a long leather box. ‘This is for you, Emma. Please wear it tonight. It will please me very much to see it.’

Emma looked at James rather fearfully, but opened the box. Inside was a beautiful diamond necklace.

James fastened it around Emma’s neck. It sat high on her throat, with four rows of diamonds and it was a little reminiscent of the collar that she’d worn in the castle.

The light from the diamonds lit up Emma’s face, making her pale, almost translucent skin look like alabaster.

‘Ah, my darling, you look like an angel. Come, we’ll greet our guests’

Emma quickly stepped into some strappy black sandals and took a final glance at her reflection in the mirror. She looked like a 1950s actress, caught in a thousand flashlights, wide-eyed and innocent.

She took James’ hand and followed him down the grand staircase to the lobby below.

The grand entrance hallway, at Stornoway Palace had been refurbished in the early twentieth century and was designed as a homage to Italianate architecture. Black and white marble columns were arranged along each side of the hallway, with matching tiles to create an illusion of even larger rooms to follow.

Emma, her hand firmly clasped in James’ hand, nodded and bowed and even curtseyed to his guests.

Two men were princes from a major European family. They had arrived with a few minutes earlier and seemed to be very close friends of Sir James, who grasped the hand of one and kissed the cheeks of another. Their elegant, beautifully dressed wives, one of whom was a duchess from a very famous English family, accompanied them.

The party moved into the main sitting room and everyone sat and drank champagne, eating canapés and trying to make small talk. It was difficult for Emma to know what to say, or how to address the two women.

One of the men, Prince Edmund (or so Emma thought) leant over to Emma and asked how she was enjoying married life.

Emma was stunned. She hadn’t had a moment to work out her feelings, or so she thought. She regained her poise altyazılı porno and politely commented that she had learned a great deal from her husband and that it had been a very interesting time.

The man smiled, a knowing, lascivious leer and was about to ask another question, when the butler, Mr Dobbs announced that dinner was served.

The party walked into the dining room, which was long and magnificently lit by crystal chandeliers. Emma gasped.

The long table was not laid for a grand dinner, with plates and glasses and cutlery, but on it layed two naked women.

One of the women was Sister Angela and the other was another woman of a similar age. One was lying face down and the other, face up.

Their eyes were closed, but they were covered with various morsels of food. Angela, who was lying face up, had pate spread over her stomach. Her nipples were covered with a couple of strips of red peppers. Her groin was a mound of salmon mouse and she had small stripes of sauce piped across her thighs.

She had similar lines of sauce along her arms.

All the foods were to be licked, or sucked from Angela’s body.

The other woman was covered with cut fruits and whipped cream. Small jellies, just mouth sized, designed to be sucked from the skin were arranged along her spine.

One of the other men, Prince Johann clapped his hands and congratulated Sir James on his dinner service. There were lines of caviar arranged along Angela’s fingers and also, lines of cocaine, although Emma didn’t know what it was at the time.

The two women turned and stared at Emma for a moment. Neither was wearing the signet rings of the order, but they seemed to be waiting for a reaction from her.

Emma walked up to Sister Angela and kissed her on the cheek.

Angela opened an eye and winked at Emma and the closed her eye again, whispering, ‘lick my fingers first.’

Emma held her long hair back and bent over and licked Angela’s finger that was covered with caviar.

Sir James, his voice slightly thickened with lust, said ‘now lick the other finger darling.’

Emma did so, feeling the rush and fizz as the cocaine started to work. She giggled and stood upright.

‘Come, eat!’ She stood back a little and watched as the two men started to run their tongues along Angela’s thighs.

Sir James started to suck on Angela’s nipples and nibbled gently at the red pepper and sticky sauce that was underneath it. Angela was trying to stay silent and keep still, but was finding this very difficult.

Prince Edmund bent his head to the mound of salmon mousse, licking it up, cat like. He moved down to one of the lines of sauce on Angela’s thighs and then back up to the pubis. Then he moved up to her caviar-covered fingers and then took a mouthful of caviar zenci porno and cocaine and swallowed and took the proffered glass of champagne that was on a tray held by Mr Dobbs.

Gradually the six people licked and sucked and nibbled their way around the bodies of the two women.

After an hour of this, all were feeling quite drunk and high and it didn’t take long for Sir James asked if they wanted to see Emma’s tits.

Emma, blushing, stepped out of her dress and the men and women gazed at her pert, rounded breasts, with their fine rings piercing the nipples.

Sir James rubbed her nipples with cocaine and gently kissed them. ‘Now, treat her gently, as they are still sore.’

The other two women stepped out of their dresses as well and stood next to Emma. One was a redhead, with large breasts with huge areolas and the other was dark haired with tiny little breasts, and small brown nipples and areolas.

They women stood back to back and the men walked around them slowly.

Sister Angela and the other woman had disappeared, but they returned as the men were slowly circling the women. Angela was naked, except for a pair of black stockings and a suspender belt and the other woman, dark haired and of similar build, wore red stockings.

The women turned to each other and slowly kissed, moving deeper into the kiss as the three men turned to look.

Emma found that the redhead was trembling slightly. ‘Are you okay?’ she whispered.

The redhead, who Emma thought was called Camilla nodded, but whispered that she was a little frightened and that she’d never done this sort of thing before.

‘Try not to worry,’ Emma whispered back. ‘I think this is supposed to be fun for everyone. Well, more fun for the men at any rate.’

Sir James suggested to the other men that they follow him to change into more comfortable clothing and Mr Dobbs led the girls out and down a long corridor.

He opened the door and within, was a playroom, rather like the one that Emma had seen in the villa in Corfu.

‘Please wait here ladies,’ he bowed as he said this and just as he closed the door, ran his eyes over the women’s bodies.

Emma was about to say something, when the door opened and the three men entered.

They were dressed in silk robes, tied at the waist and were naked under their robes.

Sir James beckoned to Emma and lay down on a bench, his penis sticking straight up. ‘Sit on me, Emma’ he ordered.

Emma slowly lowered herself onto his erection and felt the thrill of arousal as his penis rubbed the sensitive g-spot and began moving slightly up and down.

Sister Angela walked around behind Emma and at Sir James’ signal slid a lubricated finger into Emma’s slightly pouting anus.

Emma screamed. ‘Relax, aldatma porno baby, relax’ whispered Sister Angela and she waited while Emma took a deep breath and slowed down for a moment.

Angela took that time to slide another finger into Emma and she concentrated hard on being as relaxed as she could. It wasn’t comfortable, but she knew that James was pleased, as his eyes were closed and he was thrusting upwards.

Emma opened her eyes to see that Prince Edmund was kneeling in front of Prince Johann and deep throating his impressive penis. The two women were kissing passionately, while the other woman, in the red stockings was strapping on a dildo.

She walked over to Prince Johann and started to penetrate his anus with the bright blue dildo. Johann was grunting with the double stimulation and it didn’t take him long to climax, spurting semen over Prince Edmund’s face.

Johann bent over as the dark-haired girl pushed the dildo into his anus and as Emma watched, she felt a terrible stinging pain as Angela started to insert a dildo into her anus. She cried out again.

‘Relax, come on Emma, you can do this, breath deeply and take both at once.’ James was doing his best to sound reassuring as he lay under Emma, spearing her with his huge erection.

Angela reached around and gently twiddled the fine rings that pierced Emma’s nipples.

Emma was on another plane by now. High on cocaine, alcohol and sexual arousal, she was floating on a river of pain and pleasure.

Within minutes James climaxed and Angela withdrew at the same moment. Emma sighed with the release and gazed at Sister Angela, with a strange desire to push her against the wall and suck and gently bite her nipples.

She did so, wobbling slightly and lurching, fell against Angela, pinning her against the bars on the wall.

Emma took the left nipple in her thumb and finger and rubbed it hard, whilst taking the right one into her mouth and sucking very hard to draw it into a long nub of sensitivity.

Angela was moaning now and Emma alternating between each nipple kept this going until the older woman screamed as the orgasm overtook her.

It all became a long muddle of flesh, pain, pleasure and mixed bodies, but in time the group slowed and lay back, exhausted.

Sir James rose and beckoned the others towards another room, which was a large heated pool.

The four women and three men showered and then walked into the pool and lay back as their bodies calmed and recovered from the exertion.

‘Well,’ Sir James was smiling, ‘that was pretty good, wasn’t it? I don’t know about you, but I’m starving and then I’m ready for bed. Let’s eat, just a light meal and then head upstairs.’

In their bedroom, Emma and James lay on the bed. ‘Shall I summon Sister Angela?’ asked James.

Emma shook her head. ‘I’m sorry my lord, I must sleep. I’ll be much better after a few hours of rest.

Did I please you?’

James smiled and pulled Emma into his arms and kissed her long and hard.

‘Yes, Emma. You pleased me.’

End of Part 15.

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