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had been left alone. I went to go visit my mom, when I got to her house she had just left with her friends. My sister had been left alone. As i knocked at her door I was able to smell the smoke of weed and some alcohol. So i didn’t know she was into that, as I talked to her I saw some pills on her bed, I asked what those were and she said they were x-pills. She was completely fucked up. As i continued talking to her I couldn’t stop staring at her breasts and ass. She was wearing this white tank top that revealed her bra and these tiny small tight shorts that showed her sexy curves. At this time it was 10 pm, I told my sister that I was going to go visit an old friend down the road. She said cool, mom will probably come home till 2am. So i told her, tell mom ill come by tomorrow. So I said bye and see you tomorrow. I went to a friend’s house. Stayed there talking to him for a hr. as I was going to my apartment i passed by my mom’s house. I saw that there was a car i didn’t recognize so i stopped by to check it out. I turned off my head lights and drove in slowly. I got off my truck and closed my door to where i had to push it slowly for it to close. I walked in through the kitchen and slowly approached my sister’s room. Her light was on and i was able to hear some conversation going on. As i put my ear towards her door to hear what they were talking about i heard my sister say, hold on let me make sure the doors are all closed. Sex hikayeleri I quickly ran into the room next door, when my sister went back into her room i came out and went to see what was going on inside her bedroom. I put my ear against her door and was able to hear a guy talk. I heard him say, I love young girls, especially young ones and beautiful ones like you. He continued talking and said to her you are hot, do you love men my age? My sister responded “yes I love mature men”, the guy answered are you ok with me being 42, my sister said fuck yes, she then responded “are you ok me being a high school student” he said yes I do baby.. Then i starting hearing them kiss, and then I couldn’t hear anything else because my sister turned on her stereo. I slowly opened her door just a bit to where i was able to see and hear. I saw them kiss and I saw the guy touching her breasts and petting her pussy. My sister then started rubbing his cock over his pants. At this point I had a big boner, just seeing the way that man touched my sister and the way she looked as he was fondling her. He got off the bed and took his clothes off. He then started jerking himself off looking at my sister taking her clothes off. After my sister got naked he then picked her off right the bed and started kissing again. This gy was tall, he must have been around 6’5 my sister was just 5’3 110 pounds. As she had her legs around his body while Sikiş hikayeleri he was carrying her I saw that his cock just kept getting bigger and thicker. He then put my sister back down and asked her if she could suck his cock. She got on her knees and started licking the tip of his cock first. As I watched her do that I took my dick out and started stroking it. My sister then started sucking on it, she couldn’t fit he who thing in her mouth. The guy grabbed her head and started fucked her face, she was gagging and gagging, he then picked her up and threw her on the bed. He told her to get on her knees just like a dog and so she did. He got closer to the bed and slid his huge cock inside my sister vagina. He asked her “have you ever had 9 inches of thick dick inside you before?” she said “no” he replied back to her saying “now you have”. So they fucked for an hour, I saw the whole thing wishing I had an opportunity to fuck her too. After him fucking my sister he asked her if she swallows she said “yes”, she got on her knees once more and came all over her face. After they finished they both started drinking and smoking. My sister then took another ecstasy pill, the guys phone then rang and then told my sister, “I have to go” my wife is waiting for me to get home. SO they said bye and he left. A few minutes later, I went walking to her door. I knocked but no answer. So I walked in and saw that she was laying Erotik hikaye down smoking a joint. She said “I thought you were coming back tomorrow?” I said I was but saw that your light was still on. She was slurring her words and said come laydown next to me. I then asked her how she was feeling, she said, I don’t know I’m all fucked up right now. I got close to her and placed my hand on her leg. I started talking to her about random shit while I was rubbing her leg. I then got up and turned the lights off. I laid back down and continued talking with her while rubbing her leg. I slowly then got my hand close to her vagina and slipped a finger under her shorts. She didn’t move nor say anything. She then started asking me personal questions about my sex life, by then my fingers were rubbing her vagina lips. I then slid one finger inside her and felt the wetness the other guy had left inside her. Her pussy was open, the guy that had just fucked her a few minutes ago had left her open. I was able to fit three of my fingers inside of her. She must had forgotten I was her brother because then she called me Robert. She said “Robert, fuck me again” I pulled down my pants and she started jacking me off. She slid down the bed and started sucking my cock. What an unbelievable mouth she had. It was the best blow job I had ever gotten. She then jumped on top of me and started riding me. Her pussy was so soft and wet. When I was about to cum I told her to suck my cock and while she was doing that I came inside her mouth and told her to swallow it. After everything was over I quickly got up while she had gone to the bathroom and left.

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