My Guardian Angel Pt. 02

Chapter 5:

We lay there as the steam rose to the ceiling above the tub and the mirror clouded over. I was completely lost – and very confused about where I was and, in particular, my bizarre behaviour. Here I was, lying in a bathtub, naked, with another woman who, although she had saved my life, was a complete stranger. And I had not only hugged her nude body, I had initiated a kiss! I am very frightened about what might come next but the feel of Tami’s legs wrapped around me and her hands cupping my breasts just feels so good; I have never felt so loved before!

Tami climbed out of the steaming tub first and held her hand out to assist me; the heat of the oiled water and her hands on my body followed by my kiss of commitment, had left me lightheaded.

She wrapped my body lovingly in a big warm bath sheet and gently patted me dry. As she ran the soft fluffy material between my legs, I could feel myself becoming wet with desire and need for her hand on my bare skin. She quickly dried me off and, taking me by the hand, led me into her dim bedroom where the king size bed dominated the room. Throwing off the quilted comforter, she helped me to lie on my back in the middle of the linen sheets. She smiled at me. “Just a moment, Cher; I want to relight some candles. I want to see you as I love you”

I lay there trembling in a combination of fear and anticipation not knowing what “love” meant. It was simply something I had never experienced before. I wondered if the warmth in my heart for this strange woman was something akin to love.

Tami turned to me and, lifting her hands behind her head, pulled the long French braid of her flaming hair over her shoulder. In the most seductive manner I could imagine, she slowly bursa escort untied and untwisted the long skein of thick hair until it hung loose over her left breast. Using her fingers and shaking her head wildly, she completely sent her glorious russet shining mass of beauty cascading all the way down her back to her bum! It was gorgeous and I gasped as she took a silver handled brush off the table; what was she doing now?

As an answer, she bent from the waist and let her tresses tumble forward until they almost reached the floor. She then quickly proceeded to fiercely brush out the tangles until her hair shone in the candlelight. Standing once more and replacing the brush, her tresses of shining red hair fell in masses around her shoulders, covering her back and also, in wispy tendrils, spread over her small upturned breasts.

All I could think of was the picture I had seen in an art book in the school library. I think it was called Venus Arising from the Sea or something like that and this rather chubby (Tami was definitely not that!) lady with long hair blowing around her body was standing in a seashell. Of course, when I was found looking such prurient images, the librarian informed my parents and I was punished severely.

Tami smiled and assured me in a husky voice as she crawled over the foot of the bed and towards me, “Rest easy Cher. Nothing is going to happen that will hurt you. Any time you want to stop, just say so”

With that, she slowly crawled over me and swayed her hair over the length of my body in undulating waves. The feather light touch was amazing and creating feelings in me that were totally unfamiliar. I didn’t know if this was making love but whatever it was called, my body was responding bursa ucuz escort by getting warm and I was moaning softly as her hair brushed across my breasts. I could feel a heat between my legs and felt like I might pee soon if she didn’t stop. I realized only later that I was verging on the brink of my first orgasm but Tami wanted to draw it out.

Chapter 6:

I felt like my body was drowning in her hair; it covered my flanks and my face with its fragrant cover – a virtual tent protecting me in its wondrous glory – as she lowered her lips to mine in a heart wrenching whisper soft kiss. A slight probing of her tongue and my mouth felt on fire as it inched its way inward. My own welcomed the intrusion and for what seemed an eternity, our tongues dueled for some sort of supremacy.

My hands buried themselves in her titian tresses and twisted them tightly as I yearned for more! The kisses grew longer and hotter as we became lost in each other. Even though her lips danced over mine with a tenderness I could scarce believe, I desired more. I needed to feel her take me with an urgency I couldn’t fathom and I cried out whenever her mouth left mine. I felt so abandoned!

“Please! More!” I begged. And with a smile that warmed my heart, she obeyed and I found myself gasping for breath as she sucked my tongue deep inside her mouth. I could feel my legs soaking and I was so afraid I had peed on myself and her that I pushed her away apologizing for my lack of control.

“Cher! My sweet love! You haven’t peed,” she assured me as she smiled. “You are simply cumming with pleasure. That is the sign a woman gives as she feels great erotic pleasure – she gushes forth with the most bursa elit escort tasty and delightful nectar” With that said, she sat up on my thighs and scooped a handful of the ‘stuff’ I was pouring forth and brought her hand to her mouth to lick it almost clean as she purred with satisfaction.

Her fingers, still glistening with my issue, approached my nose and mouth. “Here, Cher; smell and taste yourself. It is a taste that once experienced will never be forgotten” I sniffed tentatively (it was somewhat musky but not unpleasant) and then opened my mouth in a small O. Tami slipped her wet finger slowly between my lips and, as my tongue ran around it, I was amazed and stunned at how good it tasted. I was soon sucking her finger like a small cock (now where did that comparison come from; I had never seen one or even heard the word?)

As I sucked and Tami sat straddling my thigh, I felt a warm stream of wetness on my leg. I looked down to see Tami’s hips moving slowly back and forth on my leg and my thigh was getting wetter and hotter. As she started to move faster, I released her finger from my mouth and reached instinctively up to touch her breasts. Her nipples grew into my hands and she groaned “Squeeze them, my darling! Pull on them, please!”

As I did, I felt them growing harder as I watched Tami start to toss her head around, her eyes closed and her hair flying wildly in all directions. She was rubbing herself harder and faster on my leg and her cries were starting to frighten me. In fear, I released her nipples but she grabbed my hands and placed them back as her one hand disappeared between her legs and started pistoning madly. With a final scream, she shook uncontrollably only to fall forward on top of me.

She was breathing in shuddering gasps as she kissed the side of my neck and whispered in my ear “Thanks my Cher! I have wanted that since I first saw you in my bed. Give me a minute to rest and I will explain what just happened. Then, my love, it will be your turn!”

…to be continued

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