My Boss’ Boss (MMMM)

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“Can I pick you up at the gas station, as usual?”

The SMS startled me, but it also made me rock hard in an instant. It was Thomas, my boss’ boss. He had found out some months back that I was bisexual, submissive and quite regularly visited one of the gay-oriented adult entertainment places in town. When he saw me there, he smiled, caressed my butt and said he’d call on me one of these days.

That was some two month ago. About a week after that first encounter, he sent me a message and asked me out for a drink after work. We had a good evening, and ended up kissing and fondling one another, but nothing more.

In the week thereafter though, he again sent me an SMS and asked if he could pick me up after work, at the local petrol station, which I agreed to. Once in his car, he drove s to the adult entertainment center, he paid and we got into one of the small video booths. He put on a gay movie, and said that he wanted me to suck him off. It all seemed so natural. He is a handsome dark haired man, 15 years older than me, but in great shape. So, I knelt before him and sucked him off, as he watched. Then he drove me home and thanked me for a great evening.

He sent me another thank you SMS, and then started sending me almost daily erotic messages, and sometimes a picture. He’d say things like “I’d love to feel that mouth of yours now, on my …” or “Would you like to kneel for me in the bathroom this afternoon …?” It became an erotic game, and turned me on more and more.

On the third occasion we met, and he picked me up at the petrol station, he drove us to a parking lot at a closed shopping mall. There was no one about, and he asked me to step out and strip for him, in the light of the headlights of his car. He had parked it in the middle of the large parking area, which were dimly lit. I was incredibly turned on, and my erect cock showed it. He remained in the car, and when I was completely naked, he backed the car away a little bit, and then stepped out and leaned back against the hood of the car.

“Come her, and kneel before me – Slut!”

It was the first time he called me that, but it somehow made me wanting to submit to him. I left my clothes where they were, and walked towards him. The night was warm, and I felt sensual as I approached him, my hard cock in my hand, and in the light of the headlights. I knelt before him and gave him a passionate blowjob.

He came massively, and I swallowed it all. It seemed so natural, there in the middle of the night, lit up by the car …

He held me firmly in place until he was done, and then told me to get my clothes but not to dress.

I did as he bid me, picked up my clothes, whilst he stepped into the car and drove up next to me. He lowered the window on the passenger side.

“If you want a ride home, I want you to come naked with me, and …,” he paused for effect, “tell me whose cock whore you are.”

I nodded.

“So, tell me …”

“I am your cock whore Thomas.”

He smiled, nodded and opened the door for me, and I got in naked. We drove off in silence.

“I want you to call me Master, when we meet next time, OK?”

“Yes, Master Thomas,” I replied.

“Good Whore.”

His words hit home, and made me instantly hard.

“I see you liked me calling you that,” he laughed as he drove off.

“Masturbate! But don’t you dare cum in my car!”

I gently caressed myself, and felt I was close to cumming so had to stop.

We stopped at a traffic light, and two women stood waiting to cross. They turned and looked at us, or rather straight at me. They could not see all of me, but my bare chest made them stare.

“Haha, look at those beautiful women. If they only knew you had been sucking my cock just minutes ago!”

They crossed, whilst looking at me and clearly giggling. I felt a little afraid, and humiliated, but also very turned on.

Shortly thereafter we stopped in front of my apartment house.

“I want you to enter without putting your clothes back on, and not to masturbate and cum until I say you can – understood?”

“Yes,” I answered meekly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Right you are. Now get out, cuck!”

I stepped out with my clothes in my arms, and ran in and took the elevator up to my apartment. Fortunately no one saw me. I went straight to bed, but struggled to fall asleep. I was still so horny, but I had promised …

After a bad night, I awoke late, and rushed to work. It had all gone so quickly, Thomas finding out about my sexual inclinations and how quickly I had given in to his lusts. Or, wasn’t it just as much my lusts?

When I got into the office, I realized I was late for a morning town hall meeting with our CEO. As I sneaked in at the back, into the filled conference room, Thomas caught my eye. He winked at me, and I felt a rush of excitement run through my body.

I tried to concentrate on what was said, but it wasn’t very exciting. Our half year results, and plans, etc. So, when I suddenly got a message on my mobile I was happily surprised at the diversion. When I looked at it, I felt both dread and arousal. It was from Thomas.

“Thank you for the session yesterday my slut. Did you keep your promise not to cum? //Your Master”

I looked around to see if anyone could see what I had just read, but fortunately no one seemed to have noticed. I quickly answered.

“No Master, I haven’t cum yet, but I wold very much like to. i also enjoyed yesterday.”

I added the last bit, but almost regretted it as I pushed for send. I was admitting that I was enjoying the situation.

Thomas immediately answered.

“Good. Then you can, but on the condition that I get to watch. Directly after this meeting, we see each other in the men´s toilet on the first floor.”

“OK,” I responded, and sat with a swiftly beating heart and huge hard on, longing for the meeting to end.

When the meeting finally ended, and everyone made their way back to their desks, I headed downstairs to the men’s bathroom. As I enter, Jason, a tall black guy in Marketing, greets me. He has just done what he came for, and leaves. I stand waiting for Thomas, gently caressing myself.

Soon the door opens, and Thomas enters. He comes close to me, and we stand still for a while.

“I want you to step into the cubicle at the end, undress and masturbate for me sitting there.”

I follow his instructions, and as he stands in the open door, I start stroking myself. Just as I am about to come, he raises his hand and says:

“Gee! I think someone is coming.”

I freeze, and the climax subsides.

“Only joking, now do it for your Master,” he chuckles.

I get slightly angry, as I had been so close, but I stroke myself hard again and soon am ready to cum. I lean forward, and look at him with open mouth and a wild expression of lust.

“Catch it in your hand!”

I explode in a stream of cascades, and catch it all in my left hand.

I stand panting heavily as the orgasm subsides. Thomas watches me with a big smile.

“Good! My cum-slut. Now spread it over your cock, balls and tummy, and lick your fingers …”

I do as he commands, and finally lick and suck my fingers clean. It’s not the first time I taste my own, slightly bitter cum, but the first with someone watching … I feel my cock rise again.

“I see you like that. But, now get dressed and get to work!”

He leaves, and I put my clothes back on. It feels strangely embarrassing, and yet erotic to walk back into the office space, among all my colleagues. I they only knew what I had just done, and that I still have my cum smeared all over me.

Finally, the day ends, and I rush back home to masturbate and relive the moment.

A week passes by, and I hear nothing from Thomas. It both relieves me and makes me eager to hear from him. Finally I can’t restrain myself, but message him to ask if he is alright.

“Longing for more? Longing to submitting to cock?” he answers.

I turn all red and hot. After a while I answer meekly;


I hear nothing from him for another week, until he asks if he can pick me up at the gas station. He also instructs me to get a butt-plug, and wear it during the day and when we meet.

I stand waiting for a long time, the but plug hurting a little after wearing it for so long, but finally he comes. He drives a black SUV, and drives right up next to me, where I stand istanbul escort on the side-walk. He lowers the window, reaches out and grabs my shirt and pulls me close to him. Our mouths almost meet, and I think of – I long to – kissing him.

“So how much do you want my little whore? I’ll offer you 150, but then you’ll be completely under my command. OK?”

It don’t know what to say. He has taken our little flirt and adventure to another dimension altogether. Are we role playing, or is he serious. My body signals me that I want it though, even if my mind says I probably shouldn’t. So finally I just nod.

“Good, step-in!” he says and releases me.

I walk around and get into the car.

He drives off, with rock music playing at almost full volume. As we cannot speak, I sit in silence as we drive along to the outskirts of the city. Now and then, Thomas reaches over and fondles my thing, my neck, or even the bulge in my pants. Finally he turns off, and we roll into the parking lot of a motel. It is already quite dark, and there are few lights, but it is a low long building with only two floors. We sit in silence for a while.

“So here we are, at the LoveMotel my little toy boy. We have Room 69 at the bottom floor to the left.”

He turns to me, leans over and tucks the money into the pocket of my pants, as he gently kisses me.

“You are mine, tonight and for the time to come, but now for this night. Will you do whatever I ask of you tonight …?”

He whispers it in my ear, and I feel his warmth and strength.

“Yes … my Master,” I whisper back.

He smiles and steps out. He walks around the car, and opens the door for me.

As I get out and stand in front of him, he grabs my cheek and looks me in the eye.

“As I paid you now, what are you …?”

“Your whore … Master Thomas.”


He grabs my hand and pulls me along, up a few stairs and along the little wooden floorboards, leading along the row of rooms. We stop at number 69.

He opens the door, and I step into a dark simple motel room. He pushes me a little forward and closes the door behind me, and then a light is switched on. To my surprise and fear, there are three other men already in the room. Three large muscular men, between 35 and 50, all naked.

“Say hi to Greg, Leonard and Rich, they’re my friends,” Thomas explains.

I greet them. Greg is the elder, a tall man, with light brown long hair and a stern look. Leonard is a huge black man with a broad smile, and Rich is a body builder god, with broad shoulders and clearly visible muscles. They sit drinking beer, and look at me with broad smiles and lust in their eyes.

“Strip Slut,” Thomas commands me.

Nervously I pull off my t-shirt, and pull off me jeans. Soon I stand naked before them.

“You will be a pleasure toy tonight …”

He turns to Leonard, the black man.

“Did you bring it?”

“Yes,” he answers in a low mellow voice and with a broad grin.

He approaches me, and hands me a leather collar, with a long heavy chain attached.

I take it, and they all stand silently watching me.

I raise it and put around my neck. It feels cold, and tight and heavy. But what’s more, it clearly signals to them, that I want to do this.

The three men get up and surround me. Leonard holds the chain. They start running their hands all over me, and I can’t help that my cock gets rock hard. They all notice, and start fondling it.

“Look at him, he is enjoying this …”

“What do you think we will do with you …” Leonard asks.

“Fuck me …,” I answer in a low voice.

“And, will you suck our cocks …?” Greg demands.

I turn and look at him.

“Yes …,” I answer meekly.

He gives me a hard smack on my ass.

“For sure you will!”

Thomas gathers my clothes, draws back the curtains that hid two large window doors, leading out to a terrace of some sort. He slides one of the two large window doors aside – that goes from the floor to the ceiling – and throws my clothes out. He turns and looks at us.

“All yours my friends, all night .. and more”

He laughs as he gets himself a can of beer from a crate by the terrace doors, and sits down to watch.

Leonard puts a large hand on my shoulder and pushes me down on my knees. I sit among them, with their large half erect cocks all around my face. They start playfully swiping their cocks across my face. They smell good of lust, and after shave. They have all shaved almost all of their pubic hair I notice. Then all of a sudden, Leonard pushes his big black cock into my mouth.

I sit sucking on him for a while, looking up at his smiling face. Then he pulls out, and Greg turns my head to face his cock.

“Beg for it, cock sucker!”

“My I suck you cock,” I ask, I please, looking up at him.

Without answering he pushes his cock right in. He starts face fucking me, driving his cock deeper and deeper. Soon I have him all in my mouth, and I sit breathing hard through my nose, and trying to relax, so as to prevent the gag reflex.

Finally he pulls out, and my head is turned towards Rich. He is not as thick and long as the two other men, but his cock is thick and his balls huge.

“I haven’t come in two weeks, so be prepared for a huge load,” he announces.

After sucking him a little I start licking his cock and balls. Someone pulls me up on my legs, bent over, still sucking Rich’s cock, as he holds my head steadily in place. The but-plug is slowly pulled out of me, and something wet and cool is smeared on my ass. Then I feel the head of a cock teasing my backsides, and soon it presses against my anus. It slides in at first, with ease, and then as he slowly pushes all the way in, the short pain makes my eyes water. He is gentle with me at first, holding my hips, and slowly fucking me, but soon he increases the tempo.

The two men “spit roast” me at a steady pace, before they pull out.

With a tug on the leach, Leonard pulls me along to the end of the bed, and down on my knees. He sits down and slowly spreads his legs out. He looks huge in front of me.

“Make me cum – white boy!”

He looks at me sternly, and I grab his thick shaft and start licking him and masturbating for him.

He closes his eyes as I take him in my mouth and start sucking him off. He pulls on the chain to give me the right tempo. He soon erupts in my mouth. I involuntarily swallow, as he comes and comes. Finally he grabs himself, pulls out and swipes his softening cock over my face.

“Next one …”

Thomas, sits watching and drinking as Rich and Greg start masturbating over me, as I sit between Leonard’s spread legs. Suddenly he gets up, and just Greg pushes the head of his cock into my mouth, he kneels beside me.

“You look so hot like that. I want you to take a selfie…”

He hands me his mobile, and lifts my hand in the angle he wants. I look into the camera, as he helps me take the pictures.

Suddenly Greg groans out loud. Thomas catches the iPhone, just as Greg pulls out and shoots his load all over my face. The warm, thick love juice lands across my nose and forehead. As he milks the last drops onto my lips, Rich also cums. His first load lands in my hair and ear, and the rest he shoots over my cheek, and finally pushes himself into my mouth. I suck the last drops from him. He tastes salty, bitter and metallic.

Finally he steps backs, and sits down next to Greg and Leonard on the bed. They watch me with big grins, still caressing their softening cocks.

You lean down and grab the leach close to the collar, and raise me to my feet. I feel dizzy from the wild sex, and just follow your lead. You hold my arm, turn me and push me forward to the large window doors. It is dark outside, but as you finally push me against the cold glass, I realize that there are a group of men outside.

“Look Ted, at all the men that watched you and enjoyed the show.”

With dread I realize that they have seen and heard it all through the open glass windows. There are at least 10 men, of all ages standing watching …

Thomas presses me against the cold window. He fingers my butt and pushes a finger up into me. I am still rock hard, and they all see it.

“What do you say, shall I invite them?”

I hesitate.

“Caress yourself for them!”

As if in a trance I grab my cock and start masturbating.

But just as I am about to cum, Thomas pushes three fingers high up into me, and the short pain stops me.

“Lick the window!”

I do as he bids, and start licking the window. He let’s go of me, and walks to the open window door and loudly says:

“Welcome in, he is ready and oiled up …”

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