My Best Friend’s Father Ch. 02


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The phone rang. “I’ll get it!” Lisa said, lifting herself up out of the pool. I watched her slide out of the water and scurry into the house, her feet making wet slapping sounds as she ran up the walk to the house. She slammed the glass sliding door and the phone ringing stopped.

My heart began to pound. We were alone again. Lisa’s father seemed to freeze up at the same second I did. We looked at each other, smiling nervously. I waded to the edge of the pool, suddenly feeling very nude in my bikini. My body burned for him to touch me again. Not that it didn’t every time I saw him, but it seemed to be much more painful now when we were alone, knowing what he’d done to me. What I had let him do to me… I began to pray the lords prayer in my head and I found myself in the water to mid torso. I felt the soft waves washing against the bottom of my breasts, making my nipples hard.

“Excited about senior year Lola?” he said in his quiet voice.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling nervously. He looked at me and then looked at the house. Something came over me – something that at that time frightened and confused me. I leaned against the side of the pool, turned and looked at him “Tie my suit up tighter for me?” I said. I was horrified by the sound of my own voice. I couldn’t believe myself; I had to tempt him, I guess.

I didn’t really believe anything would happen again. I knew that if he touched my skin even accidentally that I would recall that feeling in my mind that night while I touched myself in my bed.

“Yeah,” he said as smiled, put his reading glasses down and waded toward me. I felt the heat of him through the water. I turned and felt him moving closer to me. ‘Calm,’ I thought to myself, ‘Jesus, Lola, be calm!’

I felt his eyes staring into my back and he looked up at the windows of the house. He suddenly was crushed against me. He pushed me against the pool wall and pulled my suit bottoms off; I gasped. My stomach pushed against the cement of the pool wall. I looked up at the dark windows of the house, making sure no one was watching as I felt his fingers spreading my pussy open.

I shook violently and he pushed his cock into me roughly, pulling me into him by my hips, forcing me to lose my footing on the slippery pool floor. I slid forward, but my arms were out, catching me before my face landed on the cement. I moaned and his hand was suddenly around my mouth as he pounded into me.

Shame, pleasure, guilt, fear, a million things flew through my head. I stared at the black window panes of the house, praying Lisa didn’t happen to look out. Again he slammed into me, groaning softly… “Shhh.. Lola you’re so… oh my God!” he whispered into my ear as his cock was jamming deeper into me. He leaned over me, biting my shoulder. I began to cum on him and he moaned happily as he began to cum in me hard,. He continued slamming himself into me as he came.

“Please.. oh .. no.. oh ” I whimpered softly against his hand, my body racked in orgasm, I gasped, feeling my nipples stinging as the cool chlorinated water moved over them.

I was shocked by the cold of the water surging into my shocked pussy when he suddenly pulled out of me. I heard the glass door open, and Lisa walked out a towel around her waist. “I gotta go pick up Mom, Dad, her car isn’t done yet,” she said smiling. My heart was pounding so fast I was sure I was dying.

Lisa looked down at me, “Dude, talk to my dad!” she said, waving over to her father who was at the other side of the pool looking flushed but far more composed than I did “… he doesn’t bite!”

She waved again and walked through the gate. I heard it slam. I turned around and he was smiling. “Did she just say that?” he almost laughed.

I put my hand over my shoulder where he’d bitten me and smiled, blushing uncontrollably. “Yeah,” I nodded, “I think she did.”

Then like it was time for seconds, we were intertwined again kissing furiously. His hands were all over me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, almost forgetting we were in the water. He held me up and waded to the edge of the pool, lifting me up onto it. I gasped as my ass hit the hard cement gaziantep bayan escortları but he was keeping me too busy stop to and think about the shock. He’d already pulled the ties that held my bikini bottoms on and they’d drifted somewhere to the bottom of the pool by then. He pulled my legs apart quickly and I watched as his tongue began to slowly explore my pussy.

I gasped and squealed as he sucked and licked me. “No no no..oh God!” I whimpered as he pulled my thighs over his shoulders sucking and licking me, feasting on me as though I was a juicy exotic fruit. “Uuuhhmmm…. Ughh!” I cried out, cumming hard and fast again. As I came, my body spasmed and jerked, scraping my back on the edge of the pool.

“You’re amazing!” he said sitting up watching me breathe heavily in recovery from the ecstasy he’d just put me through. I smiled naughtily, grabbing him, kissing him hotly, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. He smiled and leaned over me pushing my top over my breasts. He gasped looking at my breasts quickly, then took one of my small hard nipples into his mouth. I cried out, amazed by the sensation; his tongue was hot against my cold wet skin. I shook in pleasure and he smiled up at me happily. I smiled back gasping as he bit my nipple gently.

He pulled himself out of the water over me, standing up. The water from his suit and body dripping on me, his hard erection standing out near my face. He helped me quickly to my feet and led me to one of the lawn chairs. He sat down, quickly pulling me, now naked, onto him. He pulled me close to him, kissing me, running his hands all over my body. I was pliant and willing in his arms, and my hands moved over his chest and arms exploring him as we kissed. “You were a virgin weren’t you?” He whispered holding my face in his hands. I looked at him, not in his eyes but at his face, I nodded yes, because it had been the truth.

He kissed me passionately and our wet bodies pressed together. I felt his cock straining in his wet bathing suit against my thigh. I longed to feel it within me again. He pulled my face to his again. “You have no idea what you do to me,” he said softly. I ignored him; my hands were fishing inside the thin layers of fabric in this swim suit longing to touch the thing that had given me so much pleasure. I gripped it in my hand and felt it throb, feeling his hands clamping into my ass. I looked at him curiously and he pushed me up, lifting his hips, lowering his suit exposing himself to me. I don’t know what happened to me, but everything I’d ever been ashamed of was the farthest thing from my mind and my young body took over.

I leaned over him taking the head of his cock into my mouth, tasting it greedily, languishing in its clean chlorinated taste and the heat of his flesh. I sucked as much of him into my mouth as I could. I heard him cry out in surprise and pleasure. His hand grabbed one of my ass cheeks and squeezed hard, making me moan softly onto him. He grabbed my wet hair that hung limply at my shoulders aiding me in the already natural movements of his cock in my mouth. I sucked him eagerly, enjoying the amazing feeling of him in my mouth,. He began to slowly rub my pussy gently up and down, making me moan. I sucked on his cock happily feeling my lips slide up and down the shaft and over the ridge of the head. I looked up at him as I continued he stroked my hair lovingly staring at me; his breath was ragged. “Oh god… Lo…la…” he moaned looking at me, “that feels so good!” I felt him sliding one of his fingers into me and it sent shivers up my body, my skin reacting in goose bumps. I moaned quietly and suddenly his hips jerked up and he grabbed my ass hard. I squealed in shock; “Lola!” he moaned as he began to cum.

I was shocked by the taste of his cum, but I didn’t stop sucking him; he jerked again and again, then grabbed my head stopping me. He pulled me up, gently gasping. I looked at him as I wiped my lips; he pulled me close to him kissing me deeply. “Jesus,” he whispered as he held me close to him for a moment. The two of us, me naked in his arms, his swimsuit around his thighs. “Jesus, what the hell are we gonna do…” he mumbled into my hair. He pulled my wet hair from my neck and lifted my chin up to him, then kissed me again.

I didn’t know what to say – I didn’t really care. I was dazed and still in shock that I was naked and in his arms.

The phone in the house rang. gaziantep eskort bayan I jumped up, scurrying back to the edge of the pool, picking up my bathing suit top and dove in the pool to search for my bottoms. Lisa’s father jumped up, pulling up his suit and ran into the house. I was pulling on my bikini bottoms when I heard the car pulling in. I leaned my head into the water smoothing out my hair trying to compose myself.

Lisa and her mother plodded though the gates laughing about something. I smiled, trying not to look nervous. “Hey, sweetie!” Lisa’s mother said, smiling at me, “You’re so tan already!”

My heart hurt as I nodded and chatted with the woman who’d always been so kind to me. Lisa then hopped back into the pool jumping on me and dunking me. I felt the water rushing over me and a zillion thoughts ran through my head. I could still taste him in my mouth. I was going to Hell – I was a whore and an adulteress. I could see my homeroom teacher Sister Jerome again proclaiming the inevitability of sinners like myself going to Hell. I don’t know how any milliseconds it took for me to push Lisa’s skinny little body off and for me to resurface, but I had in those seconds run the gamut of emotion from guilt to shame to fear. When I resurfaced, I saw Lisa’s father standing next to her mother who was still watching us and laughing. My eyes met his as I wiped the water from my face. He looked at me. “Lola,” he said sternly.

‘Oh my God’ I thought quickly. I was sure he was going to say something like ‘Tell my wife what you made me do to you just now, and how you fucking loved it!’ but of course that wasn’t what he said. “That was your mom on the phone,” he said. I nodded, still kind of terrified. “Your gonna stay here tonight; I guess your aunt is having trouble?”

Lisa’s mom looked at me “Your aunt Nancy?” I nodded.

That night Lisa, myself, and our friend Carrie, went out to a party and came back late, rather intoxicated. Lisa and Carrie fell asleep on the couch in the living room; I was as usual not falling asleep. I sat there thinking about the day’s sins, and decided to go out and swim. I grabbed a half-empty bottle of wine from the fridge and stumbled out the sliding glass doors. It was hot out and the humidity was so high that the cement pool grounds felt damp.

At the party, my boyfriend had taken me into one of the many dark rooms and kissed me, making me shiver with excitement. I was excited, but my mind was thinking about how Lisa’s father had kiss me, fucked me. I’m sure I’d cum drunkenly on the clumsy fingers of my boyfriend that night, but it wasn’t him I was thinking of. I recalled both situations briefly as I made my way to the pool house. I recall drunkenly laughing at the flopping sound that my feet made as I padded out to the pool house, sliding the straps of my dress over my shoulders. I opened the door to the pool house and let it slip off my body, kicking it against the door taking a drink of the bitter wine. I pulled my swimsuit down from the hooks and collapsed drunkenly onto the couch. I undid my bra and tossed it next to me, and tied my bathing suit top on. It was still cold and damp from the afternoon’s swim and my body shivered as I recalled Lisa’s father’s tongue sliding in and out of me. I sighed and reached again for the bottle of wine, the door opened. “Busted,” I thought as I turned, expecting to see Carrie or Lisa scolding me for trying to swim drunk and alone.

It was Lisa’s father. I gasped and felt my pussy gush with excitement and my nipples, already hard from the cold wet swimsuit top, tighten even harder. I looked at him. He looked at me. My heart pounded. I honestly didn’t know what to expect. He could scold me and tell me to go to bed like he had when we were younger, or he could do something else…

My mind screamed for him to scold me, but my body ached for another type of punishment. As I was listening to the thoughts running in my head a smile crept over his face as his eyes wandered over my body. I felt myself smiling back at him, similarly, smiling in a way that a young girl shouldn’t have known how. He walked slowly toward me, pulling his T-shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor. I took a gulp of the wine and handed to bottle up to him. He stood in between my knees and took a hard drink and sat it on the table. “Can’t sleep?” he said, looking down at me, his dark gray blue eyes seeming to see gaziantep bayan eskort through my thin swim suit and panties, exposing my body parts that were screaming for him.

“Nope,” I said smiling, sitting up more.

He slid down to me. “You have trouble with that, huh?”

I nodded and he kissed me. I kissed him back, my tongue searching out his. My mind raced as we kissed and I pulled at his boxers searching for his cock. His hands had already freed my breasts and his mouth attached to them immediately.

I grabbed his cock in my hands giggling softly almost purring as he gnawed on my breasts. He gasped as I slipped out of his grasp and began sucking on his hard cock. He leaned back, groaning deeply “Jesus you’re a hot little thing…” My head bobbed up and down in his lap as I sucked him and his hands rubbed my back, moving to my hair. He pulled my hair tie out of my hair and I felt it run down my back and shoulders. The heat in the pool house was sweltering, I felt my skin dampening as I sucked him. He whispered and mumbled as I sucked his cock. In a drunken blur I recalled something I’d seen in a porno and quickly began licking his scrotum in long lapping motions while I stroked his cock. He gasped sucking in his breath quickly pushing my head harder into him. “Ohh God, Lola… Goddamn it… yes girl!” I continued licking and sucking his balls. Grabbed my head softly, he stopped me and pulled me up to him.

He kissed me and I pushed him off me, pulling my panties down. He grinned happily, and pulled them down my legs kissing my hip bones as he slid them down my legs. I gasped as his fingers traced the lips of my pussy. He smiled leaning down and looked at me as he gently licked my slit. I moaned softly, covering my mouth, and he shoved his tongue deep into me. I lay back letting his fingers lips and tongue work over my wet pussy. I ran my hands over my breasts, shivering. “Oh yes…” I moaned. He looked up at me, shushing me and I covered my mouth. He sucked and licked me for an eternity as one of his fingers kept sliding in and out of me. The room was so hot I could smell sex mixing with the damp air. Beads of perspiration slid down my stomach and down my hips, I watched it form on his strong bicep and run down his elbow onto my thigh. My body pulsed and hummed as I fought back orgasm after orgasm, shaking and jerking under his movements. “Please…” I whispered whimpering softy; he looked up at me tongue still buried in me. “I want you…”

He slid up my body, both of us soaked in sweat. I spread my legs around his hips and felt him slowly aligning himself with my entrance. I shivered and he slowly eased into me, sucking his breath in as he pried me apart with his cock. We both cried out weakly as he pushed in and out of me.

My eyes were clamped shut in pleasure, feeling his cock in me, when he pulled my body up, sliding me onto of him smoothly without ever leaving me. I groaned as I felt him moving even deeper into me under the pressure of my own weight. I slowly began to move on him, my body finding its own natural rhythm. “That’s it girl,” he whispered, pushing up into me. “Oh…” I gasped moving faster, riding his cock “…. It feels so good…” He leaned up kissing my neck; my hands wrapped around his neck and began pushing down into him, grinding his cock into me harder. He guided my hips and I began to cum hard on him. I felt my pussy spasm and grip him tightly and I bit my wrist to keep myself from screaming.

“Oh fuck!” he gasped into my neck as he began to cum “how do you do that..” I whimpered as he thrust finally into me.

I rested my chin on his shoulder and he rubbed my back gently, our sweat slick bodies sticking together. We laid down together on the small couch in the pool house for a little while, saying nothing. I felt his cock stiffening against my hip and I felt my body began to heat up quickly. His hand slid under my arm and he began caressing my breasts. I leaned over my shoulder and our mouths met in a wet passionate kiss.

The glass door sliding open jerked us to attention and we began to frantically get dressed. I pulled my dress over my head, getting it on, but realizing it was inside out. The door opened and I clamped my eyes shut. Whoever opened the door said nothing. I heard Lisa’s father resume his breathing.

“Lola, I’ll take you home,” said the voice. I opened my eyes. It was Carrie. She stood there glaring at Lisa’s father in disgust. I picked up my bra and panties from the floor, and followed her out the door.

She started the car and I shut my door. “Carrie I…”

Carrie turned up the radio, closed her eyes tightly, shook her head, and then looked at me. “Some party last night huh?” she said shifting into reverse.

My stomach flipped back into its normal place “Yeah it was.”

OVER? No… not even close…

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