Movie Night Ch. 02


Two weeks passed by relatively uneventfully without any major action to report between my sister and me. We were once again watching a movie in the den. Tonight was a bit different, though. I was in the recliner. My mom was on the loveseat to my right playing a game on her phone, not even facing the television. Dad and Hailey were on the couch. Hailey was lying with her head against the left armrest as my dad sat against the opposite end.

She was covered partially by her gross bonky, the nickname we gave to her blanket when she was a toddler. It isn’t nearly as endearing watching an adult comfort herself with a little nappy piece of fabric as it is with a kid. It was just weird. But also somehow sexy. I thought back to when I was inside her fourteen days earlier. I wondered if she bothered to put panties on tonight. The idea had my cock at attention.

I hear my mom sigh loudly, and looked over to see her grimace as her arm struggled to stretch behind her back. Her chest stuck out, and I’m pretty sure I could make out the shape of her nipples through the baggy oversized t-shirt she was wearing. It’s also possible that my horny mind imagined the sighting after getting all wound up by my little sister. The shirt was one of mine that rarely got worn. She had basically claimed it as her own at this point. I nearly laughed as I saw the logo on the front. A cartoon hand with the ring finger bent giving the shocker sign, topped by the ShockHers team name my super clever friends and I came up with in 8th grade. It was just a funny shirt on her, although I doubt she even registered she was promoting corny sexual innuendo.

“Mom, come over here and I’ll give you a back massage.”

She looked over at me, surprised.

“Really? I won’t turn down that offer! I didn’t know you were a masseuse.”

To be honest, until this moment the only times I’d offered back rubs had been in attempts to hook up with girls. I’d had success and some failures, but I could give a damn good rub down. A couple of young ladies had denied my access to any body parts other than their backs, but without a doubt in my mind, I’m certain none of them would deny my magic hands.

My mom is petite with pretty big boobs, curvy hips and great physique for a 46 year old woman. I now confirmed my earlier uncorroborated report of the semi-transparency of white cotton, and the wonderful bits it has a timeless reputation of exposing. I could definitely make out darker circles through the shirt.

I was brought back from zoning out over boobs as I felt her weight on my lap. Again, I almost laughed as the number 69 was now right in front of me on the back of her shirt.

“Is this where you want me, babe?”

“In a little bit, yes. I’m going to start on your shoulders, though. I’ll put a pillow on the floor and have you sit on it and I’ll slide up in the seat a bit. Once we’ve got you loosened up a bit you can get back up on my kahramanmaraş escort lap while I get your lower back.”

“Mother’s Day came a couple days early it seems!”

She was delighted.

I had forgotten about the upcoming holiday until she mentioned it, but l’ll let her think I’m just incredibly thoughtful. Couple that kind of love with my massage skills, and I’m probably hooking my dad up too! After I rub her back for an hour making the aches and pains disappear as she feels the euphoric tingly sensation from the medley of hormones and chemicals released by the massage, she’ll be ready to roll. Hopefully dad has his shit together, because he’ll look like a loser if he can’t fuck his wife properly after I have her fully primed. Is it hormones that give the tingly feeling after a massage? Maybe serotonin? Whatever. I’m not a doctor. I’m just an unlicensed masseuse about to make his mother moan so his dad can get some crazy pussy tonight. If I get my way, I’ll be back inside Hailey later, too. I was positioned to make my entire family cum together tonight. If that’s not the American dream, then what is?

My hands rubbed mom’s shoulders for the first time, and it was immediately clear it wasn’t going to work rubbing through the t-shirt. I just told her flat out I needed access to her bare back. I pulled the back of the shirt up from the bottom. I gently but assertively guided the sleeve around her right elbow and pulled the shirt through, exposing a shoulder. She followed my lead and did the same with her left arm, before turning her head back at me.

“Sorry! Am I okay like this, honey, or would you be more comfortable if I put a bra on?”

The t-shirt hung in front of her, covering her breasts from view, at least from my angle.

“If I fix your back, but shackle up your tits in the process, what kind of early mother’s day massage would that be? Let those puppies free!”

She laughed like a little girl, and now I could see her jugs from the side. She leaned forward and had her hands over her face as she collected herself from cracking up. The room was dark, but there was still enough light to see the silhouetted shape of her breast. As she brought her head back she turned quickly to smile at me, and for a micro second I saw the glorious shape that pacifier companies embarrassingly tried to imitate in terms of suckability when I was a baby. The last part of that sentence was probably unnecessary if I’m being honest. I’m not sure if I’m onto something, but dare I ask if there may be something primal that seeing your mom’s nipple allows you to feel. I noticed my bulge as I focused on mom’s back. My rock hard dick was pretty visible. But the dark room cloaked my horniness.

I still couldn’t discern whether I was in the zone with my insight or just stark crazy from an out of control, downright dangerous libido. I looked over kahramanmaraş escort bayan towards Hailey for the first time in a while. She had repositioned herself and now was resting her head on my dad’s lap. Her eyes were surprisingly still open.

“Little sis, could you please make popcorn?” My mom had began to make quiet moaning sounds as I worked her muscles.

“I’ll make it, but I don’t think mom is gonna like your greasy fingers all over her body!”

“On the contrary, I’m sure mom wouldn’t object to an oil massage one day. But that requires far less clothing and an actual massage table. But that’s neither here nor there. I was hoping you’d be kind enough to feed me popcorn kernels for a few minutes. Consider it your contribution to early Mother’s Day.”

I teased her but I was serious. Mom was in another zone by this point. I told her we were almost ready for phase 2 on my lap. She mumbled something I couldn’t decipher and then used her shirt to wipe some sweat from her brow. I leaned forward while pulling her shoulders back a bit. Gently caressing the side of her neck at this point, she lifted the collar of her shirt over her head, allowing the t-shirt to fall off completely. She grabbed a small quilt from the basket beside my chair to cover herself with. She was quick, but I got a close up look at my mom’s tits in all their glory, nipples at full attention. I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. My hands wrapped around her in a hug from the back.

“Ready to come on my lap, mom?”

“As you wish, honey.” She turned completely facing me and bent over to kiss my forehead before spinning back around and lowering her body on top of my lap. When she was in place I hugged her again and let my right hand land on her left breast. I felt her nipple poking between my fingers, fighting my urge to pull mom back into my lap a few more inches to where my engorged dick rested.

“Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Thanks, baby!”

I somehow regained control and continued massaging her back. Up until now I hadn’t even noticed what she had on for pants, as her big shirt covered them up earlier. I was a bit shocked to learn she had borrowed my favorite pair of shorts. It’s an old gray pair of Lululemons that were a pure delight to feel against my skin. These shorts hadn’t touched a pair of underwear in years. It would be almost disrespectful to spoil the level of comfort they provide with boxers. Mom knew these shorts are my favorite. She also knew I rock them commando. Everyone did. I finally had recently designated them to a less public facing position in my wardrobe. Something about the color and thin worn fabric made them pretty much cling wrap around my dick. Those are for family and friends only now.

“Nice shorts, mother.”

“Sorry, dear. They are just so comfy! I made sure to follow your silly rule, too…”

My escort kahramanmaraş hands slid under the waistband. I had forgotten about the popcorn until I was hit in the face with a piece. I rubbed the top of moms ass as I looked at the couch. Hailey had ditched the blanket and was leaned against the armrest. One leg was on top of the couch and the other was moving around a bit, making its way between the floor and dad’s lap. I wasn’t able to see from this far away, but it looked like her shorts and leg positions and possibly lack of underwear were giving dad a nice view. Hailey yawned and closed her eyes. My dads head was looking at his daughter far more often than the movie. I can’t blame the guy. Hailey is a little vixen. I can’t blame her either. I’m over here with mom literally at my whim, barely paying her any attention. Mom sounded like she was getting fucked, moaning constantly as I worked out the kinks. She leaned forward almost flat against her lap as I started the final couple minutes of the rub down. When she leaned back again she readjusted her position. I felt her hand on my shaft as she inhaled sharply. She loosened her grip as she realized what she was grabbing. I pulled her even further on my lap.

“We are almost done, okay?”

My hand lifted her ass up so I could position my dick right between her ass cheeks. I tickled her back for a couple minutes then said quietly, “That’s it.”

She looked back at me.

“No happy ending?” She paused briefly. “Just kidding, honey!”

She started to laugh it off but I was quicker than she expected. My right hand was now exploring the warm wet wonderland between mom’s legs. She was putting up a slight resistance, but we both know what she needs. I reached between us and freed my cock while getting the shorts out of the way before pushing my huge dick inside her hot tunnel. My dad didn’t even look our way as she passionately moaned and screamed while my cock drilled her. She had been making noises all night. And Hailey was in dad’s sight line at the moment. As Hailey snored, I decided to throw my dad a meatball.

“Why don’t you carry her up to bed, dad? Her snoring is annoying.”

“Ok,” is all he said.

He scooped her up and carried her away. Mom turned around and I watched as my dick parted her neatly groomed pussy lips and disappeared inside of her.

“Don’t let dad catch us!”

She was oblivious to what was happening.

“If I show you something, promise me not to freak out?”

I looked in her eyes.

“I’ll try.”

Good enough for me. I stood up from the recliner holding mom by the ass with my cock still inside. I carried her up the stairs and down the hall and opened my sister’s door. I pinned my mom against the door frame and fucked her as hard as I could. Dad finally looked up from his feast from his daughter’s pussy. Everyone’s eyes darted between each other. No one knew what to do or say. I just let the tension build. I didn’t give a fuck. I just made my whole family come. Someone else can come up with the words to describe it. I carried my mom over to the bed to share. The popcorn bag sat on the floor downstairs, uneaten and not even tampered with. Popcorn tricks are for getting a blowjob from your cousin. It takes some real skills to get your whole family to fuck!

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