Melanie Ch. 1: Oriental Night

The women in the multicolored and glittering oriental dresses were clapping their hands – applauding to their teacher Soraya, as well as to each other and themselves. It was the last evening of the belly dancing course we had been attending for the last 6 months and we all were exited about the progress we had made. A little sad about this being the last evening, I glanced over to Melanie. We had become very close friends during the last weeks, and with each lesson that had made our bodies more flexible and sensual we had shared more secrets and dreams. By now we were the best of friends and I knew I would be missing those evenings. We all had decided to meet again after the summer break to continue the lessons though – and so the general atmosphere was not one of farewells but rather of “till next time.”

While Soraya once again displayed her skillful dancing to the exotic flutes and strings from the tape to show what we should be expecting from the next course, I couldn’t help looking at my friend again… Melanie looked just lovely in the gold and copper colored scarves and layers of veils. Her slim body was firm and well toned, and you could see she was a dancer as she, while watching Soraya, softly swayed her hips with the tantalizing rhythms that filled the room. Her shiny brown hair fell over her shoulders, and her eyes seemed to constantly have a mischievous sparkle that underlined her warm and caring personality.

I was ripped out of my musing when everyone applauded and then Soraya announced that, as she had already told us the last time, she had a surprise for us all… she had organized a oriental evening with her family and friends in her husband’s restaurant (it was in a back room there, where we had taken our lessons) and we all were invited to show our newly acquired skills before an audience if we wanted – or just have some food and fun if we preferred. With a lot of cheering we gathered our street cloths, and remaining dressed in the fancy and mostly hand made costumes we walked over to the restaurant… to just find ourselves facing the empty guest room. Now – that for sure was not the party we had been expecting. With puzzled looks and a few nervous giggles we were staring at each other, when a clap of hands drew our attention… with a secretive smile Soraya motioned us towards the back door. The next thing that could be heard were the surprised gasps of those stepping through the door.

As Melanie and I walked out, we too just couldn’t refrain from taking a deep breath. Before us unfolded a fairy tale display from 1001 Nights. The garden was decorated with multicolored tents and everywhere were small tables set with flowers and candles. The scenery was bathed in the hues of the magnificent sun set – and from the people already sitting, walking and talking in the garden there were the sounds of conversations and laughter in the sweet evening air. Immediately I was in what I call a “Champagne mood,” almost bubbling over with the sheer pure joy of living, and I could tell Mel was too, by the way she smiled at me.

It was quite a while later – and the sunset had made room for a velvety night sky with the stars like shining diamonds pinned to it. Melanie and I were enjoying ourselves tremendously… we were dancing like whirlwinds – she in her copper and golden dress an incarnation of fire and earth, whereas my blue and silver tones were more like waves of water and air washing around bursa sınırsız escort my body – we were captives of the exotic music and of the warm night air caressing our bare shoulders and bellies… and too soon the end of the marvelous evening was approaching as due to the neighbors living so close Soraya had to put an early end to the celebration. With a lot of hugging and kissing we all said good-bye and giggling and chatting Melanie and I called a cab to take us to my little house in the suburb area. Since it was quite a drive for Melanie who lived out of town and it had been announced that there would be some kind of celebrating we had agreed on Melanie staying with me over night.

We were both in a silly and lighthearted – and somewhat dizzy – state of mind. The evening had been perfect and neither of us felt any desire to go to bed yet, so we decided to open a bottle of wine and chat a little, knowing it probably would be a while before we would be having a chance to one of those intimate talks. The little gem stones and shining decorations on our dresses sparkled in the soft light of the candles I had lit on the small table, and Melanie to me looked like a fairy out of another world – I thought that must have been the way the sultan had looked at Sheherazade in the spicy desert nights under a yellow moon. I put in one of the tapes that we had bought during the course and soon we were both drifting off into our dream world again, bare feet dancing in the grass, carried on the soft chimes of little bells and cymbals… daring to use the most sensual and erotic steps and movements we had learned, while our veils were flame and water, earth and air once again.

It was only a little later that I noticed the shadow behind the blinds on the first floor of the neighboring house. From all I knew that was one of the bedrooms of the house that was inhabited by three male students. Obviously one of them had been drawn to the window by our music and laughter… I didn’t pay any more attention for the moment – too much was I absorbed by watching Melanie dance as I paused for a moment to take another sip from my wine.

It struck me that I had never seen another woman that desirable and sexy, that sensual… and never before had it occurred to me to see more in my friend than just that… but watching her slim firm body sway in the moonlight I could feel plain sexual desire build inside me. Just to draw my eyes from her – too stunned and slightly embarrassed about the feelings I was experiencing – I let my eyes wander to the shadow behind the blinds again, to see if he was still there watching us. And yes – he was… and Melanie’s dancing must have had the same impact on him than it had had on me obviously. He had opened the blinds to better see us – and I doubt he was aware that we in return could see his lighter body against the dark background of the room.

I couldn’t resist and danced close to Melanie, almost feeling sorry to drag her out of the trance she was almost in… but that was too good to not share with her. I bent close to her ear and whispered that we had some audience from next doors. As I had expected, she replied with a chuckle and shot a quick glance over to the watcher in the dark, just to turn back to me and tell me she wasn’t sure, but was it possible he was naked and touching himself??. Being that close to her plus the drinks I had had plus this last remark – combined bursa üniversiteli escort with Melanie’s perfume and the atmosphere I couldn’t resist to whisper into her ear “How about we give him something to… work… on?” I was glad it was dark and my intense blushing couldn’t be seen – I just couldn’t believe myself having made such a bold suggestion. But an even bigger surprise was the whispered response of Melanie – almost an excited moan against my burning cheek “ohhh yesss – that sounds like a fun idea.”

That was all the encouragement I needed – I never had been with a woman before – but it felt the most natural thing to pull her into my arms and gently kiss her cheek and the soft tender spot behind her ear while whispering “Let’s get him sweating then, my sweet.” We embraced and as if we were just doing it for the sake of the dance and the hidden lurker I lifted Melanie’s hands over her head and traced down the insides of her arms with my fingertips while she most seductively was rotating and swaying her hips… I slowly made my way to her back… shooting a glance to the window above to now be sure the young man in the half shadows was in an obvious state of arousal as a stray beam of moonlight so conveniently fell on his erection. I gently started to kiss Melanie’s neck and my hands started to caress her body… the curves of her hips, then up and further up till I could feel her almost wiggle her breasts into my hands. I couldn’t resist and unhooked her top that closed in the front to bare her breasts. With a soft moan she shook it off her shoulders, while never ceasing to move and dance. I could not resist and wrapped my arms around her from behind. We both had turned around a little, so that we could watch the young man in the open window. I was wondering how long it would take him to figure out that we knew he was there while I started to caress Melanie’s nude breasts now, gently rolling her hard nipples between my fingers while whispering sweet little nonsense into her ear, kissing her neck now and then.

We could tell that our little show had the desired effect on our “guest.” His hand, at first only idly playing with his cock, now was closed tight around his shaft, moving in a still slow but steady rhythm up and down along his quite impressive tool. This in return was quite a turn on for us again… and I could feel Melanie rub her butt against me when I slowly allowed one hand to leave her breast and trace down to her navel… and further down over her veils to her thighs. I was not sure if it only was my imagination when I heard a moan – unable to tell weather it was Melanie or the young man in the shadows. Melanie was leaning her wonderful body against mine and bent back her head… I could not resist, even had I wanted, and my lips locked on hers… at first a little hesitant exploring each other, but soon our tongues were meeting in a most passionate kiss. I felt a flood of hot moisture shoot into my tingling pussy as I felt Melanie’s tongue lick my lips while her butt rubbed against me. My hand slid between the layers of the thin soft fabric that was wrapped around Melanie’s waist and I could feel the heat radiating from her sensual body. We both looked up to the young man – and he was pumping his cock in an increasing frenzy now. Melanie and I, we both were needing the excuse of him watching I guess to make ourselves have bursa anal yapan escort the excuse of still putting on a show to tease him – although we both knew deep inside that it was our own desires for each other that drove us by now… I think we were not yet willing to admit it…

Melanie gasped when my venturing hands outlined her panties that were quite moist in the crotch, and I froze, wondering if I had gone too far. But I immediately was taught different as she started to rub herself against my hesitating hand. That moment I realized I wanted this for myself and not for anyone watching… and I was determined to seduce Melanie should she have any doubts about it. I softly whispered into her ear “Come over to the deck chair, darling, please… ” and I gently shoved and pulled her with me as not to give her any choice or time for consideration. Before I let her sit down I reached under her skirts and pulled down her panties. She sat back and I handed her the wine. We both took a sip – deeply looking into each others eyes – reading there that the attraction and desire were mutual. I bent down to once again passionately kiss her after I had placed my glass on the table again, tasting the wine on her lips, before I then ventured down over her body and after a moment of sucking and licking her erect and hard nipples I dropped to my knees between her legs. I never before had given a close look to another woman’s most intimate parts, less touched another woman, but now I wanted to feel her – smell her – taste her… I could feel my own panties soaking with the desire and lust that was building within me.

I slowly pushed up her skirts and the layers of veils until they were piled and wrapped around her waist, while my licking tongue and kissing lips followed my hands up the inside of her thighs. I was sure I could now hear some moaning from behind me, and Melanie whispered that our hidden guest sure was about to cum any moment. She started to tease me by describing how he was pumping his cock, the moonlight reflecting in the drops of precum on the head of it. I did not care weather she was telling the truth or not… it did the trick for me anyway and with a sigh I finally centered my attention to her pussy. My tongue licked along the velvety folds, slow long strokes, then circled around her clit before giving it a few soft flicks with my tongue. Just relying on what I would like to be done to me, I continued my attention on her, enjoying the sweet taste of her juices, while she, between tiny little moans and sighs, kept me updated on the young stud who in her opinion was now ready to shoot his load. The moment I carefully let one finger part her pussy lips and slid it into her moist cave she reached out with the hand that wasn’t holding the glass and pulled my head into her crotch while arching her back and pressing her clit against my probing tongue and sucking mouth. Her muffled “He is cuming” accompanied by her own body freezing for a heartbeat and then shivering in a wave of her orgasm was almost enough to make me climax too.

We just lay there for a moment – panting – her hand idly stroking my hair while I was kissing her inner thigh, my cheek resting on her hot and moist pussy.

“He’s gone” she said.

“Do you think he knew we were watching him watching us?” I asked.

Melanie giggled. A cool breeze brushed over our heated bodies and we both shivered. I got up on my knees and reached down to Melanie, giving her a hand by pulling her out of the low deck chair.

“Let’s go inside darling – I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold” I whispered, before this time kissing her softly, gently… and holding hands we gathered our stuff and blew out the candles before leaving the enchanted night to other lovers and dreamers…

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