Chapter I

The Costume Shop

Claire was bored. After 16 years in a relatively benign marriage, she wanted something new in her sex life. It presented itself as a formal invitation delivered by special courier.


1874 1710 Sequoia Lane

1:00 p.m.

*Costume Required*

This was no unanticipated event. Claire had answered a query on one of the websites catering to women’s sexual fantasies.

Trembling with doubt and anticipation, she tucked the invitation inside her purse. She had been informed through correspondence with the sponsor that the party would last for four hours. She would have just enough time to make it back before her husband arrived home from work.

As Claire backed out of the garage, she heard the pitter pat of rain falling on the metal roof of the car. It was a summer shower with a warm breeze freshening the fragrances of gardenia and freesia. Claire was at that age when her romantic sense was heightened and her sexual furnace burned hot. Undercurrents of eroticism often carried her away helplessly in a relentless sea of daydreams, but as Claire drove toward her destination she knew this was no dream.

Claire found a parking space right in front of the costume shop.

She opened the car door and ran hurriedly through the rain into the store. None-the-less, her short trip had left her with wet, stringy hair and a somewhat disheveled look.

She was greeted by a very attractive woman, presumably the owner.

“It’s really coming down out there.”

“Sure is. I’m sorry to be tracking all this water into your store.”

“Don’t worry about it,” the woman said warmly. “Let me get you a towel to dry your hair.”

As the woman disappeared behind a doorway, Claire couldn’t help but notice her long blond hair trailing down her slender back almost to her waist. She wore a pull-over knit dress which accentuated every supple curve of her body. Claire smiled thinking how nice it was that this 20 something was able to use her age and figure to her advantage.

The attractive young woman emerged from the back room and walked over to Claire, handing her the towel.

“Here you go” she said, smiling. Her soft, sexy eyes made contact with Claire’s.

“My name is Erin and I’m the owner of this shop. How may I help you?”

Claire had been drawn in by Erin’s inviting eye contact, and she felt bursa escort herself warmly attracted to her.

After what seemed like a long intimate exchange of silence Claire stammered, “I… um… uh… I’m… I’m Claire and I called ahead to reserve a costume for a masquerade this afternoon.”

As if not to even notice Claire’s embarrassment, Erin smiled and said, “I think I have just the dress you’re looking for. If you will just step into the dressing room, I’ll bring it to you.”

Erin ushered Claire into a dressing room at the back of the shop,and instructed her to disrobe. Inside the room, Claire was not able to see Erin place the “Closed” sign in the window, nor did she hear the turning of the lock in the front door.

Claire removed her raincoat and hung it on a hanger. As she reached around to her back to unzip her dress, her breasts were pushed outward and Claire liked what she saw. She removed her dress and tossed it on the dressing room bench. Claire admired her mirrored reflection, her tight, firm body. For a woman in her early 40’s she was in very good physical shape. She ran her hands over her perfectly shaped breasts, closing her eyes briefly as she teasingly pinched her nipples through her bra.

In the doorway, Erin silently observed Claire and liked what she saw.

“I… thought you might like this lace bodice dress. It represents the eighteenth century French peasant style.”

Claire was a bit embarrassed to have been caught touching herself.

“You have the perfect figure for this dress.”

Erin reached around Claire who was still standing facing the mirror and held the dress in front of her.

“Your breasts are beautiful and full. This dress will look very seductive on you.”

As Claire admired the dress, Erin’s hands rested on her shoulders. Claire thought how soft and warm they felt. Although she had never been with a woman, Claire often had masturbatory fantasies about lesbian encounters. She most definitely was curious.

Sensing Claire’s secret need, Erin let the costume fall to the floor and began to slowly move her hands downward toward Claire’s breasts, finally cupping them in her hands. There was no resistance as Mandy’s head fell back on Erin’s shoulder.

“Mmmmmm… Erin… your hands feel so good. Don’t stop.”

Emboldened by the request, Erin unhooked Claire’s bra and let it fall to the floor.

Claire escort bursa couldn’t believe she was doing this with another woman. It was different. It was sensual. As Erin pinched and rolled Claire’s nipples between her thumb and forefinger, little electric currents ran from her breasts to her clit. Claire was on fire.

Claire’s hand now found its way between her tummy and the elastic of her black lace panties. With her eyes closed and her breasts being massaged, Claire began to slowly move her finger over her clit. She was wet with desire, her juices hot from her internal fire.

At this point, Erin gently turned Claire around to face her. It was also at this time that Claire realized Erin was still in her dress.

Without a word, Erin seductively lowered the shoulders of her dress and let it fall around her waist. Then, not missing a beat, she unfastened her bra and let it fall.

Claire trembled at the sight of the beautiful young woman before her. Erin’s alabaster skin was flawless, her body tight and well-proportioned.

Sensing this was Claire’s first time to be with a woman, Erin took the lead.

“I want to feel your body against me Claire. I want to feel your flesh on mine.” Erin’s tone was serious as she reinforced Claire’s desire.

The two women gazed into each other’s eyes, their souls filled with desire. Not able to ignore the need any longer, Erin and Claire wrapped their arms around each other in a passionate embrace… the soft, flesh of breasts met and pressed together… lips briefly touched before their mouths opened and tongues playfully rolled and darted about.

Erin lowered her mouth to Claire’s exposed breasts. A little bite with her teeth and a soothing kiss with her lips… a good hard suck and then a flick with her tongue.

“Ohhhhh… yes Erin, your mouth feels so good.”

Claire moaned at the experienced movements of Erin’s mouth upon her nipples.

Claire’s passion was obvious. Erin’s passion was growing. She so wanted to make Claire’s first time a pleasurable one. Slowly, Erin moved downward, trailing little butterfly kisses from Claire’s breasts to her quivering tummy.

Claire’s hands tenderly embraced the sides of Erin’s head, her legs weakened and she fell back against the mirror.

“Oh my god Erin, I can’t believe this is happening. I want you so bad.”

Erin needed no encouragement as her tongue began bursa escort bayan licking the sweet nectar of Claire’s hot, shaved pussy.

Claire pulled Erin’s head and mouth tightly into her wet mound, smothering her slightly while covering most of Erin’s face with her juices.

With her tongue, Erin began a tender flicking assault on Claire’s love button. With expert movements, she alternated between little butterfly flicks and tender sucks. Circling… sucking… flicking… Claire’s pussy lips and clit were completely engorged now and her excitement was rapidly reaching the point of no return. She was only half conscious of her surroundings… entirely lost in sensual delight. Claire’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her breathing quickened.

Erin knew that what she was about to do next would likely push Claire over the edge. Slowly, deliberately, Erin entered Claire’s throbbing pussy with her middle finger. “Mmmmmm… you must make your husband very happy with this tight hole.”

“Ahhhhh…” Claire couldn’t speak.

Removing her finger just part of the way, Erin now added a second and then a third finger to Claire’s vagina. She could feel the pulsations of Claire’s wet pussy walls.

“Oh, fuck yes! Fuck me… suck me.”

Claire’s hips were moving involuntarily now as she grasped Erin’s head even tighter. Erin fucked Claire with her fingers faster and faster making sure she slid across the sensitive area of her g-spot. She had Claire’s fully engorged clit in her mouth and she knew it would not be long until Claire experienced her first orgasm with a woman.

Claire’s heart was pounding outside her chest now… her breath rapid and short. Her hips bucked wildly into Erin’s face.

“Oh my god… don’t stop… fuck… don’t stop… oh yeah… yeah… I’m fucking cumming… now… ohhhhhhh…

Claire’s legs buckled, her orgasm was intense. With abandon, she pressed her soft pussy flesh into Erin and exploded her hot, wet juices all over her face.

Erin let go of her loving connection and Claire slumped to the floor.

It took a while for Claire to recover, but when she finally did she looked at Erin and said, “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you Claire. You’re a very sexy, exciting woman.”

With a slight look of consternation on her face, Claire queried, “What about you? I really want to make you feel good, too.”

“No worries, Claire. Let’s just say I look forward to the time you return the costume.”

“Oh, the costume… the party… I almost forgot.”

Claire hurriedly put on the peasant dress, laced up the bodice, looked longingly and lovingly at Erin, and left the shop.

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