Mason the Masseur – Sheila Ch. 01


My private cellphone buzzed relentlessly.

I was busy on my work e-mail scheduling repeat appointments for some of my regulars. Two of them were loaded and very generous. I wanted them to feel special, so the last thing I’d do is disconnect them in order to answer a private call.

I was done with both of them 20 minutes later and then I checked my phone.

It was my mother.

She never before called during late morning hours. I had to check that there was no emergency.

“Hi mom, did you try to reach me?”

“Yes Al. I am sorry to bother you at an hour that you are probably at work, but it’s about your older sister, Sheila.”

“What happened?…”

“Since you moved to the big city, you hardly visit us anymore, so I am not sure how much you know already. You remember Sheila’s George? Well, that miserable son of a… started gambling again about 3 weeks ago. He lost half their savings before Sheila found out about it. She confronted him a week ago and they had a major argument, after which she was too upset to stay with him in the house. She drove toward our house with tears blinding her and… she had an accident. She stayed in the hospital for 2 days to rule out major trauma. Her X rays did not reveal broken bones, but her soft tissues had bruises, hematomas and edema. She was sent home and they recommended physical therapy and gentle massages of her legs and back at least 2-3 times a week for the next month. In the past you told us, that you were employed by a large company. We do not have your work address or work phone, but I still remember that you work as a masseur. I thought that you could help… If you do the massages she needs, it will save us a lot of money…”

“Mom, why didn’t you call me immediately when the accident occurred?! I always loved Sheila! I just couldn’t stand this jerk she called husband… Anyway, let me talk to her if she is with you.”

A minute later Sheila was on the phone, “Hi little brother, how are you doing these days?”

“Sheila, I hate you! Why didn’t you talk to me about your trauma?!…”

She hesitated, “Because you hate George and you are short tempered… I was afraid that you’d kill him and end up in jail… Al dear, let’s ignore the past, please. Can you help me with the massages? I’d appreciate it if you give me a family discount…”

“Sheila, did your brain suffer a concussion during the accident?…”

“No. Why do you ask?”

“Because you know that I love you more than anybody in our family and I would not even think of charging you! But you still owe me – Every massage I give you, you make me coffee with lot’s of sugar and a touch of milk…”

Her laugh sounded like happy bells… “Dear Al, I missed you so much. I knew about your feelings toward my husband, or shall I say it ‘soon to be my former husband’… so I didn’t bother you. But now I can really use your help.”

“Sheila, when do you want to start?”

“The doctor told me that the earlier I begin, the better the chance of full recovery. And I also have all the medical documents that may tell you what I went through, so you can tailor the right massage for me. In short, the injury involved mostly the side of my body starting at the hip and going up to the side of my chest, but I feel pains in my neck and shoulder as well… Sorry to sound like a whiny baby, but I thought it’s better if you have all the information before you start…”

“Sheila, that’s good. First question… Can you drive?”

“Yes I can. When I get into and out of the car I have some pains, but they are only mild.”

“Can you be at the address I give you tomorrow at 5 pm with all your medical records?”

“Of course!. And… Thank you brother!”

As a reminder to those who never read the first chapter (Mason the masseur, The beginning), my family members knew my real name, Al, and that I was just a simple masseur, working with a team of other employees like me for a boss whose first name started with M. Nobody knew about my ‘extracurricular activity’…

The next day at 4 pm I was at my luxury place, preparing for Sheila’s arrival.

I checked that the sheets, towels and oils were warm and pleasant to the touch. I adjusted the lights and room temperature and even bought some flowers to add some live decoration…

Sheila knocked on the door on time. I let her in and looked at her.

She was older than me by 2 years, 5’6″, 130lbs and… I always liked her a lot.

Damn husband of hers separated us…

I kissed her cheek and hugged her. She grimaced.

“Oh, sorry sis… Please come on in.”

She entered and her eyes widened, ‘I’ve been to a masseuse before… twice! But this is a much nicer place… Your boss must have a successful business…”

I chuckled, “Yes he does! Do you care for some tea before we start?”

“I prefer to have my tea later. By the way, I showered before driving here, but if it’s required, I can take another one…”

“That won’t be necessary. otele gelen gaziantep escort But I would like to read your medical records before starting. I want to be sure that I do the right thing and not causing any harm… During this time you can look at the journals or watch TV.”

It took me 15 minutes to go through all the paperwork. It was obvious that the actual massage would be very limited to certain areas in her body, while a much more gentle tweaking will be appropriate for the injured tissues.

“Sheila, I see that most of your torso needs my attention. I suggest that you undress completely. Lie down on your stomach first, with your head inside this soft ring. Cover your butt with this towel. I’ll be outside for 10 minutes while you take off your clothes, unless you need me to help you.”

“That will be OK Al. It hurts a little, but I can do it.”

I closed the door behind me and reread again some of the details about her wounds. She was very lucky to escape a permanent damage…

I entered the room and stared at her wounds for the first time.

Her mid to upper left thigh had reddish bruises. The left side of her back extending to her left chest had a large blueish coloration with several stitches somewhat lower. There were no obvious signs of injury to the spine area or the neck.

She guessed that I was examining her contusion areas and mumbled into her pillow, “I lost all my sex appeal, didn’t I?…”

I giggled, “Pretty sister, you’ll need more than that to change my mind about you being very attractive…”

She didn’t respond.

“Sheila, your wounds are mostly on the back and left side, so I’ll do it differently than most forms of common massage. I’ll apply regular strength force to your right side and later add more gentle touches near and around your injured parts.”

“You are the boss. Do whatever you think is right…”

I needed to know where exactly and how sensitive each part was.

It is well known that certain areas may look OK, but they harbor some damage or hurt when tweaked.

I decided to skip the feet and calves and concentrate on the thighs and torso.

I gently began applying warm lavender oil on her right thigh, moving from the knee up.

Sheila whispered, “It feels so good…”

The higher I went, her legs separated wider.

I stopped about an inch from her groin when I heard her gasping.

Her legs motion displaced the towel, revealing part of her left ass cheek, that was bruised too.

“Sis, if you don’t want to, I won’t do it, but your glutes need some treatment as well!”

She blurted, “Brother, I am not that shy anymore. Do whatever you think is necessary. If you have to do my butt, just take the towel off and do it…”

I removed the towel and saw that her left ass cheek was red with multiple superficial bruises.

I kneaded her right globe. It was muscular, round and… very feminine.

“Sheila, you haven’t gained weight in the last 5 years. How do you do it? I myself gained 4 pounds.”

“Because I became a vegan and try to exercise 3 times a week. Add to this the latest troubles with George, which made me lose my appetite…”

“Sheila darling, do you mind if I left you here by yourself for a couple of hours and teach your moron husband a lesson he’ll never forget?!…”

She chuckled into her ring, “Now you see why I didn’t tell you about it when it happened… The last thing I want is to see my beloved brother in jail!…”

“Sheila, you are so pretty, smart and educated. What the hell did you find in this idiot? I love you too much to let you suffer his constant shenanigans!…”

“Al, be nice. I told you that I started the proceedings to divorce him. In the meantime I want you to know that your hands on my body feel wonderful. Even without my injuries I’d pay to have your soothing hands do my body…”

“Sheila, I know that you are trying to distract me from thinking about your loser husband, but thanks for the compliment…”

She was silent.

I moved to her right back, relieved some knots in the upper parts and liked her good muscle tone and smooth skin. She moaned lightly.

I wanted to do the neck last, so I moved to her bruised left thigh.

I checked beforehand and found no open wound

I poured additional oil on my palms and gently touched her reddish skin.

She sighed.

“Does it hurt? Tell me if an area is too sensitive!…”

“It doesn’t hurt. It feels good. You can even do it harder if you think it’s better…”

I applied slightly more pressure, gradually trailing upward.

Sheila’s legs spread further, allowing my right hand to reach her inner part.

By doing so, her cunt that was no longer covered with a towel and was fully exposed to me… Her symmetric labia folds were perfect. I was able to see only scant hair on her partly hidden mound…

‘Geez louise! This gaziantep otele gelen escort is my older sister… Being a voyeur is not a compliment in my book! And doing it to my sister!… WTF!…’

But my dick was not as remorseful… It started stirring, pushing against the front of my robe. ‘Down boy,’ I ordered it using my brain power.. But to no avail…

Next I placed my hands lightly on her left ass cheek.

Her breathing became faster and louder.

I tweaked it carefully, again admiring the lack of cellulite and wrinkles…

When I touched the part that was near her crack, her thighs separated wider.

Her soft moans were barely heard.

I went to take more oil and peeked at her pussy again.

Little drops of moisture were hanging on the sides of her cunt lips…

My sister was aroused… Just like me…

Where did my professionalism or my respect for my family go?!…

Then I did her back.

But the view of her pussy and the immoral thoughts about my sister’s body remained and bothered me…

Lastly I carefully massaged her neck.

No bones felt unusual or sensitive, which was great. An injury to the neck may be devastating!

I was done and said, “Sheila, I think we did good for the first time. I know now what to do on your back side. The good news – I do not see any reason to believe that you won’t heal completely in a relatively short time. I’ll leave the room and you can put the robe on. Then we’ll drink tea together…”

Sheila raised her head and looked at my face, on the way sneaking a glance at my groin.

Shit… I noticed that my organ was still engorged…

She smiled at me, “Al, your massage was divine! Seriously. I feel like new… When is the next massage and what do you plan to do next time?”

“Well, next time I want to increase the pressure on some of your injured parts, as well as to do certain areas in your front, like your left upper shoulder and front left thigh. But again, not seeing a sign pointing to a permanent damage is a great relief…”

Sheila gazed at me and said in a spoiled girl voice, “But I still have so many pains… I think I’ll need your special cure for a long time…”

I laughed, “Sheila my dear, you don’t have to use suffering as an excuse to see me or get another massage. Just let me know in advance and I’ll find time for you.”

We drank the black tea.

She was too quiet… I glanced at her pretty face. She blushed…

I thought to myself, ‘We have time. We’ll have to sort out some new issues…’

Monday afternoon I scheduled Sheila for another session.

She showed up all cheerful and kissed my cheek, “Thank you for finding time for a nonpaying customer…”

I laughed, “Sheila, I love you and I’ll do anything for you, you know that… How are you doing since last time I saw you?”

She didn’t respond and turned her face away, teary eyed.

I put my hand around her shoulder, “What is going on?! What happened?…”

She hesitated, ” It’s George… He threatened that if I do not cover his gambling debts, he will fight me in court. I have no doubt that eventually I’ll win, but he may drag the proceedings for a long time…”

I hugged Sheila, “Sis, leave it to me. I’ll make him sign the papers. And don’t you worry, I am not going to kill him or hurt him, but I have some friends who will give him an offer he won’t be able to refuse…”

“Thank you Al, you are the best. How can I ever repay you?!…”

“Well… next time you prepare a really large cup of coffee for me and add a lot of sugar, because you still owe me a regular cup of coffee for the first massage…” I joked.

Until that moment I didn’t know that a human being’s face can be both crying and laughing at the same time!…

“Lady, let’s go in. Take your clothes off and be on your tummy. I’ll be back in 10.”

I checked Sheila’s wounds and they appeared much better. The blueish coloration became smaller, the scratches more crusted and the red marking were almost gone.

“Sheila, from the look over your skin, everything is healing nice and fast. Any significant pain or sensitive areas that you want me to concentrate on or be more cautious when touching?”

“Physically I feel much better, especially after your first massage. Except for one spot on my left ass cheek that hurts when I turn my leg and an annoying pain in my upper left chest, everything feel almost back to normal…”

“I’ll be more gentle is these two areas. So today I’ll do a full torso massage and next time, if there are no untoward effects, we’ll go for a regular, likely Swedish, massage.”

She smiled, “Yes boss.”

She didn’t wait for me to leave and began undressing.

I left the room and returned 10 minutes later.

Sheila was on her tummy. No towel cover on any body part.

I used both hands to do her right thigh, moving from the knee gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan upward.

Once I was nearing her ass, both her legs moved sideways, letting me go as high as I wanted on her inner thigh. I didn’t go beyond an inch from her cunt.

Then I did the other one and her legs parted even more.

I heard soft moans…

I gazed at her pussy lips. They were soaked…

‘Man, you’re such a pervert! It’s your sister for God’s sake!…’

Next I kneaded both her butt cheeks.

While I was doing them, 2 drops of oil landed on her puckered hole. Instinctively the sphincter constricted.

My hands moved from the sides into the center, reaching close but not touching her anus.

She moaned again and whispered, “You are killing me…”

I ignored her pleas and moved to her back.

It was the most muscular and least sensitive part of her body.

She seemed to be more relaxed now… and even purring…

This time I found no knots. A good sign!

Lastly I moved in front of her head and did the back side of her shoulders, near the scapulae.

I brought 2 towels and said, “Sheila, your back side is done. I’ll go outside and be back in 5. Turn on your back and cover with these towels everything that is not to be touched.”

When I was back, her legs were apart and her cunt barely hidden by the folded towel.

The other towel was slightly folded too and concealed very little of her ample boobs.

In fact, except for the nipples, much of the breasts was breathing room air…

Oh god! she looked amazing. Her curves were very sexy.

Unfortunately for me, my cock was having the same thoughts about her curves…

By the time I was ready to resume the massage, the tent in my pants was too obvious!

Sheila’s eyes were focusing on me… With a small grin…

I stood by her head and did the front of her shoulders.

The muscle tone was good. Sheila relaxed her shoulders and closed her eyes.

The maneuvers of her chest were enough to move the towel and now one of her nipples was fully exposed. The nipple was rock hard. She didn’t budge…

I continued doing her shoulders with my eyes hypnotized on the naughty nipple.

She whispered, “Al dear, you can massage my nipple if you want…”

In retrospect, Sheila’s eyes were not COMPLETELY closed…

I blushed and didn’t answer.

Then I moved to her thighs.

The legs were spread before I even started…

I began with the healthy right one.

When I was close to her cunt, she spread her legs apart even more and the folded towel fell between her thighs.

I glanced at Sheila’s face.

She was staring at my groin, that harbored a massive bulge… I wanted to bury myself!

I moved to the left side, trying desperately to concentrate on her left thigh and ignore her moist pussy that was begging me to touch it…

When I was close enough, Sheila lifted her torso and her mound touched my fingers…

I looked at Sheila again.

“Brother, stop fighting!… You know you want the same thing I do… You are wonderful at what you do, but at this point both of us wish for more. Your massage is awesome, but your touch is so arousing!… I wouldn’t tell you about it had I not seen YOUR reaction to my body too… If you care to discuss the ethical and moral aspects, we can do it later, but right now I want to feel ‘the thing’ you hide behind your large tent… Please!…”

I stuttered, “Sheila deee… dear, you cannot immmmag… imagine how much I wouuu… would like to have you in my arms, buttt… shoouu… shouldn’t we talk firrrr…first?…”

“Al please… you can talk as much as you want, but it won’t change my mind. I see on you all the signs that you also want to play with my body… We are both adults!…”

She grabbed my shaky hand and placed it on her exposed hard nipple.

She continued watching my eyes, took a deep breath and her other hand began caressing the front of my pants.

“Sheila, often a massage gives erotic vibes to clients. Are you certain that you won’t regret it later?!…”

“Al dear, these days I have no idea how I am going to feel tomorrow… But I’ll tell you that – Lately you became a very handsome young man, who I trust and love very much. I wanted you even during the first massage!… And with the unacceptable relationship I have with George… The last time I had a fulfilling sex was decades ago… Can’t you give up and… go for it?…”

“Sheila darling, I loved you all along. I missed you so much. I separated from you, because I knew that your miserable husband was bad for you… I simply could not watch you doing the biggest mistake of your life…”

“Al, please kiss me…”

Sheila looked so pretty, sexy, enticing, vulnerable…

I bent down and our lips met for the first time. She tasted minty sweet.

Her small hands embraced me, “I love you brother…”

I had a simple request, “Sheila, let’s go to my house. It is more comfortable there and we do not have to rush…”

She did not argue and started collecting her stuff.

She probably thought that I was reluctant to do it in my workplace, because other masseurs from our team may show up.

But my reason was different.

I wanted my love to be in my arms in MY bed!… Not in the place where I was having encounters with paying customers…

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