Lactating Lesbian Lady

I lay on the bed, my small son at my breast, feeding quietly. His small mouth sucking on my nipple, drawing milk from my swollen and hard breasts. God, it felt wonderful. I felt a little guilty because it did feel so very sensual. My pussy began to tingle. I had to make myself not reach down and stroke my clit.

Damn, I was horny. I’d had little Jimmy four months ago and he was fit and growing every day on my plentiful supply of milk. I really loved to feed him. My pussy was over his birth and I wanted to be fucked. Jim, my husband had seemed to loose all interest in sex since his birth. I had heard that sometimes happened. I tried everything to excite him. I’d wear sexy nightgowns, but he just wasn’t interested. I’d lean over and take his cock to suck on it, to get him in the mood but he’d pull away, roll over and pretend to go to sleep. It was driving me out of my mind.

I switched little Jimmy to my other breast to give that nipple a rest. It got sore if he sucked on it too long. The room was semi dark and I just had on a pair of sexy French cut thin panties, nothing else. It was my way of trying to keep my self-esteem up. I wanted to at least feel sexy. I saw a little hint of motion out of my eye and turned to see Rosita standing quietly in the door. She stood looking at us and smiling. I motioned for her to come and sit on the bed. The dark haired beauty slipped into the room and sat beside me. She reached over and stroked Jimmy’s head. I reached over and stroked her arm.

We had hired her just before he was born. We had met her in Mexico City on vacation. She was a schoolteacher with a Master’s degree in teaching. She was a friend of a friend and we learned she was not happy there. When she told us how little she made, we were appalled. I was three months pregnant at the time and we told her if she came up just before the baby was born, we’d give her a job as housekeeper and nanny. The salary we offered her was almost three times what she was getting, plus she would stay in the house, and have no living expenses. We made all the arrangements for her “Green Card,” the legal immigration work papers, and plane fare. We would give her the weekend off to do what she wished.

She was fantastic with Jimmy, a good cook as well as a very hard worker around the house. The house was always spotless and her company was wonderful. I loved her Spanish accent when speaking English. She was smart and beautiful as well. She looks like she could pose for a statue of an Inca Princess, tall, stately, and carries herself erectly. She is well proportioned with full, rounded breasts, a true Latin beauty.

Jimmy stopped sucking and I pulled him away from my breast. My nipple pulled out of his mouth and a little white rivulet of milk ran down my swollen breasts. Rosita took him and went into the nursery and put him down. I sat up and put my finger under my nipple. I squeezed the nipple gently with my other hand. A small amount of milk dribbled out and the wet warm milk transferred to my finger. It hung there white and gleaming. I put my finger to my lips and slid the drop to my tongue. It tasted so sweet. I milked the nipple again, letting it run to the end of my finger. I licked it off again. It was erotic to taste my own milk.

I reached for the breast pump. I hated this part. It was so cold and mechanical. I put the plastic bulb pump up to my breast and pressing it, began to suction the milk out. I had far too much milk for the baby, and if I didn’t drain it, it would make my breasts hurt and dribble out. I had nursing bras with pads inside, but I produced so much milk they couldn’t soak all of it up if I didn’t empty them, and it would make quite a mess.

Rosita came back in and watched. I emptied the pump in a jar, and then went back to pumping it again. Her beautiful dark brown eyes were glued to my puffy nipples.

“Senora, you have such lovely breasts.” She said softly.

“Thank you, Rosita. They are so full of milk, they hurt sometimes.”

“May I ask a very personal question?” Her dark eyes held mine, a lovely deep brown, so expressive.

“Certainly.” I smiled, wondering what it would be.

“I have heard that when a baby suckles, that sometimes the woman is excited by it. It feels so good, and she gets sexually excited. Is this true? ” She asked so seriously I laughed softly.

“I’m afraid so. When he feeds, my nipples get so hard, and the sucking of his mouth gets me excited. I have to make myself not touch myself below. I have heard other women say the same thing.” I said looking into her lovely dark eyes.

She smiled and watched as I finished one breast. I caught her eyes drop to my crotch from time to time. My pussy hair had begun to grow back, but the thin panties were pulled up a little, the thin material outlining my pussy lips. I imagined there might also be a wet spot there from my excitement.

“Would Senora like for me to pump the milk from the other breast?” She asked looking at my breast.

“Oh, bursa escort I can do it.” I said, and then wished I hadn’t refused.

“I would be careful. I am sure your arms must be tired, from holding little Jimmy.” She said.

He had lain on my chest, but why not? I almost wanted her hands on my breast. I was glad she had asked again. I nodded and handed her the pump. She took it and put it over my nipple and squeezed the bulb. She watched closely as the milk squirted out due to the suction and after a number of pumpings, filled the little reservoir. Her hand moved under my breast and held it steady. There was no need of that as my breast was so firm. It felt so good though, I didn’t say anything. The suction wasn’t erotic at all, but her hand was. I loved the feel on my skin. I closed my eyes and sighed.

All to quickly she finished. She took the jar of milk and the pump and went to wash it. My pussy was in fire. She had pulled the door almost closed and I slid my hand under my panties and slid a finger into my pussy and felt the slippery wetness of it. I took my wet finger and moved it upward to my clit. I groaned as I felt it’s firm head, just peeping out of its sheath. I moved my other hand down and put a finger on either the side of my clit sheath and began to rub up and down, jacking my clit off. God, it felt so good. I rolled my finger around and around over my clit head till I cried out and came. My hips shot up off the bed and with a cry I fell back on the bed spent and now very relaxed.

I saw motion to the side, and Rosita was just outside the door watching me. Her eyes were wide when she saw that I had caught her watching.

“Oh Senora, I am so sorry, I did not mean to spy. I heard you moan and thought you were in pain. My most humble apologies. I did not mean to, how do you say it – ‘peep'”. She said very seriously.

I patted the bed and she sat down beside me. “It’s perfectly all right. You were right; it does get me sexually excited. I have to make myself wait till Jimmy is through before I let myself masturbate. I don’t think it would be a good idea to masturbate while he’s in my arms.” I said stroking her brown arm. She put her hand over mine. It felt so good.

I reached over on the bedside table and picked up a jar of cream. I used it after each feeding. My nipples and breasts got chaffed and dry. I took a little and rubbed into my nipple, working it into the erect brown tip. I spread it over my areolas, then put more on my breast and smoothed it over the skin. Rosita watched. I did the other breast.

I lay back and closed my eyes and fell asleep, when I awoke she was gone. We didn’t mention my masturbation after that.

That evening Jim and I had an argument. I wanted to know why he wouldn’t make love to me. He said he didn’t know, but that the thought of sex with me turned him off. I asked if he had a mistress and he denied it. I didn’t think he did, for I knew his schedule and knew there just wasn’t time for another women. We wound up yelling and he went and slept in the guest bedroom.

The next afternoon when I took Jimmy to bed to feed him, Rosita came into the room and sat beside me. We talked quietly, and she watched as Jimmy sucked away.

” I am so sad for the Senora. I could not help but hear you and the Senior argue last night. I hope nothing is very wrong. Is there any thing that I may do for you?” She asked, her hand stroking my arm softly. Her touch felt so wonderful.

“Thank you Rosita, but he just does not want to make love to me since the baby has been born. I don’t know why.” I said enjoying her stroking warm hand.

“Yes, I have heard this is sometimes true. I am sure he will want you soon. You have such a lovely body, and such magnificent breasts. How could he not want to make love to such a beautiful wife?”

Tears came to my eyes at her concern for me. A drop rolled down my cheek and she brushed it away. She leaned over and kissed my lips very very softly. Her kiss was so tender I felt like I would melt away. I pressed back against her soft lips. She pulled back and smiled at me. Jimmy finally finished and she took him to his bed then came back rather quickly.

Without asking she took the pump and began to milk my breasts. Her hand pressed a little firmer up against my under breast. She suctioned my breast dry then moved to the other side of me. I leaned forward. She surprised me. Instead of taking the pump she put a towel under my breast and took both hands and caught my breast between them and stroked from the base to the tip. A little stream of milk ran down my breast. She looked at me with wide brown eyes, grinned impishly, and did it again.

“Does that feel good to the Senora?” She asked. I nodded. She did it again and again.

“It will come out easier this way”, I said as I took my fingers and put them behind the nipple. I squeezed and pulled outward. Several jets of milk sprayed from my nipple. One jet escort bursa hit her in the face and she jumped back a little, and then laughed. The droplet ran down and landed on her lip. Her pink tongue slid out and licked it off. She laughed delightfully.

“That tastes funny. Different from the cow’s milk. Do it again. Please?” She smiled at me. I obliged and as she leaned closer, mouth open, two jets spurted into her mouth. She laughed out loud, and a smile spread from ear to ear. I continued to pull on my nipple and my pussy became very wet. I’d never done this before. I was caught up in the spirit and laughter. We were like schoolgirls laughing. Her lips were only inched from my jutting nipple.

“May I try it, Senora?” She said smiling up at me.

I couldn’t talk I only nodded. I showed her where to place her fingers and how to pull, and how much pressure to use. Her hand and fingers felt so erotic on my breast, on my nipple, pulling. It took several tries, but in a minute or two she had mastered the touch. She laughed as milk spurted out onto her face, into her mouth, and onto her uniform. Her fingers were warm and exciting. I closed my eyes letting the feeling of her fingers on my nipple run down to my pussy. Her fingers were gentle as she pulled over and over. I felt her other hand move to lift and weigh my breast. It felt so hot against my skin. I held still, enjoying the feeling.

I felt her shift slightly and them I moaned aloud. Her lips were on my nipple. My eyes popped open and her liquid brown eyes were looking up at me. Her lips were wrapped around my nipple, and I watched as her cheeks bowed inward as she sucked. God, it felt fantastic. I felt her tongue move around over my nipple then she sucked again. I reached over and ran my hand behind her head through her shining black hair, pulling her a little harder against my swollen breast. I cried out as she sucked again and again.

I couldn’t help myself and I slid my other hand under the waistband of my panties and down to my sopping pussy. I slipped my finger into my crevice, down further till it slid into my wetness. I was drenched. I moved it up a little and touched my wet slick finger to my swollen clit.

Rosita continued to suck on my breast; her hands kneaded it, pulling forward on my breast, almost as if helping my milk flow into her mouth. My finger moved faster and faster over my turgid clit till I cried out and climaxed violently. Her lips left my breast and her lips moved to my spread gaping mouth. I felt her tongue slide over my lip and she sucked on it while her tongue played over it. I was spent and fell back on the bed. She kissed my lips for a while, and then I felt her hand move to cup and gently squeeze my pussy through my panties.

“Oh Senora, did I excite you?” I could only nod again. “I am so glad. I love the Senora. I am glad I can make you happy. I want to see you smile.” She kissed my lips again. This time her sweet tongue slid into my mouth. I could taste my milk on her tongue. Our tongues slid and gently probed. She pulled away and moved back down to my breast.

She looked up at me. “Rest Senora, and I will empty your sweet breast. I love to do this for you.” Her lips went back to my nipple and she sucked slowly and softly. It felt so wonderful. She stopped on that breast when it was empty, then moved to the other breast. It felt so wonderful to have her soft lips sucking on my nipple. The nipple became hard and erect and I felt the twinges in my pussy again. I reached down and pulled my panties down. She stopped for a moment and slid them down further. I moved my legs till she could pull them all the way off. Her hand went to my thigh and she pulled gently, indicating she wanted my thighs apart. I obliged her.

She moved around and then bent over sucking on my nipple, but this time she was situated so she could see my fingers moving in my pussy. Her hand stroked my stomach and down to my thighs. I get very excited having someone watching me masturbate, and her lips on my breast added to my excitement. I rolled my hard clit slowly, wanting to prolong the pleasure. Her hand moved to mine, and her fingers moved over mine, following their every movement. I loved it.

She moved her hand down lower and I gasped as I felt a finger slide along my wet slit, down to my vaginal center, then gently probe till it slipped up inside me. Oh God, that felt so good. I couldn’t control myself any longer and cried out as I climaxed. Her lips sucked harder and my finger was a blur as I stroked myself to a fantastic orgasm. My cries of joy filled the room as I came again and again.

I went limp, and her finger slid out of my pussy. I pushed her head gently away from my breast. “Rosita, Darling, I absolutely love your lips on my breast, but I can’t climax any more. If you suck on it any more, I’ll go crazy.”

She smiled up at me and kissed my lips softly, not trying to excite me. “Senora likes Rosita to make love with her?” bursa escort bayan She smiled coyly.

“Oh yes, I absolutely love it when you make love with me,” I moaned. We both laughed. I pulled her up to me and held her close. I could feel her firm breasts under the uniform and the wetness of the cloth where my milk had wet it.

“Rosita,” I said with mock severity. Her head tilted to the side slightly, a coquettish smile on her face. “Your uniform is a disgrace. It’s wet and messy. Remove it immediately.” She slipped off the bed and slowly unbuttoned it. She let it slide off her lovely body and stepped out of it. She had on a plain white slip and I could see her white bra and panties under it. I motioned for her to take off her slip. She stood in her bra and panties.

Her body was full and lush. I motioned for her to come closer. I slid to the edge of the bed and she moved between my thighs. I pulled her against my body. My head was against her bra-clad breasts. Her bare stomach pressed against my breasts. He skin was hot and so soft. I could smell her faint perfume, and the slight odor of my milk on her skin. I reached back and found the catches to her bra and unfastened them till it fell away. I pulled back and she shrugged the straps off her shoulder. My hands pulled her bra aside and her breasts were bare and lovely, inches from my face. I leaned forward and buried my face between them. She moaned and her hands went to my head pressing it harder against her body. It felt so wonderful.

I had never thought I would actually make love to another women. I had thought about it many times, wondering what it would be like. Here I was with my head against her splendid, bare breasts. I moved my hands and cupped each full breast in my hands. I could feel her hard nipples against my palms and it felt so erotic. I squeezed her breasts gently and kissed her soft skin. Moving my mouth, I took one dark chocolate colored nipple between my lips and sucked on it. She sighed and I sucked harder feeling the nipple stretch and harden.

I ran my hand down to her hips and pulled her panties downward. She reached back and pulled them off. Her body is lovely. Her bush is black and glossy, kept trimmed close. I scooted forward and pulled her hard against me, my hands pulling her hips hard against my body. I stroked her back and lower down over her firm ass. God she was a sex goddess. I sucked on her nipple feeling it harden and become firmer. My hand slid downward to cup her pussy. It was wet against the palm of my hand. I slid a finger up inside her wet sex and she sobbed out.

“What the hell is going on here?” An enraged voice said from the door. Jim stood there, his suit coat over his arms. He usually didn’t get home till almost two hours later. Rosita turned to move away. I caught her and held her firmly. She looked down at me, her face stricken. I mouthed that it was ‘all right.’

“Well exactly what it looks like! Rosita and I were kissing and I was holding her. She’s a lovely lady and she loves me. ” I said my voice even, never raising it at all.

“Damn! Rosita, you are fired. Get out hell out of this house immediately!” Jim yelled.

“Bullshit, you may be the master here, but I’m sure as Hell the mistress, and if Rosita goes, little Jimmy and I go too.” I said evenly, my voice quiet. “You won’t make love to me. I’ve asked you over, and over, and you refuse. I’m not cheating with a man. Rosita and I haven’t made love to each other. We were hugging. But if we were making love, then it’s your fault for abandoning me – your wife – and the mother of your child. If anyone is leaving it’s you. Go to the ‘Y’ if you don’t want to stay here. I’d advise you to see Walter, your counselor buddy. Let him help you figure why you won’t make love to me. You fucked me and got me pregnant, you sure as Hell enjoyed that! Now you don’t want anything to do with me sexually just because I bore you a son. Get out – get out of this house. Now!” I said, still not raising my voice. Jim hung his head and turned and walked out.

I pulled Rosita closer to me and held her. I was trembling despite my calm tone I’d used on Jim. The mood was certainly spoiled between us. I kissed her skin, and then we separated. I realized that one breast was uncomfortably full, got the breast pump and sat pumping the milk out. There was no desire now. I finished and wiped my breasts off with a wet washrag then began to put the cream on my breasts.

“Please Senora, may I do that?” Rosita said. I looked up at her and saw tears in her eyes. I put out my arms to her and she slipped into them. We just held each other for several minutes then she soothed my nipples and breasts with the cream. I felt better after she had finished. Her soft hands stroked my breasts gently. It felt so wonderful. Her nude body was a thing of beauty, but gave me no erotic feelings now.

That evening I decided that we would eat out. We took little Jimmy with us in his car seat to a restaurant and had a splendid meal. I would have liked to have a drink or two, but didn’t because of little Jimmy breast-feeding. Rosita had a couple of drinks and we held hands under the table. She cheered me up with tales of her childhood in Mexico.

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