Joys of Ownership


Slave j was nervously excited as it drove closer to the Chambers of its Owner, the exalted Queen Holly. Her Majesty had commanded its appearance before Her on the cool, clear winter afternoon. As required when serving its Majestic Owner, the slave was bare footed, with its shoes and socks on the floor of the back seat of the car. The slave was only wearing a shirt which was mostly unbuttoned to make it easier to remove, an undershirt, a pair of pants without a belt and a pair of underpants. The Queen had a busy agenda for Her property, and the slave was anxious to kneel before the Queen and begin submission and service and to humble itself before the Queen. As the Queen had grown more assertive in handling Her property since She had taken ownership of it, She clearly was enjoying being in command more, and the slave was gratified to be able to provide Her Majesty with the satisfaction and pleasure She deserved.

It turned into the driveway before the Queen’s Chambers and saw Her Majesty was seated on the bench. The Queen had a slight smile on her lips. The Queen was beautiful as usual. Thick silky brunette hair with reddish highlights framed the Queen’s gorgeous face. Her Majesty’s deep azure eyes sparkled, and the sensuous lipstick adorning the Queen’s unbelievably sexy lips provided a hint of the Queen’s overwhelming power over the Queen’s slave.

The slave pulled the car up in the public driveway before the Queen’s Chambers, and exited to come around and open the door as the Queen approached. Her Majesty stood alongside the car and the slave fell to the ground on its knees before its Owner. It bowed its head and kissed each of the Queen’s feet three times. The Queen’s smile broadened as Her slave demonstrated its submission before Her on the road. As She had grown more accustomed to owning this slave, the Queen had increasingly enjoyed being greeted by it kneeling before Her and kissing Her feet in public. Its forehead was still on the ground before Her.

“Kneel up, slave.” said the Queen.

The slave did and the Queen extended Her hand, which the slave kissed, saying “Thank You for the opportunity to serve You, Your Majesty.”

“You’re welcome, slave. You may rise, slave,” She commanded.

It replied, “Yes, Your Majesty,” and rose to its feet and helped the Queen into the car.

It drove up to the 5th floor of the adjoining garage. There were almost no cars at that level, and the stairwells had no security cameras in them, but there were windows to the outside in the stairwells that created the possibility that persons outside the garage might see what was happening in the stairwell. They were perfect for outdoors submission, humiliation and punishment.

After parking the car, the slave found the concrete floor was cold as its bare feet stepped out of the car. It came around and opened the door, and knelt, head down before the Queen as Her Majesty exited the car. When it saw the Queen’s feet before it once again, it kissed each of them three times again, and awaited commands.

The Queen put the dog collar with the blue metal tag that read ‘Slave j – Property of Queen Holly’ on the slave. The Queen was carrying a cane, belt strap, switch and a small bag, which were handed to the slave to carry as it followed Her into the stairwell.

“Get naked, slave,” the Queen commanded.

After replying, “Yes, Your Majesty.” xslot the slave stripped, and naked except for its collar, the slave knelt down before the Queen with its ass in the air and its forehead on the floor. The floor was cold as the slave knelt on it.

The Queen dropped four rubber cock rings on the floor and ordered the slave to put them on. It put two around its balls and two around the whole package, as its scrotum stretched and became shiny and its cock stiffened. The Queen fingered its asshole and caressed and pulled its balls, which were stretched and swollen inside the rubber rings.

“I’ve begun to enjoy increasing my punishments and use of you, slave, and you are about to get a good beating,” said the Queen. “Are you my property and agree to my ownership of you to do with as I please?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, please do as You will,” replied the slave.

Her Majesty smiled, then began to beat the slave as it knelt with its ass in the air and its forehead on the floor. First She beat it with the belt to redden and warm its ass, then with the cane, and finally with the black switch.

The slave counted aloud as each stroke was applied. “One, Your Majesty. Two, Your Majesty,” and so on, the slave intoned as it also inhaled sharply with the pain of each stroke.

The Queen applied about 25 strokes to each ass cheek with each instrument as the slave counted, taking Her time to allow the slave flesh to warm and redden. She noted with satisfaction the welts raised by the black switch as the slave meat was heated and filled with blood that made the welts redder.

On command, the slave then stood, spread its feet apart widely and leaned backwards against the stair rail, grasping the stair rail behind it and leaving its cock, balls and front exposed to the Queen’s mercy. It was ordered to close its eyes, and it did so.

The Queen stepped closer and pulled and twisted and slapped its nipples and cock and balls while She had it kiss the Queen’s luscious lips. The Queen was flushed, and the color only added to Her beauty, and She as clearly enjoying leaning into the lash as She applied the instruments to Her slave.

When the Queen was satisfied, the slave continued to stand that way and the Queen grasped its cock shaft and gave it 25 stokes on its cock head with the switch. The slave winced and writhed with each strike. 25 firm strokes were then applied to the front of each thigh, and on its belly above its cock, raising very nice welts.

The slave was then ordered to lean forward hands against the wall, legs spread and with its ass displayed backwards. In this position, its ass was given another 25 strokes on each cheek, and 25 to the back of each thigh. The Queen noted the nice welts on the slave’s ass and legs with satisfaction. She played with its asshole, slipping Her thumb into it, and squeezing and caressing its balls as She pulled them back between its legs.

Its slave outfit of a slave shirt that had been bought from Café Press and shorts were then taken out of the bag and the slave put them on, but remained barefooted. They returned to the car, and the slave’s street clothes were put in the trunk and the car keys were given to the Queen. She then had it rise and led it into her Chambers and up to Her apartment.

Upon entering the apartment, the slave immediately stripped and knelt xslot Giriş ass in the air and face down on the floor. its balls still stretched in the rubber bands. The Queen fitted a small noose around the slave’s shiny balls were pulled them up behind it. The Queen then straddled the slave and pulled up on its balls, beating it more on its ass with the belt, canes and switch. The vertical welts made a nice criss cross pattern across the earlier horizontal welts. She also used the belt, strap and crop to beat it on its balls. The slave moaned and writhed as deep pain spread into its gut.

“You have not been devoting enough attention to your Queen, slave. That’s why you are being dealt with severely today.”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the slave replied.

“Get up on the bed on your knees with your ass up, feet hanging off the side of the bed, pinching your own nipples and with your face down in the pillow,” She ordered. The slave immediately complied.

The Queen fingered the slave’s asshole and balls, and rubbed a rattan cane on the soles of the slave’s feet, and then began to beat them. After each 20 strokes, She gave it 20 more on each ass cheek, and 20 more on the back of each thigh. The slave moaned and twitched with the pain.

She shoved increasingly big dildoes up the slave’s ass, and left each there while She switched to a new whip, cane or strap. She worked Her way through all the straps, canes and other striking or whipping devices She had, and several dildoes. The slave was writhing and squealing with discomfort as the Queen dispensed Her punishment, but it continued to thank the Queen for Her attention..

When She was done, the slave was put to domestic work. The Queen seated Herself at the table. The slave first served the Queen coffee and a snack while She relaxed. It was required to scrub the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom floor, toilet, tub and sink from its hands and knees while a large dildo was left up its ass. It also cleaned all the dishes and surfaces in the kitchen. The work was inspected from time to time, and if not well done, the cane was applied, as was done any time a dildo slipped out.

The Queen rang Her Bell if She wanted the slave to bring more coffee or to otherwise attend Her. When the bell was rung, the slave crawled over on hands and knees, head down, and kissed the Queen’s feet while it waited Her orders. The slave also prepared a meal in conformity with the Queen’s instructions. When the slave was done with the preparations, the meal was served to the Queen by the kneeling slave. The slave’s food was then dropped on the floor on a newspaper and it was required to eat it without using its hands while the Queen sat at the table to dine. It was now time for more personal service.

The slave’s eyes were then each taped shut with a piece of duct tape and a blindfold was affixed to its head. The Queen undressed and sat on a chair. The slave was tormented by the fact that it could not see its beautiful Queen and could only imagine Her beauty. The slave knelt before Her facing Her. She gave the slave two alligator clips, and it placed one on each slave nipple as She ordered. She squeezed each clip tight to ensure it was well seated.

The slave’s wrists were put in leather cuffs, and they were linked together behind its back. She then grabbed the slave’s ears and pulled its head xslot Güncel Giriş forward and began to use its mouth for Her pleasure, kissing it and playing with the slave’s tongue and mouth. She also took turns placing Her nipples into the slave’s mouth and ordering it to worship the Royal nipples by licking and sucking them, while She twisted and tormented the slave’s nipples by squeezing and twisting the alligator clips.

The slave was excited by imagining how beautiful the Queen’s breast and nipples were. The slave’s cock and balls were stretched and swollen because of the rubber bands, and She played with them as well, slapping, twisting and squeezing them while the slave offered its mouth for the pleasure of Her nipples and mouth.

The Queen greatly enjoyed being pleasured at Her leisure while the slave was tormented, moaning with pain while She was getting pleasure. She took Her time, pleasing Herself while the slave suffered and pleasured Her.

After unhooking its wrists, Her slave was then put to work worshipping Her feet — licking them, massaging them, sucking Her toes and licking between them, and providing as much pleasure for Her as possible. Her legs were propped up on a chair while the blindfolded slave serviced the Queen’s feet from its knees.

After foot worship, She then climbed on the bed on Her knees and the blindfolded slave was put to work behind Her, tonguing and worshipping Her asshole. It licked Her entire Ass, and worked its tongue around and into the rim of the hole, enjoying Her moans of pleasure. It also continued to lick and massage Her feet, as well as the backs of Her thighs.

She then rolled onto Her back and on command the slave began to service Her Pussy — licking It, sucking It, shoving its nose into It, and playing with It with dildos selected by the Queen. It licked and serviced Her Clit and the Sweet Spot between Her Pussy and Her Asshole. She writhed with pleasure as waves of orgasms rolled over Her.

She then had the slave lie on its back on the bed after re-securing its hands behind its back. She straddled it like She was riding a horse, sitting on its chest with Her ass facing the slave’s head. Its arms were pinned to its sides. She had gotten many alligator and other clips and a pin wheel which She lay on its belly. She also had a short cane and was ready for some serious cock torture.

She grabbed the cock head and squeezed and twisted it, and tortured it by beating it and putting the clips on it, squeezing them and twisting them, and rubbing the cock with the pin wheel.

She then dismounted and ordered the slave onto its knees. She inserted a Feeldoe double ended dildo into Her Pussy, and got onto the bed. She slipped the lubricated dildo into Her slave, and began to fuck it.

She enjoyed the feeling of power and control and the wonderful sensations of pleasure that rolled over Her as She fucked Her slave. The slave was also thrilled to be able to submit and serve his Queen, and enjoyed the feeling of having its ass fucked by its Owner.

The Queen had yet another orgasm, and pulled out of the slave and lay on Her back on the bed. She covered herself with a sheet so the slave could still not see Her beautiful naked body. She ordered the slave to remove the blindfold and tape from its eyes and return to cleaning the kitchen floor, which it did. The Queen smiled to Herself. The slave was Hers for the whole day and night. While She rested for a bit, She sighed contentedly, secure in the knowledge that it was going to be a memorable day and night for Her and Her slave, with much more pleasures for Her to come.

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