Janie Goes to the Cabin


Janie and I are self-employed and make a good living for ourselves. The last few months had been extremely successful and stressful. We had not had much time for ourselves and our sex was suffering because of it. We were ready to rekindle the flame.

I parked the John Deere UTV close to the porch that led up to our adobe ranch home. I had just finished moving a large cooler of food and a rifle case from the steps to cargo bed when Janie came out of the front door with a duffel of clothing.

Long brown hair tied back in a ponytail Janie, in a form fitting work shirt, snug blue jeans and a pair of well-worn hiking boots bounded down the steps. I paused to watch her breasts bounce as she bounded down the steps. Janie tossed the duffel in the back seat and strapped it with one of the seatbelts before sliding into the front passenger seat.

“Ready”, I asked using a phone App to open the watchful eye of our home security system.

With a firm squeeze on my thigh she breathed, “More than ready Lover”.

I pulled the dash mounted shifter into drive and pointed the green and yellow UTV between the house and barn toward the narrow trail that leads to the backside of our, mostly forested, eleven-hundred-acre property. Heading down into a tree covered valley we saw a small herd of deer jump off of the path into the trees. We do have an abundance of wildlife.

Fishing, minor repairs around the cabin, evenings lounging around a fire pit and sex with my Janie occupied my mind as I navigated the off-road vehicle into the back country. I imagined, knowing her as well as I do, Janie was similar in thought. Afterall the last month or two sex had been a hurried missionary vanilla stress relief a time or so a week.

Late summer and having had lots of rain we splashed through more than a few small puddles that dotted the trail that meandered through our property. Lush green trees and new growth bush crowded the sides of the trail. Thankful I had been along through here with the mower twice already this year, I cast sideways glances at Janie’s boobs jiggling in time with the bumpy ride.

“Pay attention to your driving and quit perving my tits,” she admonished catching me leering, “You can have all of them you want over the next few days.”

It was midmorning and warming up, but with all of the shade it was still a cool ride that took us the better part of thirty minutes to arrive at our off-grid piece of paradise.

I stopped the UTV near the front door of the brown stained twenty-by-twenty-foot cabin we had built with our own hands. It had taken nearly two dozen trips to bring the lumber in on a trailer behind the Deere. Over time, about six months, with the help of a tent, a generator and power tools we had, cleared some trees and crafted a livable getaway that even our children knew nothing of.

While I unloaded our supplies and gear onto the small porch Janie went up the steps to open the door. “Nice ass,” I called after her, “Got any fries to go with that shake”.

Janie’s response was wo wiggle it a few times before putting a key in one of the locks. Once the sturdy door was opened, we ferried our things inside. Everything looked good. There had been no intrusions since our last visit.

We worried not that any human would find our secret hideaway. You can be sure that every wild animal in the area was not only aware of it, from the claw and bite marks on various parts of the structure, they had tried to breech the interior.

While Janie busied herself putting things in their place, I stepped up the ladder to the loft we used for a bedroom. After a cursory check that everything was the way, it should be I escort gaziantep bayan climbed down and went outside. I checked the batteries and solar panels before removing the heavy wooden shutters we keep on the windows when we are not here.

Taking the last shutter down my loins stirred as I caught Janie unbuttoning her shirt. Slipping it off her shoulders she reached behind her unhooking a pale blue bra setting her pendulous breasts free. Even after using them to feed three, now grown babies they had kept their shape and my attention for three decades.

Standing only in blues jeans she caught me looking. Raising her hands to cup those bountiful boobs Janie grinned. Using her thumbs to coax the pinkish brown nipples to firmness. She juggled them in her hands a few times and mouthed the word later before picking up a white wife beater and sliding it down over her womanly form.

Exhaling deeply, a topless wife in jeans is my Kryptonite, I tried ignoring the swelling in my own jeans and went back to prepping the cabin for our several days stay. In truth I didn’t have much left to do. There was already plenty of wood by the stove, and I had doubts we would need a fire this time of year.

Inside I opened the windows for a draft and took a seat at the table Janie had folded down from the wall. I reached down and adjusted myself as Janie, standing at the counter, prepared our lunch. In the process of making sandwiches her boobs, nipples poking against the thin tank top, were jiggling one way then the other. I’m not at all too sure it wasn’t a bit exaggerated and on purpose.

It occurred to me then what had been missing. Anticipation. We had been so busy or tired we had been ignoring or not sharing the subtleties of the tease that fueled the anticipation and desire we still felt for each other. As I said earlier, lately our sex had been just that sex.

Lunch consumed, I stood up making a show of adjusting my male package and got the reaction I was hoping for. With eyes twinkling Janie opened her mouth making lapping motions with her tongue before licking her lips sensuously.

I opened the case that held my Flyrod and began assembling it. I told Janie I was going down to the stream that runs through our property. We brought plenty of food but a couple of nice fat trout grilled over an open fire would be a real treat.

After a short five-minute walk down to the edge of the water I located a section of stream that had provided fish in the past. After a few short false casts, I settled my fly at the top of the small pool and watched it float downstream. Unbelievably as it neared the tail of the pool a nice size trout rose to inhale my offering.

Grateful for the rise I set the hook and battled the fourteen-inch Brook Trout into my net. One down I thought sliding it into the creel slung from my shoulder. It felt unbelievable to be free from all of our professional and social responsibilities for a few days. Just the two of us to do whatever our hearts desire.

Several more casts, to the same pool, proved fruitless so I pushed my way through the brush upstream and cast to a different pool. A half dozen casts later with no bites I moved on. I made my way, another sixty yards or so, up to the next pool. Three casts later I put another same sized Brookie in with the first.

Two would be enough I thought as I cut back through the woods to the cabin and the treasure that was my wife of so many years. As I neared the cabin, I guessed I had been gone two hours or so. Janie had draped some rugs over the porch railing to air out and was sitting on a homemade escort gaziantep bayan ilanları bench working a crochet needle through a string of yarn that rose from a basket at her feet. I watched her silently for several minutes, thinking how much I still loved this woman, before making my presence known.

“Does my Consort return bearing sustenance,” she called, as I trudged up to the cabin. I presented the fish for her approval before I set about cleaning them. As she observed my skill in reducing them to edible portions, with a filet knife, she commented,

“Surely the great fisherman expects to be rewarded for providing such delicious sustenance.” I looked up nodding absolutely and gasped out loud as she had already pulled up her top flashing me her gorgeous tits.

“This will have to tide you over till then,” she said leaning forward, shaking them vigorously, before covering them up again.

After puttering around with a bulge in my jeans, most of the afternoon, fixing little things before they became big things, I laid wood in the pit. Soon after sending some sparks from a Ferro Rod into a bundle of kindling, I had a raging fire.

When the coals were right, I placed a grill rack over them. Janie came out with the trout, that had been kept on ice, and some wrapped in foil spiced and buttered vegetables. I tossed the foil pack on the grill and set aside the fish. They wouldn’t take as long to cook.

Janie brought a couple of camp chairs and placed them by the fire. Before sitting, she came up from behind wrapping her arms around me. Pressing her breasts into my back she put one hand on my manhood and gave it a squeeze. The other teased at my chest flicking at a nipple through my t-shirt. I about lost it, right then, right there, right next to the fire.

“If you don’t stop that ….,” I trailed off exhaling a long breath.

“Or what,”

“Or I won’t have anything left for later,” I moaned into the sunset.

“Ohhh, is my hunk of a husband going to bust a nut in his jeans,” She laughed, “You haven’t done that since we were twenty years old.”

Turning toward her, I reached out cupping one of her luscious tits working the poking nipple with my thumb. Janie exhaled deeply, her knees buckled slightly and she leaned into me. I moved my hand down between her legs and massaged her crotch through her jeans.

Panting Janie stepped back from me and collapsed in one of the chairs laughing, “If I didn’t want it so bad later, it might be fun getting you to pop your cork without unwrapping the bottle.”

I went back to the fire and turned the vegetable pack over. Not long after I laid the Brookies across the grill.

Fully cooked now, I plated our dinner. We leisurely feasted on fish and fresh roasted vegetables between sips of Ice tea. As I ate, I took several opportunities to admire the woman of my dreams glowing behind the flames as the sun set. The chopped wood I had added to the fire after removing the grate were now smoldering coals and it was time to retire.

Taking my blushing bride, of three decades, by the hand we walked up the steps and into the cabin. Closing the door behind us we turned to each other and embraced. ‘Our lips met as we felt the smoldering that still consumed our love for each other burst into a burning flame.

Shirts removed, I snuggled her in my arms again, firm nipples pressed against my chest, her warm breath on my neck. I nuzzled into her neck kissing, licking and nibbling at the curve of flesh I found there. I could feel the stress of the last few months melting away from the both of gaziantep bayan escort reklamları us.

Gasping in my ear Janie moved a hand down between us working to open my jeans. Fingers crept down the front encircling the erect manhood she found there. I moved my lips back to hers I kissed her deeply. My hands found her jeans. Opening them I slid them down off of her hips exposing a pair of pale blue panties. Slowly we pressed, rubbed and massaged each other out of our remaining clothes.

Fully naked we held our embrace lips touching tongues twirling, breathing heavily in lust. I eased a hand further down between her legs palming it on her full bush. My fingers parted and probed the petals of her flower. Janie was already oozing with wetness as I eased two fingers inside her. Pressing herself tighter to my hand a moan of pleasure escaped around our locked lips.

Lifting her gaze to mine Janie whispered, “Take me to the loft Lover, I need you to make love to me.”

Wrapping a hand around my hard cock Janie led me to the ladder that leads to the loft. I urged her to go up first so I could perv on her ass. Knowing my intentions Janie gave me a wink and started up the steps. Every time she lifted a leg to take a step it spread her glistening sex. Salivating over the swollen lips cushioned in a nest of thick brown hair I brought my fingers to my nose and inhaled the aroma of her excitement before starting up the ladder after her.

By the time I reached the top step Janie was kneeling on the edge of the bed resting on her elbows. Knowing how she wanted to start I took the step to her, firm erection in hand. I rubbed myself into the folds of her womanhood. Moving through her moist lips I found the opening of her sex and pressed in. I eased into her slowly until my pelvis rested on her bottom.

“Ohhhh, that’s so good,” Janie gasped as she moved forward and then back on the length of my rigged phallus. Taking Janie by her hips I matched her increasing tempo with my own. Looking down at our coupling and her glistening excitement on my shaft, she pressed back hard and released a series of pleasurable whimpers as her orgasm washed over her body. Using my hands, I held myself deep in her body as her convulsing passage gripped my manhood in ecstasy. It was all I could do to keep from spilling my seed.

Moments later still quivering in ecstasy Janie fell forward and rolled onto her back. As she lay catching her breath, I knelt to the floor and pressed my face against her mound. I explored her moist lips one side then the other. Janie’s hips moved rhythmically with my oral ministrations. As her tempo increased, I moved my attention to the pearl at the top of her pleasure. I Nibbled it, licked it and sucked at it until the frenzied waves of climax consumed her again. Expressing her satisfaction in unintelligible moans Janie rode my face until the spasms subsided and she went limp.

Getting my own breath, I crawled up beside my beautiful Janie and cradled her closely in my arms. Rolling toward me Janie took my erection in her hand and slowly stroked it, pulling the foreskin up over the head and back down. Unwrapping herself from my arms Janie slid down engulfing me in her mouth. I didn’t think it was possible for me to get any harder as she took me in and out the whole while swiping her tongue over every part and vein. With one hand still holding my shaft and the other massaging my sack Janie looked up at me and said, “Do it”.

With that she took me back in her mouth with ever increasing suction and tempo. I knew what she wanted and I was no longer capable of holding back. I felt my seed rise the length of my being as she made love to my hardon She struggled with the amount, some of it leaking from the corners of her lips. Janie stayed with me until I had stopped trembling and softened. Using a finger wipe the last of my pleasure from her lips Janie licked it clean.

Sliding back up next to me my beloved wife and I shared a long lingering kiss as we fell asleep in each other’s arms with the promise that tomorrow begins a new chapter.

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