Hell Hath No Fury Ch. 10


Heidi called the police before she went to work the next morning. “It happened again,” she told the same officer she’d talked to the day before. “He…he called again.”

“OK, ma’am,” the officer said. “Look, here’s what you do. Call the phone company and ask them to put a trap on your line. It will probably cost you a few bucks, but it will allow us to catch this guy.”

“A…a trap?” Heidi asked.

“Yeah, if the guy calls you again, they have a device that traps his phone number and stores it,” the officer explained. “We’ll get the number from them and trace the call. Like I said, I think it costs a little bit, but it does work.”

“Thank you,” Heidi said. She immediately called the phone company and found out what she needed to know. Then she dressed and headed for school.

Milt Bingham, looking a bit tired, saw Heidi come in and left his office to greet her. “How are you this morning, Heidi?” he asked.

“It happened again,” Heidi told him. “That animal called me again.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Milt said. “What are you going to do?”

“I reported it to the police again,” she said. “They told me what I should do to try and catch the person who’s doing this.”

“Really?” Milt said. “Are they going to put a tap on your phone?”

“Ah…” Heidi paused. “No, they’re not doing that. They…they asked me to keep them posted if the person calls again,” she said, not quite sure why she hadn’t told him the whole truth. Milt, of all people, was someone she could trust. That the person calling her had her distrusting even her closest friends upset her even more.

“I’m really sorry this is happening, Heidi,” Milt said, “are you sure there’s nothing I can do to help. I mean, if you thought it would help, you could stay at my place…”

“Thank you for offering, Milt, but no,” Heidi said. “I’m not going to let this animal run me out of my own home. I’ll be fine. The police tell me people who make obscene phone calls seldom go beyond that.”

“All right, if you’re sure,” Milt said. “But please, if there’s anything I can do…”

“Thanks, Milt,” Heidi said. “It is sweet of you to offer.” She headed down the hall to her office.

Bob Samuelson had taken the day off because the police department’s crime prevention specialist was coming to advise him on ways to make their home more secure. Joanna had left that morning to attend a two-day conference, so Bob home alone.

The doorbell rang. Bob answered it and found a surprisingly attractive young woman standing there. She was carrying a large leather purse and had on a short, loose long-sleeved black dress with coral, gold, and blue flowers all over it. The dress had a low-cut neckline, and several buttons at the neck were open, displaying an expanse of smooth-looking flesh. Dark hose clung to extremely nice legs, and a mass of wavy reddish-brown hair hung to down one side of her face and cascaded over her shoulder.

“Mr. Samuelson?” she said. “I’m Sergeant Dillon.”

“You are?” Bob said. He was startled to discover that this attractive woman was a police officer. He found her attractive and immediately began trying to figure out how to seduce her. But, he told himself, if she was a police officer, maybe seduction was out.

“Been one for seven years now,” she said, smiling. “I understand you’d like a home security evaluation.”

“Ah…yes, we would,” Bob said. “I…we…someone got into my garage and vandalized my car a few days ago.”

“I know,” the policewoman said. “I read the report. Your tires were flattened and some things were spray-painted on your car.”

“Yes, that’s it,” Bob said. Then he realized they were still standing in the doorway. “Please, come in, sergeant. I don’t know what’s the matter with me. I’m not being very polite.”

“Thank you,” the officer said. She moved by Bob, who held the door for her. She had seen the way Ankara travesti the man was looking at her and was pretty sure what he was thinking. She was amused and a bit intrigued. Actually, the guy was kind of good-looking.

“Not bad!” Bob thought as her perfume wafted up and filled his nose.

An hour later, they were sitting at his dining room table. Bob was taking notes while Sergeant Dillon explained the things she felt he should do to make his home more secure.

“I’ll send you a written report, which will cover all of my recommendations,” Sergeant Dillon said. “But it usually takes my secretary a couple of days to get them typed. He’s pretty backed up, most of the time. In the meantime, you can get started on a lot of this before you get the report. A lot of the changes won’t cost anything, or not very much.”

“Sergeant…” Bob paused. “What is your first name, anyhow?”

She smiled at him. “It’s Amanda,” she said.

“Amanda Dillon?” he said, smiling. “Did your parents have a sense of humor?”

The attractive police officer looked puzzled. “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I’m probably being silly,” Bob said, “but have you ever seen the ‘Gunsmoke’ TV show?”

Sergeant Dillon nodded. “I’ve seen it in reruns,” she said, frowning. “Why?”

“Well, James Arness played Matt Dillon,” Bob said. He was starting to regret he’d brought the topic up.

She nodded. “And…” she said, sounding a bit peeved.

“And Amanda Blake played Miss Kitty,” Bob said, wishing he’d kept his thoughts to himself.

What the man was getting at dawned on Amanda, who smiled. She was tickled to see that Samuelson looked a little embarrassed. She liked this man and found herself drawn to him. “Oh, now I see what you’re getting at,” she said, grinning. “As far as I know, I was named for a great-aunt of my mothers.” She chuckled softly. “Although I have to say your idea makes me seem much more exotic, doesn’t it?”

Bob smiled, too. “It certainly does,” he agreed. “And as far as I’m concerned, that’s only fitting.”

“If my folks really had a sense of humor, they’d have named me Matilda,” she said. “Then I could have been Mattie Dillon, right?”

Bob felt a little better. “I like your sense of humor, Sergeant Dillon,” he said.

“Please,” she said, “call me Amanda.”

“Could you show me what you mean about securing the windows?” Bob asked. “I’ll have to try and explain it to the contractor I hire.”

“Most contractors know what to do,” she said. “But I’ll be happy to show you, just in case you want to do it yourself.”

“You can show me in my office,” Bob said. “The windows in there are the same as in the rest of the house. They got up from the dining room table and walked into his office, which was adjacent to the dining room.

Amanda walked to one of the windows. “Here’s what you do,” she said.

Bob, knowing he was taking a very large chance, walked up behind her, reached around her, cupped his hands around her breasts, and pulled her back against him. He kissed the skin he could reach at the neckline of her dress. Adding to his pleasure was the discovery that Sergeant Dillon wasn’t wearing a bra.

Amanda was startled when the guy grabbed her. She wasn’t worried that he’d hurt her. The self-defense training she’d gotten at the police academy left her able to easily subdue him, but she discovered that she didn’t want to make him stop. She could feel hunger surging through her as he held and kissed her. Her legs began to tremble.

She’d broken up with her boyfriend a month earlier and hadn’t been made love to in what seemed like ages. And, although Bob didn’t know it, her breasts were super-sensitive. Unknowingly, Bob had discovered her one vulnerable spot.

“Mr. Samuelson,” she said weakly, “Please! Don’t do that!”

“Are you sure you mean that, Sergeant?” Bob asked.

Amanda Konya travesti was having difficulty trying to figure out what she wanted. The guy continued to kiss, nibble, and lick her ear while, at the same time, he was caressing her breasts gently. It was driving her wild.

“We…Ohhhhh!!!!…we…Ahhhhh!!!…shouldn’t!” she groaned. She had a lot of trouble getting the words out as his hands kept massaging her breasts. Her nipples stiffened. “He’s not bad looking,” she thought, “and he sure does know how to use his hands, what the hell? If he’s as good at using other things…” A shudder went through her.

“I’ve always had a fantasy of seducing someone in my office,” Bob whispered in Amanda’s ear. “Would you like to help me live it out?”

The touch of his hands on her breasts kept spreading delicious sensations through Amanda, feelings which weren’t about to be denied. She leaned against him and felt his erection nudging her bottom. “Why…why not?” she murmured.

Bob, thrilled, moved them to his desk, lifted her and placed her on the desk top.

“What…what are you doing?” Amanda asked. She was excited. She’d never had anything like this happen to her before, and the fact that it was, and she was letting it happen, was quite thrilling.

“I’m seducing a beautiful woman in my office, just like my fantasy,” Bob said. He sat in his leather swivel chair facing her.

Amanda was quaking with expectation. She knew she ought to stop him, but she couldn’t. “This…this is crazy!” she gasped.

“It is, isn’t it?” Bob agreed, and smiled. “You’ll love what I’m about to do.”

His hands again cupped her breasts, and his thumbs rubbed her erect nipples. Primal sensations tore through Amanda, flooding downward, into her groin. “Ahhhhh!!!!!” she groaned.

“Feel good?” Bob asked.

“Yessss!!!” Amanda replied. She really was letting this guy make love to her in his office! She’d just met him, for God’s sake! What the hell had come over her?

Bob took his hands from Amanda’s breasts and lifted her dress over her head. Amanda, in spite of the fact that she still had misgivings about what she was allowing to happen, raised her arms to make removal of the dress easier for him.

“I love the way your breasts moved when you lifted your arms,” Bob said. As if to prove how much he liked it, his lips began working on her nipples.

“Oh!!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!” Amanda groaned. Fires of passion were blazing inside her. She pulled him against her. “Lick them!! Suck them!!! Touch meeeee!!!!” She didn’t care. She wanted him to fuck her brains out! She needed that!

Her breasts weren’t being sucked any more. Bob’s lips were gone, leaving her wet nipples cooling in the air.

“Stand up,” Bob said. Amanda did. He slid her pantyhose and tiny bikinis down over her lean hips and stripped them from her lovely legs. Being nude in the man’s office made Amanda feel very wanton.

He urged her back onto the desk, then started caressing her legs. His touch turned her on. It surprised her, too, how soft his touch was. He was a big man, yet his caresses were incredibly gentle. His hands roved up and down her thighs, leaving them tingling. She leaned back on outstretched arms.

“Please!” she murmured, “Touch me!!! Touch meeeee!!!”

Bob began stroking her vagina, his touch feather-light. She groaned and shuddered. Then he insinuated his finger between her drenched, silken labia. Amanda’s hips began to slide back and forth on the smooth desk top, her movements growing more and more insistent as her ardor rose.

“I need to come!!!” she begged. “Please, make me come! Please!”

Feeling the man’s warm breath on her pussy made Amanda gasp, then his lips and tongue touched her center. Bright lights of bliss began to flash in Amanda’s mind as he burrowed his mouth against her vagina, his tongue İzmir travesti probing into her.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!! Yesssssss!!!!” she cried, “That’s it!!!! That’s itttttt!!!!! Eat meeeee!!!! Eat meeeee!!!!!” She thrust herself against his face as his tongue lashed her swampy opening. Exquisite sensations ricocheted around inside her body. “Ahhhhh!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! Godddddd!!! Oh, Godddddd!!!! Yessss!!! Yessss!!!! I’m commmmingggg!!!! I’m commmminnnnnnggggggg!!!!! Oh, yessssssssssssssss!!!!” she screamed as he induced a spectacular orgasm in her.

Even though her orgasm had begun to wane, Bob’s lips and tongue continued to tantalize the gorgeous policewoman, sending waves of delight coursing through her.

“Come here,” she heard him say. His hands tugged her bottom nearer the edge of the desk. Shaky, still feeling occasional eruptions of joy, Amanda let him draw her toward him.

Bob had pushed his pants down and down and his erection jutted in front of him. When Amanda was at the edge of the desk, he sat down, reached for her, and lifted her onto his lap. Carefully, he lowered her onto his rigid pole.

Amanda felt the guy’s cock sinking into her and was overwhelmed by wonderful it felt. She hadn’t completely stopped coming and now, as she sat on him, filled with his cock, emotions inside her began to reverse. She felt herself rapidly getting turned on again! The man began rocking his hips, whipping his cock around inside her. Amanda once again began to ascend a mountain of pleasure.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!!” she burbled, “Ohhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!!! So…So Goooooodddddd!!!! So Goooooddddd!!!!!”

A buzzer sounded. Bob stiffened and stopped moving, so did Amanda. He reached out and picked up the phone.

“Ah…yes?” he said, then listened. He held his hand over the mouthpiece and looked at Amanda. “This is an important call. I…I’ll only be a second. I’m really sorry.” He took his hand off the mouthpiece. “Hello…Mr. Smith…”

Amanda felt devilish. While Bob talked on the phone, she began to gyrate her hips, feeling his swollen shaft stirring her vagina.

“Ahhhh, sure!” Bob said, “We will have to…do thaaat!” Because of what Amanda was doing, he was having a hard time keeping his concentration focused his conversation. He began to move his hips, driving his rod up into the policewoman.

“Wee’ll…ahhh…contact themmmm, ah, immmmediately!!” Bob gasped, his voice growing more and more strained. “And…we’ll…ahhhh…let you…ummmmm…know what…what theyyyy have to sayyyyyy!!!!”

Amanda, very near to coming, found herself enjoying this tremendously. A third party had unknowingly joined their love-making and that added immeasurably to the thrills she was experiencing.

“OK…Ayeee’ll…ahhhh…call you…ahhh…next weeeeek!” Amanda heard Bob say, then he put down the phone, grabbed her waist and began thrusting into her ardently.

“Wuhhhhhhh!!!!! Wuhhhhh!!! Oh, God!!! You beautiful, beautiful woman!!! Ohhhhh!!!! Take ittttttt!!!! Take ittttttttt!!!!” he cried, and exploded.

“Yesssssssss!!!!!! Yessssssss!!!! Me, toooooo!!! Me, tooooo!!!!” Amanda moaned as powerful feelings overwhelmed her. “Yeahhhh!!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!! Oh, God!!!!! Feels so gooooddddd!!! So gooooooddddddddd!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!”

After finishing they snuggled in his big, comfortable leather chair. Amanda felt their mixed juices dripping from her. “We’re messing up your chair,” she said.

“I don’t care, it’s washable,” Bob replied. “You know, you’re really quite a woman, Sergeant Amanda Dillon.”

“Yeah,” Amanda kissed him, “And you’re quite a man.”

Although neither of them wanted it to, they both knew their pleasant interlude had end. Amanda had other appointments to keep and so did Bob. She cleaned up in the bathroom, then Bob, wearing a robe, walked her to the door. Before she left, he pulled her into his arms and kissed her. “Are you going to come back some time and check on the improvements I make?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Amanda said, “I think I better.” She chuckled. “Although there are a few things I’m not sure you could improve on!”

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