Fun with Bri


This story is the result of a long and enjoyable collaboration between myself and Candy_Labra. We’ve had fun writing it together and we both hope that you get as much fun from reading it.



I have the greatest job in the world and the perfect bosses! I’m a junior associate of one of the up and coming attorneys at Atkins, Smith and Jenkins in Seattle, Washington. Her name is Kate Cunningham and she has, so to speak, taken me under her wing and is helping me navigate the complex world of commercial property transactions.

Kate works for one of the managing partners, Crystal Westwood, and they jointly discovered me while interviewing for during my senior year of law school. I was immediately captivated, both by their intelligence and bubbliness, and the fact that they have carved out very successful careers in the male-dominated field of law. I was therefore very excited , when just a few weeks later, I was offered a position at the firm.

I just turned twenty-eight and, now that I have gotten to know her, I think of Kate as being somewhat of a big sister to me. My sister Laura helped me navigate my way through college, and similarly, Kate is now showing me the in’s and out’s of a law firm and the intricacies of successful client management. She’s thirty-eight, so ten years older, however clients often ask if we’re sisters when we meet with them. We’re both about the same height and both of us are in great shape. She’s blonde while I’m a brunette, with slightly more cleavage. We are both runners, though I’m perhaps a little more competitive than she is. She’s married with two adorable kids and a great husband that I wish had a kid brother because Dan is such a great guy. I’ve dated a few guys since finishing school but am yet to find the one with the right mix of intelligence, dedication, and romance.

I’d been at the firm a little over nine months when Kate told me that we needed to go to Florida to do a little research for a suit. We planned the trip for November and I was overjoyed when I discovered that we were going to be in Orlando during Disney World’s Wine and Dine fun-run. I love to run half marathons and thought that there might be an opportunity for me to participate. Not only could I play at the Magic Kingdom and complete another run But I could also learn from Kate! Even better, I’d earn Disney’s coast to coast medal having run the Tinkerbell half at Disneyland earlier in the year. I knew that the Wind and Dine race usually sells out right away however, to my delight, I managed to score a spot.

When I found out that I could get in the race, I politely asked Kate and Crystal if we might fly out a couple of days early. I suggested that we travel Thursday, stay the weekend so I could run, and finish up our research the next week. I let them know that I’d be happy to put in whatever hours were needed. Luckily, I work for two great women and Crystal had no problem with backing up our stay since traveling Thursday to Thursday would be less expensive than Monday to Friday.

Leading up to the trip, all Kate and I talked about besides our work-related business was Orlando. She’d wanted to take Dan and the kids but he couldn’t break away from the office and, besides, the kids were in school. I told her we could scout out the ‘Magic Kingdom’ together so she’d know the ins and outs when they could all go as a family.

During lunches and breaks, we’d map out what we wanted to do, as we’d only have Saturday and Sunday for leisure. The race was scheduled for Saturday, starting at nine in the evening. I have to admit that I enjoyed spending more time with Kate. Not only was she a great mentor, she was also becoming a good and trusted friend.


I was really looking forward to traveling with Bri. She’d only been with the firm nine months or so but already had been identified as one of our outstanding first-year associates. She’s bright, enthusiastic, dedicated and more than capable of handling the social interactions demanded of a young associate. Crystal and I had alredy agreed that she had all the makings of a fantastic future asset and that we should make a special effort to guide and mentor her for future positions at the firm.

This was a role that I was more than happy to take on, for while I’m committed to leading her professional growth, I also found myself desiring a more personal relationship with her. So almost from the day that she started at the firm I focused on winnings Bri’s trust. I’ve been successful on that front; Bri seems to have opened up in the last few months regarding guys that she has dated and the difficulties she has in allowing relationships to develop. For example, she’s confided in me that, while not a virgin, she isn’t very experienced sexually and that the few experiences that she’s had weren’t very good for her. I also know, from some of the things she has said, that she has a “thing” for my husband, Dan. I introduced them at hd abla our summer picnic and I could immediately tell that she was attracted to him. She flirted shamelessly all afternoon and told me later how lucky I was to be married to a guy like him.

The trip to Orlando would provide ample opportunity for me to learn even more about Bri on a personal level. Of course, Bri had no clue that, in addition to being a happily married wife and mother, Crystal and I had been sleeping together for the last year. Physically, Bri is gorgeous and I’d love to be the one that introduces her to the bountiful delights of same-sex love making. Crystal has admitted that she feels the same way but we’ve agreed to proceed cautiously as neither of us wants a sexual harassment complaint or lawsuit to disrupt our lives. A further complication is that, as best as Crystal and I can tell, Bri appears to be totally straight. However, notwithstanding these two issues, we had agreed that I should use the trip to Florida to seduce Bri.


In preparing for the trip I shared pictures of my Tinkerbell run with Kate as well as what I planned to wear for the Wine and Dine. Some of the poses weren’t the most ladylike since they were taken by my boyfriend at the time, and unfortunately I forgot to remove them from my computer before showing them to Kate. I was embarrassed but, she didn’t seem to mind.

For the ‘Tink’ run I wore a short pink tutu over my cross-fit shorty shorts, a white sequined top over my running bra which didn’t cover my tummy, and a silver tiara. I carried a wand with a star at the tip that lit up. I also showed her pictures of others who were dressed more elaborate than I was. All the various characters from ‘Peter Pan’ were represented along with many Disney characters. The Disney races are events, not really runs. Characters are available for pictures and it’s more like a party than a race..


I used the weeks before our trip to really focus on developing my relationship with Bri. I made a point of having lunch with her whenever I could as well as inviting her to join me at my favorite wine bar a couple of times. We talked about dating and relationships, including me relating some of my dating experiences when I was her age. I alluded to the fact that I was attracted to girls and dropped a few hints that I may have had a few same-sex relationships before meeting Dan. Bri didn’t show much interest in this aspect of my life however. At the time I wondered whether it’s because she thinks that this chapter of my life is closed now that I’m married and have kids.

Bri came to a dinner party that I hosted the weekend before our trip. Both Crystal and Dave were also there as we wanted to see how Bri responded to attention in a social setting. I knew that after a few drinks, both of the guys would be captivated by Bri and would likely be hitting on her big time.

I was very happy that Crystal and I had ‘glammed’ ourselves for the evening since Bri looked stunning when she arrived; she was wearing a short red dress with matching heels that perfectly emphasized her firm body and shapely legs. Her thick hair was curled and tumbled across her shoulders, perfectly framing her ‘girl next door’ face. As we laughed and conversed across the dinner table I could tell, from watching Crystal, that Dan and Dave weren’t the only ones that were hot for Bri that night!

Crystal confirmed my observation ten minutes later, while she and I were preparing dessert in the kitchen.

“Bri looks so cute and sexy tonight! I don’t think that she has any idea just how much either of us want her in our bed! The guys are however doing a pretty good job of making it clear just how much they would enjoy that!”

I laughed. “I know that Dan would love to get his hands on her and from what I’ve seen tonight, so would Dave!”


Finally, the big day arrived for our departure. Crystal had authorized first class seats on the plane. I was so thrilled – I’d never ridden first class in my life. As I sat sipping champagne, waiting for take-off, I made a mental note to find some way of thanking her when we returned. The flight was excellent; free snacks, wine, and a very yummy lunch. When we arrived there was a mix-up with our rental car reservation. Kate, in all her glory, took charge and got us an upgrade to a much more luxurious ride. I was impressed as I would have let it slide and just taken what they offered.Kate’s very impressive when she takes control of situations in such a cool, decisive way..

We had an hour’s drive to our hotel, a drive that took us through some beautifully manicured areas of Orlando. Kate and I used the time to talk through our strategy for collecting the information and data that we wanted to collect. When we arrived at the hotel Kate once again worked her magic and had us upgraded from two separate rooms to a Junior Suite that sported two king bedrooms hentai porno and a separate sitting area.

The suite was amazing; it was spacious, stocked with a full bar, and offered wonderful views of Orlando from the twenty-third floor. In the distance, we could see parts of Disney World which had me excited for the race.

“Are you going to join me for a run tomorrow morning, Kate? I was thinking we could aim for one or two miles early, before it gets too hot.”

“Sounds good, though you have to promise to keep the pace to something that I can keep up with!” Kate replied with a grin.

I giggled, “Yes, ma’am. I won’t leave you in the dust. That’s not right.”

Since we were still on west coast time and a little wound up from the flight Kate suggested we head down to the restaurant for dinner. I had noticed it when arriving at the hotel and thought it looked very nice for a corporate hotel. I ordered Spaghetti Bolognese since I usually have pasta with meat sauce before a race, while Kate chose lobster. She also ordered a nice bottle of red wine and we both got a little buzzed.

After dinner, we headed back to our suite to unpack and organize our clothes.

“I’m so glad to be able to change into something casual,” Kate said, as she kicked off her heels and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor.

I was standing by her bedroom door chatting, and to my surprise, she didn’t bother to pull on a pair of shorts or yoga pants but simply walked over to the closet in her blouse and panties. This casual approach to clothing encouraged me to lose some of my inhibitions and I decided that I should change as well. So, crossing to my room, I quickly undressed, removing my bra in the process, and slipped into a longish tee. It was sort of strange, yet sexy, to be walking around the suite in our panties while putting our clothes away, all the while gossiping away like a couple of high school girls.

Kate finished unpacking before me and came and sat on the end of the bed as I finished. The bedroom was a little tight and I swear that I felt her hand brush my tush a couple of times as I squeezed by to reach the closet. At first I was a little shocked, but after the second time, I didn’t mind so much. Maybe the wine had helped lower my inhibitions!

After a bit, Kate moved to the head of the bed, propping up the pillows up and watching me with her long legs stretched out. I hadn’t really noticed her body but now I found myself casting an interested glance in her direction from time to time. Her legs were gorgeous; long, smooth and lightly tanned, with the top of her thighs tantalizingly covered by the bottom of her silk blouse. I was more than a little surprised to find myself becoming moist as I admired her fit body.

To take my mind off thoughts of her body, I asked how she managed to stay in such great shape after having two kids. She laughed, and reminded me of her early morning workouts before arriving at the office. She mentioned that after her second was born it was a little harder but she liked feeling fit and that Dan appreciated her efforts to maintain her tight body.

I’d almost finished putting away my clothes when I took a break, joining her on the bed. I lay on my tummy looking up at her as we talked ‘men’. I told her about my latest boyfriend, Peter, not really complaining about our relationship but wondering what might be the next step. We’d had these types of talks before but I was a tiny bit buzzed this time. Laying on the bed next to her, I felt very comfortable bearing my soulr. There was something about Kate that made me feel at ease.


Dinner with Bri was wonderful. We shared some great food and a bottle of Caymus Cabernet which, while expensive, was definitely worth splurging on. The wine, combined with the vodka cocktail that Bri drank before dinner, seemed to relax her and we were soon laughing and joking about the firm and various colleagues. Bri told me that she was loving the challenges associated with being a newly minted attorney, as well as the friendly, casual atmosphere that prevailed in the office.

Before we knew it we were finishing dessert and ready to head back upstairs.

“Enough shop talk for this evening, Bri. Let’s go get unpacked and we can relax in the suite with a little more wine.”

Before starting to unpack I decided to get out of my business clothes. Not only was I ready to relax in something a little more casual but I thought that casually displaying my body to Bri might help her see me as as a sexy woman rather than just as her boss. Inhibitions loosened by the alcohol which Bri and I had consumed, I decided that I’d unpack wearing just my blouse and my yellow satin panties.

Kate stood at the door talking about the race, as I hung clothes. I couldn’t read what she thought of my attire, however I did observe her giving my legs and ass as some appreciative glances as I went about my business. After a few kızıl porno minutes she announced that, she too, was going to unpack, and that I should come join her when I was done.

When I entered her bedroom a few minutes later I was happy to see that she had followed my lead regarding clothing. She was dressed only in a white “Run for the Cure” t-shirt that didn’t do much to hide the black thong preserving her modesty. I squeezed past her to the bed, allowing my hand to casually brush against her ass in the process. After a few minutes and a few more subtle touches, I moved to the head of the bed and made myself comfortable.

Laying back against the headboard I asked Bri about Peter, a young engineer that she had met through her running club. I knew that she had been on several dates with him over the past few weeks but was a little apprehensive about what might be coming next.

“He kissed me hard at the end of our last date, Kate. He was trying to be a gentleman but I could tell that he wanted more. His hard cock was pushing against me. I’m sure he’ll want to go further soon. He’s hot, but I don’t know…you know it’s hard for me to allow someone to get physically close.”

“It’s natural, Bri. He’s attracted to you; you think he is cute…of course, he is going to want to sleep with you. What’s so difficult about allowing nature to run its course?”

“Honestly, I…I don’t know. It’s just that the two or three experiences that I’ve had with guys … It was all about them. I kind of felt cheap and used, I guess. I don’t want to feel the same about Pete, I like him!”

“You have just been unlucky. Maybe Pete will be the one that shows you just how beautiful and delightful sex can be with someone that cares for you.” I laughed, “You know, I’ll be so jealous if it turns out that he’s the person that introduces you to fantastic sex!”

Bri blushed a deep color of red.

“Kate! You can’t say that! You’re married – what would Dan say! And besides, you’re my boss – what would Crystal say if she heard you saying such a thing!”

I smiled back at her enigmatically. “Oh, I think you might be surprised by what Crystal would say! It’s ok, don’t worry Bri. I didn’t really mean anything by it.”

I was content that I had planted the seed with Bri that I viewed her as something more than just a trusted junior associate!


As we lounged on the bed, Kate said something about being jealous of me having great sex with Peter. I was shocked; I imagined she and Dan were already having great sex. Isn’t that what keeps married people married? Besides, why would she be interested in sex with me? I could only guess that the jet lag, drinks, and feeling so close to Kate, were the reasons I felt so confused and uncomfortable with her statement.

I couldn’t see Dan not wanting to make love to Kate and her magnificent body regularly. Then again, with two kids, and both of them working I could also see that fitting in sex could be difficult. My mind drifted back to the dinner at at Kate’s the previous weekend. Both husbands had eyed me like a present waiting to be opened on Christmas morning. Maybe having perfect husbands didn’t necessarily mean that Crystal and Kate had ideal sex lives. Somehow that seemed to make sense to my alcohol clouded judgment.

It was getting late, and I was yawning as we talked. My eyes were tired, so I excused myself and headed to the bathroom. I was busy brushing my teeth when Kate walked in. I figured this was going to be the norm for the week so didn’t say anything.

A minute later, she gave me a slight hip bump, smiling impishly into the mirror as she grabbed her toothbrush which I was sort of blocking.

I smiled and returned the bump, giggling with toothpaste foam dripping from my lips. She put toothpaste on the brush as she once again looked at me in the mirror. Her face seemed to grow a little more devilish as she bumped me yet again. Still, she looked away, brushing her teeth nonchalantly as if nothing had happened. I spit into the sink, rinsing my brush then bumped her back.

Her response was to look at me, spit out the sweet smelling foam, rinse her brush and bump me harder! Our play was beginning to get serious!

She looked at me as I debated whether to bump her again.

“We need some music to dance to, girly.”

I giggled, “But, it’s getting late. We’re getting up early to run remember?”

“Oh, we can skip that. You’ll be walking enough tomorrow. Let’s have one dance. I’m not tired yet. Indulge your boss, Bri!”

I conceded, it was hard to say no to Kate, “I’ll find something on my phone. But, just one, okay?”

“One is fine for now, Bri.”

I left the bathroom to grab my phone. I was looking for something appropriate when Kate ripped the phone out of my hand and began sifting through my music. When she found something she liked she hit play then set the phone down. I couldn’t believe what she selected. I’d forgotten I even had it on my phone but, there it was; Nelly, singing ‘Hot in Here.’ She grabbed my hands and started moving her hips in time with the music. I did the bump and grind with girls in college, but I thought it was a joke. We did it to get the boys all hot and bothered.

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