Father, Please


This story contains non-consensual, graphic sex between a father and his daughter. If these themes do not suit you, please read something else.

This is a work of fiction and is not based on real life events or characters.

This is my first work of fiction at Literotica. I hope you like it!


My wife has always been a huge part of my life. So when the doctor told us that she was dying, my world fell apart. The world that Corinne and I built together produced so many joyous moments and created Sarah, our beautiful 18 year-old daughter. I could not accept that she was dying. She was only 42! Once Sarah left for college, we were going to travel the world together.

My sweet Corinne had breast cancer and the tumor had infiltrated almost every part of her body. The curvaceous, supple body she once had started wasting away. She was barely skin and bones and the tumor a hideous mass, destroying her once fleshy breast. It killed me to see her being robbed of her health and dignity.

All through the treatment, Sarah was the pillar of our strength. I am ashamed to say that I could not do anything besides walk listlessly around the house or the hospital and drink. I even quit my job so I didn’t have to face anyone. She had to keep up with finishing high-school, keep food on the table and keep me from further despair.

Sarah was a strong teenager, though she was likely grieving over her mother’s illness and her father’s helplessness. She was the one who found Saint Joseph Hospital, who had a revolutionary clinical trial program. She was the one who drove us two hours to the hospital every weekend. I used to be the man of the family but now she was the strong one.

Sarah had always been a cheerful child, never temperamental or obnoxious, like most kids these days. Corinne and I showered her with love and she returned it twice, no, thrice the amount.

The first day of January was a snowy one and the morning sun rays shone on the glistening snow, reminding of a simpler time just one year ago. I stepped out of the house to admire my surroundings, all my problems temporarily forgotten. Then, as a few moments passed, the pain returned.

Sighing, I walked towards the post box to retrieve the mail. It was mostly bills, flyers and other rubbish, but one envelope stood out. It was addressed to Sarah, from MIT. I ripped it open. She was accepted into their advanced physics program. My heart clenched. Massachusetts was a 13-hour drive away from our house, and an even further drive to Saint Joseph Hospital.

It just isn’t fair.

That evening when she came back home from school, she found me lying unconscious on the floor in the living room, covered in vomit. I had drunk myself stupid, way over my limit. Her acceptance letter lay on the floor near me.

She must have somehow maneuvered me away from the pool of vomit and in to clean clothes as I woke up a few hours later on the couch with the strong smell of floor cleaner in the air. My head still swam from the residual alcohol in my blood and it took a lot of upper body strength to get me off the couch before I somehow managed to get myself on my feet. I looked around, it was dark outside the window and my daughter was nowhere to be seen.

Sarah must already be sleeping. I knew seeing my body collapsed on the floor must have affected her badly. I needed to apologize, I thought to myself as I slowly walked upstairs to her room. And beg her not to leave me.

Climbing the stairs was difficult, but after a few steps, my walking became steadier.

I gently pushed her bedroom door open. The light from the corridor barely illuminated the room. My sweet Sarah was on her bed, fast asleep, dressed in a sweet pink tank top with the blanket tucked up until her waist.

I sat on the edge of her bed, to her left, and reached my hand out to her shoulder to wake her up. It must have been the alcohol or she must have moved because my hand landed on her breast.

The sensation sent a shock wave through my system.

Still, I didn’t let go. She felt so. So soft. Without realizing it, I squeezed her breast gently. A soft moan escaped her parted lips. It horrified me. This was my daughter, but the thought didn’t stop me from getting hard.

When did she become a woman? I’d always pictured her as that toplu porno cute, love-filled girl who would show me her drawings and ask for piggyback rides. That girl was no more.

Her long, straight black hair spread over the pillow, her face had become more angular and mature, and her parted pink lips looked soft and luscious. As my eyes raked down her body, I could make out her dark areolas from the pink tank top. I could also feel her nipple under the weight of my palm.

It felt glorious and at the same time, not enough.

I had to see more. With my free hand, I slowly pulled the blanket down to reveal a strip of flesh uncovered by her baggy pajama bottoms. This was followed by the reveal of smooth, creamy legs. I found myself yearning to spread them.

I removed my hand and stepped back. Sarah had become more beautiful than possible. She was even more beautiful than her mother had been. At that thought, a shot of remorse tempered my deep longing for my daughter.

I don’t remember how long I stood there, just staring at the sleeping form of my beautiful daughter. My beautiful daughter who would be leaving me for college. She was even going to leave her sick mother. My head cleared a bit more from the alcohol fuzz and I began to rationalize the situation. She deserved to leave. I had to man up and be the one to take care of things now.

But I also deserve to see my daughter’s body seeing as I’ve already come this far. I have to do this before she leaves and college changes her. Before she leaves and doesn’t come back for months. Before she leaves and I forget how beautiful she is. I deserve it. I’ve been alone for so long. I deserve it.

It was this sick rationalization that made me approach her bed again. This time I reached for the bottom of her tank top and pulled it up, careful not to wake her.

Her breasts were large like her mother’s, milky white and topped with puffy, dark areolas and the cutest nipples imaginable. I let out a groan at the sight, my cock hardening within my sweatpants. It took all my restraint not to take her nipples into my mouth and suck for dear life. I allowed myself a few minutes to admire her breasts.

Finally tearing my eyes away, I started with her shorts, tugging it downwards and as gently as I could. It was difficult as her butt was in the way. I took a deep breath and pulled a little harder than I should have. I was instantly rewarded. The lacy top of her white panties met my eyes. Just a bit more…


My whole world stilled. She was never meant to find out. I froze in place, not daring to look anywhere but down at her panties.

“Dad what are you doing?” The confusion and horror was clear in her voice.

Finally I looked up at my baby daughter. She was sitting up, with her hands covering her breasts. Her face was one in confusion, shock and horror.

“Sarah, I…” I still had my hands on her shorts. My eyes were pleading with hers. “Please let me see you.”

Before the words registered in her brain, I started furiously tugging her shorts down. I couldn’t even pretend to be hesitant. Almost immediately, she shrieked and tried to push my hands and my body away.

I was stronger.

I managed to yank the shorts past mid-thigh. I could see the beautiful white fabric covering her pussy in its entirety.

“Sarah, please don’t fight back, I just want to have a look,” I said, while using my right hand to pin both of hers above her head. Her eyes were swimming with tears, her lips moving to plead with me. But I couldn’t hear her, only the rush of blood in my brain.

With my left hand free, I pulled her panties down but the way she crossed her thighs and the awkward position I was in made it difficult to maneuver her panties. After a few futile seconds, I yanked hard and the fabric ripped free.

The action exposed her pubis to me. It was clean-shaven and her thighs squeezing together made it look so plump.

“I need to see more,” I whispered to myself.

That was when she started kicking me in the chest. I gripped her legs, enclosing them within my large hands, and positioned myself over her. Then, I pushed her legs apart and upwards until she lay on her back, her knees bent, almost touching her chest.

I almost let go of her legs in shock. türbanlı porno She resembled her mother not just by facial features. She was completely shaven, her outer lips were a dusky pink and puffy. Her inner lips were thin, pink strips which fanned a little at the top with a big, fat clit sitting above.

I placed my knee over her beautiful pussy and ground it hard against her. A long shudder ran up her body and that ceased her fight. I kept grinding my knee until I felt her wetness seep out, making my sweatpants damp. This went on and on with her body shuddering intermittently.

Seeing her body respond to my manipulations made my cock ache. So much precum was oozing from the tip and it was getting harder and harder not to fuck her.


Sarah shut her eyes and pressed her lips together tightly. Oh god, was she cumming? Her hands started gripping the bed sheet and began twisting them. She was incapable of stopping the erotic noises emitting from her throat.

“Ahh, ahh, ahhh.”

Finally, she cried out loud and arched her back, her thighs shuddering. Her orgasm lasted a lifetime as I watched waves after waves of pleasure hit her. When she came down from the orgasm, it looked as though all the air had left her body. I let go of her legs and moved my face level with her pussy.

She was so incredibly wet. I gave a hard lick from her anus to clitoris. Her pelvis jerked up. I gave her another long lick, eliciting a similar reaction. My lips sought her engorged clitoris and sucked steadily on it. She let out a heady moan.

My index finger probed within her folds and reached her core. She felt like molten lava.

Angling my finger towards upwards, I began thrusting my finger in and out of her. Looking up, her angelic face was the only thing I could focus on as my world began to tilt and flood.

More and more of her womanly fluids sloshed out with each thrust and the damp spot on the bed began spreading.

I could sense her orgasm approaching and quickly switched my fingers and mouth so that my tongue was positioned at her entrance, ready to taste her cum. My thumb maintained a steady pressure on her throbbing clit.

As I waited patiently for her release, Sarah surprised me by grabbing my head and grinding her pussy against my face. I responded by penetrating her as deep as I could with my tongue. The sudden sensation must have been the breaking point as she came in clipped, hard spasms. I grabbed her thighs in place and almost drowned in the torrential amount of cum that gushed out of her.

When she finally stopped squirting, I lifted my head away. My head, neck and shoulders were drenched with her fluids. The droplets even clung to my hair and slight movements created a drizzle of cum.

Upon seeing my drenched state, my daughter gave a small cry and turned to lie on her belly. Her whole body heaved. She must be crying again. I was once again remorseful.

“I’m sorry, baby.” I slowly backed away from her and left the bedroom. Thoughts of desire and disgust battled in my mind. Still, the image of my daughter in the throes of an orgasm was seared into my brain.

I sank into my bed. It was almost three in the morning but sleep was impossible now. I stripped my shirt, breathed into it and I licked my lips. It was like breathing and tasting Sarah all over again. My erection kept throbbing within the sweatpants, yearning for release. I reached down and freed it. Even in the dim lighting, my cock was glistening with copious amounts of precum.

My palm gripped my cock tightly, then, slid up and down its shaft. I closed my eyes, savoring the pleasure. A soft moan escaped from my lips.

I wanted to be in Sarah so badly. I wanted to cum in her, on her and…

A loud creak interrupted my thoughts. My daughter entered the bedroom, stark naked with her face cast down. I thought I was dreaming. She made her way to me but kept her eyes down. The hand on my cock, which had frozen in mid-masturbation, was joined by her small hands.


Yet she never replied as she began stroking my erection. Her hands were so soft and smooth, and her actions gentle. Precum began dribbling down and coating her palms. It was heaven.

All of a sudden, she swung her body over mine, straddling my waist and türk porno leaning forward. Her lips were mere inches away from mine.

“Just tonight,” were the words she whispered before her lips met mine. Her soft, wet lips felt incredible. She showered my lips with dozens of baby kisses before pressing them hard against mine. The lingering taste of her pussy filled her mouth, eliciting a soft moan.

Her naked breasts were pressing up against my chest. I caressed them, taking the time to feel their weight. When her tongue pushed past my lips, she gave a tentative lick at my tongue. I licked back and shuddered. She was so delicious.

I wanted to go on forever but I needed to be in her. I lifted her off from me and placed her on her back. She still would not look at me but her hands were pulling my body closer to hers. I kicked my sweatpants off. Her legs parted for me.

“Hook them around my waist.” She shyly obeyed. With her legs around me, I leaned forward, with my hands gripping the wooden headboard to support myself. The tip of my cock brushed against her dripping pussy. The sensation was a lightning bolt through me.

Before I could bring my hand down to guide myself in, she wrapped her hands around my cock. Her hands were shaking slightly but she still managed to draw my cock in towards her entrance. It was almost too much for me to watch.

My sweet Sarah was rubbing the tip of my cock against her entrance. Her dusky pink, delicate folds parted for me. And then I felt the stretch of flesh around my cock. My cock was easing, easing, easing until there was a slight giveaway and my head was inside of her. Her mouth was in an ‘O’ at the sensation.

After a few moments, her hips slowly moved up, sliding my shaft inside of her. Her expression remained the same, with her eyes and mouth wide open. She was so tight, and hot, and wet. Her arousal was so incredible that it began dribbling down the side of my cock as she continued easing me inside of her.

There was no resistance along the way but I wasn’t surprised. She was a beautiful girl and some lucky guy saw that before I had the chance.

I stayed unmoving as my daughter moved to meet me at both our deepest points. My cock twitched within her, eager to fuck her like an animal. I agreed with my cock but the visual plethora before me was too arresting. My daughter was resting on her elbows, her nipples erect, and her pelvis tilted for the gods. Her eyes were rolled back and her mouth was parted, the tip of her tongue visible.

Then, the torture began. Her pelvis slid back down in the most agonizing pace, the movement pleasurable but the loss of her warmth wasn’t. Then, she filled herself with my cock once again in the same slow speed. Sweat was beading on my forehead from the exertion.

After six or so of her languid strokes, she covered her face with her hands and her lips formed the words I longed to hear.

“Please, dad.”

With an animalistic grunt, I wrapped my arms around her waist and buried my face into her neck. My body did what it had longed to do since I first saw her naked.

I thrust my cock savagely into her, making her body cling on to mine for support. She was so wet. And so good. And all mine. All these thoughts whirled in my mind as my body kept pounding hers.

The wet squelch her pussy made each time I slammed in drove me to new heights of craziness. I wouldn’t last long. I breathed in the fragrance from her neck and gave thanks to every god possible for this gift. My hips were a blur as I sought to stamp her pussy as mine.

The intensity of her moans increased as I went faster and faster. My balls began tightening up.

“I’m going to cum inside of you,” I grunted, each syllable punctuated with a thrust.

The orgasm hit me like a truck. I went as deep as I could, bit down hard on her shoulder and shot ropes after ropes of cum inside of her. She moaned at the sensation and her pussy spasmed, her also having reached another orgasm. There was so much cum it dripped out.

I released my jaw and gingerly withdrew my softening cock. A large glob of cum followed my exit. I lifted my eyes to her face. Sarah was still twitching from the aftershock but I saw a very sated woman in her.

More and more cum dripped out. I’ve never ejaculated so much before this. And it was all for my beautiful Sarah. My heart swelled with love for my daughter and I reached out to cup her face.

What I didn’t expect was her turning away from my touch and walking out of my room. Moments later, I heard her door click close.

To be continued…

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