Entertaining the Ladies

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The evening started much as any other. I’d been visiting Mistress once a month for nearly a year now. It was an interesting diversion for me and certainly helped to keep me grounded.

I suppose I should explain. I am to all intents and purposes dominant, both in my normal day-to-day life and sexually. I naturally control most situations into which I enter, be they business negotiations or in sexual play. My visits to Mistress came from a curiousity which could not be truly satisfied by switching roles with my partner. I always found myself topping from the bottom, suggesting scenarios and possible activities.

I arrived at the designated time, dressed as requested. Mistress proved to be quite imaginative in her build up to my visits and I looked forward to seeing her and finding out what she had planned for me, and, of course, for herself. In my attempts to submit to her I had given her complete control of my daily routine for a couple of days prior to any visit, with the obvious exception of my business diary (although I did have to make her aware of her movements so she might add to things).

This week had certainly proved to be more challenging than most.

I’d had a series of client meetings on Wednesday. Mistress had demanded that this week I not wear any underwear and, whilst I had not really been effected being office bound for the first two days, I was most aware of this as I arrived on site at my first appointment on the Wednesday morning. I received a text message on my phone just as I pulled up in my car. I was to visit the toilets when we broke for coffee and masturbate until fully erect – Mistress was always quite specific that I was not to cum at all prior to my visit. I returned to the second half of the meeting being very careful not to display my predicament to my clients but I was most aware of my throbbing erection as I sat at the boardroom table. It was a most pleasant distraction.

I texted Mistress at lunch time to let her know I had complied with her request. She responded quickly , letting me know she was pleased. You can’t beat positive reinforcement.

As I arrived at my afternoon appointment I received another text instruction me to do the same as earlier. This time it proved to be more of challenge. I was making a presentation to two female clients and I am sure they were aware of my erection as I returned to the meeting. I remained hard for longer this time and I was very aware of a slight wet patch from the pre-cum on the crotch of my suit trousers. It may have been mild paranoia, but I’m sure I received two knowing smiles as I bid farewell to my clients at the end of our meeting.

Once again I texted Mistress to let her know my task had been completed. She called me this time, knowing I had a drive home. She asked me to describe both situations, which I did in detail. She was most pleased about the afternoon meeting. She gave me my instructions for the evening during our call. Once home I was to strip and remain naked until bedtime. I was to compose an e-mail to her describing in detail how I had performed my tasks and how I felt whilst erect in the company of others. I felt rather good as I hit the send button later that evening.

As I turned in for the night my phone bleeped away letting me know a new text message had arrived.

Mistress thanked me for my e-mail and instructed me to massage ‘her cock’ before going to sleep. I was to keep massaging until I was about to cum and then stop. I was to text her again in the morning to let her know how long it took ‘her’ erection to subside.

I started Thursday with coffee and a text to Mistress. Having not cum since Saturday it had taken quite a while to get to sleep the night before. Even after my erection had lessened I had a dull ache in my balls and longed for relief.

I was office bound once more and Mistress texted me a number of times during the day, instructing me to visit the toilets and massage ‘her cock’ until hard. By the end of the day my work colleagues must have thought I had a bladder complaint! I’m sure the receptionist had noticed my erection after one of my visits.

As I left the office I texted Mistress to let her know I was on the way home. She called me with my instructions for the evening. Again I was to remain naked once home. This time I was to wear the chastity device we had bought together on a visit to a local fetish fair. It is a metal cage called a CB3000. A tight ring goes around the base of my cock (or should I say ‘her cock’?) and a curved cage keeps my cock from becoming fully erect. A small padlock held the device closed. I was to remove the cage before I retired to bed and text Mistress to let her know I had completed my task.

I did as requested and my text to Mistress later that evening received a rapid response. I was to massage her cock as I had done on the previous night. I was not allowed to cum but she did insist that I was to ensure I remained hard for at least 30 minutes. This resulted in a large amount of pre-cum and it took an age to get to sleep with the very obvious ache between my legs.

I porno izle woke feeling surprisingly fresh on the Friday morning, looking forward to my visit to Mistress that evening, wondering what she might have in store for me. I texted Mistress with my report of the night before and then showered before work and being a Friday wore casual clothes into the office. I was exceptionally aware of my nakedness under my jeans. I heard nothing from Mistress until lunchtime. She texted to say that she was resting ‘her cock’ as it would be put to good use that evening. Needless to say my concentration levels were not fantastic for the rest of the day.

I texted Mistress once more as I left the office and received a response telling me to check my e-mails when I got home. I logged in as soon as I got home and read my instructions carefully. Mistress wanted me to be at her house at 7.30pm precisely. I was to shower and shave, my face and ‘her cock and balls’. I was to dress casually. She also asked me to bring a bag containing ropes and a number of toys which she knew I had – a magic wand mains vibrator, a riding crop and leather ankle and wrist cuffs were mentioned.

Anyway, having done as requested, using conditioner instead of shaving cream on my cock and balls as this results in a much smoother finish, there I was at Mistresses house.

She welcomed me in and I must say she did look exquisite. At only 5’1″ I tower above her, even in the three inch heeled boots she was wearing. She was wearing a very short black skirt which accentuated her stocking tops and a white blouse, through which I could just make out the outline of her nipples. I could feel myself harden and hoped this wouldn’t anger her.

Our routine when I arrived had been fairly standard on our previous meetings. I would undress and sit with Mistress while we chatted before Mistress took control. This evening was a little different.

Mistress had me undress as usual but this time she took hold of my cock and led me to stand in the middle of the room, by her large coffee table. She commented on my hardness and said that she hoped I could keep it up as I was to be used more than usual this evening. I smiled at this and my pre-cum started to flow.

Mistress placed a collar around my neck. It was leather with D-rings at the front and sides. I metal lead was attached to the front ring and the chain was cold against my naked skin. She then placed leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. I wondered what she had in mind for our evening’s pleasures. She added a blindfold to my restraints

With a firm hand on my chest Mistress pushed me back to sit down on the coffee table. It’s one of those big Indian style tables, very sturdy. She told me to lie down. My feet just touched the floor and my head was right on the edge.

Mistress took hold of my right hand and pulled it up level to my shoulder. I felt a rope brush against my skin as she secured my wrist. She repeated the process with my left arm.

She then moved down, and pulled my right leg, securing my ankle to the leg of the table. She did this with the left ankle too. I then felt a rope being pushed under my left knee and this too was secured, and then the right. My legs were held securely open. Mistress left me like this for a few moments and I lay there on display, available to her every whim. My cock had continued to harden as she’d secured me and I could feel it twitching, bouncing up and down against my stomach.

“That won’t do” Mistress said. I thought she meant my erection was unwanted although there wasn’t a huge amount I could do about it.

“I need my cock standing up, not lying down” she said.

I rather naively thought she meant that she planned to ride my cock there and then. I was in for a surprise.

I felt Mistress take hold of my scrotum, pulling my balls down. I then felt a rope being tied around my scrotum, separating my balls from my cock. She’d bound my cock on my previous visit and the rope around my scrotum had made cumming almost impossible. I felt Mistress pull down on the rope around my scrotum and she must have tied the rope off under the table. The pressure was constant and my cock was forced to stand vertically. I then felt another rope being wound around the base of my cock. This would ensure that I would stay hard. My cock was throbbing.

“That’s much better” she said. “We must have you looking your best when my guests arrive”.

I felt panicked by this. A flush spread through my body. We’d discussed how involving others might add significantly to my humiliation and allow me to appreciate true submission but Mistress had not mentioned actually exploring this. I knew I had my safe-word but in spite of my nervousness held back, curious as to what Mistress had planned for me.

Mistress left me on display and I could hear her in her kitchen. My senses had become heightened and I could almost picture her gathering glasses and uncorking a bottle of wine I heard her take from the fridge. She was returning to the lounge as the doorbell rang.

“You are amatör porno not to speak unless spoken to” she told me as she went for the door.

I could hear two unfamiliar female voices as she welcomed her guests. They entered the room, chatting casually, ignoring me completely.

“Say hello to Sara and Mel” Mistress instructed me.

I said hello and they both said “Good evening toy” rather formally. Mistress had evidently briefed them prior to the event.

Mistress served her guests wine and they sat down and continued to chat about this and that. I had no choice but to lie there and wait, my cock straining against its’ bonds, vertical and on display.

There was another ring at the door and Mistress went to answer it. Another unfamiliar voice. I was instructed to say hello to Claire, which I did and was again greeted as ‘toy’.

The ladies continued their conversations, seemingly ignoring me and my predicament. Mistress fetched a second bottle of wine from the kitchen. It felt like an absolute age but eventually I did become the topic of conversation.

I think it was Mel, but I can’t be sure. She asked how long I could be kept hard with the ropes. Mistress replied that I was her toy and would remain hard for as long as she wished. One of the others asked about the rope around my scrotum and Mistress explained how this would prevent me from cumming. I felt a hand around my cock at this point. It started to jerk me off and I could feel my orgasm approaching. As soon as my cock twitched the hand stopped moving.

“See?” said Mistress. “My cock is lovely and hard. Would any of you like to try?”

I felt another hand, cold against my throbbing cock. The coldness, if anything, was a blessing. I felt so close to cumming even though I knew that the rope around my balls would delay everything. The cold hand started to stroke up and down my length, gently at first, teasing me. The grip slowly became firmer until I was being wanked in earnest. Again it stopped as soon as my cock twitched. I felt like my whole body was throbbing at this point. It wasn’t long before another hand took hold of me now incredibly swollen cock and the teasing continued, bringing me close and then stopping again.

Whilst this was going on I heard Mistress on the phone in the kitchen. I couldn’t make out what she was saying and wondered whether it had anything to do with the evening. She returned with another bottle of wine and the ladies continued to chatter among themselves.

I felt someone move around me and heard Mistresses voice. She told me she needed to prepare me for dinner. I was very curious as to her meaning.

I felt the ropes securing my ankles, knees and wrists being loosened (the bindings on my cock and balls remained). Mistress told me to stand up, which I did, slowly, as I was a little dizzy. Mistress took hold of both my collar and the rope hanging from my balls and led me through to the kitchen. I was still blindfolded at this point.

“I must make you presentable to serve us” she said. She removed my blindfold and handed me a bottle of water which I took and drank from. Whilst I drank she reached between my legs and took hold of the rope attached to my scrotum. She pulled it between my legs and up between my buttocks. I felt my balls being pulled with the rope, forcing me to part my legs. I looked down and my swollen purple cock, more swollen and hard than I had ever seen it before, now stood out horizontally from my body. Mistress secured the rope to the back of my collar. She then handed me an apron and told me to put it on which I did. It did nothing to hide the fact that underneath I had a raging hard-on.

Mistress then took me back into the lounge, holding the metal chain attached to my collar. It was the first time I’d been able to see our visitors. I was introduced again.

Sara was probably in her early thirties. Her skin was dark, olivy almost and her hair was long and dark, almost black. She was wearing a blouse not dissimilar to Mistress’, white and almost see-through. I could see she was wearing a black bra underneath. She also wore a skirt, longer than Mistress’, almost to her knee. Her stockings were sheer and dark and she wore black heels.

Mel looked a little older and fairer in complexion. Her hair was blonde and cut short, almost in a bob. She wore a dress which left little to the imagination. It was a dark blue strappy number with a cleavage that plunged down almost to her waist. I could see the inner outline of her large breasts clearly. The dress had splits at the sides and the material hung between her legs. I could see she was wearing hold-ups and enjoyed the tantalising glimpse of upper thigh topping her shapely legs. She wore sandal like shoes which were the same colour as her dress.

Claire appeared to be the youngest of the group. She was very petite, roughly the same height as Mistress. She was tanned and had long brown hair. Her eyes really caught my attention. They were a pure green. She too wore a dress. It was like a black tube on her body with anal porno straps down each side. It was obvious that she wore nothing beneath it. Her tan was evidently the all-over variety and she wore black shiny heeled boots which stopped just below her knee.

Once the introductions were over Mistress handed me the wine bottle and told me to make sure nobody needed a top up. I was motioned to stand near the table which I did. I must have looked a sight, stood there with collar and cuffs, my apron resembling a marquee with my bound aching cock standing proud underneath.

The door bell rang again. I wondered if Mistress had planned another visitor for the evening.

Mistress handed me her purse and told me to answer the door. It was pizzas! I was terrified. So many thoughts ran through my head. I imagined being arrested for exposing myself in such a way to a complete stranger. Noticing my hesitation Mistress told me to hurry up.

I went to the front door and opened it. The pizza was being delivered by a youngish looking woman. She looked me up and down and smiled at me and handed me the boxes. I was blushing from head to toe as I paid her and as she thanked me she said “make sure you’re a good toy this evening”. Mistress had evidently set this up too.

I returned to the lounge with the pizzas and Mistress told me to place the boxes on the dining table in the corner. She then told me to collect plates and cutlery from the kitchen. When I returned the ladies were sitting around the table. I laid the table as they sat there and, having opened up the boxes, served each pizza.

As they started to eat I stood back, awaiting my next instruction.

Mistress looked at me and then addressed her guests. “Should we allow our toy to eat too?” She asked.

All eyes were upon me as they agreed that “yes the toy should eat too”.

Mistress smiled at me and beckoned me towards her. She took hold of the chain attached to my collar and pulled me down to my knees and then further still until I was on all fours. Steering me carefully I was soon underneath the table with my head between her knees. I could feel the legs of the two ladies either side of me brushing against me.

Mistress pulled the chain and I crawled closer to her. She continued to part her thighs and pull the chain until my mouth was touching her bare pussy. Mistress always managed to shave so smoothly and her clit stood proudly between her pussy lips.

“Eat toy” she said. “I will be your first course”.

I licked up and down her slit, teasing her clit with my tongue. She was already wet and her juices started to flow in earnest as I sucked her clit into my mouth, all the time circling it with my tongue. I kept this up until she started to tremble slightly. At this point my head was pulled away and I was steered between Mels thighs.

Mel was shaved too but she had a thin strip of hair running just above her slit which was rough against my nose as I sucked on her clit. She took hold of my head, pushing down so I was forced to lick around her very wet hole. I tried to push my tongue in as deep as I could and she shifted slightly, almost grinding against my face. She was incredibly wet and her juices flowed all over my mouth, running down my chin. Again, as she started to tremble my head was pulled away and the chain was passed across to Sara.

I was pulled between Sara’s thighs and was greeted by another fragrant, wet, shaved pussy. I started to lick up and down her slit waiting for her to take hold of my head, directing me. She simply allowed me to continue so I alternated from sucking and licking her clit to circling her opening. Her juices were thick and sweet. I was surprised to be pulled away when I was as I had not noticed any significant changes in her as I licked.

I had to turn around under the table which was quite a challenge. I was then steered towards Claire’s open thighs. Her was pussy was unshaved and her hairs tickled my face as I licked up and down her slit, teasing her clit out from between the folds. She began to tremble quite quickly and as she did her thighs closed around my head holding me in place. I continued to lick away as she came against my mouth, grinding herself against me.

After her orgasm had subsided she released my head and I was pulled by the chain out from under the table. Mistress had me stand and ordered me to clear the table. I did this, taking everything into the kitchen. I loaded the dishwasher and folded the boxes into her recycling bin. Once done I returned to the lounge where the ladies were once more making themselves comfortable.

I hadn’t been standing there long before Mistress stood up and approached me. She removed the apron and commented that my erection had lessened a little – I guess I don’t get turned on by housework! She indicated that I should kneel, which I did.

She moved behind me and took my wrists, one at a time, securing them together behind my back. She reached between my legs and I felt my balls being pulled back between my legs once more as Mistress attached the binding to my wrists. She then tied a short rope between my wrists and ankles. I then found myself blindfolded again. This time Mistress added a ring gag forcing my mouth open. She then told me to lie down on my back. This wasn’t easy but I managed it, rather clumsily.

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