Golden Girl

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Big Tits

Katherine was the golden girl and Paul’s next door neighbour. She was pretty, quite lovely really, highly intelligent, personable, and seemed to succeed at everything she did. Katherine never lacked for a date and always seemed to have boys lining up to take her out. Paul had even dated her a couple of times himself, but although they knew each other well, their dates had lacked that certain something, causing them both to drift away, preferring other partners.

Katherine was a bit of a tease, liking to lead the boys on and flirt, but always seemed to know when to draw the line, never letting things get too heated, or letting a boy get too infatuated with her. She seemed to be, to everyone who knew her, a thoroughly nice girl.

Actually, not quite everyone. Paul had known her since childhood, and had spotted those little flaws that other people tended to overlook or excuse. She was always determined to get her own way, and usually managed to do this, sometimes using what Paul considered iffy tactics. She was also reluctant to admit a mistake, preferring to find reasons why others had actually failed, rather than seeing that she might be at fault.

Still, Paul was all for a peaceful life, and Katherine could be disturbing at the best of times, let alone when she was trying to talk someone into doing something they didn’t want to. Paul generally just went along with her various requests, it being easier to just humour her than to try and fight her.

The problem that arose came about soon after Katherine’s eighteenth birthday. She’d had her learners for months, put in the requisite hours and on her birthday she’d gone for and earned her driver’s license. She was now ready to be let loose on the roads, with just one small problem. She didn’t own a car. Yet! She was saving for one, and her parents had promised to contribute, matching her dollar for dollar, so she was quietly confident of acquiring one before too much longer. Being an excellent mechanic, Paul had agreed to check out any car she was interested in to make sure that she wasn’t going to be taken to the cleaners. Until she had that car, however, she was stuck with borrowing her parent’s car or public transport.

Then came the weekend when her parents had to go out for the day. There was some sort of strife with the buses and Katherine couldn’t be sure of getting one to take her to the beach, or of catching one back even if she did get there, and it was too late to arrange a lift with one of the gang. She needed to borrow a car, and Paul had a nice one and she just knew he could do without it today, as he could always ride his motorbike.

Katherine breezed into Paul’s place, quietly confident that he would yield the point without argument, as he always did. She was shocked when he simply laughed at her. “No way known, Katy,” he told her. “I’ve seen you drive and you’re a bit too brash for my tastes. You’re bound to have a bingle soon and I’d as soon that you didn’t have it my car.”

“It’s Katherine, not Katy,” she said, “and I’m a good driver. Everyone says so. And I don’t speed.”

“You may not speed, KATY,” Paul said, “but you take silly chances. The answer is no and the point is non-negotiable.”

She cajoled and was met with that little word, no. She pleaded, and still it was no. She raged at him for being a selfish beast who never did anything for her and she wouldn’t ask for anything else ever, if he would please reconsider.

“What part of NO don’t you understand,” queried Paul with raised eyebrow. “You can trust me on this. You’re not getting your hands on my car just because you want to go to the beach. I’m about to go jogging. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” Paul turned, the matter over with in his mind, and left the room.

Walking out fuming, Katherine noticed the keys hanging up next to the front door. Two sets, and that set were the keys to Paul’s car. She hesitated. Dare she? What would Paul do? He wouldn’t call the cops she was sure. He’d probably just wait til she got back and then yell at her, but it’s his own fault for leaving his keys around and she could sweet-talk him afterwards. He was too meek to ever really argue with her. “He didn’t sound too meek when he said I couldn’t have the car,” she thought momentarily, but hastily waved away the errant idea.

Dropping the keys in her purse she returned home with a spring in her step, ready to gather her things for the beach.

She waited for a while, watching next door, and shortly after saw Paul heading out for his daily jog. She grabbed up her things and raced around to where Paul was parked, got in, started the engine and prepared to leave. She suddenly realise that she’d better let Paul know that she had the car or he might actually report it stolen, so she texted him a quick message, then turned her phone off so he couldn’t reply. Pulled out and headed for the beach.

Paul was just warming up when his phone beeped, and he glanced at the görükle escort message, and then stiffened. “She wouldn’t dare,” he fumed, knowing full well she would. He tried to call her, only to find that her phone was not currently connected. Grimly he turned and headed back home. He knew the beach she frequented and on his bike he would arrive there very shortly after her.

Katherine was actually quite a competent driver, and experienced no problems on the road to the beach. It was turning into the carpark that she struck a minor snag. Another car was waiting to come out and taking up far too much room in Katherine’s opinion, so Katherine was forced to go just that little bit wider to enter. The thought of waiting for the other car to exit first never even occurred to her. She’d arrived, she had right of way and she had room. It wasn’t until she heard the nasty scraping sound along the side that she realised that perhaps she’d turned just a tad too wide. Pulling into a vacant spot she hastily looked over the damage. “Not too bad,” she thought hopefully. “Perhaps he won’t even notice. And he can fix it easily enough if he does. I’ll offer to help.” She headed off to the beach to change and join the others, knowing that she was probably the last one to arrive.

Paul pulled into carpark about a minute later, easing over and stopping next to his car. Sat looking at the damage to the side. Two panels badly scraped. He could fix it but it would take time he could be using to do other things. Now to find the brat. He headed down to the beach. On reaching the beach he glanced around and sure enough, there was Katy, about to enter the changing room. As he approached he heard one of the girls call out to Katy as she vanished inside. “You’re the last one you know. All the rest of us are changed and ready.”

He smiled grimly and stalked into the dressing room, anxious to have a word with that young lady.

Inside, Katherine had wasted no time stripping off her dress and bra, and was reaching for her bikini top when Paul came in. She squealed and snatched her hands up to cover her breasts, opened her mouth to scream at him and found that Paul hadn’t even slowed down on seeing her state of dress. He just stepped straight up to her, sat himself down and swung her face down across his knee. “Convenient,” he said. “No dress to get in the way.” Then his hand came down forcefully across her backside.

Katherine was shocked. She was the golden girl. People just did not treat her this way. She had never been spanked. Before she had a chance to really gather her thoughts, Paul had landed half a dozen very hard smacks on her bottom. She could feel heat emanating from it, and knew it must already have a deep red tinge. Katherine found herself swung back to her feet, facing a very irate Paul, one who was nothing like the man she normally walked over.

Paul pointed his finger at her and almost snarled the words. “That,” he said, “was my immediate reaction to the damage you have done to my car. You will now get dressed again, return to my car, drive it home and then go to your room and wait for me. I am going to go and tell your friends that you’ve suddenly been called away and won’t be joining them. I will then head home and call on you. You had better be there, waiting.”

Katherine started to speak, wanting to explain that it wasn’t really her fault, but found herself talking to his back. At the door, Paul turned and looked back at. “Not dressed yet?” he commented. “Better hurry. You really don’t want to be late getting home.” He left.

Katherine stood for a moment stunned, and then hastily threw on her dress. “He can’t do that to me,” she fumed. “Who does he think he is? I’ll be waiting when he gets there alright and I’ll have a few things to say to him. How dare he spank me like that. I was nearly naked. And he didn’t even look at me.” She couldn’t decide which of the crimes was the worse. The injury caused by the spanking or the insult of not noticing she was effectively naked.

She drove home, parked and stormed up to her room, leaving the front door open, knowing that Paul would be along at any moment. And was she ever ready to face him.

She heard Paul’s bike coming and stood, facing her bedroom door, arms akimbo, just waiting for him to come storming in. To her surprise there was a quiet tap on the door and it was opened, to reveal Paul standing there. He quietly stepped in and closed the door behind him. Never being reluctant to say her piece, Katherine started on him straight away. “How dare you spank me like that?” she demanded. “In case you hadn’t noticed I was nearly naked. Just who do you think you are? And sending me home from the beach like a naughty child? If you think you can get away with treating me like that you’re about to find you’re badly mistaken.”

Paul held up one hand in a stop sign, and spoke to her coldly. “You, Katy, are in more trouble than you can conceive of. First görükle escort bayan of all, that spanking was not the punishment for damaging my car. That was just my immediate reaction, as I said before. Your punishment for that is still to come.

Second, you do realise that if I try to claim for the damage on my insurance policy the company will want to know how the accident occurred, and will then pass the repair cost on to you, plus extra to cover their time and expense. Also, they might decide to tell the police that you were driving the vehicle without permission. So effectively, I can’t claim on my insurance and will have to do the work and wear the cost myself.

Third, I specifically told you that you could not borrow my car, and one of the reasons I gave was that you make silly errors. Only minor ones, I admit, and you’ll grow out of them, but in the meantime you saw fit to disobey, steal my car and damage it.”

Paul paused, and Katherine hastily jumped in, trying to explain why it wasn’t her fault. He shouldn’t have left the keys out. That other car had taken up too much room. She’d done her best. Paul put up his hand again to stop the flow.

“Katy,” he said softly. “I don’t care about anything you say. You screwed up royally, first by taking my car despite a firm refusal, and then by damaging it by careless driving. Now, I hate to have to say it, but if you thought that love pat you got on the beach hurt, then you’ll find that you’re not going to enjoy the next half hour very much, because I am now going to give you a proper spanking for damaging the car so stupidly. After that, we will discuss what would be an appropriate punishment for your little foray into car theft.”

“You wouldn’t dare,” said Katherine horrified. “I’d tell my dad. I’m not going to just bend over and let you hit me. And my name’s Katherine.”

“When you start to act like a Katherine, I’ll call you Katherine. While you act like the spoil brat, Katy, I will call you Katy. And I wasn’t intending to give you a choice in the matter. I am going to spank you, right now. Also, I have excellent vision, and I certainly noticed that you were nearly naked earlier. I wouldn’t let it worry you, because you’re going to be completely naked this time. Now take off your clothes so that we can get started.”

Katherine paled. “Do you think I’m going to get undressed just because you tell me to?” she asked, aghast.

“I do. Now, Katy. I’m losing my patience.”

Katherine stared at him, fascinated by the stern cast to his face, finally starting to realise that he was serious and she was in real trouble. Without consciously realising it she lifted her dress and laid it on the bed, reached around and unhooked her bra, putting it next to the dress. Her hands dropped to her panties and she hesitated. “Them too” came the stern reminder, and she found herself slipping them down, kicking off her sandals as she took them off. She rose to stand in front of Paul, trembling. She’d never been naked in front of a man before, let alone naked in front of an angry one. And he was really angry with her. She shuddered slightly, wondering what was coming. Paul thoroughly appreciated the sight in front of him. Dressed, Katy was lovely, nude, she was sensational. Trying to be discreet about it his eyes flicked quickly over her gorgeous body, noting in slight surprise that her nipples were standing out, and her legs were slightly apart. She was clean shaven and he could see her lips were slightly swollen with a tinge of colour rising around them.

He had come in quite determined to spank the brat, assuming that it would be a matter of bending her over his knee and just spanking through her panties. He’d also assumed that she’d probably scream and struggle and kick, but had been determined enough to be prepared to over-ride her objections, verbal and physical. The order to strip had been as great a surprise to him as it had been to Katy, and he was slightly shocked at how she had obeyed with only the smallest objection. Now he found that instead of spanking an unruly child, he was facing a young woman who was suddenly fully aware of both her body and the fact that she was naked in front of a man. Even though she was only expecting a spanking, her body was perking up and taking notice.

Paul had had no real intention of taking his punishment any further than the spanking, but he had intended to make the spanking count. Now he was wondering whether to push for additional punishment after the spanking, and if so, what form that punishment would take. He suspected that Katy might be a natural submissive where sex was concerned, even though that submissiveness didn’t show up in her normal lifestyle. He would see how she reacted to the spanking before making any decisions.

Paul sat on the bed and indicated that Katy should lie across his lap. She didn’t hesitate, but moved forward to do as she was told. Paul had the impression that bursa escort she wasn’t resigned to the coming spanking, but receptive, waiting for a just penalty. He watched as she settled across his lap, placing her bottom high and in easy reach, while her legs parted slightly, letting him look down onto her pubic region. Her lips he noted were definitely more swollen and darker than before, with a gleam of moisture showing along the edges of her slit.

Katherine watched Paul sit and then moved to bend over his knee. Her mind was buzzing, but she couldn’t gather her thoughts. “Why am I letting him dictate to me like this? I’m naked. He’s going to spank me. On my bare bottom. He’s looking at me. He can see my boobs and everything.”

She could feel heat pooling low down under her stomach, and wondered what was causing it, while her mind continued to race. “I’m just nervous. He won’t do much. A few smacks and that’s it. But why aren’t I resisting?”

She bent over his knees, found that the position didn’t feel quite right and edged forward slightly until her bottom was turned up over his lap. She relaxed like that, letting her legs drift slightly apart. Yes. This felt right. She waited nervously for the spanking to commence.

Paul lightly slapped the pretty bottom in front of him. It still had a slight tinge of pink from earlier, and he was determined that it would be several shades redder by the time he finished. To further confuse Katy, he ran the tips of his fingers lightly over her bottom, flicking down to brush that nicely presented pussy. He heard Katy give a small gasp and saw her legs edge just that little further apart, while her lips seemed to twitch slightly. Then he raised his hand and the proper spanking commenced.

Katherine felt Paul’s hand slap lightly, and then glide across her bottom and brush her lips. She felt herself tensing slightly, thinking that if it was just going to be a few light pats and a bit of touching she could survive it with no problems. At the same time, she felt a trifle disappointed. She’d thought Paul was serious about this, but it looked as though he was just going to tease her a bit. All the same, that little pool of heat inside her had flickered slightly when his fingers and touched her. She started to relax, and then felt that first hard spank.

Paul heard Katy squeal with outrage as that first proper spank landed. He grinned sympathetically, as he knew it had hurt, but he had no attention of going easy. Some people had to learn the hard way. His hand came down again on her other cheek, getting another squeal and a determined wriggle as Katy tried to push herself up and off his knee.

“That hurt,” Katherine thought, hearing the involuntary squeal she let out. “And that,” she added, as another hard smack landed. “Enough,” she thought, and tried to push herself up. She found that she hadn’t felt the hand that Paul had rested on her back, but when she pushed up against it she found it was rigid, not giving an inch. She heard Paul say, with a chill in his voice, “You will lie still while I spank you, do you understand?”

Katherine found herself freezing in place. Hearing that tone in Paul’s voice, she lost all desire to move. He was commanding and she was obeying. “I said, do you understand?’ came that chill voice, and Katherine found herself frantically nodding, while she replied with a whispered “Yes, Sir.”

Paul resumed the spanking, delivering hard stinging blows around both her cheeks, while Katherine lay there, accepting her punishment. Her mind was in turmoil again. “Sir? I called him sir? He’s Paul. I’ve never called him sir in my life. Why now? That hurts. Will he stop if I ask? Probably not. Oh, god, that stings, and I’m not even allowed to struggle.”

Paul continued the punishment, making sure both buttocks would have a healthy, red glow before he finished. He saw that Katy was not only lying still as ordered, but was actually lifting her bottom slightly, offering it for her punishment, even though she was breathing hard and crying softly. Katy’s pussy was definitely swollen and flushed now, and Paul wondered if she even realised how turned on she was. Or how turned on he was. How long before she felt his erection pressing hard against his trousers and her tummy?

Paul changed his tactics, the spanks becoming lighter, and instead of just lifting his hand for another spank he would let it trail lightly across her bottom, sometimes dipping between her legs to lightly stroke her inner thighs. He could feel some involuntary squirming now, not trying to escape so much as trying to twist her body so that those trespassing fingers would meet her pussy rather than just touch her thighs. In a little while he would let that happen.

Katherine sensed the tempo changing, the spanks lighter, still stinging but not as bad. What was worse was the way his fingers were lightly stroking the insides of her thighs, sending little sparks deeper into her. She could feel those little sparks sinking in and adding their warmth to that deep pool of fire burning inside.

Now Paul changed his tactics again, his hand now landing light slaps on her mound, his long middle finger landing along her slit, encouraging it to open slightly.

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