Donna and Marie Pt. 01

Donna and Marie

A young woman discovers bisexuality

Pt. 1

I knew Marie was bisexual. She seemed so comfortable with the fact that it never made me feel uncomfortable. We had been working in the same office for over a year now. We always enjoyed chatting but we had never met outside work. Lately I had been having enough trouble with men that some female companionship seemed a welcome idea. Maybe I could benefit from a “different” perspective.

I had been mulling this over when I saw her through the door to the lunchroom. She was stirring a cup of coffee and looking at her phone. I walked in and asked, “Busy? Or would you like company?”

“Junk mail! It’s killing me. Please…” She gestured to the chair next to her. I always liked her very slight French accent. Just a touch of the exotic.

“OK,” I said, “just for a minute though. I have a client meeting starting pretty soon.”

“Hey! Isn’t it this weekend that you are going to the Lion King?

“Boy, you sure know how to poke right at a nerve!”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“We have had these tickets for, what, 2 months? And last night Jerry says, ‘Hey Babe, I’m going hunting this weekend’. Well you can imagine it was downhill from there. ‘But, Babe, this is my only chance to get a boar or a bear or whatever the hell. Blah-blah-blah.'”

“Donna, I’m sorry. Can I help in some way?

“Well, I got an extra ticket if you’re free Saturday night.”

“I would love to go! I saw it before, years ago but I loved it. Definitely worth a do-over,” she said.

“Really? Great! I never imagined you would be free on such short notice. Let’s do it”

Marie smiled at me and I felt a lot better. Then I said, “But the bigger question is whether you ‘can’t live with ’em and can’t live without ’em’ or ‘you need ’em like a fish needs a bicycle.'”

“I hear you girlfriend!” Marie said with a smirk and I felt she understood completely. She gave me an appraising look for a long moment. Then she said, “What are you doing Saturday afternoon?”

“Nothing,” I shrugged.

“Come to my place at Noon. We’ll have lunch and a girl’s afternoon and get ready for the play.”

“OK”, I said. I felt a little apprehension but I really didn’t have anything else on the calendar and I wouldn’t sit around thinking about boar hunting or whatever. “Text me your address and stuff. I gotta go. And thanks, Marie. See you”

On Friday, I got a text with Marie’s address. I replied, “Got it. See you noon tomorrow.”

Later, just after I got home from work, she texted again: “Be clean when you come but just wear some old sweats. See you tomorrow!”

I thought, “well that’s odd. I can’t wear sweats to the theater.” But it was a clear and simple request and I couldn’t see what harm it could do. She didn’t live too far away so if worse came to worst I could just stop back home and change before we went to the show.

Saturday morning, I slept a little late, had my usual coffee, news website and an egg scrambled with cheddar. I took a leisurly bath, shaved, and shampooed. “Be clean” she had said and that’s just how I felt. I even left off any make-up although I put some essentials in a pouch to take with me. I found a sweatshirt and sweatpants I hadn’t used in a long time and put them on over an ordinary bra and panties. Looking in the mirror, I thought, “well you look great. Like you’re ready to vacuum the house or wash the windows.”

When Marie opened the door wearing sweats too, she also opened her arms welcoming me with a hug. I thought it was a typical girlfriend hug but she didn’t let go right away. The situation had me slightly on edge anyway and I was taken aback.

While we embraced there in the entry hall, she spoke softly into my ear, “I know you are upset and a little anxious about Jerry and everything. But I just want you to let go of all that and relax and we can have a nice afternoon and evening.”

As she continued to hold me, I let that sink in and did find myself relaxing and lightening up somehow. Somehow, her strength and support flowed into me a little and made me feel welcome and at home there. We separated and she just smiled at me and I found myself smiling back!

“Come on in” she said, “let me show you around.”

We walked into her smallish two-bedroom house. The place was clean and nicely decorated in neutral tones with striking accents in black and red. As we peeked into the larger bedroom, I couldn’t help noticing a lot of clothes piled all around the bed, as if she was cleaning out closets or drawers or something. Marie didn’t comment on it and neither did I. When we got to the kitchen, I was surprised to see through a sliding glass door that there was a patio cover with a barbecue/bar island flowing naturally to a spa and then a pool! Compact looking but also kind of luxurious.

Looking the other way there was a high breakfast bar separating the kitchen from the dining/living room area. There were two places set on the bar with small plates, napkins and silverware. bursa escort Marie said, “Well that’s it, Donna. Welcome to my humble abode!”

“Very nice!” I said, “I’m impressed!”

“Please. Sit,” she said gesturing toward one of the place settings. “Do you like crab salad? Some avocado? Maybe a little white wine?”

“Wine! I said, glancing at my wrist as if there was a watch there.

“Very French,” she said grinning. When she brought over a glass, I saw that the bottle was indeed a pale French white. We clinked glasses and sipped.

“Delicious!” I said.

“I know a place where you can get such things. I’ll show you sometime.”

As she got dishes out of the fridge and put them out in front of me, I asked her how she happened to have such a nice house.

“I was married once, some years ago. He was very successful in his job and when we divorced, I told him all I wanted was the house. He was fine with that but it did come with a mortgage. I have been working and paying ever since. But I love the place so I’m not complaining. Plus, a few raises and promotions have made it easier. I’m pretty comfortable now.”

We chatted and ate lunch which was every bit as good as the wine. I told her a little about my place and we talked about work for a while. We seemed to avoid the topic of men and relationships. The conversation lagged as we cleared the table and Marie straightened up the kitchen. When she was done, she stood before me and held out both her hands palms up. It seemed a natural response to put my hands in hers and so I did. She looked into my eyes and said,

“Donna, I know you know men. So do I. In answer to your question the other day, I’d say we can’t live without them — at least not forever. But there are other ways we can enjoy that closeness and affection that makes life worth living. I’d like to try something with you. You might call it sensitivity training or something. Are you willing? I can promise it won’t hurt a bit.”

She smiled a little conspiratorially. I experienced a twinge — part anxiety and part anticipation — over what? I said, “OK, I guess.”

“Good!” Marie said, letting go of my hands and refilling our wine glasses. “Let’s go in the living room.”

When were seated side by side on the couch, she turned to me and said, “Donna, you are a very pretty girl. I hope you realize that.” I could feel myself blushing. “Do you?”

“Well, I always had men who were interested in dating me but I never thought of myself as having movie star looks or anything.” I replied.

“Well, you are hot!” Marie said, and I could feel myself blushing even more. “I think that soon you will feel that way. What do you consider the most attractive part of your body?” she asked.

“I don’t know, maybe my legs?”

“OK, good. Here’s what I want you to do. You and I are about the same size. We’re nearly the same height and I bet we’re within 5 or 10 lbs. of each other. In my bedroom, there are a bunch of clothes on the bed and shoes on the floor. Go in there and pick a pair of shoes and a pair of shorts that you think show off your legs the best. Put them on and come back out.”

I said to myself, “in for a penny, in for a pound” and headed for the bedroom. I realized there was some logic to the clothes lying on the bed. Along one side were tops, along the otherside were undies — and I noticed they were all colors and some pretty minimal! — and along the foot of the bed were shorts. A bunch of shoes were lined up along the wall. I closed the door and on the back of it was a full-length mirror. I took off my sweatpants and looked at my legs in the mirror. Not bad.

So I scanned the shoes and pulled out several pair that looked cute. The second pair I tried on, black sandals with a medium heel looked good, not too formal but classy. Next, I found a pair of pink terrycloth short shorts, kind of like athletic shorts. Looking in the mirror, I thought, “Good. Let’s see what Marie thinks.”

When I returned to the living room, I saw that the fireplace was lit. She saw my look and said, “It’s got a fan or something and it works pretty good. We don’t want you to get cold!” Also, she had turned on some music, light jazz — Diana Krull I think – playing low in the background.

She took my hand and said, “Here, get up on the coffee table.” I didn’t expect that and Marie could tell. “Don’t worry, it has been tested, believe me. It won’t break or tip.” I could see it wasn’t an especially fine piece so I stepped up. She sat on the edge of the couch and looked at me, studying my legs. Again I felt embarrassed. “Beautiful!” she said, then, “Relax. Pose a little.” I moved around trying to get comfortable up on a pedestal but it was hard.

Then she said, “OK, I’m going to try a little massage therapy.” She got a bottle of moisturizer from the end table and kneeled down by the coffee table. Without a word, she squirted some cream in her hand and started rubbing my ankle. Well that felt pretty good. She said, “Just close your eyes and escort bursa enjoy the sensation.” So I did. I felt her hands gradually working their way up from my ankle. It did feel good — like a massage.

“You have nice firm legs, Donna. Your workouts are paying off.” By now her hands were rising above my knee. I was wondering where this was going to wind up and not sure how I wanted it to. She was kneading my thigh muscles and I did relax some. When she got to the bottom of the shorts, she stopped and went to the ankle of my other leg. With a better idea what to expect, I was better able to let go and enjoy it. And there is nothing wrong with having my skin moisturized.

By the time she got all the way up on that leg, I was feeling pretty good. Then she surprised me again: She kissed the front of my thigh. Just once and said again, “Beautiful!”

She took my hand and helped me down off the coffee table and gestured to the couch. She topped up my wineglass and said, “Sit tight. I’ll be right back.” She went in the bedroom and closed the door. I sat back on the couch and propped my feet on the coffee table. Looking at my legs, I felt good — like I had made the grade. I took a sip of wine and really did feel relaxed.

Marie came back out and in place of her sweatpants; she had on a pair of black satin shorts and was wearing some dark red pumps with maybe a 2″ heel. Still with the sweatshirt on top like me, it looked odd but somehow it did emphasize her legs. They were very nice too. A little more definition than mine and also showing signs of visits to the gym. She held out her hand to me and I got up off the couch. “Help me up”, she said, and hopped up on the coffee table. She wasn’t bashful and moved around a little posing like a model. “Well?” she said smiling, “How about some massage therapy?”

“Yes, Ma’am!” I said, “Coming right up!” I took the moisturizer and started at her ankle as she had. It was strange at first so purposefully touching another woman. But I have to admit I enjoyed it. Touching is a different way to sense the differences between our two bodies. By the time I had rubbed her all the way up both legs, I had a new appreciation for her fantastic legs! Impishly, I gave her thigh a kiss too and then looked up and smiled. She got down off the table and hugged me. But this time, our legs meshed together and we each squeezed the other’s. It was a little more than a sisterly hug and it was quite nice!

“OK,” said Marie, “Back to wardrobe with you. This time, pick a bra and a top that shows off your breasts.” She was quite forward about it and I think she sensed an inner flinch on my part. “As you can see the blinds are down and the curtains drawn. Think of it as the women’s area of a luxury spa.”

I hesitated for an instant and then said, “OK.”

In the bedroom, I pulled off the sweatshirt and bra and started leafing through the bras on the bed. I held a couple up to my boobs but the cups seemed too big. My breasts aren’t tiny but I guess they are a little smaller than Marie’s. Then I noticed a minimal one and tried it on. It fit with no gaps but it was a shelf bra and didn’t cover my nipples. Oh, well. She said to show off my breasts. I found a sleeveless top that buttoned up the front in a crisp white cotton. Checking myself in the mirror, I didn’t look too bad in a hookerish sort of way. But it wasn’t obvious that my nips were exposed.

Returning to the living room, Marie said, “Nice! A lot better than the sweats!” She led me over to stand facing the fireplace. I was just close enough that I could sense a little radiant heat. She once again started with the moisturizer on my hand this time. She worked her way up one arm to my shoulder but keeping the cream off the blouse. Then she started at the other hand. When she got to the shoulder this time, she moved behind me and reached around to the front and started undoing the buttons on the blouse. Once again, I felt myself flush but had no real reason to stop her. She just pulled it off my shoulders and I pulled my arms out. There I was, facing the fire with Marie behind me, and I folded my arms across my breasts.

Marie didn’t say anything. She took some moisturizer and started massaging my lower back. Her hands worked both sides and came around to my tummy. She worked up to my ribcage and then around to the back again. This time, she stopped massaging and unhooked the bra. She helped it fall forward and I let it go to the floor. In my ear she said, “Lace your hands together behind your head and close your eyes.” As I did that, she started massaging my shoulders and the base of my neck. Then her hands came around each side of me again and this time she drew her fingers along the underside of my breasts. By now, this was feeling pretty good and not just in a massage way! Gradually, her hands found more and more of my breasts, gently probing. Finally she answered my unspoken request and touched my nipples. I could feel them tighten and stand up instantly. At this she cooed in my ear a little. “Mmm” she said, bursa escort bayan “perky!” She teased my nipples a little more and I started to get pretty aroused. Finally, she cupped both my breasts in her hand, sort of hugging me from behind. Then she nibbled the back of my ear and kissed my neck. I was about to collapse when she let go, turned me around to see her smiling face and said, “Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be right back.”

Marie headed for the bedroom and I sat on the couch. My head was spinning! Here I was, in my friend’s living room, wearing short shorts and little else. I was excited but I really didn’t feel nervous. I sipped a little wine. My breasts were right here so I stroked one nipple. I was enjoying the fire and its warmth. Then I realized, quite pleased, that I hadn’t thought about Jerry in quite a while.

When Marie came back out, she was wearing a white top that was cut like a camisole with spaghetti straps. It was made of lycra or something form fitting and hugged her from the belly button up. I could see she wasn’t wearing a bra and had to admit she had nice tits. She said, “Come on…you know the drill!” She stood as I had in front of the fire and I started working the lotion into her hands and arms. With the little straps, I was able to massage all the way up to her shoulders. At that point, Marie slipped the straps off her shoulders and pulled out her arms. I was now able to massage her shoulders and neck easily. But then, I didn’t know exactly what to do next. She seemed to sense this and just pulled her top down, like a tube top, stretched it over her hips and stepped out! She was nude from the waist up! She stood back up, and, as I had, she faced away from me toward the fire and laced her hands behind her head. She said nothing and I started to massage her lower back, gradually working around to the front.

Finally, I ventured up to the underside of her breasts. They were a little bigger than mine. They had a little more heft to them. I found that I wanted to fill my hands with them! From behind, I could really explore them just by touch. I was surprised at how much I liked feeling their weight! Gradually, I started to concentrate on her nipples. Using some of the moisturizer, I could feel that they were bigger than mine but not so pointy. By this time, I had buried my face in the crook of her neck and was moaning a little. Though I couldn’t see her face, I somehow knew she was smiling.

Finally, she just turned around and we embraced, front to front, bare boobs and all. She kissed me once, lightly on the mouth. Then she pulled away a little so we could see each other while still holding on. I then saw that her nipples were darker than mine and very luxurious looking. Mine were quite erect and she bobbed around bumping her nipples against mine. The whole sensation was fantastic! How could this be happening?

She dropped her arms and I did the same. We sat down on the couch, side by side, thighs touching, feeling very warm, flushed even. “Here,” she said handing me my wine glass, “we need some refreshment!” We sipped for a while without talking. I really wanted to look at her boobs some more. Marie saw me glancing sideways and took one breast in her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Feel free!” she said.

I said, “Wait a minute. What’s going on here? Am I a lesbian?”

“I wouldn’t go that far,” she replied. “Let’s just say you are a passionate, sexual being. You enjoy the pleasure your body can experience and I think you enjoy the pleasure you can give another.”

“I guess I would have to agree to that!” I said. “But this is a kind of pleasure I have never even imagined.”

“Oh, really?!” said Marie, “Never?”

“Well, maybe a little fantasy or two,” I replied grinning sheepishly.

“Uh-huh,” she said. Then she leaned over and kissed me. This time it was a real kiss, warm, long and deep. I felt a thrill go all the way through my body.

She sat back and watched me. I sat back too, and in sort of a daze said, “I need to use the ladies room.”

“Use the one off my room. I’ll use the guest one.”

I went into her bedroom and closed the door. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, standing there in short shorts and shoes and nothing else. I guess I did look kind of hot. I went into the bathroom and took a few calming breaths. “OK” I said to myself, “This is kind of fun. Pretty different but fun just the same”

I sat down to pee. That’s when I noticed that my pussy and panties and even the shorts were pretty wet! I must have been more excited than I thought! Well, I couldn’t put those back on. I went back into the bedroom and found a pair of lacy boy shorts in light blue. I slipped into them and they hugged my bottom just right. Somehow, I felt that outer shorts would be over dressing so I just sauntered back out to the living room like that — panties and shoes.

Marie was apparently still in the bathroom. I wandered around a little, looking at her artwork and checking out her books and stuff. From behind me, I heard, “Hi!” I turned and had two more surprises: Marie was standing across the room wearing only her shoes and I couldn’t help noticing there was no hair on her pussy! I had to admit she was beautiful. I told her so and she said, “So are you, Donna.”

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