Cinnamon Pt. 04


Jason fucks harder and faster. I watch his ass move in and out between my girlfriend’s legs, watch as he takes total ownership of her body.

I watch him fucking her, stimulating himself with her body. I see it in his body language that he must be coming. I find myself wanting him to.

And he is.

He slows down, and he stops, and soon after withdraws himself from Kyra’s body.

He takes off the condom and turns to dangle it over my chest, holding it by the reservoir tip.

Semen slowly makes its way down the inside wall of the condom. I feel the room holding its breath, watching as the first thick string dribbles loose and breaks free, landing in the hairs on my chest.

More cum drips down on me, and, once Jason satisfied that no more will drain from it, he drops the condom. It hits my chest with a wet crinkle.

Jason climbs off the bed and wanders into the crowd, presumably to find something to wipe himself with.

I look over at Kyra, who looks dazed. Her head is back, her eyes staring into the middle distance.

Her legs are apart. Her vagina is yawning and frothy. Xander rolls her off of him and she comes to rest in a heap next to him.

Xander is hard again.

He sits up, crawls over, and straddles my waist, blocking my view of Julia and my dick. His hardon stands out over my chest in a tremendous panhandle. I make eye contact with it.

He begins to jerk off. I can only watch, hypnotized, as his purple dickhead bobs in his loose fist, the impressive muscles in his arms and chest flexing rhythmically, his handsome face contorted.

His strokes grow short and abrupt, and cum leaps from his reddened pisshole, splashing my jaw and my hoodie and eventually dribbling onto my chest.

His shoulders slump and his ass comes to rest on my hips while the last of the embers fade inside his body.

Then he climbs off, and he too recedes back into the wall of people.

“How do you feel?” Julia says once more.

“I’m ready,” I say, unsure of what I mean by it.

My eyes focus on her gloved hand as it rides up and down my reddened dick. A pearl of precum has trickled down the place between her thumb and forefinger, smeared on the nitrile by the jerking motion.

Her fingers inside me are applying a firm pressure, as if to knead me, to work me loose.

My dick throbs sympathetically in time with the kneading of her fingers. She lights me up with what feels like a liquid fire that travels from the depths of my balls to the tip of my straining penis.

Unbidden, almost before I register the sensation, like a morning glory, my dick erupts. She tilts it towards me, jerking me helpfully as thin, warm semen arcs out of me and mostly lands on my belly.

The ache in the muscles deep in my lower abdomen and the warmth spreading through me and the pissing feeling of liquid shooting through my urethra is gratifying to my tenderized body.

Once my dick is soft and sodden, she releases it. It slumps over like a rotting tree, dribbling its last onto my bare thigh.

Then she withdraws her fingertips from the clamping force of my anus. It’s like shitting.

She removes her gloves, wads them up, and tosses them on my body next to Jason’s soggy condom. They smell like sweat and spit and shit.

She climbs off the bed, comes around to my side, and is in my face again.

“What do you think?” she says for the last time.

“Thank you,” I say.

“To whom? And for what?” she says. “Be specific.”

“Thank you Julia, for fingering my asshole and jerking me off.”


“Thank you Jason and Kyle, for fucking my girlfriend.”


“Thank you, everybody, for watching me.”

“Anything else?”

“Thank you Kyra, for getting fucked in front of me.”



She arches an Betturkey eyebrow.

“Because I liked it. I liked all of it.”

“Would you do it again?”


She speaks to someone nearby.

“Grab the trash can and some toilet paper,” she says. “Get this shit off of him. And you, make sure there’s a towel in the bathroom. He’s going to need a shower.”

They clean me up. Kyra is ushered out of the room and her things are gathered up. Someone shows me where the master bathroom is. Then they leave me in there alone.

Julia has one of those big, deluxe showers with the multiple sprayheads up and down the wall.

I take off my soiled hoodie and step inside. I turn on the water and the spray is instantly hot and hard. It almost hurts.

The shower stall steams up quickly. Another fog to get lost in.

I feel like I’m crashing after an epic high, but I don’t know from what.

I rinse the spit and cum off my body hair, my genitals, and my asshole. Then I just stand there, subject to the multiple sprays, shoulders slumped. My head spins from everything that’s transpired.

Then, like an apparition through mist, soundlessly, Julia appears. She’s alone-mercifully, she didn’t bring an audience with her-and she’s naked, standing in the shower before me.

Without her bustier, without a cadre of followers, without her fingers up my ass, I’m once again surprised by how small she looks.

Her belly and thighs are soft and rumpled with age. Her breasts sag; her nipples are dark, almost purple against her pale skin. Years of gravity have pointed them slightly downward.

She looks great.

Her dark pubic hair is immaculately trimmed, about as short as the hair on her head. I notice for the first time the scattered flecks of gray.

I realize that I’m staring at her and that she knows. She doesn’t seem to mind.

“I wanted to speak to you in private,” she says. “I hope that’s okay.”

I’m not sure if it’s okay or not.

Maybe I should feel invaded, or maybe I should be a red-blooded man and be happy to be in the shower with a beautiful woman.

I don’t know what to think anymore.

“It’s okay,” I say.

She glances pointedly downward. I’m erect again. It’s starting to feel like a curse.

“If you hadn’t guessed, Kyra’s been talking to me about you,” she says.

“Kyra,” I repeat. “Great.”

“She really likes you.”

“Does she? I feel like nothing I thought I knew about our relationship was true.”

Julia sighs, and says, “I don’t know what you think you were getting into when you started dating her. But the fact that you were willing to go through with this is a big plus for someone like her.”

“She likes me because I watched her fuck two other guys while you stuck your hand up my ass?”

“Yes,” she says, flatly.

For a moment, there’s silence, save for the running water.

Then she says, “After tonight, you can live your life two ways.”

I admit, this piques my interest.

She says, “You can dump Kyra. You can feel sorry for yourself that she isn’t the exclusive type, which isn’t something she agreed to anyway. Then you can date women who let you treat them like your possessions.”


“Or you accept her how she is and broaden your horizons.”

“After tonight, my horizons are pretty broad.”

She laughs.

“Seriously, though,” I say, “what relationship like this ever works? We’re going to fuck other people and lose interest in each other. That’s how it always happens.”

“Okay,” she says, “first, what’s a relationship anyway? And second, how is that worse than just fucking each other until you lose interest?”

I’m about to say something. But I don’t know what it is, so I don’t say anything.

She looks down again. I’m still erect.

Despite Betturkey Giriş my self-pitying funk, her body is turning me on, and I want her.

“Can I touch your dick?” she asks.

I nod.

She steps forward, her body very close to mine, and clasps me loosely in her hand.

She’s so short, she has to crane her neck to make eye contact with me. Her eye makeup is starting to run, a parody of weeping.

With her other hand, she grabs a bottle of liquid body soap from a nearby shelf and dribbles soap onto my dick.

She doesn’t make me say anything.

She starts jerking me off, lubricated by the soap. Despite my soreness, it immediately feels good.

“Kyra and I have been talking about something else,” she says, amid her attentions.


“If you’re on board, she wants you to see me on a regular basis.”

“Like a customer?”

“No,” she says. “Not like a client.”

She cups my balls with her other hand and squeezes, just gently enough that it only hurts a little. I feel my erection throb in her hand.

“Like a fuck buddy?” I ask.

“Sort of,” she says.

“With Kyra?”

“If you like. Sometimes, the three of us. Sometimes, it would just be you and me. Or us and other guests.”

“That’s what I’d be? A guest?”

She smiles up at me. “Yeah.”

It’s getting harder to focus on the conversation. She has me well along. A tingling, like a pleasant itch, is thrumming in my dick.

She’s massaging my balls with her hand. It’s a strange sensation. It’s not painful, not exactly. I can’t explain why, but it’s an erotic feeling that’s kicking me towards orgasm.

I feel the bloom within me and the convulsion of muscles that are already sore from their extensive use tonight. My knees wobble; it’s all I can do to muster the focus to stay standing.

It’s a weak, unspectacular ejaculation. She releases my balls and catches my thin semen in her hand. It rinses away from her palm almost instantly.

She holds my erection in her firm grip until it wilts to a half-chub. Then she releases me.

Businesslike, she grabs the soap again and washes her hands thoroughly.

Then she vanishes back into the mist without a word.

And I’m alone again.

The rest of the party is almost bizarrely normal.

After I get out of the shower and towel off, my clothes are waiting for me in a neatly folded pile on the closed toilet seat. Someone hand-washed my hoodie for me. It’s still damp, but the cum is gone.

I get dressed and find that everyone has gone back downstairs.

I find Kyra making small talk with a cluster of people that includes Jason and Xander. She greets me with a smile. You’d never know anything happened.

I’m not sure where Julia is.

After sharing a last round of drinks, we start the long string of goodbyes that gets us closer to the door by inches at a time.

Then Julia’s back, dressed again in her bustier and jeans. Her makeup is refreshed as well.

When we leave, she’s the last one to bid us farewell as we stand on the front stoop.

We exchange small talk and promises to “do this again sometime.”

Kyra and I are out in the driveway, and the door closes behind us, and we crunch down the gravel to wait for our rideshare. Neither of us says anything.

When we get home, I bend her over a chair in the kitchen and we fuck. Even with my dick and balls in their sorry wrung-out state, we’re up for hours. It’s the hottest I’ve ever been for her.


It’s been years since my first night at Julia’s.

Kyra got her doctorate and moved away. The local job market was sour, so she’s off to greener pastures. We’re not exactly close, but we keep in touch over social media.

In the meantime, directly or indirectly, Julia Betturkey Güncel Giriş has been responsible for many firsts for me.

One of the earliest was when, at her suggestion, Jason and I double-penetrated Kyra-she rode my dick while he fucked her up the ass.

When Kyra announced she was leaving, Julia threw her a gangbang as a going-away party. I’m proud to say that I was there, standing up to be counted with a dozen other closely packed naked men.

During the event, Kyra gave Jason and I a double blowjob. A strange sensation, our dicks grinding together inside her mouth.

On one occasion, post-Kyra, Julia, Xander and I had a threesome in which Julia pegged me and I sucked Xander’s dick.

Xander, Jason and I had a threesome and I sucked both their dicks while Julia watched and provided commands. Jason fucked Xander’s ass while I watched and masturbated avidly.

Julia spanked me. I spanked others while Julia gave us her expert instruction. Sometimes in groups of just a few, sometimes with many.

Julia connected me with partners of all kinds. Men and women, cis and trans, all over the spectrum of genders and sexualities.

I learned that semen comes in tastes and textures and appearances of many kinds. I learned the difference between boy semen and girl semen.

Julia put me in a dress, did my wig and makeup, and dressed herself in a men’s suit. She’s talented-we made a convincing hetero couple. We went out to one of the undergrad bars and no one batted an eye.

Then I ate her ass in the alley outside the rear exit. Her slacks down at her feet, her face pressed into her forearms against the wall, me crouched behind her. We made no effort to hide from passers-by.

At Julia’s 60th birthday party, I was shocked with a cattle prod during a BDSM play session.

(I didn’t say I enjoyed all the things Julia introduced me to.)

Right now, I’m at Julia’s house. No party tonight, just me, her, and a “new recruit,” as she likes to call them.

He’s a pretty young thing. An undergrad who transferred here just recently for his upcoming junior year. A little rough around the edges. He’s still wearing a backwards hat and clothes that don’t fit.

But we’ll work on him.

He was referred to us by his girlfriend, a sometime lover of both Julia’s and mine. According to her, she told him nothing about what to expect, but she extracted a promise that he’ll do whatever we say.

By his own description, he’s been with many women-cis women, naturally.

No one of other genders. And nobody like Julia.

We share a couple drinks in Julia’s kitchen. He’s been given the run of the bar. My heart pangs with nostalgia when he goes straight for the cinnamon whiskey.

He’s confident-a little too confident. He chats with us didactically about nothing important, his every word laced with a forced nonchalance.

When I lean in to kiss him, he’s surprised, but he doesn’t pull away. Nor does he pull away when I get down on my knees, pull his pants down, and put his already-hard dick in my mouth.

Julia holds him steady from behind, making sure he stays standing while I blow him. She pulls his shirt up, exposing the line of hair that travels up his rippling stomach.

His crotch is a little ripe. It doesn’t exactly stink, but it could use a wash. Classic straight boy smell.

His dick is cute and kind of smallish. It lurches when he comes.

I hold it gingerly and wrap my lips tightly around the corona, catching every rope of his ejaculate in my mouth, cradling it with my tongue.

You have to love younger guys.

They’re good for at least a few shots, and they’ll do just about anything you tell them to if you get them horny.

This is just the beginning. We have a whole night planned for him.

I stand up and kiss him deeply. He’s surprised again when my tongue transfers a cocktail of his semen and my saliva into his mouth.

Then I hold his chin in my hand and command, “Swallow.”

He does.

He gulps, and gasps.

His breath smells delicious.

Like cum.

And cinnamon.


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