Chance Meeting Goes Oral

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Couldn’t help seeing you across the room. You were excited about the recent Cowboys win and your energy was filling up the place. I wanted some of that and I knew you were just the person to give it to me.

I approached and asked if I had met you through one of my brothers because you seemed so familiar. We gave a little info back and forth and it was decided I must have been mistaken, although I wish you had been one of their friends. It was enough and got us talking. We both had some free time, so we decided to have something to drink at one of the corner tables.

We spent the next hour or so sharing information and becoming comfortable with each other. The sports bar was clearing out and was a little dark. One thing led to another and we found ourselves touching each other under the table. Just a little feel here and there. It felt so good and was increasing both of our heartbeats. You got a little more adventurous with a few more drinks and I listened as you gave me a little verbal sex job, just to see how far you would go.

It wasn’t long before we were touching skin with our fingers, wet where you were and hard where I found my hand. It felt good, damn good! It didn’t stop us from giving the appearance of respectability, yet we were soon to find ourselves wishing we were someplace where we could be a little more vocal. Who am I kidding, we were both to the point where we wanted to scream with our upcoming orgasms. I know I wanted to get there and fast. I was hot everywhere and my nipples wanted your teeth and tongue bad! You were showing a little bit of dew on the tip of your cock and I wanted to be able to bend over and kiss, then suck him dry.

We were throwing ideas back Ankara travesti and forth of where we could go to take care of business like the bathroom, our cars, or a local park under the stars. One of your fingers was up inside me and the pad of your thumb was rubbing my button, working it like it’s never been worked before. My hand was slowly stroking up and down your cock, while the other hand was supporting and feeling your balls.

We were hot and wanted relief and a place where we could get a little more graphic in what we wanted to do to each other without anyone else hearing. We decided to visit my office and get a little more comfortable. We went in your car, since my car is known around the complex. We parked away from the entrance and walked together to the door. Both of us were anticipating the renewal of what we had started in the sports bar, and maybe a little more. We were both hoping to get back to the point where we ended and hopefully to an earth shattering conclusion.

We go in and you immediately press me against the wall and we kiss, grind together and realize that we never really cooled down from before. I put my hands under your shirt and move them up to feel your chest, your nipples, and push against your groin.

I want it, whatever you have, I want it and I plan on working you up to where you can’t refuse to give it to me. You pull my sweater up over my head and you kiss me through my bra. You unclasp the front closure and immediately put your lips on my breast, licking and kissing my nipples. I gasp and say, “more, please do it more”.

I put both my hands down and unfasten your belt and slide your zip down, so I can take your cock Konya travesti in my hands, your hot and rock solid cock. God it feels like heaven!

We decide to move to the couch and get comfortable, while trying not to rush too fast. We both want whatever happens to go slow and be as intense as possible. I want a massive orgasm, whether we accomplish it by just touching or by another way. You want my lips to encircle your cock. You want that bad!

We remove the rest of our clothing and start exploring all over. I find those places that drive you crazy and you have me squirming and working toward a release that I’ve been thinking about all evening. I’m sweating and panting and feel like I’m going to fall over a cliff. I close my eyes and see stars as my body spasms and squeezes and massages the fingers you have in me. I don’t even know if it’s one or two, it just feels so incredible and I’m cumming again and again. You urge me on and kiss me as my body internally explodes in front of you.

I lean forward and start kissing you on the neck and work my way down to kissing your nipples, your perfect rock hard nipples! I continue kissing my way down your chest to your stomach and look at what my hands have been worshiping all night. I get to see the smooth round head and the solid, thick cock. I lean over and touch the tip of my tongue to the tip of your cock and you moan. I kiss the head and run my tongue over the surface and you push it up towards me.

I know what you want. I know you want it bad. I run my tongue around the base of your head, while running my hand up and down your rod, feeling the strength of him and you. You’re trying to stay calm and not let things İzmir travesti happen too soon. You want my mouth to totally encase him. You want me to take him in as far as he’ll go. I look up in your eyes and ask if you would mind if I sucked on him. You respond, “Oh, God, yes!!!”

I give it to you. I put my lips on your cock head and open up a little more, letting the head be encircled by my lips and then start moving down farther on your rod. My hand is at the base, moving up and down as my lips go down farther and farther. I raise my head back up and you put your hand on my hair and start to push me back down. You’re loving it and so am I. We work it up and down until you say you can’t take much more. You want me to go faster and I do. I’m sucking you and riding your cock with my tongue. You’re bucking your hips up and moaning and telling me how fucking good it feels. You clench your ass muscles and I know you’re going to explode. I start to taste you and pull back so you can squirt your cum on my beasts and belly. I want to see the volcano as he erupts, a glorious site to see and feel. You rub it in while squeezing my breasts with your cum all over them. It feels wonderful to have the hot, sticky liquid from the center of your being all over my chest.

We lean back, side by side and allow ourselves to catch our breath. It was an incredible ride and we don’t rush to end the feeling. We both know we need to get back to our separate lives, but take just a moment longer to remember the intense feeling of that supreme moment of satisfaction.

We both stand and start to dress, a little quiet after our recent adventure. We walk to the door and have one more long kiss before we lock up and walk to the car. There isn’t much conversation back to the sports bar to pick up my car. But as we pull in, we agree to meet up again after another game and enjoy each others energy.

You walk me to my car, we look in each others eyes, smile and I drive away . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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