Cabin in Montana Ch. 02


“I’m going to go shovel our cars out of the snow, before we get trapped here.”

“George, its five thirty. Come back to bed.”

“It snowed another forty centimeters in the last hour on top of the eighty already there, and the snow isn’t letting up.”

“There are worse things than being trapped with you, and the sun isn’t even up yet.”

“Come on, a shovel isn’t going to kill you.”

“When did this become ‘we’re going shoveling’ instead of ‘I’m going shoveling’?”

George threw Terry’s underwear at their owner.

Outside, shoveling snow

“You look hunky when you exercise. Granted, you look better naked and exercising, but I’ll take what I can get.”

“And you look good leaning on your snow shovel, shrimpy,” George threw a shovelful of snow after every couple of words.

Terry did look silly wearing an extra jacket of George’s. The two had dressed each other – but forgotten underwear – and Terry put on the larger man’s snow clothes because he had none of his own.

After about an hour of work, they were done with the gravel driveway. The snow was coming down in small, cold flakes that coated the men’s backs. George ended up doing slightly more of the driveway, but both men were breathing heavily when they were done.

“I’m getting cold, and the dirt road to get here is not safe görükle escort in these conditions, even if we shoveled the entire road. We should break for lunch. Do you want hot dogs?”

“Knowing you, I’m surprised it’s not filet minion. But yeah, hot dogs sound great.”

They went into the garage and put their snow shovels away, scraping the snow off of each other. Somewhere along the way jackets were on the floor, a boot was on the shelf and a pair of snow pants was hanging on the ceiling light.

George reached up to a drawer on a shelf and pulled out a bottle of lubricant.

“Really? In the garage? Is there lube in every single drawer and box in the house?”

“In the spare bedroom, the box marked “family pictures” just has dildos and furry handcuffs, no KY. I may have to fix that.” George smirked down at Terry and Terry punched his chest softly

“Smart ass.”

“Sexy ass.”

Terry leaned backed slowly, and George followed him, their mouths never losing contact. They slid into a position where Terry was on his back with his legs apart, with George leaning over Terry, grabbing Terry’s penis with one hand, and supporting himself with the other.

Suddenly Terry jerked up and his lip crashed into George’s chin.

“The floor is cold!”

George rubbed his jaw and laughed. “What eskort bayan were you expecting? We’re in a garage. Is your lip OK?”

“It smarts a little.”

“Have you ever tried cowgirl style?” George asked.

“Cowboy style, get it right.”

George lay on the ground and Terry stood above him. “You’re right, this floor is cold. Come on,” George gestured for Terry to straddle him. As he lowered himself, George fondled his ass and inserted two lube-covered fingers into the smaller man, wiggling them some before removing them.

Terry impaled himself on George, slowly sinking. George was looking up at Terry with a mix of restrained lust, happiness and adoration. As Terry became more accustomed to George’s size and the strange position, he started moving himself up and down.

Terry rode George like a cowboy rides a horse: hard and fast. One moment Terry was bouncing up and down, the next he was turned around, facing George and the larger man was jackhammering into his ass.

George’s thrusts went deeper into Terry’s ass as he got closer to cumming. Their moans escalated in volume together, the men’s gasping breath synchronizing.

“Harder! Oh fuck, harder!”

“Uh! Cum with me!”

In their passions, neither men had noticed that they had opened their mouths, but the altıparmak escort lovers continued to call out to each other and the swirling snow as they humped each other to orgasm. George leaned forward and grabbed Terry’s cock with both hands. The men climaxed at the same time, George arching his back and impaling Terry on his full length.



Both men exploded, George into the condom in Terry’s ass and Terry onto George’s chest.

After a while of heavy breathing and contented smiles, the two disentangled themselves and stood up.

“Wow.” George said intelligently.


“We should probably go get cleaned up, the water heater and pump take a while to warm up. We can leave the clothes here.”

“Mmmmmm. Is the shower large enough for two people?” Terry asked, smiling innocently.

“Not nearly. It’s tight for one person. Would you care to join me in the shower?” George returned that exact same smile.

End, for now.


Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it. I plan to continue this after I have some other stories up. If you find mistakes or have comment, please tell me and I will try to make corrections as quickly as I can. It’s shorter than I would have liked, but I am mostly happy with the plot so far. I am trying to have a story in every category of Literotica, and am currently trying Science Fiction/Fantasy, BDSM and poetry with varying degrees of success. I also realize that 191131142081 is a bit long for a nickname, so I’ll start signing my stuff as mathematician.

Thanks for reading,


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