Brown’s Shoe Store Ch. 03


Note: Please read Brown’s Shoe Store Chapters 1 & 2 before starting this one. All characters in the story are at least 18 years old. Some of you have asked for this story to continue and here we go. Copies of this story may not be made for distribution, be publishing or copied to another webpage without explicit permission from the author.

Brown’s shoe store Chap. 3

It was a year later when Mike opened the shoe store early on a Saturday morning. He thought about all that had happened after Meagan left for college. At first they called and wrote each other but after two months passed the calls were few and far between. It was during the holiday break last year that things came to a head.


“Well you haven’t been calling me either.” Meagan said as the two sat in the small chairs in the front of the store. She had joined a sorority and had met a guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer. They had been dating for the past two weeks but had not gone past some kissing and light touching. Meagan wanted to talk to Mike first before she went any further.

“Have you been seeing someone else?” She finally asked as the two of them sat silent.

“Kinda.” He said without looking at her. “I didn’t think you really cared anymore. How about you?”

“Same. But nothing serious.” She quickly added. “But I miss you.” She said looking into his hurt eyes.

“Me too Meg. I miss being with you and being friends with you.”

“Actually it’s brother and sister.” She smiled as her hand moved over to grasp his. “I love you Mike but it’s not going to work.”

She said what the two of them had been thinking. Their families were against them being together and the distance between them were breaking away the sexual bond.

Meg pulled his body to hers. “You will always be special to me.” Tiny tears formed in her eyes.

“Hey.” He said pushing her away. “Don’t be sad. We will always have each other.” He wiped away her tears and kissed her on her forehead. “However you need to know that I’ve been seeing Tara.”

“Tara.” Meagan snapped back. “I’ve always known she had a thing for you.”

“Meagan stop. Remember what you said before. It’s not going to work between the two of us.”

“I know but I am having trouble picturing the two of you together.”

“Who are you dating?” Mike asked to change the subject.

“A guy.” She answered.

“Good.” Mike laughed.

Meagan grinned. “He’s a lot like you and even looks like you. I guess if I can’t have you I’ll have someone that reminds me of you.”

The store door opened and Tara walked in. She saw Meagan and froze.

“It’s OK.” Meagan grinned at her friend. “Mike told me everything.”

“We didn’t plan it. It just happened.” Tara said looking at Mike. She could see he was having a rough time with it.

Meagan stood and walked to Tara to give her a hug. “If I can’t have him then I want you to.”


Mike’s mind snapped back to the present. He and Meagan had recently started calling each other again but this time as brother and sister.

Mike was running the store in between going to classes at a local college. His mother and his friend Brad helped to fill in the spots but she had told him he would have to find someone else. So he put an ad in the local newspaper for a part-time employee. His first candidate was a senior girl who attended the Catholic High School next to the shop. He actually knew her since he had only been out of that school for a year.

The door open and Amy Morris stood there smiling. “Hi Mike.”

“Good morning Amy.” Mike said trying to look professional. After all he was the one running the store now. “I’m glad you applied for the job. But I’m going to need you at 3:00PM sharp and on weekends.”

“I know. I’m not going out for the swim team this year because I need to make some money for college. I was getting tired of it anyway.” She smiled.

The phone rang and Mike hurried to answer it. “Excuse me.” He said to her. It was Tara. “Hi. No I can’t tonight.” Mike’s eyes moved to Amy’s body as she moved around the store looking at the display of shoes. She was a little short and stocky however she was not fat. Her blonde hair showed dark roots and her fully packed bra was easily seen through the opaque material. “I’ll give you a call later.” He said as he hung up.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized. He moved back to sit in one of the customer chairs. “We pay a dollar over minimum wage to start but if things work out I’ll add another dollar per hour after a month.”

Amy turned and smiled. “That’s fine. Was that Tara on the phone?”

Mike coughed. “Why yes. You know her?”

“She’s my first cousin.” Amy grinned. “We talk a lot.”

Mike suddenly thought this might be a bad idea. He got quiet as he thought about working with a relative of his girlfriend.

Amy could see he did not take her news very well. “But, we don’t talk about everything.” She smiled. “I’m good at keeping secrets.”

“What? No, that’s bursa escort not what I’m thinking about.” He lied. “I was just wondering when you can start.”

“How about now?” She grinned.

Mike had no reasons to turn her down. He held out his hand. “Welcome to Brown’s Shoe Store.” Amy smiled as she placed her tiny soft hand into his. She just knew she would love it there.

Mike spent the remainder of the morning showing her the ropes. She already knew how to use a computer which he had installed a couple of months ago. He was nervous as they walked into the back room together. “The stock is back here. If you need to get a box from the higher shelf the ladder is in the corner.” They both looked at the small ladder next to the small bed.

“What’s that used for?” Amy asked smiling up at him.

“Oh…that…” Mike paused. “My grandfather used to sleep her at times. I just never got rid of it.”

Amy grinned and moved her body slowly passed him to walk back out to the store. As she moved through the curtains Mike thought she said “good.”

Later on Mike was looking at her application. “Amy. I need to know when your birthday is.”

“Next week on the Sixteenth. I’ll be eighteen.” She smiled.

“Good.” Mike said softly.

“What?” Amy asked.

“Never mind.” Mike answered. Amy smiled too. She had heard what he had said but wanted him to repeated it. He didn’t.


Mike’s long time friend Brad also helped out in the store while he attended the local college with Mike and Tara. Brad had dated Heather for a few months until Heather branched away to an older college guy. It hurt Brad’s ego and manhood a lot.

A week later, Amy walked into the store and saw a large birthday helium balloon rising up over a wrapped present. Mike was helping a customer and didn’t look at her as she read the attached card. “Happy Birthday. Love Mike.”

Amy quickly opened the package and smiled. She looked over at Mike and blushed. He smiled back at her. She quickly closed the box and hid it under the counter.

“I’m leaving now.” Mike said. Amy was helping an old woman trying on shoes that were two small for her. “Let me get you a larger size.” Amy said as she took the small shoes and walked by Mike.

“Thanks for the birthday present.” She said. “Maybe one of these days I’ll model it for you. And, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I can keep secrets you know.”

Mike smiled because it was actually Tara who picked out the sexy pajamas but it was Mike who had “BROWN’S SHOE STORE” embroidered on the chest.

About the only time Mike and Tara got the chance to be intimate was on Saturday mornings on the bed in the stockroom. The store opened at ten and the two of them would arrive around 9:00 for their passion session. Mike and Amy had worked late the night before on their inventory but had not completed it so Mike overslept and didn’t arrive at the store until 9:15AM. Tara was pacing at the front door.

“Where you been?” She asked noticeably upset.

“Sorry. I overslept.” He said as he quickly unlocked the door and ushered her inside. He closed the door and locked it.

“God, I hate to be rushed.” Tara said as they walked to the backroom.

“We have time.” Mike smiled as he pulled his shirt off and pushed down his slacks. He didn’t need a warm-up because he had been thinking of fucking Tara since last night as he and Amy worked in the tight quarters of the stockroom. He pushed off his boxers and turned to see Tara still dressed. “Well hurry.”

“That’s really romantic.” Tara said looking at her boyfriend’s hard-on.

“We don’t have time for romance.” He said as he lifted her tee shirt up over her braless small but firm breasts. “Yummy.” He grinned as he sucked in a hard nipple and flicked it with his tongue. As he licked her nip he pushed down her jeans and finally her black thongs. He smiled when he saw her bush neatly trimmed.

“Wow.” He said as he stepped back to see the thin runway of curly dark pubic hairs leading down into her pink slit. “You did it.” Mike had been trying to get her to shave it all off but she had refused.

“I’m not shaving it all.” She said now smiling.

“Lie down and let me see.” Mike said as he gently pushed her onto her back and opened her legs. For the first time he could see her bare pussy folds. “Nice.” His fingers moved down and slowly stroked across her bald lips. His mouth opened as his face moved between her petite thighs.

Amy had told Mike she would come in early around 9:45AM to complete the inventory with him so she was not surprised to see his Jeep parked in front of the store. She had decided to arrive 30 minutes early to show him that she was taking the job seriously. Mike had given her a key so she unlocked the front door and locked it back. She figured he had already started the inventory so she walked to the curtain over the door and froze. She heard someone moan.

“Oh yes, Mike……..please….oh God….right there…”

Amy knew she should leave bursa ucuz escort but couldn’t stop her fingers from pulling the curtain back and peeking through the small opening. Her eyes almost popped out when she saw Tara’s naked body lying on the small bed with Mike’s head between her thighs. She glanced down Mike’s body but could only see his profile.

Mike flicked his tongue across her unprotected clit. “Yes..right there.” She said again. Mike had never gotten her to cum with his mouth and since he was late this morning he was going to give it all he had. He opened his mouth wide until her whole pussy was captured. As he sucked on her moist flesh his tongue pushed deeply inside of her.

“You’re fucking me with your tongue…ohhh.” Tara moaned.

Amy knew about oral sex but had never tried it with her last boyfriend. Other than some heavy kissing he had not succeeded past first base. She knew she was the only virgin left on the swim team and didn’t really care who knew it. But, right now she wished it was her naked body under her bosses and it was her pussy his tongue was attacking. She couldn’t stop her hand as it moved up under her short skirt and pushed into the crotch of her wet white panties. Turn around. She ordered silently to Mike. She had never seen a naked man before.

“Oh God Mike. I’m going to come.” Tara said as she tried to pull his face up from her loins. “Come up here and fuck me.” But Mike would not allow his mouth to move from her rigid little clit. He sucked the small hooded knob between his teeth and rapidly licked up, down, right and left. Tara’s whole body lifted from the bed when she climaxed.

Amy’s fingers had moved under the silky edge of her panties and were rubbing rapidly to come when Tara did. She was on the edge of climaxing when Tara came. Her fingers froze when she watched the immense pleasure her cousin expressed. Her fingers started rubbing again and stopped when she saw Tara move off the bed.

“Your turn.” Tara giggled. She pulled Mike up and placed him down on his back. His ten inch hard-on stood straight upward. But Tara’s body now blocked Amy’s view as she leaned over and licked the long pink lollipop.

“Shit.” Amy said as she moved her head up to see over Tara’s head. How big are you Mike? She asked as she grabbed the small step stood behind the counter and quietly moved it to the curtain. She quickly moved on the top step and peered through the top of the curtain. What she saw almost made her lose her balance. As Tara’s lips moved to the base of his hard-on Amy could see at least seven inches of hard penis over her hand. He’s not human. She thought as Tara answered her prayer and moved to the base of the bed. She let go of his shaft and Amy saw it in all its glory. Her fingers moved quickly under her skirt again and as soon as she touched her enlarged clit she climaxed. Her legs buckled and she fell from the stool but caught herself before she hit the counter.

Neither Mike nor Tara heard her fall nor did they hear her quickly leave the store. Tara’s small mouth stretched wide to take in the crown and about four inches of his shaft. Her fingers massaged his balls as she moved her tight lips up and down milking him. Never before had she allowed him to come inside of her mouth but today was going to be different. “I’m coming.” Mike said to warn her but she didn’t pull away like she had always done. “Tara.” Mike said as his hot spunk splashed down into her throat. Her eyes opened to look at him as she swallowed his load.

“Did you like it?” She asked as they stood to get dressed. It was 9:40AM and Mike knew Amy would be there soon.

“You don’t have to ask.” Mike said as he kissed her.

Amy sat in her car as she looked at her watch. At 9:45AM she was going through the door and if they were still at it too bad. She took a big breath and moved to the front door. As she opened the door she was about to yell good morning when she saw the step stood she had left in front of the curtains. She quickly ran across the room and pulled the stool away just as Mike’s head came through the curtains.

“Amy.” He said panicking. He looked down to see her foot pushing the step stool aside.

“I just got here.” Amy said lying. She knew he could see the tension on her face.

Mike glanced back into the stock room to see Tara pulling her tee shirt back on. “Go out and then come back in.” He whispered as he turned and moved back to delay Tara.

Amy did as he said and when she returned she saw Tara and Mike standing by the counter. “Good morning.” She smiled.

“Hi Cuz.” Tara grinned. “I thought I would stop by this morning and see how things are going.”

“Great.” Amy said smiling at Mike. They both knew that she had watched the oral sex show.

“Good. I’ve got to meet my Mom at my sisters.” Tara said as she tongue kissed Mike one more time. He could taste himself as her tongue moved out of his mouth. “See you two later.” She left.

Amy watched Tara leave bursa elit escort and turned to say she was sorry about coming in so early but Mike was not there. She moved cautiously into the back and saw him standing on the small ladder. “I’ll call off the number and style and you write them down.” He said without looking at her. Amy did what he said and neither of them said a word about what had happened. Thirty minutes later the door opened and they heard someone come into the store. “I’ll get it.” Amy said as she moved out to the front. She paused when she saw her ex-boyfriend Jack.

“I know you told me not to come around anymore but I can’t help it.” The young guy said. “I had to see you.”

“Jack. Not here.” Amy said as she looked over her shoulder to see if Mike was looking out. “I’m working.”

“Can I see you later?”

“We’ve already had this discussion and you know the answer.”

“I’m not going to take no for an answer.” He said firmly.

“Please leave.” Amy said hoping Mike would not hear what was going on.

“Not until you say you will go out with me again.” He crossed his hands over his chest.

“What’s going on?” Mike asked as he walked out to see a young guy standing in front of Amy.

“Nothing. He is leaving.” Amy said giving Jack a mean look.

But the guy didn’t leave and just stood there. Mike knew he was at least five inches taller and outweighed the guy by forty pounds. “Time to go pal.” Mike said as he opened the front door and waited. Jack looked at Mike and smartly turned and left.

“I’m sorry.” Amy said. “He is an old boyfriend and won’t give it up.”

Mike smiled. “I really don’t blame him.” He walked past her and into the back room.

Amy was surprised what he had said. Maybe he did have some feelings for her. Mike took the ladder again and read off the information while Amy wrote it down. The phone rang and it was for Mike. When he returned Amy was now up on the ladder. And with the short skirt Mike knew he would be able to see as much as he wanted.

“You want to switch?” Mike asked as he took the ledger book. Amy looked down at him and smiled. “I’m sure you won’t mind if I do this for a while.” She turned and leaned forward to read the label on the next box.

Mike tried not to look but his male genes couldn’t stop his eyes to look up under her brown skirt at her smooth tan thighs. As she leaned forward the back of the skirt moved upward until the bottom of her pink buttocks were seen. There between the gap in her thighs was the mound of her pussy covered with a thin white silky material. He thought he could see a dark spot. He did not realize Amy had twisted to look at him until he heard her giggle. “Style 123 brown, size seven.” She said.

The inventory was finally finished at noon but not soon enough for Mike. Watching her ass and pussy mound had caused him a lot of agony especially between his legs. As Amy climbed down from the ladder she saw the huge bulge in his slacks. “I’m going to get some chicken. You want me to bring you back something?”

“Sure.” Mike said as he pulled out a twenty dollar bill. After the show he just got he was willing to buy.

Amy took the money and turned to walk out. She stopped and looked at him. “Breasts or legs?”

“Definitely breasts.” He grinned as his eyes starred at her full treasures.

“Good.” Amy said as she left the store. She had Tara by at least two bra sizes.


Louise Sullivan was heading for her third period Computer class when she stopped to read an announcement someone had taped to the wall. She could hear two girls talking around the corner and started walking again until she heard one of them say, “He’s hung like a horse.”

She had been teaching at the School for four years and had figured a Religious High School would not be as bad as the public school. But, she quickly learned that teens were the same everywhere. She pretended to read the announcement again and listened some more.

“Believe me it’s true.”

“How big is he?”

“God I would have to guess….it has to be at least ten inches long.”

Louise gasped when she heard what the girl had said. Some boy in the school was that big?

“Maybe I’ll get to measure it someday?”

“If you do please invite me too.” The two girls laughed and walked around the corner. They stopped in fear when they saw Mrs. Sullivan. Louise grinned at Amy and June and walked to her class. She made a note to talk to them after lunch.

Amy was sitting in the lunch room when a young girl came up and handed her a note. Amy crunched the note in her hand and looked at June. “I think we are busted. I have to meet with Mrs. Sullivan at 1:00PM.”

June smiled and held up her note. “I’m meeting with her at 1:30PM.”

Louise was sitting at her desk when Amy stuck her head in the door. “Come in and close the door behind you.”

Amy walked nervously across the hardwood floor and sat in the front chair. “You wanted to see me?”

Louise didn’t look up from the papers she was grading. “I heard your conversation with June before and am disappointed in you. You have always been one of my best students and my impression of you has changed.”

Amy gulped. “It was just girl talk Mrs. Sullivan. I’m not that kind of girl.”

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