Bringing Home a Surprise

I’m older than most of you reading these stories, but likely just as horny as any of you. I’m 61 years old and still have a fire in the furnace. There’s not much snow on the dome, and I’ve got more hair then most all my friends. I work out regularly and manage to keep a fairly good physique, and can still do a day’s work in the fields or woods. And I’m lonely.

In my mind I’m still a young man, still strongly attracted to women of all ages but always seem to drift towards the early 30-somethings to mid 40-somethings. They seem to be more confident about themselves without all the aggression and impatience of the younger girls, and I’ve grown to appreciate a bit softer lover than the hardbodies of youth, though I find all shapes and ages to be appealing.

Mostly I just work, either at the office or around the house. I love being outdoors and tend to do more outside than inside. My office work then the retreat out to my house in the country doesn’t put me into very many places to interact with available women these days, especially women that might be attracted to a gentleman of my vintage.

There are a few divorcees and widows in town that call me from time to time when they are feeling particularly randy, or have a chore needing to be done, but those are random and far spaced events.

A few weeks ago while leaving the grocery store a young girl, a teenager, approached me and asked if I had any housework or yard work that needed to be done. I normally chuckle as those questions and tell the solicitor that I’ve got all that handled, but this young girl had a look about her that caused me to pause. She looked hungry, tired, and almost desperate.

“Are you on the streets?” I asked. She didn’t answer right off, her eyes beginning to wale up, then her head very slightly nodded affirmatively. “You alone?” I figured she wasn’t, and when she shook her head “no” I knew that family must surely be hurting. “Tell you what. Go get the rest of your family and meet me over at my pickup truck. Warm baths, clean clothes and dinner tonight at my place. Go.” She broke out in a smile and without a word she turned and ran off towards the other stores in the little shopping center.

In just a few minutes I saw the young girl coming back with an older sister and what appeared to be her mother in tow. They all looked hungry, dirty, and tired. As they approached the truck I hopped out and greeted them. “Hi, I’m Mike, and I would be honored if ya’ll could join me tonight for dinner at my house, no strings. ” I could sense some apprehension, and did what I could to ease their fears, suggesting they could follow me in their car, and told them the clerk in the grocery store had known me for years and could vouch for me.

When they got to my place I knew they might be worried, my house being several miles out of town and with no neighbors anywhere around, but I handed my cell phone to the mother and told her to feel free to call anyone she wished, it was hers for the night. Once inside the house I showed them the spare bedrooms and bathrooms, found them some extra clothing to put on if they wanted to wash Maltepe Escort and dry theirs while we ate, then left them alone.

By the time I had a meal about ready to put on the table the three of them began filtering into the kitchen. Though I had beer, wine and liquor in the house I never showed it or offered such. They helped set the table and as we sat to have our meal the mother began to talk.

“Mike, you’re being so kind to us, and you know nothing about us.” She went on to tell of how the man of the family had become a mean drunk, had abused them all, and of how they finally got the nerve to disappear while he was at work one day. They’d been out on the road for a few weeks, living in their car and scraping together whatever they could to eat now and then. They had visited a shelter a couple of times to wash up and get a meal, but those places felt cold to them, like they didn’t belong. I found out that the mother’s name is Ann and the two girls were Rebecca and Margaret.

“Well, Ann, you, Rebecca and Maggie can stay here as long as you need to.” For some reason I trusted them, and they seemed to trust me.

Before going to work the next morning I left a note on the kitchen table along with a spare door key, though I really didn’t expect to see them when I got home that afternoon. To my surprise, their freshly washed car was still in my driveway when I pulled in after work, and when I went in the front door the aroma of supper greeted me before any of the women did. In fact, they wouldn’t even allow me into the kitchen to help out.

That night I had the best meal I’d had in a long time, and the girls were beginning to open up in conversation. After supper I sent them off to the den to find a DVD for us to watch that night while I helped Ann clear the table. She smelled fresh and the smile she wore was quite becoming to her lovely face. Her hair was clean and fell like silk around her shoulders. When she turned to take some dishes into the kitchen I stood and admired the perfect shape of her rear end, the absolute perfect complement what I imagined were firm but not overly large breasts. I guessed her to be about 40, but she wore the years well in spite of where she’d been, and tonight in the softer light of the candles the girls had set on the table the skin of her face looked like smooth cream. Even without makeup she was strikingly beautiful.

I brewed a pot of coffee while Ann got the movie going and I noticed that the girls had taken the two recliners in the den, leaving only the leather sofa for Ann and me. I suspected something even before I caught them glancing at each other as Ann and I were about to take our places.

It was a long movie and approaching bedtime by the time it was over. I knew there was a full moon that night and a cloudless sky, so I asked if any of them had ever seen the stars from out in the country. I knew they’d lived in the city all their life, so this might be a little treat, and sure enough they all were wowed when we went outside. They couldn’t believe all the stars they could see out there, and I pointed out the Anadolu Yakası Escort dippers and north star right off.

Being a cloudless night the temperatures had dropped quickly and it didn’t take long for the girls to squeal and head back into the house to warmth. Ann stood her ground, looking up towards the moon with the glow lighting her lovely face. I wanted to kiss her but dared not risk it for fear of driving them away. Truth is, I enjoyed having them there, and I had a huge crush on Ann even though she’s young enough to be my daughter.

I stood there beside her, gazing at the moon and stars, and without warning Ann stretched up on her tiptoes and kissed me on the cheek. My head snapped around and I asked, “That was really nice, but what was it for?”

“Just for being you, for being nice to us.” She smiled up and me and as I smiled back she took my hand.

“You know your daughters are watching us, don’t you?”

“Yes, and I know how they took the recliners and left us the sofa, too.” We both chuckled and turned to walk back inside.

It wasn’t long before the girls had headed off to the bedroom they were using, and Ann wasn’t far behind them. I sat up for a bit longer before killing all the lights and heading to my room. The master bedroom is at one end of the hallway and the other bedrooms at the opposite end, separated enough that even though I could see lights on from their room I couldn’t hear anything from them. I also had a private bathroom en suite, so when I closed my door it really was very private. It had been a good day and even though I was horny as usual, and thinking of Ann, for some reason I didn’t take any actions on those feelings and instead simply laid there thinking about the past two days.

I’m not sure how long I’d been lying there but at one point I heard someone walking out in the hallway. Even though my door was closed, from the night lighting I’d left on in the kitchen I could see in the light coming under the door the shadow of someone in front of my door. The knob turned slowly, the door swung open slowly and I could make out that Ann was slipping into my room. She closed the door quietly behind her before softly moving to the side of my bed. I was lying still and quiet in the darkness and I’m sure she didn’t know I was awake.

As she got to the side of my bed she gently and slowly lifted the covers just enough so that she could slide into the bed beside me. I still didn’t move or make a sound, waiting to see what she would do next. After what felt like several minutes Ann began to move very slowly towards me, her leg touching mine first. Next was her arm moving over my chest and stopping with her hand almost to my far shoulder. I felt the warmth of her breath on my shoulder. We laid there like that for long moments, then I couldn’t resist any longer.

I turned my head towards hers, and turned up onto my side to face her as I moved my lips towards hers. Guided my instinct my lips gently touched hers, pausing for a moment to allow her to react, then engaging her lips in a long, deep kiss. Her hands pulled me İstanbul Escort closer, seeming to be pulling me atop her. Her kisses were coming faster and with more passion, matched by my own energy and passion.

As our lips and tongues engaged each other Ann had run her hand over my body as if reading my body. I was hesitant at first, then allowed my hand to drift down from her shoulder to her belly, lifting over her breast. I felt her hand urge my up to her breasts, and I found them to be as firm as I had imagined and with very hard and erect nipples. After some caresses I slid my hand back down to her belly and found the bottom of the t-shirt she was wearing to bed, and slid my hand under the shirt and back up to her welcoming breasts.

For several minutes the kissing and caressing went on, our bodies warming to the touching, our breathing more heated, and somehow the covers were pushed down. I rolled back over onto my back and Ann moved up over me. She reached down and pulled the t-shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside. My hands cupped her breasts, barely able to engulf her firm mounds, and I held them that way as she lowered herself down to kiss me. Her body was fully atop me now, and it was perfect. As we kissed I stroked her back, going lower with each circle until I was grazing across the firm cheeks that were partially covered by her panties. I slipped a hand under the waistband of her panties and began to caress the crack of her ass as well as her cheeks.

Ann sat up, slid partially off of me, and reached down and took the waist of my briefs. I lifted my hips up and she slid my briefs off and down past my knees. As I bent one leg upward to kick off the underwear, Ann grabbed my fully rigid cock in one hand, bent over and took the tip of my cock into her warm mouth. It was almost more than I could stand. She was amazing, and I was almost to the point of eruption when I urged her head up off of me with my hands. It was too dark to tell, but sensed that she was smiling, fully aware of the affect she’d had on me.

Ann straightened up onto her knees, slid her panties down, then sat and removed them. I held out my arms and she moved back atop me as before, the two us now fully nude and fully intentional in our desires.

As we kissed, her legs parted slightly and my member found its way to the warmth of her passion, sliding in through the elixir of her passion, coming fully imbedded into her. Our bodies moved in unison, as if the dance had been choreographed many times over. Our pace quickened and slowed, each wanting to prolong the sensations, and we pleasured each other well into the wee hours of the morning. I was spent several times, and Ann had known the rush of ecstasy at least a dozen times.

When I awoke the next morning I woke Ann so she could return to her room before her girls had arisen, but it was too late. As she pulled on her panties and shirt we heard the girls in the kitchen, talking and laughing. Busted.

I gave Ann one of my shirts, it being large and long enough to serve as a robe for her, we both used the bathroom and combed our hair, then we went out to greet the grins. And sure enough, both of her daughters were grinning from ear to ear when we emerged from my bedroom. I don’t know about Ann, but I know my face must have been a bright red.

That was the first night Ann spent in my room. Since that night, it’s been our room.

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