Bri Gets Help!


Her mind still swimming from the painkillers the hospital had given her for her leg, Bri called the house. She wasn’t sure how she’d explain her stupidity to Ken. He was surely going to chastise her for being so absentminded. The phone just rang and rang. She heard the answering machine pick up, and just yelled for him. When no one picked up she just said, “Hey baby, I’m at the Emergency room. I need a ride home, if your home?”

No one picked up so, she decided to call Karen to see if she could pick her up instead. It seemed everyone was busy, as she got the same results at Karen’s place. She was just about to try Apryl’s when a slight commotion at the door to the Emergency room, revealed Ken and Eliot moving security guards and hospital staff out of their way like rag dolls. She knew how protective Ken was about her, but Eliot seemed just as determined to reach her. She knew she had to calm them down before somebody got arrested!

She wheeled herself to the door of her room and yelled, “Hey, you big Ox, I’m ok! Put down the nice security guard and be a nice boy!” she said as Ken was pushing a guard skyward! He looked at Bri and just dropped him to the floor, landing somewhat thankfully, on his feet. Ken was by her side in a shot. She knew he would never allow anything to happen to her and his devotion to her was never more apparent than now.

“Are you OK? What happened? Did someone hurt you?” the questions flew rapid-fire from him.

She sat there for a second letting him rant. She had to admit, for someone as calm as he usually was, when her or the boys was in trouble, he lost it. Still it was nice to see this side of Ken; sometimes she forgot this part of him. He was always her protective blanket from the world, as well as her friend and lover. No woman could have asked for a better husband, she reminded herself. She just ran her hand down his arm, running her nails along the inside of his forearm. He stopped instantly.

She looked at him straight in the eyes. “Are you quite finished? If you would have given me a minute, I would have told you I am fine!” she said staring at him until he relented.

“I wasn’t paying attention and just got my leg caught. The Doc said I’d be fine; it’s just a few pulled muscles. I guess I’ll be off my feet for a few days!” she said to both Ken and Eliot, who now hovered around her now like two roosters.

Eliot started laughing and just nudged Ken, “That’s just how we like her huh?”

Ken’s smile broadened and he just shook his head. “Well at least we would have her full and undivided attention!” he growled.

“Somebody named “Bear” called and let us know you were here! We didn’t ask the whys and wherefores, we just shot down here! You know how Ken thinks when he’s upset!” Eliot said slamming Ken’s shoulder.

“Yes, boys think with other things, it seems, than their minds when a woman is involved!” Karen’s voice chimed in from behind her.

Bri turned to find her new best friend standing at her shoulder. Her face was a little flushed, as if she had just run a marathon. Bri looked at Eliot and Ken, who just smiled. She could only imagine what had been going on with these three. She couldn’t help but ask, “Hope I didn’t break anything up? Looks like you just got done working out Karen!”

Karen smiled her most shy “Hollywood” smile and said, “Well I was explaining what we wanted to plan to the boys and, well, and things got a little carried away!”

Br shot Eliot and Ken a wicked little smile. She raised her eyebrows and said, “Then I guess you’ll just have to fill me in on all the details when we get home! I think I could use a little attention myself, now that I know the cats out of the bag!” she smiled.

All three of them just broke out in laughter at the statement. Karen said, “I think they still have some strength left sweetie, I didn’t get the chance to finish our little conversation!”

She left what wasn’t said out there like a challenge. Bri pulled Karen down so she could kiss her cheek. “Don’t worry, I’m sure they will be more than happy to tie things up, when we all get home!” she said with a whisper for Karen alone to hear.

“Hmm. tied up, now that might be fun!” Karen replied with a sly smile.

Bri started howling in laughter at the thought. “This is going to be a long night after all,” she thought, starting to feel that familiar tingle.

* * * *

Once they arrived at Karen and Eliot’s, Bri was helped into the house. All three of them began to tell her what they had come up with, before Karen needed to be taken care of! They had decided that since the weather had changed, for the colder, that they would see if Ken could get permission from his Uncle to use the cabin. It wasn’t too far and everyone could use the change.

The place was more than big enough; it had six very large bedrooms. It also had a small gym, sauna, and a very large indoor spa. Ken’s Uncle wasn’t going to be in town for the next few weeks (He görükle escort had taken the boys to Nashville), so that shouldn’t be a problem either.

Karen said she could get a caterer on short notice if they liked! Bri looked at Ken with an amused look on her face. “Now wouldn’t that be interesting? So, just what would we say to the catering staff when things get a little frisky” Bri asked Karen, a little offhandedly.

As if knowing she had made a bad choice of words, Karen replied, “I meant have the food catered not the party! “I’d like a little waiter on the side”, Oh please!” Karen said as if it was an old joke.

They all started laughing and for the first time, Bri noticed what Karen was barely wearing. She had slipped into a hospital robe and from its length; it must have been made for someone a lot shorter. She had only noticed the long trench coat at the hospital. She again could appreciate why men found her so attractive. Her legs looked like they had been sculpted just for her. Any model or actress would have sold their souls for such legs.

Karen noticed her looking at the gown and said, “Sorry, it was a bit colder than I realized when we took off. I lifted one from the hospital, think they’ll notice?” she asked.

“More to the point, when did you get the chance to put it on?” Eliot commented.

“Well, that guy in that first curtain sure appreciated the view! I sure hope he wasn’t there on heart related problems! Hmm, oh well!” Karen said as innocently as she could.

Ken and Bri nearly choked. Eliot simply patted Karen’s shoulder and said, “That’s my girl, leave them with their mouths open!”

They all settled down for a drink, and Bri had a cup of warm tea. It wouldn’t have done to mix the painkillers with booze. She didn’t want to be that out of it!

The rest of the evening went along as they threw ideas back and forth on just how many guys they should invite. Ken was all for seeing if some of his work buddies were in, but not sure if they could get away for a weekend. By now, most of the wives were really starting to get suspicious and he didn’t want fuel the fire with a weekend trip. They would have to enlist local talent or just do with the four of them. Karen and Bri laughed at that. It was then that Karen dropped the little secret they had waited to let out until later.

“Honey”, Karen purred in Eliot’s ear, “we have one more that wants to join our little gathering!”

Eliot looked at her with a baffled look. He had had the same look when Karen had wanted to join in. Now he raised an eyebrow and asked, “ Aren’t the number of guys we have in mind enough?”

Karen and Bri laughed out loud at his misunderstanding. They looked seriously at both he and Ken and said, “No dear, we have another volunteer to keep them all busy! You may need to recruit a few more studs, that depends on the new comers abilities!”

Both Ken and Eliot stared at them both as if Santa had just delivered the best present ever. They both just stood there with malicious grins and asked whom? Karen waited a few moments then asked if either of them remembered a small brunette from the party they had given a few months back? Both seemed to remember someone but couldn’t place a face. Karen told Eliot, that her best friend should ring a bell.

Eliot just stared at Karen as if she was mad. “You don’t mean that little wisp of a girl Apryl, do you?” asked Eliot.

“The very same. She seems to think she could help even out the odds a little in our favor, if you guys agree.” Karen looked as if this was not a question but, a pronouncement!

Eliot looked at Ken and then again at Karen. He pointed his thumb back at Ken and said, “You know we won’t take it easy on her just because she’s new. You found that out the hard way didn’t you darling?” Eliot snickered.

Karen looked both of them squarely in the eyes and said, “ Don’t you worry about that. I think you should be more worried about whether you have the stamina to keep up with three of us!” She definitely put that last statement in as a challenge.

“Your on sweetie!” Ken said like a bull stud, “I’m gonna make you wish you never said that, and that goes for your little Brunette too!” His impression of that witch was terrible, but he made his point.

Just as they were about to go into another round of discussion, the doorbell rang. Karen was closest and sprinted towards it. She had apparently forgotten about the Hospital gown and Ken and Eliot got a perfect view of her ass as she ran from the room. Both again smiled and then waited to see who had come at this late hour.

Karen walked back in with the person they had just spoken about. Apryl was indeed very tiny compared with Bri and Karen. She couldn’t have been more than five feet four. Her long flowing black/brunette hair, was wavy instead of curly. She had the deepest dark eyes either of them could remember. She smiled, and out of her mouth poured the most wonderful karacabey escort Southern drawl either had heard since coming here. She was definitely a local.

“I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything boys” the words almost sounded like music to them.

“Karen introduced them one by one to her, then suggested they all get comfortable and get some planning done. Apryl looked at her and Bri and simply asked, “ What I don’t get to see the hardware? Sounds like I’m being set up here Kar, I think I’d better have a look at what’s going to be inside me, don’t you?”

She smiled at Ken and Eliot with such confidence that both of them almost could not contain their grins. Karen walked over to Bri sitting on the sofa and asked, “Well, what do you think? Should we let her get a sample? Or should we let them all suffer until the party?”

“Oh by all means guys, show her what’s in store for her. Let her even have a little taste of the things to come. If she can handle you two, then maybe she will be ready for more!” Bri laughed.

Apryl surprised everyone by peeling off the sweatshirt she was wearing and revealed she had been going without a bra! Her perky “C” cups bounced into view and the boys looked as if they couldn’t wait to see more. Apryl without hesitation kicked off her shoes, then undid her jeans and dropped them to the floor in a heap. She was now completely nude, as she seemed to be going commando as well.

The boys took in the smallish frame and the nicely rounded ass, as well as the small patch of pubic hair neatly trimmed above her pouting pussy lips. She stood there as if being nude in front of strangers was something she was used to. Her hands went to her sides, and she proudly displaying herself for anyone to see. Her white skin glowed from the reflective light of the fireplace by which she now stood. Her nipples taunt and proud stood firmly out before her.

“Well, I’m ready how about you two?” She said from her challenging position.

Ken grinned at Eliot and murmured. “NO mercy my friend, not until she yells Uncle!” He had a look as if he meant to teach this little witch a lesson.

“You got it my friend, until she passes out!” Eliot agreed, and then began to take off his clothing as well.

Apryl watched as the two of them removed first their shirts, then pants. They both remained in their boxers, still covering what was beneath. Apryl looked back at the girls and winked, as if she had them both under her control now. Karen simply nodded at her as if to look again. As Apryl turned she found herself staring at the two largest and thickest cocks she could have ever conceived of on two men. The look of confidence evaporated from her face as quickly as it had appeared.

Apryl looked back at Karen and Bri who, now both had there own smiles of delicious evil, as they knew what was about to happen. Bri simply said, “ Enjoy Apryl, we’ll see you in a few hours” Both she and Karen excused themselves as the boys surrounded her.

Men who towered above her were now pressing her from both sides. Their mighty cocks pressing into her arms and not showing any signs that they would be easy to deflate. She looked first at Eliot and took in his enormous length. She swallowed at the thought of trying to go down on that thing. The she looked in wide eyed shock at Ken’s thick torpedo, and wondered if she had indeed gotten herself in too deep.

“Well my dear, welcome to our little circle of friends.” Ken said with a smile. “I believe the words you are looking for are, “Oh my God!” are they not?”

She was too numb to speak and she was still trying to sort things out, as she felt Eliot pull her down onto the rug. She was still looking at Kens huge fuck pole, when she felt the head of Eliot’s cock start to split open her very wet and more than ready pussy. She grimaced as he pushed open her legs even wider to gain full access. She felt like inch-by-inch; her mind was being ripped away by the shear pleasure of being so filled.

She looked down to watch as Eliot slowly allowed her to feel every millimeter of his rod slide in. Eliot leaned back to allow her a full and unfettered view as his monster disappeared into her. She could not believe she was taking this much cock; she was already on the brink of her first orgasm! She tried to hold back as Eliot began a slow, full stroking rhythm. She felt every stroke as he touched places in her she never knew she could have felt before. She felt herself bucking back at him, her hips flexing by themselves. She also realized that she was now moaning like a skewered animal and didn’t care!

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ken kneel beside her and set his throbbing monster next to her open mouth. She wasn’t sure how, but she was determined to try getting that in her mouth. She stretched her mouth open and could feel the enormous head fill her mouth. She knew this would take some time to adjust to, she just hoped he would allow her that mudanya escort time. She soon found that as Eliot began building speed, she had no choice but to take Ken’s monster down her throat to avoid hurting him.

The two seemed to compliment each other as they built up a more furious assault. She found it hard to concentrate on the cock sliding in and out of her mouth and throat, while the other was hitting her deep places and driving her mad with pleasure. She could feel the lips of her overfilled pussy burning from the friction of that giant cock.

Time seemed to endlessly go on as she came time, after time, in explosive orgasm’s never before dreamed of. Time and space became unreal as Eliot’s steady, full strokes brought her again and again to new heights of pleasure. She was in a delirium of pleasure and didn’t care if it ever ended!

Just as she began to feel sanity slipping away, something unexpected happened. She felt Eliot howl as he ripped out the invading monster from her overstretched box, and deposit an unbelievable load of cum across her chest and neck. She couldn’t see the spray of man-juice, as she was still being gagged by Ken’s monster, in her throat! She moaned helplessly around his organ as she, yet again, came in a torrent or gigantic, fast hitting, orgasms.

Her body convulsing and jerking without any shame, she felt Ken withdraw his cock from her sore and stiff-jawed mouth. For a brief moment the feeling of being completely empty, left her breathless. She did not know where she was, or how long it had been since she could last think clearly. She didn’t have long to wait as she again felt a cock pressing in on her womanhood.

She had thought that Eliot’s cock would have prepared her for what was to come. Yet, as Ken began to enter her quivering love hole, she could feel herself being stretched to an impossible new width as this huge pole of flesh split her open. She tried backing away, as if to escape some torturous device concocted for her torment alone. Ken grabbed her small waist and pulled her down, she could not escape as he slid inch after inch of his massive cock into her.

She could hear a woman’s voice screaming in agony/pleasure in her mind, as he quickly built up to a brutal speed, it was her! She wasn’t sure she could take this for long, and reflexively squeezed her inner muscles to aid in getting this over with. She was now very close to passing out, as she could feel the blanket of unconsciousness creeping in. The cold fingers of oblivion called her as Ken began slamming into her used and sore pussy. She had cum so many times now; she didn’t think she could handle anymore.

Just as she believed she was going to pass out, she felt Ken’s cock grow even larger still. It stretched her far beyond what she thought she could take. Another huge orgasm wracked her helpless body and her spine stiffened from the effort. Her legs locked in a death grip around Ken’s waist and she could feel herself crying out like an animal. He roared himself and she felt, what must have been gallons, spraying into her womb. She reluctantly gave way to the blackness and the last she remembered, was the face of Ken as he grunted out the final throws of his own powerful orgasm.

She thought to herself, “ I made it, they didn’t get me to say Uncle!” It was the last thought she had as she passed into unconsciousness!

* * * *

The girls sat in the kitchen listening for over two hours, as Apryl was brought into their little fold. They both smiled at remembering how, they too, had been initiated. After everything went silent, they both winked at each other and went to see who had prevailed. As they entered the living room, it was apparent that the boys had, once again, proven too much for one woman. They looked at the unmoving body of Apryl; lying unconscious in a blanket they had wrapped her in. She had the look that they were so familiar with, one of total satisfaction! Karen saw that the boys were none the better, as they heaved in deep and gulping breaths. Eliot was laughing loudly and the girls wondered what was so funny?

Eliot, between gasps, pointed at Ken and said, “That was the fastest I have ever seen him lose it since we started doing this! She must be good, he didn’t last five minutes!” Eliot said slapping Ken on the shoulders, hysterical.

Bri looked at him and asked, “ Five minutes? Damn, you take longer to get interested stud! Was she too much for you?”

Ken looked sheepishly at the floor and muttered, “ Well she had already given me head for an hour, and I would have done better if “Mr. Greedy” over there hadn’t hogged her up for so long!” He pointed at Eliot with an accusing finger.

“Oh no, Bubba. Don’t blame me, she had your number from the get go!” Eliot laughed, “I saw the look on your face when she wrapped those tiny legs around you, it was all over after that!” His laughter was contagious, as they all began to crack up one by one.

Karen looked at Bri and said, “ Looks like we found a match for the ragging bull there! I can’t wait to let her know how well she did!” She gave an appraising look at the still form of Apryl.

Bri hugged Ken and said lovingly, “ Well there’s a first time for everything sweetie, don’t let it get you down!”

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