Boston Boogie Night

Big Tits

Sometimes home life gets boring, and sometimes a woman needs more. It’s not that I don’t love being married, my heart belongs to Chris, but I long to be filled and used hard sometimes, and that’s just something Chris can’t do. I’m not getting any younger, but I still look hot with my auburn hair and green eyes. After two kids my body is matronly, my hips are wide, my butt is round, my boobs are full double D’s that sag a bit. But I know how to use all of it, and I know how to give it… to the right guy.

I’m no cougar, I wasn’t on the prowl when I met Jordan. It just happened. I had to go into Boston to close a deal on a house when the blizzard hit. I was lucky to get a hotel room. The bar downstairs was like an oasis for the stranded. They didn’t jack the prices like you would think, instead they extended happy hour, and most of us tried hard to get happy. I was on my second Tom Collins when he entered.

Jordan was tall, like six foot three, with broad shoulders that tapered down to slim hips and a muscled ass. His head was just stubble and his skin was milk chocolate brown. I tried not to stare and be discreet in my glances, but I think it just made me look coy, because he sauntered over to the bar right next to me.

“Let me get a Seven and Seven.” He said to the bartender then he turned so he was leaning on the bar and looking at me. “Well hello.” He said with a flash of pearly whites.

“Hi.” I responded a little too shyly and downed my drink.

“You don’t remember me, do ya?”

Now my brain was spinning. “I’m sorry, should I?”

“You almost sold me a house last year.” He supplied, still with that disarming smile

“Oh, that makes sense. I sell houses” I said with a silly laugh and smiled back. “Out of curiosity, why didn’t I sell you house?”

“Went the apartment route instead, being single and in sales.” He shrugged “and prices around Boston what they are, it seemed the better fit to get just a small place out of town.”

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t sell you a house, but I’m glad you found a good fit.”

“Oh, it fits nice.” He was constantly eyeing me up and down. “I’m sorry I didn’t keep your card and invite you to my apartment warming.”

He chatted me up through another drink and we watched a few people on the hotel bar’s little dance floor.

“I bet you and I could do better.” He jerked his head towards the dancers.

“Maybe” I was non-committal to to the idea.

Then Jordan got up, grabbed my hand, and started tugging playfully. “C’mon, dance with me. Let’s show ’em what you got.”

“NO!” I protested but couldn’t help giggling.

Then he flashed that smile, “Then show ME what you got.”

I slid off the stool and let this charmer lead me to the floor. My heels weren’t too high and my business outfit was a short pinstriped blue skirt with a matching vest and a white blouse. Chris called it my secretary costume. I just thought it made me look professional while still letting me look good. The vest scooped right under my full bosom. I could dance in this… if I had to. Jordan held my hand high, till we got there, and then spun me to start it off. After three drinks it made me dizzy, but I laughed when he caught me in his arms and steadied me. Then he broke away and we were dancing to some techno song I had never heard of.

Jordan’s eyes never left me. Even when he danced around me, I knew his gaze was on me and soon his hands were too. He grabbed my hips and we did a dirty rumba, with his member usually pressed to my round bottom. I would move away a little but he would follow and pull me back to his groin. I couldn’t go far; it was a tiny dance floor. With my hands at my hair and my bottom shaking, then he’d pull us together and we would sway. I could feel that bulge getting bigger, and I admit I did grind against it. It felt fat against my cheeks. Jordan spun me around and his hands glided down my sides as he went down my body. I spread my legs wide and put my splayed fingers on his head. I’m sure people were looking at us. He was only down there for a second, but it looked like he was eating me from my viewpoint. I danced away from him and laughed in embarrassment. My face was all red, I’m sure, but I was aroused.

We danced with some light in between us now, but I couldn’t ignore the heat between us. He gave this woman all his attention, and that can be such a turn-on. The song got slow, but we didn’t leave the floor. He waited for my hand with his own palm up, and dared me stay with his eyes. Our bodies pressed tight again, but this time from the front, we talked and I caught my breath.

“You’re a sexy dancer,… Heather.” He finally used my name.

I smiled mischievously. “I wondered if you knew it.”

“Your name, or that you can shake that ass?” Now he smiled mischievously.

He actually made me blush. Then I felt his hand slide across that ass, and give it a little pat before resting there.

“You’re very bold, Mr. Jordan Davis.” He had given me his name earlier.

“Yes, and you haven’t removed my hand.” He said with a bird eating grin.

I decided to play too. “Is that all it does is sit there?” I said saucily.

“It’s been known to roam.” He assured me.

With that he squeezed it and kissed me, passionately. I was stiff for a few moments. My mind raced. Pictures of Chris rushed through my head, but my heart speed so fast, and my toes curled. I finally kissed him back, our bodies pressed tight, my hard nipples pressed into his chest. His arms were so strong around me, and his pecs were like rock. Jordan’s tongue danced with mine, and his big hands scooped the round flesh of my ass. I couldn’t help but press my mound into his thigh. My hand held on behind his neck, and we sucked and kissed each other hungrily.

I think both of us remembered where we were at the same time and we broke the kiss, but he still held me in his powerful arms.

“We should go talk.” He said softly to me.

We were looking into each others eyes. “Yeah, talk.” I said breathlessly, almost hypnotized.

He lead me away by the hand through the little crowded bar and into an elevator.

“Um” I started to say, but once the door shut Jordan pressed me to a wall and kissed me hard. He reached down and lifted my leg. His hand sliding over my thigh as he pressed his leg into my pantie covered snatch. The muscled chocolate stud ground into me, and any protest or second thoughts were banished from my mind. I wanted sex, a hard fucking, I wanted him.

The doors opened, but we clung to each other. He finally got us out the door through sheer strength. Jordan lifted me in his arms, and my legs and arms wrapped around him. His big hands held me up by my butt. We still kissed as he moved us towards his room. He put me down and got out his key card. I felt so little next to him, so feminine and desired. I let him move me inside and he shut the door. It was my turn to jump on him. I wrapped myself around him in the darkness. I kissed him so soulfully and let my hands run up his chest. I began unbuttoning his well fit business shirt. It was crisp and starched. I let my fingers roam in and felt his washboard abs and then my palms ran across stiff nipples peaking stone like chest muscles.

“You must really work out, Jordan.” I whispered in the darkness.

“I do push ups wherever I go.” He assured me. “Lack of a gym won’t stop me.”

He pulled the shirt off, and then hit the light switch near the door. The entrance way lit up, but the rest of the hotel room was dim and in shadows. He took me in his arms again and laid his thick lips at my neck. I moaned softly as his right hand reached low for my butt again. He squeezed it and pulled it up, then separating the soft cheeks under my skirt. I felt him lift the material and his big hand slid into my underwear. His big fingers found my crack and he pulled my cheek away from its twin. I moaned louder for him letting him know my ass was loving the attention. Holding me to his thigh by my butt, Jordan ground my wet pussy to him. I felt his thick cock pressed at my belly as we gyrated together. I reached around to his hard muscled back and clung to him as my pussy began to drip.

I could feel that cock through his clothes and mine. I wanted to touch it, to at least feel its outline with my hand. I put my right hand between us. It was difficult to turn my palm away from me, but my fingers went down his trouser front and ran along the long bulge there. It was like those Indian serpent mounds we took field trips to as a kid. It definitely twitched beneath my caress. I kept rubbing the length of it as Jordan continued to bump and grind his thigh into my mound. Now Jordan’s own hands got busy. I felt both hands yank on my panties. He had them past my rump already and just had to bring down the fronts. I narrowed my stance for him, and smiled as I helped to wiggle out of them, until they hit my ankles.

Jordan moved us to the king sized bed; he had gotten an executive room, with one bed and a lazy boy, instead of the normal two doubles. I sat on the edge and his tented pants were before me. I didn’t know what he planned, but looking up with a grin, I knew what my plans were. My palms smoothed across the front, his fat cock going down one pant leg. He smiled back at me as my fingers undid his belt, then slowly opened the button of his gray trousers. I gently pushed them down, prolonging the tease. Now that cock pressed hard at the cotton fabric of his boxers.

“He wants to come out and play.” I said cutely, my lips pouting up at him..

“Pull him out. He’s a good dog.” Jordan played back. “just wants some lovin’.”

I grinned wide at that invitation and hauled that dick from its cloth wrapper. It was heavy in my hand and already so hard. I could barely see it with the only light to Jordan’s back, but it felt like a monster that seemed as thick as my wrist. Slowly I began to stroke it, caress it really, letting my hand slide up görükle escort and my palm go over the big swollen head. My fingers tickled under the helmet and pushed back the foreskin. I let my encircled fingers go down it gently until I reached the base and his heavy balls. Now I knew it was fully hard, because it started to curve upward, where before it stood straight out.

I smiled up at him before taking it into my mouth. Jordan groaned deeply and put his hand in my hair. Just the head was swabbed by my lips and tongue. I worked around it, feeling it’s blood flow and the heat come off it.

“Damn, woman.” He whispered in the darkness.

I giggled and gently nibbled at it, licking down the side and then back up before taking it in my mouth again. I sucked it and let my tongue play against the head. I took it in as deep as I could, but still my hand gripped the shaft. Jordan stepped out of his boxers and pants, kicking them behind him. He wanted to fuck my mouth, but I kept his cock clamped at the base so I wouldn’t choke on deep strokes. Gently he moved his hips, thrusting his cock through my red lips. He pushed my hair behind my head to try and see.

“Oh baby.” he cooed to me as he caressed my cheek and then cradled my head.

Still, he gently fucked my mouth. My spit covered his flesh and only once or twice did his cockhead hit my throat. I let my free hand go between my spread legs. My skirt was the only obstacle, but not much of one, as my fingers delved into my wet lips. They were smooth and puffy. Chris would shave me weekly, keeping me smooth, but there was a thick little soul patch above, kind of a target where my mound loved to be pressed and rubbed.

I pushed him off, worried he would blow too soon. With my ass still at the edge of the bed I lay back and pulled my legs up to rest my feet on the bed. I lay my arms up and stretched, hoping I looked inviting.

“Will you eat me?” hoping it sounded more like a dare than pleading, because I wanted his cock, but my pussy needed licking.

Jordan didn’t disappoint me. He gave a wide grin as he took a knee and then two, after grabbing a hold of my hips and pushing my legs back. They say some black men don’t eat pussy… I haven’t met one yet.

He took his time just as he had done so far. He kissed my thighs and pushed my skirt up around my waist. I unbuttoned the vest and my blouse, really hoping to get my tits in play. Jordan looked up and instinctively reached for the mounded flesh as he licked my wet slot. I moaned through smiling lips as he covered all the bases I wanted. My nipple stood up hard and pressed into his palm. He licked the outer lips and pulled them into his mouth, Jordan’s tongue dipped into my hole and then brought one side of the puffy flesh to his lips and ate me. My back arched as I pinched my own nipple and squealed.

“Pull them.” I begged, not being specific.

But this man was in my mind, and both of his hands grabbed my thick, flushed nipples and pulled them down towards him. my mouth opened in a silent cry as I curled forward now. My tits like a leash to my body. Jordan smiled up at me and abandoned my still needful pussy. My boobs had his attention, and he looked hungry. He lay between my legs now, his head at my chest, he suckled my hard nipple and pulled on the other one. I cradled his head and moaned under him. My legs wrapped around him. My needy pussy now had other desires than his tongue. Jordan made a feast of my breast, he nibbled the nipple and bit and nuzzled into the flesh. My boobs are soft and the flesh not so firm anymore, but he buried his face into them. He licked under them and around them, gently tasting skin and kissing my whole tit. My hips pumped now. I banged my mound into his hard belly. I wanted him in me, but I wanted my tits sucked too.

Jordan stood over me, a towering, broad shouldered, black warrior. I saw the outline of his turgid tool in the dim light. He took me by my ankles and squatted just a little. His cock pointed at my slit.

“Grab it.” He told me.

I reached down to my mound and caught hold of his fat cock. I ran its head along my wet lips. He waited till it entered the edge of my hole and slowly pushed forward. I felt the hot, round head push through my folds. Slowly he mounted me. He pushed my legs back with his arms hooked behind my knees. His dick slid inward and my sex welcomed him in. I moaned loudly as he settled above me. I took it all, and our groins met… And then he kissed me. Jordan was tender. I expected him to ravage and destroy me, but slowly he moved. His body was a rock of flesh above me, but softly he loved me. My knees to my armpits and my big tits out, and he cradled above me, as if protecting us from the world. Slowly he rocked. His cock hit my back wall, but a touch, not a smack. I kissed him back and my hands smoothed across his shoulders. Our mouths danced as our private parts did. I sucked his tongue and drew it into me as my pussy to his cock. My hips rocked up to meet his stroke and we moaned within each other.

Jordan broke our kiss and touched nose to nose with me. He stared into my eyes, and I back at him. My hands ran down his chest, and up his sides.

“You like it slow?” He asked in his rich baritone.

“I Love it just like this.” I couldn’t help but answer. This was heaven and my pussy squeezed in response to those long slow strokes.

Jordan released my legs and I clamped them around his firm ass.

“Grab on.” He instructed and my arms wrapped round his neck and my heels looked together.

He lifted us up, putting his knees on the bed, he moved us forward. I hung on his body and his cock jutted inside as we moved like a two backed beast. His muscled arms held me aloft, until we reached the center and he sunk his weight and cock into me.

“Mmm” I moaned and smiled at him.

Jordan put his lips to my ear. “I’m gonna fuck you,baby.” and clamped one hand to the bottom of my ass.

We lay flesh to flesh and he began to rock. My legs high, belly to belly and his breath in my ear. My nipples rubbed his chest and he sank into me, deep. His curly thatched mound rubbed into mine. The bed began that slow cadence of love making. His cock thrust a little harder now, but I wanted it. I relished the invasion of his meat. My fingers dug in, and my heels rode his ass. I felt him hit my wall, but I moaned into his ear, I grunted my acceptance. My belly quivered as he fucked me, and my climax grew. I felt my walls squeeze him and my toes curl. All my muscles seemed to clench. I gave a stifled high pierced cry as I clung to him.

Jordan didn’t stop. He just whispered into my ear. “Get it, girl” in that husky baritone.

I scratched him, I know I did, but he didn’t stop, he didn’t flinch. His hips kept fucking. He rode out my cum and waited for me to relax in his arms. Then he went faster. He pistoned harder. His cock pulled nearly out and drove back in. I felt his balls mash into my butt. Grunts filled my ear and I kissed his.

“Jordan…Jordan” I called his name.

“Tell me, baby” he said sooo sexily.

“Fuck me.” I simply said.

And he started ramming. He growled in my ear and began bucking over top of me. His fat cock driving in and out. My ass bouncing on the bed only to be slammed back up to him and he drove me down again. I screamed and wailed. Jordan loved it and grunted his satisfaction, getting me off was getting him off. I felt him go deep and hard now. I thought I may hurt in the morning, but I didn’t care. I felt him deep inside of me and his monster filled me up. My hands reached for his butt to help my feet hold him in. Just when I thought both of us couldn’t take anymore, he stopped and started grinding it. He moved in circles above me and our groins were soaked with my juices. I could feel the damp spot under my butt and the trickle down my taint and crack.

“Roll over for me.” He requested. “I want to see that ass. I want it against me.”

“OK” I smiled and answered easily. What middle aged woman doesn’t like her ass admired.

Jordan climbed off and stood on the floor beside the bed. I rolled over and turned my round butt to face him. He grabbed handfuls and made mmm sounds. I felt him grab both cheeks, spreading them apart.

“So sexy.” he said almost to himself.

One hand still held me, and I felt that thick cock head line up to its target.

“Put your knees together. It will help.”

The moment I did what he said, he plunged in hard. I felt his groin smack into my ass, but he didn’t bottom out. He was pounding into my cheeks without hitting the back of my pussy. My feet were between his knees and his hands had my hips. The room was full of that slapping sound as he fucked me fast, hard, and deep. My thick rump took his pounding as he yanked me by my waist back and forth. I could feel another climax building inside me, a big one. I hung my head and groaned. My hands gripped the sheet beneath me. It was coming, almost there. My body was tensing up and my voice began a low wail. Then it hit. I cried out and dropped my forehead to the bed. My pussy clenched hard and Jordan smacked me on my ass.

“Yeah, baby!” He shouted, proud of himself.

And then I felt it. His cock swelled and flexed inside me. He shoved his dick forward one last time, and I felt the cum burst forth… And quickly I came to my senses.

“DON’T CUM INSIDE ME!” I yelled and pulled forward, dropping my body flat on the bed.

I felt jizz smack across my ass and legs, but I knew it was too late. I could feel the hot seed inside me. I felt it when it first hit. Scrambling off the bed I dashed to the bathroom. The business suite had a bidet built into the toilette, and quickly I mounted it.

Jordan stood naked now in the doorway, his cock drooping but still big, a little bitty cum droplet at its tip. “I’m sorry. I thought you had this covered.”

I looked at him with what must have been anguish on my face. “I wasn’t thinking. We don’t use it.” The water was shooting up my vulva, but I needed it inside. The hose came off and I put it inside me and squatted there like a human waterfall. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so serious.

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