The Unexpected Escort


It all started one evening when I was surfing the web. Well OK, searching rather than surfing, I was looking at pictures, gifs, movies of young girls, 18, 19, maybe a little older, nothing too weird. I was looking to feed my fantasy for young girls with older guys, guys my age, mid 40’s. I’d had a few beers, a couple of glasses of malt whisky, and I had settled down at the computer to indulge my favourite fantasy for young female bodies. I was very horny.

I had been alone for a couple of years now. After 20 years of marriage, we had divorced. My wife had kept the house and I moved out and bought a modern apartment nearby. Amy, my 18-year-old daughter, didn’t pick favourites, her home was still at the old house but she kept in touch and visited regularly when her studies at university allowed.

Generally, I was very lonely. My friends all had partners and I felt too old to re-enter the dating scene — well I was never really in it, to be honest, my ex-wife was my first proper girlfriend, we courted for 6 years before marrying and I was pathetically shy around single women.

Anyway, one of my searches just happened to lead me to the escort site — ‘Dream Lovers’. I had never considered using an escort — I couldn’t imagine calling in at one of those places and would never consider picking up a girl on a street corner — it was just so seedy and the various websites for finding ‘girls in your area’ always looked fake. This was in my area though, well, it had a radius that included my address and it looked like a genuine business with a catalogue of 30 plus girls who all made house calls…

It was great fantasy fodder and I eagerly devoured the details and examined the pictures of each girl. They all had a full profile with a list of things they did and didn’t do, things they specialised in and all had a selection of photos, none of them showed a face or complete nudity but they showed enough to get me quite excited, a little clothing can be much sexier than complete nudity.

My fantasy was for young girls — around my daughters’ age was ideal. There were several younger girls listed and I read their profiles and studied their pictures with great interest. Eventually, I settled on Serena: 18, 5’4″, long blonde hair, 34b-25-34, fun, friendly, affectionate, submissive, oral, anal play… this one could easily become my new fantasy woman. Apparently, she could arrive dressed as a maid, businesswoman, cheerleader, schoolgirl… The pictures were cheeky and erotic, but sort of amateur and innocent looking too. The schoolgirl photos were a particular turn on, reminding me of the uniform my daughter wore to school.

Yes, this would be my fantasy for many nights! I could get off on thoughts of ‘Serena’. Sex fantasies with sexy schoolgirl Serena, oh yes, I was rubbing myself at the thought of her… she could fuel my fantasies for a long time!

My fantasies… I looked at the price, £70 for half an hour, £120 for an hour… I could easily pay for an hour, or two, or… wow, if only I had the guts if only I wasn’t so shy and pathetic! I could feel my heart pounding as I got nervous about the thought of my fantasy becoming reality. It could happen!

I looked at the phone number. It would be so easy. I picked up my wallet and flipped it open — yes I had the cash, enough for an hour, enough for two hours if I wanted, my heart pounded in my chest. It would be so easy, I just had to pick up the phone. I read the page. I examined every photo. Could I do it? I pretty much made my mind up then panicked a little and had to walk around a little to calm myself down and slow my pounding heart!

“Hello? Is that D-Dream L-L-Lovers?” I stuttered, feeling particularly stupid as I did.

“Yes sir, how may we be of service?” came the friendly, relaxed reply.

“I um, I don’t suppose – I mean…”

“Would you like the company of one of our girls sir?”

“Oh uh, yes, is umm, is Serena available?”

“Just one moment sir.” There was a faint tapping of keys followed by a cheery, “Yes sir, Serena is free, would you like her company for an hour? Or maybe longer sir? And how would you like her to dress?”

“Oh, an hour will be fine — yes, an hour please – schoolgirl…” I blurted, suddenly feeling like a complete pervert and hovering my finger over the ‘end call’ button.

“Yes sir, that will be £120 payable to Serena on arrival,” She added, “and that is payment for her company only, for the prescribed time. Anything else that may, or may not happen is between consenting adults — is that understood sir?”

“Yes, yes thank-you.”

She asked for my address and after a short pause I was told that Serena would be with me in 10 to 15 minutes if that was OK.

“Oh, yes.” I couldn’t believe I was doing this, it was actually happening, I had the six 20 pound notes out of my wallet and folded in my hand before the call was over.

I hung up, rushed upstairs to spray deodorant, splash cologne and change into fresh clothes. I picked up my discarded clothes porno from the floor and shoved them in a drawer, straightened the bed and as a last thought before leaving the room sprayed some cologne into the air above the pillows. I hurried downstairs, tidied here and there, switched off all the lights except the entrance hall and a table lamp in the living room. I had a large swig of whisky followed by a sprint back upstairs for a mouthwash rinse, I didn’t want to smell of booze! I must calm down, slow down, I don’t want to get sweaty! I panicked briefly about the cash, realised it was still tightly gripped in my hand… I sat on the arm of the sofa, waiting, heart pounding, so nervous, so ridiculously nervous!

I waited… Then after what seemed like an hour but was in fact only 15 minutes there was a soft knock at the door. Oh my god, what am I doing? Don’t weaken, I told myself, this is going to happen!

I walked to the front door. I could see her silhouette through the mottled glass. She was feet away. My hand shook as I reached out and opened the door. I smiled a little, well I think it was a smile…

“Hello? Can I, umm…”

“Mister Jenkins? It’s Serena,” She smiled softly waiting for me to invite her in. I opened the door wider and stood to one side, not quite looking her in the face, not quite making eye contact, but seeing the white knee socks, shiny black shoes, short blue pleated skirt, white blouse and long wavy blonde hair as I wordlessly ushered her in and she passed in front of me. She looked so small, so young, what the fuck what was I doing?

“Oh yes, do come in.” I nervously held out my hand with the tight wad of notes in it.

She took the money, spread the notes very slightly but enough to count, and pushed them into a pocket in her handbag. She slowly walked a few steps, pausing where the living room door and the foot of the stairs converged.

I blushed and gestured for her to continue into the living room. She smiled a little and stepped into the room. I followed and gestured for her to sit on the sofa, perching myself on the edge of the seat at the opposite end.

Our eyes met. Hers were baby blue and her cheeks were rosy, she was nervous too, I could tell from her demeanour, she was too young to be overly experienced. Then I saw the look of surprise appear on her face as her eyes widened and jaw dropped. She looked familiar, my heart skipped several beats as I suddenly realised.


“Mister Davis?”

“Sophie, w-what are you doing here… well, I know what you, um… I mean…”

Sophie blushed, her face almost glowed, and she suddenly looked really nervous, really embarrassed and shy.

“I, um, I’m sorry Mr. Davis, I had no idea, I didn’t know…

“You look so different, your hair is long and the make-up, you look so grown up! Well, compared to – how long has it been since I last saw you? It must be 3 or 4 years? You used to come around all the time, you and Amy were best friends.”

“We still are friends, Mister Davis, although I don’t see her so much, a couple of times last year… I’m sorry you and your wife split up, you were such a lovely couple, I always liked coming around, you were always so nice to me…” She raised her eyes a little and smiled. “It’s really nice to see you again.”

“Oh my god Sophie! What must you think of me? I have been so lonely for so long and I just wanted to be with someone, I am so sorry!” I looked down, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, “You should go.”

“Y-yes Mister Davis.” She slid the cash from her bag and held it out to me.

“No! No, you keep that,” I forced a smile and pushed the proffered cash back with the flat of my hand, “Your time,” I mumbled. “Oh and Sophie, please don’t tell Amy about this…”

Sophie hesitated then slipped the cash back into her bag, “I never would Mister Davis, tell her I mean, I don’t even want her to know I am doing this.”

I nodded and got up. I walked to the desk and poured myself a large whisky and took a swig.

“It has been lovely to see you Sophie, you look so good, I’m so sorry it was… like this.” I looked down in shame, “Please don’t think badly of me. Oh, would you like a drink before you go? Of course ,you wouldn’t, I’m so -“

Sophie looked up at me, “Yes please Mr Davis, I would like a drink… if you don’t mind.”

“Of course, of course, it has been a shock to you too hasn’t it, what would you like sweetie? I have whisky, vodka, beer…”

“Whisky will be great, thank-you.” She smiled.

I poured a generous measure of malt whisky into a crystal glass and handed it to her with a warm smile. The embarrassment was subsiding a little and it was such an unexpected pleasure to have the company of this delightful young woman.

“Thank you, Mister Davis,” she said as she briefly looked up at me.

“Tom, please! Call me Tom,” I smiled at her.

“Yes Tom.” She took a large swig of whisky and visually relaxed as she settled back on the sofa.

There was a long silence.

What was she thinking? Was she considering the right time to get up and leave? I didn’t know what to say – part of me just wanted her to be gone but a growing part of me wanted her to stay, well, just wanted her. I had paid her after all! But no, I couldn’t, I used to take her and Amy to school, to girl scouts, to dance class, I knew her parents…

She was just draining her glass, she would be getting up to go anytime now.

“Sophie”, was I really going to say this? She turned her head to look up at me.

“Yes Mr, umm, Yes Tom?”

“Would you… do you think you could?” The expression on her face showed that she knew exactly what I was thinking, what I was asking, what I was trying to ask. Her face reddened a little and the slight smile on her face looked a little forced.

“Yes Mister Davis, of course, that is why I came after all.”

She obviously wasn’t completely comfortable with the situation but if I didn’t weaken… I had made a contract with the agency and money had changed hands. I wanted her so much and she was here with me, bought and paid for — for another 50 minutes at least.

“Yes, I do Sophie, please.” I returned to my place on the sofa — several feet of seating between us. “I do very much!”

She drained the last few drops, put down the glass and started to unfasten her school tie.

“NO! Uh, sorry Sophie, don’t do that, I would like you to, umm, I want you to stand in front of me.” I wanted to be in control, it was my fantasy, my night. “I want to look at you as you really are, please.”

She obediently stood up, smoothed down her short tartan skirt, obviously shortened since school days, she wouldn’t have got away with that at Saint Mary’s. She wore long white socks, not the tights/stockings she would have worn in her later years at school and a tight white blouse with little tie — the first thing the girls would remove when outside the school gates.

“That’s it. Stand in front of me lovey, let me just look at you.”

“Yes, Mister Davis.” She smiled at me, a warm genuine smile.

“Now take off your tie Sophie.” I just managed to stop myself saying please — I must be more assertive!

She started to sway a little as her hands moved to her neck.

“No!” I snapped, “No swaying or provocative movements, I just want it to be you standing there — not a lap dancer or stripper, just you.” I smiled, relaxing my tone.

“Yes, sir.” Sir — I liked that and I smiled at her.

As the tie came loose I held out my hand and she gave it to me. I placed it beside me on the sofa.

“Now unbutton your blouse, Sophie, slowly please”.

I saw a vague swaying movement start but she checked it and kept still. I watched as she slowly released each button, one at a time, each revealing a little more flesh – and finally opened her blouse for me, revealing a pretty, low cut, white lacy bra that cupped her small round breasts.

“Take it off! …and Sophie, I want you to say, ‘Yes sir’ when I ask — when I tell,” I corrected myself, “when I tell you to do something. OK?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good girl.” I smiled, I was getting the hang of this.

Oh my god — I watched as she peeled the blouse from her shoulders and as she slipped it over her arms. I held out my hand and took it from her. I straightened and folded it slightly and pressed it to my cheek as I inhaled the slight odour of body sprays. Her face reddened more but she smiled broadly, she obviously enjoying being adored.

“Shoes and socks now.”

“Yes sir.” She bent to unbuckle her T-bar shoes, slipped them off and put them to the side. She slowly slid each sock down her leg, placing each one inside a shoe and sliding her shoes beneath the coffee table.

“Now your skirt sweetie, slowly.”

“Yes sir.” She unfastened the buckle and very slowly with a shy look from under her hair – this girl was good – slid the zip down. She gave me a cute little smile as she opened the skirt and slid it off her bum and down her thighs. She stepped out of it and obediently handed it to me. I folded it and pressed it to my face. She stood in front of me in her pretty white bra and matching panties, coy and servile with her hands clasped behind her back.

“Good girl.” I smiled and felt more confident and in control. This girl was mine to do with as I wished — she was bought and paid for! “Come here!” I pressed my knees together and patted them. “Sit here sweetie.”

“Yes sir.” She stepped forward and turned, bending and placing her sexy little bum on my knees.

I stroked her sides, feeling her smooth, warm skin, sliding my fingers round to her tight tummy, lingering to finger her navel. I kissed her back as my hands moved to her breasts and gave them a little squeeze. I moved my fingers to her back, unhitching her bra, lowering each of the fine straps from her shoulders and finally reaching round to hold the cups and slipping it off.

My hands returned to her now bare breasts. I cupped them, feeling them and gently squeezing with my fingertips, gently tweaking each nipple, twisting and pulling, feeling them stiffen in my fingertips, feeling her soft puffy areola. Mmm – an hour wasn’t going to be enough…

I moved my hands down to her tummy, lingering there to stroke, then down to her panty top. I pushed my thumbs under the fabric and stretched, pulling the waistband down, revealing the crack of her bum. With perfect timing she took her weight on her feet and raised her bum a little – just enough for me to pull her panties down and round the curve of her pretty cheeks and further, to linger at the tops of her thighs. She sat back down and I pulled them slowly along her thighs and over her knees — finally letting them fall to the floor.

“Pick up your panties Sophie, give them to me!” I whispered excitedly in her ear.

“Yes sir.” She whispered back as she bent down and unhooked them from her feet. She sat up and half turned to hand them to me.I pressed them in a ball to my nose and inhaled their perfume. Oh Sophie! You perfect little beauty! I’m so glad I made that phone call tonight and I’m so glad Serena was you! I pulled her closer and turned her on my lap so she was facing sideways. She was smiling at me, she looked happy and at ease. I caressed a firm young breast, cupping, squeezing and gently pulling at her nipple. My cock was so hard now, I didn’t know it could get this hard! It almost hurt…

My hand again slid down her tummy, fingertip briefly playing with her navel, sliding down further, further, feeling a tiny strip of hair then the little raised hood of her clitoris. She moaned softly as my fingertip stroked and manipulated her erect love button. I slid my hand down further…

“Open your legs Sophie!” I demanded.

“Yes sir.” She opened her legs wide and my hand rubbed her puffy labia, my middle finger staying in the groove, feeling the moisture slowly increase until it naturally slipped inside her, feeling her, massaging her sugar walls, curling inside her, finger fucking my little girl.

“Ohhhhh… ” She moaned and writhed a little on my lap. I slipped another finger into her wetness and slowly finger fucked her with both, curling them inside her as I grabbed her warm, wet sex.

I remembered something from her list of services and hesitated… something I would so like to do…

“Sophie, I want you to…” I hesitated.

“Yes sir?”

“I want you to lay across my lap — face down…”

She didn’t hesitate, she obediently half stood and turned herself around to lay across my knee. I stared down at her perfect round bum. Her downy hair caught the light as I stroked it gently, lovingly, then parting her cheeks to reveal her pink, puckered anus. I nervously eased my finger to her most private place and stroked the little indentation with my fingertip — the pad still moist from her slick pussy.

I pressed and she moaned slightly, no resistance, her bio said ‘anal’ so I expected none. I pressed a little harder and my fingertip slipped inside her. I had my finger in little Sophie’s bum! I moved it in and out, just a little, just enough to feel the tightness. After a few minutes of this I pulled my finger out and slipped it back into her slick pussy. It was so wet. I slid 2 fingers in deep and twisted them.

I pulled my fingers out and back to her tight little back passage and firmly slipped a wet middle finger inside. She moaned softly as I pushed it to my first knuckle, wiggling it a little as it entered. I moved it back and forth each time slipping it deeper and deeper till my second knuckle was inside her.

She moaned softly and intermittently as I fingered her bum, getting rougher with each thrust — eventually, my other fingers were slapping her bum cheeks as I prodded in and out.

I could stand it no more and to my deep embarrassment, something exploded in my pants! The movement of her tummy on my rigid cock and my excitement at being unthinkably intimate with my daughter’s best friend had given me the biggest orgasm of my life! My finger was still in her bum when I tensed, collapsed back and groaned…

She slid from my lap and kneeled at my feet smiling up at me.

I glanced at the clock, just 5 minutes of my hour left! It went so fast! “Oh Sophie, I wish you could stay longer!” I hesitated, “…could you? Another hour? Please?”

Without answering she leaned over to slip her phone from her blazer pocket, tapped a couple of times and put it to her ear. “Hi Maggie? Yes thanks, am I OK for another hour? Yes, same client… thank-you Maggie.” She gave me a little nod and a smile then continued, “Bye Maggie, yes you too…”

She slipped the phone back in her jacket and perched on the sofa next to me.

I looked at her with a slightly embarrassed smile on my face. She was obviously OK with me — if she wasn’t actually enjoying herself she was a bloody good faker!

I cleared my throat. “Ok young lady, upstairs, second door on your right, lay on the bed and wait for me. OK?”

“Yes sir!” She smiled and scurried through the door and up the stairs.

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