Body Painting Competition

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I was flying to spend the weekend in Perth, at a friend, Kate. She is so different to me. She is vivacious, outgoing and has great model like looks. I went to spend the weekend with her and to watch her enter with into a body painting competition.

She is a beautician and her beauty school was entering into a body painting competition run between beauty schools. The beauticians had to do the painting so it was a fun amateur event, but had a formal event for the finals, held in a large hall, with all the lighting and professional staging.

I arrive in Perth at 3pm and went straight to the place where the beauty schools were painting the models. The theme of the year 2001, was twins, so each entry had to have 2 people, who would be painted up in a matching theme. Kate was to be the nighttime with evening stars like the Van Gogh painting and her twin, Sue, also from her beauty school, was to be the daytime with the sun and clouds. Kate was already mostly painted, and Sue was half painted and then started getting a rash and feeling ill. It turned out that Sue was allergic to the paint medium. The even started at 6pm and I arrived amid the chaos as they were calling around to find another model. Kate was almost in tears, as they just couldn’t find anyone. I tried to cheer her up but she was devastated as the twin had to be her height and the other girls at the beauty school, were much shorter or taller than she was.

It was 4pm and still nobody was able to take the place of Sue. They all had to be painted and ready by 5:30pm and it normally takes 2 hours to paint someone from top to toe. We were all trying to think up solutions when the one beauty schoolgirl said why didn’t I be the twin. I went red in the face, and said no, no , no not me. I am naturally very shy and not the showy type. I don’t go out dressing sexily and have ever gone topless in public, gaziantep escort even on the beach. Kate’s mood suddenly turned up. “Yes”- she said, “Racqel would be great”. I said to her that I would climb a mountain for her but this is just too much for me to do. She knows me and she didn’t push. The beauty school principal wouldn’t accept my refusal and kept on picking on me. She said that it was dark and when painted nobody would even notice me.

I felt really bad for being the only hope for Kate, being exactly the same height, but my introversion and fear of public nudity got the better of me. I tried to imagine how I would look. I was not a size 32A like Kate. I am a 34C. I have big boobs and they are noticeable. Besides, tramping around in a g-string is also not my style. I only wear bikini swimsuits and don’t feel confident with such skimpy clothes on. I said no again, reinforcing my position.

It was getting late and Kate was about to pull out of the competition. I meanwhile started thinking about the whole experience, and deep inside told myself that I need to have more adventure and take more risks in life. I felt bad about being so selfish and so I quietly said, “OK – I will try”. Quickly things had to get in motion. Excitement was everywhere. They needed to get me a massage table to get painted on and get me a pair of white g-strings that fitted me. The one girl asked me what size I wore, I answered 34C, and she said no, the panties, you won’t be needing a bra. I replied that I was a size 10, quite a small waist. It sunk in. I was going to be topless in front of a lot of strange people. I started feeling a subtle throbbing deep inside me. It was sexual; I felt the tingly sensation and couldn’t understand where it came from.

I was guided to another room, and asked to remove all my clothes escort gaziantep and get into this g-string they found. It was a size 8 as that all that they had left. I removed the jeans I was wearing and the red button shirt and my bra and bikini panties and placed them in this bag for safekeeping. I put on the white g-string. It was a swimsuit bottom so it can be painted on. It was very skimpy and I realised that I needed to shave so that hair didn’t show through. I had never shaved so closely before as my panties were bigger and I generally never wore g-strings. I put on a towel and the beautician came in and told me she would give me a bikini wax quickly. It was quite painful, but at the end I only had a small tuft of hair left just above my folds.

The body painting crew arrived in the room and I turned on my back and they whisked paint all over me, painting my legs, my back and my buttocks. It was a daytime scene they were painting so used yellows, white and light blues and green. Kate arrived. She looked stunning. She was the nighttime- painted in blacks, dark browns, yellow stars and mostly dark colours. She was so dark you couldn’t notice where her breasts started and finished. I then had to turn around. I was nervous about this, but they had to paint my breasts. It was both a funny feeling and a turn on for me to feel the brushes rub against my breasts and across my nipples lathering paint all over my breasts, which are mountains, compared with the other girls in the competition.

They painted sunshine over my one breast and clouds over the other. I realised that wit the light colours you can make out the breasts quite easily. I was not as lucky as Kate was. They then painted my stomach and over my g strings. I have never had someone touch my vagina lips before, let alone a group of women. At gaziantep escort bayan first it was quite ticklish, but as each stroke of paint was rubbed in it felt more and more exciting. I knew I was wet inside and was hoping it wouldn’t show on the white g-string. They didn’t miss a spot and my clit was being massaged, even though through the material, it was still stimulating. My nipples were erect and long, but I noticed the other girls also had erect nipples.

I was told that I could stand up and look in the mirror- all was complete. I looked and was stunned. I did look good as a painting. The paint did cover up ones nakedness, but you could still see ones breasts and nipples and with me the tight g-string pulled right into my folds so you could see that too. The others told me how great I looked and that Kate and I will be definite winners. I hoped not. I didn’t want anymore attention than I had to have.

The competition was remarkable. We had to walk together on a stage and camera took pictures from every direction. I felt like a film star. While walking up the stage Kate’s’ dad shouted hi. I felt like I better cover up, it is Kate’s Dad there, but I couldn’t, I knew he was looking straight at my naked breasts and my ass. I felt so tingly doing something I would never ever do. The sexual excitement was mixed with sheer terror. For sure I was wet and excited, stimulated to frenzy. The competition ended – judges gave us a second place. This mad things worse, I was now going to be photographed and in the newspaper. We had an after party. I wanted to put on covers but nobody else did. It was strange talking to the crowd and Kate’s friends while almost nude. The guys all staring at my breasts because they are voluptuous and not flat like the other girls.

After the party, I went back to the room to get the paint removed. I told the beautician that I needed the toilet and I went in and touched myself to orgasm. I was soaked. I even rubbed paint off my nipples as I caressed them between my fingers. This is another whole story. But this frightening situation did strange things to me, which I still do not understand. I have the pics of me from the night and may post them if I can get them scanned.

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