Ben Serves Detention


It had been ages since Ben had been given detention. Now, in his senior year of high school, it had happened on multiple occasions. Having already been accepted to University, he was becoming a tad bit irresponsible with his school behavior.

This time was a little different as he had been caught celebrating his 18th birthday a few hours early on the bus ride home from his soccer game yesterday. The girls team rode with as they played the same school, and Taylor was excited from their win. She had brought some tequila in a water bottle and the two of them (with the help of Amy and Makenzie) polished it off on the 45 minute ride back to their school. Needless to say, the only thing the principal caught him for was being in the school after hours. Thank goodness he didn’t see the three ladies sneaking out a few minutes earlier. Unfortunately for Ben, however, in their tipsy state things had gotten somewhat heated. Taylor had been rubbing his cock through his thin soccer shorts from the moment the bottle had been drunk. Being teased like that for so long without release had left Ben in a state of frustration. He had been battling with random erections all day and sitting in detention was no different. Luckily he was alone as he waited for the teacher to come in and he quickly readjusted his Nike shorts to better accommodate his lengthening girth.


The door shut as Ms Greene walked in. She was not in a good mood at all. Already 4pm and she had another hour of babysitting to do with none other than Ben.

“Ben, Ben, Ben. What the heck has gotten into you this semester? I know this is my first time actually running detention, but I’ve dished out quite a few to you already.”

It was true. Ben easily got distracted in Ms. Greene’s ethics class. She may dress conservatively, but her clothing couldn’t hide the curves she possessed. What always got Ben was her voluptuous bottom. Ms Greene was rather tall for a woman at 5’8″ and it was all in her legs. She must work out because being in her early 30s, her bottom seemed to doing its best to dissuade gravity. Gravity, as it would seem, would not be denied though as her bosom was clearly being helped by her push up bras. Not that it was a negative; her breasts always complemented her figure beautifully. Ben had spent many hours pondering the firmness of that body.

“Sorry, Ms Greene. I’ve just been feeling antsy these past couple days. It was my 18th birthday yesterday and I wasn’t really ready to go home. You know both teams won, right?”

“I’m well aware of the outcomes of yesterday’s athletic programs, Mr. Daniels,” she replied as she placed her bag down and sat in the chair behind the desk. She looked up at the clock. “Now, it’s 4pm. We have until 5:30 before you may leave. I understand that I’m supposed to oversee your stay, but between the two of us, that is mostly for when multiple students have detention. You know, to keep everyone honest.

“What I propose is this. I’m going to give you tomorrow’s homework assignment and you may work on that. It will allow you to work ahead and not have anything to do on a Friday tomorrow. Having said that, I would like to go use the school gym and work out during this time. I’ll be back for the last half hour to help you with anything you didn’t understand. Sound like a plan, Stan?” She had gotten up at this point and was resting her bottom on the clear part of her desk.

Wearing khaki pants and a buttoned dress shirt, Ben should have been in no state of arousal from her outfit. Nonetheless, it had been almost 24 hours from when Taylor had been softly sliding her fingers across his shaft and his mind could only concentrate on one objective. Leaving him alone with his indecisive member was probably for the best. Plus, he made a mental high five to himself as he learned that Ms Greene does, indeed, exercise.

“That’s fine with me. I promise I won’t leave the room,” he chuckled a little at his horrible Bostancı Escort decision to wear basketball shorts to school today with his hormones on the fritz.

“Perfect,” Ms Greene announced and turned around. She leaned over the table to gather some papers and Ben groaned with desire as her round booty wavered in front of the room.

“Are you okay?” she asked as she turned around and plopped the assignment on his desk.

“I’ll be fine. I just have a bit of a stomach ache going on,” Ben replied. It wasn’t totally false. He did indeed ache, but not in his stomach. His balls yearned for release. He had been toying with the thought of masturbating in the room, but dismissed it when he realized it would make quite a mess. The past year had been very good to Ben and his athletic figure showed how fertile he was. He had been seconds away from dropping his shorts yesterday to allow Taylor to truly stroke him. If not for the sound of the door opening.

“Well, here is the work load. I hope you can handle it all.” She moved to leave the room.

“I’ll try and finish for sure, Ms Greene. Give you a big load to grade.”

Ms Greene furrowed her eye brows as she left the room. What an odd thing to say. And she laughed out loud as that thought brought up another. Did he not think she didn’t notice his constant adjustments under the desk? He was an adult now after all. Getting a boner in class was a little behind him at this point. As she got to the locker room and changed her mind drifted to slightly naughtier thoughts though and as she put on her pink Under Armor shirt she decided she would have some fun with him tonight. He was, after all, 18, and making people feel a bit uneasy is something she was accustomed to outside of work. As if she didn’t notice the constant stares whenever she wore anything tight fitting. She set off for the gym.

The homework was relatively easy and aside from one question, Ben had finished rather early. He was already on his phone texting his friends. A snapchat notification came on and opening the app revealed that Taylor had sent a few. This did little to ease his excitement as he tapped to open the pictures.

“Dear lord,” he exhaled as a picture of Taylor came up. None other than a mirror selfie in her soccer shorts and socks. Her butt was quite firm albeit a little small. She had captioned it, “Have fun in detention. Maybe later I can finish what I started.” This really put him in an sore state as he once again readjusted. Her next picture was a close up of her just biting her lip. He tapped to get rid of it. No more teasing was needed. The last picture was just one of her cat laying on her bed.

“tsk tsk,” Ms Greene said as she walked back in. Ben wasn’t exactly nervous about being caught with his phone, just about almost being caught looking at those pictures.

“Sorry, Ms Greene. It’s just that I finished the assignment. Well, except for this problem.” He responded so quickly he didn’t even look up until the end of his sentence. Good thing too, as what was standing behind him was breathtaking. Ms Greene in a skin tight shirt clearly showing those large bulbous breasts and wearing spandex shorts?!?! This was almost too much for Ben at this time.

Ms Greene couldn’t help smiling as Ben turned his neck to look at her. He immediately looked back down at his paper and she could see him once again fiddle with his shorts. She walked up to him and leaned over his shoulder to look at the question.

“Sorry I’m a little sweaty. Let’s just see what we’re dealing with.” She in fact was slightly shimmering but with the help of her deodorant and some body spray, didn’t smell unpleasant in the slightest. Ben caught a whiff of watermelon. His eyes couldn’t unglue themselves from the cleavage that was now directly to his left. His phone beeped again.

“Hmm, so it’s asking if taking care of personal work while on company time is okay. That’s the Ümraniye Escort question in a nutshell. What I would suggest is breaking it down more.” She stood back up and walked to the front of the room. There was no hiding it anymore, her ass was exposed and Ben’s cock was fully aware. He started talking just to take his mind away from the thought of Ms Greene.

“Okay, so I would say it shouldn’t be acceptable for workers that are paid hourly. They are on company time and should be focusing on work.”

“But…” she said, dragging out the word as she bent down to get her water bottle. Ben’s breathing was getting quite rapid.

“But if you’re salaried, the company is most likely abusing you as an employee so taking care of some personal things should be considered normal while at work. You aren’t required to take breaks, so it should be assumed you’ll take small breaks throughout the day.” He was rather proud of that answer and his erection was starting to fade away. His phone beeped again.

“I would say that is an excellent response,” Ms Greene continued as she walked back to lean against her desk. Her legs now revealed to him he could see lean, tan, and smooth thighs. She had been rubbing her upper left quad since she had walked in. Maybe she strained it? “Now, take me for example. I just went and worked out. Is that ethical?”

Ben was in a sticky situation, in more ways than one. If she kept up with that rubbing right in front of him, he was going to need to leave the room. He had never reached climax with no physical stimulation, but Ms Greene’s close proximity and revealing attire was testing new waters.

“ugh…. I would say…probably not?” He replied as his phone beeped yet again.

“Hmm,” She stood up and walked over to pick up the phone. “What about texting while in detention?” She clicked open the phone. “Oh, I’m sorry. Snapchatting I believe you kids call it? Well,” she placed the phone back down on the desk so they both could see it. “I suppose you’re no longer a kid now are you, Ben. Let’s see what Miss Taylor has to say.”

“Wait, Ms Greene, that’s kind of personal.” Ben was quite nervous now. His erection was entirely gone. Emergency mode was in full effect. It was too late though as the picture opened up for both of them to see. It was just a picture of her face again, but the devil was in the caption.

“Wish we could have had more fun last night. I could feel how big your cock was.”

Oh boy. This was indeed a sticky situation.

“Ms Greene, please. That was personal.” She had however, already stood back up and crossed her arms.

Ms Greene had mixed emotions swirling around in her head. She had only wanted to tease Ben a little. But with this new information, perhaps she could provide another ethics lesson for him as well.

“So, is that what you were doing yesterday?” She questioned.

He bowed his head. “Yes ma’am.”

“What was she doing?” The questions continued. Ben didn’t like where this was headed. “Say it, Ben.”

“She was giving me a hand job. But nothing else happened I swear.”

“That’s why your aching today isn’t it?” She put her hands on her wide hips. “You’ve been touching your shorts quite often today. Do you have…oh what’s it called? Do you have blue balls, Ben?”

Ben was horrified that he had just been asked this question. By a teacher barely wearing any clothing for that matter. He simply nodded looking down at his paper.

“I suppose me wearing this outfit isn’t helping you any then is it. It is rather lacking on material,” She grabbed both of her hands and stretched them out over her head. Her shirt rose as her tight belly was exposed. “Hmmmm. Hmm-hmmm.” She put one hand on his sturdy shoulder. “Now, if me not overseeing detention is unethical, is me overseeing detention and taking care of you then considered acceptable behavior?”

Ben looked up at her. Was this happening right Anadolu Yakası Escort now? He stood up still confused. It was time for him to leave before anything else occurred. on the other hand, the question was left unanswered.

“I would say…” He hesitated. She moved closer and licked her lips. Her hands traveled to his shorts.

“I think we need to take care of the matter at hand so you can think more clearly. Those poor boys have probably been wishing to expel all you have to offer all day. Let me help you.” She squatted down and lowered his shorts.

“Oh my god,” he thought to himself. He did need release. And his cock knew it too. As his shorts lowered a half erect member met Ms Greene.

She couldn’t contain a gasp. 18 years old and with a shaft this long? She began to softly rub her clit through her shorts.

“Oh my, Ben. Now I can see why you were adjusting so often.” She lightly grabbed hold of his lengthening member. He was indeed, quite well off in this area. She softly stroked her fingers to the base and ever so gently licked underneath the head. He was as hard as he had ever been by this point.

“Ms Greene, there’s something you should know,” he started only to be met by her taking the head into her mouth and sucking extremely hard. She brought her lips off of it with a pop. “Hmmm, what’s that Mr. Daniels?” She continued to softly stroke the base of his shaft.

“It’s just- Well, Taylor was fooling around with me for so long.” She brought her other hand up to his balls and ever so slightly cupped them. Massaging the cum out. It had been a while since she had been sexually active. And she was sure to make this 9 inch monster find a home.

“What is it, Ben?” She took his entire shaft into her mouth. His hand involuntarily grabbed her head and as he quickly began entering a state of pure animalistic instinct, he pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. Her full lips extended wider and her tongue ventured out to lick his base and some of his blue balls. She released him.

“Is it your aching?” She continued to stroke the entire shaft, now lubricated with her saliva. She focused on the underside of his head and was pleased to see pre cum start drooling out of the tip.

“No, it’s just. Well, I have, um.” He didn’t see any better way to put this. She again sucked on his head. Hard. Her stroking got faster. Again she released him just as he was about to cross the line. How should he get this message across without being vulgar? She was his teacher after all.

Luckily, she answered for him.

“It’s your cum, isn’t it? You have a lot to offer I’m sure, Ben. I want you to release it. Give Ms Greene your seed. I want you to blow as much cum as you can.” She cupped his balls again and stroked as she sucked his entire shaft.

“Oh Ms Greene,” Ben sighed as he forced her to lean back. Her breasts bounced as she laid her head back.

“I have so much cum. I’m gonna-” He stuttered as she squeezed his balls. He had essentially been hard for almost 24 hours straight. Ms Greene’s thick lips trailed off the end of his cock and he brought one hand up. With one stroke he released an entire day’s worth of semen. Ms Greene kept her mouth open as the first, long rope of cum streamed into her mouth and landed down her throat and tongue. It’s thick viscosity finally parted with the tip of his cock and trailed onto her chin. She grabbed hold of the base of his cock as the second spurt exploded into the air and streaked across her forehead and nose. She started to stroke as burst after burst flowed out from his balls. Some landing on her protruding, shining breasts while the majority found its way into her mouth and on her face.

After the first ten seconds of eruption Ms Greene realized that this was not going to stop. She latched her cum covered face onto the head of his cock and with both hands grabbed his legs. Five more long, thick ropes flowed out of his cock and down her throat. His hands now shoving her head onto him. She closed her eyes and swallowed. As she slowly brought her lips off of his cock, he shivered uncontrollably.

“It’s a good thing I’m on company time. It looks like you may need some extra help on this ethics assignment.”

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