Being owned – Part 15


It had started to rain. The dogs were still running around happily. My owner looked up at the sky and sighed. “You can come with me to the house.”

We hadn’t spoken after that. As I followed him on the path, I still felt warm and comfortable. All because of his blood. My legs were still a bit shaky after the last fuck and every now and again I felt his cum dripping from my ass.

Smiling to myself I followed him, tried to take in the different sensations. The grass under my feet, the rain on my naked skin, the smells around me. I wanted to remember, treasure this, the sharpened senses, feeling differently.

Too soon we reached the house, entered through a side door that led into the ‘dog part’ of the house. The whole pack entered, gathered around him. They shook themselves and I smiled, felt like shaking myself. “Smells of wet dog.” And the smell was overwhelming. But underneath I could still smell the floor polish, a fire somewhere near and a smell I could not place at the moment.

He pointed to a door, another room, I hadn’t been in. Just as I was about to follow the dogs, he shook his head. “Not you, shower or bath first.” I nodded and turned around, went to the bathroom. A shower should be enough.

After ***********ing the shampoo I stepped towards the shower. I had decided on just a quick one, just to clean myself from the mud and cum.

The door opened. Naked as I was, the werewolf entered. He smiled. “Let’s get you cleaned up. Down on all fours.” Instantly I obeyed. There was no way not to.

Nodding he reached for the shower head, turned on the water. Warm water rained down on my back. He placed his hand under my chin, forced me to lift my head up high.

Gently he started to wash me, first my hair, massaging the scalp, rubbing the shampoo in. The smell of wet dog, and the other smell, intensified. Turning my head towards him, I sniffed. Yes, it was his smell.

His hands were all over my body now. Shoulders, arms, back on my back, down the legs. All the time I held my head high, while the water was running from my hair.

“That’s a good girl”, his deep voice was soothing, like his hands. What did it matter, that I was his property, his pet, his…

I yelped and flinched as he suddenly spread my ass cheeks and directed the jet of water right between.

“Just get you clean for me, clean and ready.” His voice lulled me in again. “And you will get a treat. Oh yes, you will. You will like that, I am sure.”

One finger followed the water. I didn’t even flinch this time. He moved it, in and out, around, trying to widen my ass. A second finger followed and I moaned. It felt good. I spread my legs, pushed myself against his fingers. grup gaziantep escort bayan

“I should have given you a different name.” The smile in his voice was clearly audible. “Why?”

“Because you are a rare diamond.” Blushing, I bowed my head. As water ran over my hot face he fucked me slowly with two fingers, spread them, widened me.

Too soon he stopped, turned off the water. I stayed on all fours, hoping, that he would touch me again, finish, what he had started.

And he finished it, but not the way I would have liked. Gently he dried me off with a soft towel, keeping well away from my wet crotch and my ass.

“Come on, now you are allowed to choose your dog.”

I frowned, but followed him nonetheless. Did that mean, that he wanted me to get fucked in the ass by one of the dogs? I swallowed hard. He was gentle, knew what he was doing. The dogs were just driven by instinct. But he had said, I would like it.

We entered the room, where the dogs were assembled. It was gloomy, the only light came from the big fire in the grate. Two comfy armchairs stood in front of it, the dogs were curled up on the hearthrug.

“You can choose any dog you like. Play with him, let him lick you, but,” he smiled , “don’t get carried away. Get horny, but no relief, yet.” I nodded, looked down at the pack. My special friend, the Irish Wolfhound yawned and got up. And I didn’t even know his name. Or if they had names at all. Our owner communicated with them through signs and short commands. But they were his pack. And he was the Alpha.

The insight hit me like a freight train. That was the smell, the other smell, his smell. Dominance, strength, leadership – and safety, trust. Through his blood I was able to smell it now, realize what it was. As soon as the drug would lose it’s impact I would lose this as well.

Slowly I sank to my knees, closed my eyes. I didn’t want to lose it.

Breath on my face. The Wolfhound had come to me, sniffed at my face. I smiled, opened my eyes again and reached out. His fur was still damp, the smell of wet dog strong, but I buried my face at his shoulder as my fingers ran over his body.

“Do you want me?” I whispered in his ear.

A content growl was the answer and I continued to pet him. My hands ran through his fur, over his body while I felt his body-heat radiating towards me.

How would his cock taste? The thought came out of nowhere and I felt myself blush again. Had he meant that by play with him?

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and jumped. “I promised you a treat.” With his thumbnail he tore a small wound in his arm. “Just a bit escort bayan güneyşehir more, to make you feel good.”

Ashamed of the eagerness with which I licked up his blood, I closed my eyes. But I licked it up, even sucked at the small cut. His other hand was on my shoulder. A warm reassurance, that everything was alright.

“That’ll do.” Gently he pushed me away, even though he was still bleeding. My eyes widened in surprise, as he offered his arm to the dog.

“It works with both species”, he whispered in my ear, just as I had whispered in the dog’s. I leaned against my owner, my leader, while the dog licked his arm. My senses were sharpened again, his smell engulfed me completely.

“Is it always like this?” I murmured, placed my hand on his thigh, to feel him, to steady myself.


I sighed, reached out for the dog again. “I… I would prefer you”, I admitted, not looking at him.

“I know. But I want you to make him horny. I want to watch you, playing with him.”

His hand slipped from my shoulder. He rubbed my hard nipple, let his hand trail on, between my legs. “I want you to beg, to be fucked.” His finger traced my pussy-lips, spread the wetness down towards my ass. “You are wet, you are ready, but you don’t beg yet.” Playful he let a finger slide into my wet and needy cunt. I moaned.

“He can smell it. They all can. But they won’t fuck you, until I give the command.” His finger withdrew, took some moisture with it and spread it around my ass.

Shivering I sat there, hypnotised by his voice, his touch. “He would lick you, though. And now he is more than just an animal.”

Steadily he worked the juices leaking from my cunt towards and in my ass. My trembling fingers ran over the Irish Wolfhound’s body. Down, along his flanks, towards his dick. He was panting, an eagerness in his eyes I hadn’t seen before. “I want to feel you.” My voice trembled as well and I wasn’t sure, who I meant.

The big dog shivered as my fingers touched his cock. It was slick and hot under my touch.

“Go on, show him, how much you want him.”

Like a sleepwalker I raised from my kneeling position to all fours, legs apart, lips slightly open. Oh yes, I wanted it, him. I licked my lips, as I moved closer. Now I could smell his cock, his arousal, closer, tongue outstretched. I tasted him. My lips closed around the dog’s cock. I heard the low, contented growl, felt my owners hand on my back. “That’s a good girl.” His hand stroked me, left my skin only to reach out, to touch my clit. I moaned. “Suck him.”

And I did. It felt, tasted different in my mouth, But that was not where I wanted islahiye escort bayan to feel it. Aching with need, with longing I let go of his cock. “Please fuck me,” I pleaded, nearly whimpering.

“Get up.” The werewolf helped me to my feet, steadied me on the way to one armchair. His cock was hard and ready as well, pre-cum glistened on it’s head. He sat down, legs close together. “Sit on my dick, back to me.”

I turned around, lowered myself. With his strong hands he helped me, When I felt his dick touching my asshole, I stopped. “Down. You want to be fucked.” I whimpered, as I sat down. He had widened me in the shower, used my cunt juices as lube, but it still hurt.

The Irish Wolfhound had followed us. While I was still trying to take in my owners cock up my ass he started licking my cunt.

I gasped. Like an electric shock it made me tremble, sink further down on the werewolves lap. His tongue entered my cunt, seemed to curl inside. Hot breath brushed my crotch.

Moaning I sank down, my masters cock now deep inside me, his dog licking me.

“Mount.” Hands on my tits pulled me back. The dog’s paws scratched my sides as he jumped up, his dick brushing my crotch.

“Please”, I whimpered, not sure, if I could stand this. But he held me firmly, his fingers rubbing my hard, sensitive nipples, his cock hard and thick up my ass.

And the dog came closer. The tip of his cock brushed my pussy-lips, found it’s way between them.

Slowly he moved closer, found the entrance, paused. I was panting now, tense with fear and desire. Never before had I experienced two cocks at once. Fantasised, yes, but never tried it. But I had never ever even thought of being between a werewolf and his dog.

The dog started to fuck me. Not like a dog at all, slow, deliberate. I moaned. Deep, slow, again and again. The cock up my arse made me tighter, this whole feeling more intense. My body reacted, I followed him, moved with him, rode my masters cock while being fucked by his dog. He grunted in my ear. I moaned again. Our mixed smells – dog, human and werewolf – filled my nostrils, made my head spin.

The orgasm surprised me, it came without warning. I gasped, tensed up, trembled. His arms held me, his dog fucked me faster now, but still deep. Whimpering I tried to get away, squirmed in his grip.

“Let go, relax”, his deep voice in my ear sent more shivers down my spine.

Faster and harder, the dog fucked me, following his need now. It hurt – a bit- but felt good all the same. His dick filled me more and more, the knot began to swell.

I cried out, just as he knotted me and came in me, filled me with his cum. The second orgasm hit me. It was even more intense, as the first one, as I had ever experienced. As my ass-muscles contracted I felt my master’s cock pump, filling my ass with his hot cum.

Silent tears were running down my cheeks. Overwhelmed I collapsed against my masters body, the dog covering me like a warm if smelly blanket. Shivering I closed my eyes. I was safe.

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