Barbara Pt. 02


In part1 as you may remember, my new assistant Barbara Taylor, seduced me into a night of passion at work. This is the continuation of the story.

Once again, this story is all my own imagination!


It had been a week since we finished the Grunewald Foods contract. Try as I might, I could not persuade Barbara into a repeat performance! Every time I engineered a few minutes alone with her, she found an excuse to go and do something. She managed to wriggle out of my grasp a few times, after I had asked her into my office on some pretext or other. Always with a smile and a laugh, but her eyes told me a different story.

Barbara was making the rules, she avoided, where possible, being alone with me in my office. Her explanation was that she could not trust me to behave, then, in the next breath, that she could not trust herself! Perversely, when there was someone else with us, Barbara’s behavior changed, she became flirty and coquettish, touching me, and smiling her seductive smile. She put an extra wiggle into her walk, swaying her hips when she walked away from me, giving me a big smile as she did so!


When I had joined the firm, my main reason was to get back at Mike for the way he had treated my daughter Kathy. However, it soon became apparent that that was not going to be as easy as I thought. After our night of sex in his office, I realized that once would not be enough, my intention had been to fuck him and dump him as he had done to Kathy. However, his cock was addictive; I had to have it again and soon. The new contract provided the answer, I had to provide a few sweeteners before Bob supplied me with an advance copy of the outline, but hey, what’s a few blowjobs in the big scheme of things?

Therefore, I decided to keep Mike on the boil for a while, never quite letting him get me alone for long, and teasing him unmercifully when there was someone else with us. I could tell the plan was working as Mike was spending more time in the restroom than usual! I had a half-day off owing to me, so I went shopping for a new outfit. As soon as I saw it I had to have it, I knew that it would tip the balance in my favor, not that Mike needed much of a push; I had him, balls and all, in the palm of my hand…

She was driving me insane! Until I met Barbara, it had always been me doing the flirting; I had had one-night stands with several of the legal secretaries in the office, plus Mr. Kepler’s assistant Marie, none of them had put up as much resistance, or flirted back as much, as she did! Perhaps I should remind you what Barbara looks like, for anyone who missed part 1. I put her at 45, although like all women, she would not tell me her real age! Her rich, curly, brunette hair had been cut in a pixie style, off her neck. Her oval face was relatively unlined, just a few around her eyes , giving it an experienced expression, especially when she laughed, with a cute nose and emerald eyes, and full, kissable lips.

However, it was her figure, which got her most of the attention; her breasts were large and firm for a woman her age, and her ass was spectacular! Tight and round, it stretched all her skirts to bursting point. Barbara wore figure-hugging blouses, which accentuated her full, firm breasts. Overall, she was the hottest woman I had ever met or fucked!

The morning after I had received the instructions for the new contract however, Barbara’s behavior changed. It was almost like the Grunewald Foods contract scenario, but in reverse. I had only just received my copy of the instructions for the new contract. However, Barbara already seemed to know something I did not.

Ultimate Clothing and Footwear was going to be bigger than the Grunewald Foods contract, our Managing Partner, Bob Wilson, had told me that there could be a few nights of overtime involved, he was right. Even reading through quickly, I saw at least two late nights in prospect to get this put to bed, I smiled to myself, picturing the possibilities that expression presented. I picked up the phone and dialed Barbara’s extension.

It took a couple of rings for her to answer, when she did, she sounded a little out of breath, as though she had been hurrying to answer the phone. Her warm, husky voice came down the line, the hairs on the back of my neck and down my arms immediately sprang to attention, god, this woman had a sexy voice…

I was late, it had taken me longer than expected to get ready, and therefore I had to hurry. Just as I reached my office, the phone began to ring. Snatching it up before whoever it was hung up, I tried to compose myself before answering.

“Barbara Taylor.”


I waited a moment before speaking, letting her voice hang in the air between us, holding the phone close to my ear, I let her warm, breathy tones wash over me. I could feel myself getting aroused just from the sound of her voice.

“Hello, who is this?”

The Bayan Eskort change in the tone of her voice brought me back to reality, I stumbled out a reply.

“Barbara, it’s me Mike, have you got a minute, I’ve just got the outline for the Ultimate Clothing contract.”

“Oh, hi Mike, I thought I had a heavy breather on the line for a minute!” she giggled.

“Speaking of heavy breathing, have you been running?” I said.

Barbara was quiet for a minute before she answered.

“No, I was just a little late this morning; it took me a little longer to get ready.”

I tried to form a mental picture of what she was wearing; Barbara’s outfits when she first arrived were relatively conservative, knee-length skirts, blouses buttoned up to her throat, and sensible shoes. Soon afterwards, they became sexier: the skirts getting shorter, the blouses less buttoned up and the heels taller. She would wear something even sexier when she wanted me to do something, now was one of those times.

I had decided that it would be me making the running from now on, up until now, Barbara had been leading me on; from today, I decided that would change. How wrong can you be? Five minutes after I had put the phone down, Barbara appeared outside my office door, carrying two cups of coffee. I could tell straightaway that something was different. Barbara’s usual perfume was something light, like Nina Ricci “Daytime”, today though, she was wearing what I called her “cougar” scent, called appropriately, “Insatiable,” a heavy exotic perfume which preceded her into my office, when she appeared, I forgot all about Ultimate Clothing…

I did a double- take; her skirt, which clung to her fabulous ass, was black, above knee-length and tight, teamed with a purple silk blouse, which clung to her curves, unbuttoned to her cleavage and showing her bra. On her feet were her favorite heels, while her legs, encased in black nylon, which disappeared under the hem of her skirt, looked even longer and firmer than I remembered.

My semi hard on, from hearing her voice, was rapidly becoming a full hard on without any assistance. Barbara stood in the doorway a moment, in profile, letting me take in the view; I gave a low whistle and said, “Wow!” “Where’s the party?” She gave me a big smile.

“Do you like it? It’s new; I went out yesterday and bought it for a special occasion!”

As she spoke, Barbara walked over to my desk, hips wiggling, that fabulous ass keeping time. Leaning forward to put the two cups down on my desk, Barbara gave me a view down her cleavage, it made my head spin and my mouth went dry. Leaning forward even more, she put her hands on my desk for support and jiggled her breasts at me, her face lit up when she saw the bulge in my pants!

When she stood up, a smile played around the corners of her mouth, her green eyes glittered, and a color had come into her usually pale cheeks. I knew she had been staring at my crotch while putting the cups down, it would have been difficult not to see the bulge developing there.

“While I was out shopping, I bought some matching lingerie. If you’re a very good boy, or better still a very bad boy, I might just let you see it!” she said with a giggle, her eyes flashing a challenge at me.

I vacated my chair with difficulty, my growing bulge making any movement awkward, in a couple of strides I was standing behind Barbara, my crotch pressed into the crack of her glorious ass. She sighed as she felt me against her, leaning back against my chest and grinding that ass against me. Reaching up, she put an arm around my neck; pulling my face down to hers; I tasted her lips for the first time in a week, they were still as sweet.

When she broke our kiss, she looked up at me. Sliding a blood-red painted fingernail along the line of my jaw, she looked at me questioningly.

“Well, which is it to be?”

For an answer, I reached around Barbara, and started undoing the remaining buttons on her blouse.

She gave a throaty chuckle. “Right answer, but don’t you think you’d better close the door before you ravish me, that is, unless you want someone to see?”

I kicked backwards with my foot, the door slammed shut so hard the glass shook. Barbara looked up at me with a mock-scolding expression on her face.

“Temper, temper, we don’t want maintenance for an audience, do we?”

She giggled at the thought. By this time, I had finished unbuttoning her blouse; I took her big, firm mounds, encased in her new bra, in my hands, feeling their weight and fullness. I luxuriated in the sensation for a few moments, before, still within my arms, Barbara turned around to face me. With a smile, she dropped the blouse to the floor. The sight that met my eyes made me draw in a breath and hold it…


I had been a bit naughty, spending more than I should have. However, I could not resist the matching bra and knickers set in the Anadolu Yakası Escort local “La Rosa” lingerie store. I wanted to get a rise (quite literally) out of Mike, and I knew these would have the desired effect. The material was so soft and gorgeous, clinging to my curves beautifully. The under wiring supported my tits, lifting them and creating a valley for Mike to put his cock into. Just the thought made me wet and I couldn’t help touching myself at the thought of Mike seeing me, so much so that it made me late and I had to run. The stockings clung to my legs, held in place by a matching garter belt; the straps tight against the creamy white skin of my thighs. If this did not do the trick I thought, then nothing would…

The bra was purple, all lace and net, but where the cups would normally come to a peak, there were two cutouts, through these poked two of the most gorgeous dusky pink nipples I had ever had the pleasure to suck. Barbara looked up at me, searching for a reaction in my face, a slight look of concern on her face. When a smile crossed my face though, I could feel her relax in my arms.

“Well?” she asked.

I held her at arm’s length for a moment, drinking her in. Her nipples, already pursed, began to harden and suffuse with blood, just from me looking at them! “Just beautiful,” I breathed. “What’s the special occasion?” I had just lowered my mouth to take one inside, when Barbara whispered in my ear.

“Hadn’t you better lock the door as well, before we are disturbed? And to answer your question, it’s been one week since you last ravished me in your office, silly!” Her laugh tinkled like a bell ringing in my ear.

Reluctantly, I let go of her curvaceous body and went to secure the door. Checking that all the blinds were closed as well, we didn’t want anybody seeing anything they shouldn’t!

Returning to Barbara, I looked into her face; her eyes shone with lust and her chest heaved with her quickened breathing, making those gorgeous mounds quiver and shake within her bra, which would be coming off soon. With a small smile I said, “Now where was I?”

Barbara gasped as I put an arm around her waist and roughly pulled her to me, grinding my crotch against her ass. One by one, I eased those big, firm mounds out of the cups, and into my hands, Barbara sighed and leaned back against me. Turning her face up to me, she pulled my mouth down to hers, moaning as my hands caressed those gorgeous breasts of hers and my tongue invaded her warm, sweet mouth.

Taking the nipples between finger and thumb, I began rolling and gently squeezing them, I knew Barbara loved having her breasts and nipples played with, she had told me several times that night up in my office! Today was no different, as she gasped and moaned at my twin assault on her gorgeous, soft, yet firm mounds.

Pulling her mouth from mine, she gasped “Ohhh yes! Oh, you are a bad boy! You know how it makes me wet!”

She was right; I could smell her arousal as I continued playing with those fabulous tits. My lips brushed her ear; and with a small chuckle, I whispered, “All part of the service ma’am.”

Lowering my mouth to her exposed neck, I kissed my way down its length, all the way to her collarbone. Panting and gasping with her increased breathing rate, Barbara reached up and, tangling her fingers in my hair, pulled my mouth down to hers for a long, deep kiss. Then she put it back onto her neck, just below her ear, so I could do it again.

While I was working Barbara into frenzy, she had not been idle! Reaching behind her, she located my zipper and, with one quick tug, had it down and her hand inside my pants. She took hold of my hardening shaft and gave it a squeeze, I had to close my eyes tightly, and grit my teeth, to stop myself from coming right there in her hand!

When Mike ground his crotch against my ass, I could feel his swelling member through the material of our clothes. Just the feel of it was making my pussy start to leak…


“Oooh,” she cooed, “you are a very bad boy, I suppose you want to fuck me on your desk?” turning to look up at me with one of her dirty smiles.

“You’re damn right I do!” I grunted, and reached for the zipper tag on her skirt.

Gently, Barbara pushed my hand away, “no, it’s a surprise, leave it on.” “Sit on the desk and watch!”

I sat down on the desk, my erection making movement difficult, Barbara stood in front of me. I watched as she inched the hem of her skirt up. Slowly she revealed all her stocking-clad legs, purple garters holding them tight to her smooth, firm thighs. Then the first glimpse of creamy white skin where they ended, Barbara was teasing me unmercifully; staying just out of reach, she continued raising her skirt. It was like a magician doing a conjuring trick in slow motion!

As she did this slow reveal, the smile on her face broadened. By now, I had my engorged cock out of my Pendik Escort pants, and was slowly sliding my hand up and down its length. She watched as I did this, never taking her eyes off me as I fisted my growing shaft, her tongue moistening her lips. As the skirt rose higher, where there should have been even the tiniest scrap of material, there was nothing. Agonizingly, Barbara stopped raising her skirt for a moment.

“Well?” she said, grinning, “can you guess what the surprise is?”

“No,” I replied, “but it looks as though you’re not wearing any panties!”

Barbara’s smile broadened still further.

“Nearly right, I’ll let you see a bit more!”

With that, she raised the hem of her skirt another inch, the beautiful shaved lips of her pussy came into view, but still no panties. All the time she was doing this, Barbara’s eyes never left mine, her eyes shone and she ran her tongue across her lips again, making them shine. Then, with a flourish, she raised the skirt to her waist…


I knew Mike was trying to take control but I had not gone to this expense just to let him rip my new knickers off me and fuck me. So I made him wait, raising up my tight, short skirt an inch at a time. The way his cock twitched told me I was having the desired effect, as I inched the hem ever so slowly higher, teasing him so I had his full attention, never taking my eyes off his. Finally, I let him see the surprise…

I let out the breath I had been holding; Barbara was wearing a pair of crotch less panties in the same matching color as her bra and garter belt! I could see drops of moisture glistening on her smooth pussy lips. I could tell she would be warm and wet inside; my cock twitched in my hand at the sight of her pussy framed by her panties.

Just then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw the handle of the door begin to turn slowly and someone tried the door. We both froze at the same instant. Barbara smoothed down her skirt, covering her gorgeous pussy, and snatched up her blouse from the floor and hurriedly began to fasten it.

“No time!” I hissed, “Hide!”

Barbara looked at me, her hands in a “where-the -fuck is it I’m supposed to hide?” stance. I had to think quickly. The office I occupied had belonged to a woman around Barbara’s age. She had been a junior partner at the time as well. Ironically, she had been caught having an affair with one of the associates, both had been summarily dismissed. In her haste to leave, she had left everything behind, including her desk, which she had picked up cheap at a clearance sale. It was big, made of walnut, and best of all it had a kneehole. I directed Barbara to this hiding place while I went to answer the door.

Checking myself to make sure that I was presentable, and that nothing was unfastened, my erection having shrunk magically, I unlocked the door and opened it. Standing there, his hand about to try the handle again, was our Managing Partner, Bob Wilson. He didn’t look too pleased, and pushed past me into my office. I cast a wary glance toward my desk, to make sure Barbara was hidden from view.

Taking a chair in front of my desk he sat down, indicating I should do the same.

“Mike,” he said, “this company operates an open-door policy as you know, so when I find a locked one I am curious as to what might be going on behind it.”

I tried to cover my confusion, whilst trying not to color too noticeably.

“I don’t know what you mean Bob,” I said, trying not to stammer. “I just wanted some quiet time to read through the draft contract.”

Bob looked a little puzzled, “I thought you had already seen it, Barbara has had a copy for the last two days!”


I had only just managed to conceal myself when Mike opened the door. I heard Bob’s voice as he entered, telling Mike to sit down and then droning on about keeping the office door open at all times. I stifled a giggle at that, the image of Bob finding us in flagrante delicto sent a hot flash to my pussy and a naughty thought to my brain, I could turn this to my advantage and Mike would not be able to do a thing about it…

I glanced down quickly at Barbara, who gave a hands-out shrug, and looked at me with an innocent, yet knowing expression. Therefore, that was what all this had been about, the new outfit and the change of perfume. Barbara had read the draft already, and spotted what I had, the potential overtime. I looked up again quickly, to find Bob looking at me quizzically.

“Everything alright?” he asked; “only you looked a little distracted for a moment.”

“Sorry, I was miles away,” I laughed, trying to deflect Bob’s questioning. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Barbara gesturing for me to get rid of Bob. In turn, I signaled for her to be patient for a while longer, it wasn’t as if I could tell him to get out after all! Bob continued in similar vein for a few minutes more before changing the subject.

“The real reason I came to see you is that Henry Jackson, Ultimate Clothing’s CEO is coming in this week to finalize the details of the contract you and Barbara will be drawing up.” “So I need you two to have all the answers to hand when he comes in on Friday.”

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