Bad Teacher Ch. 04


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are of legal age.


Chapter 04: Carmen got game…

Next day my good fortune continued. As I got up my phone rang. It was my mother and she told me, my father had to be away on business for two more weeks and she would like to be with him. I told her no problem as I didn’t think it would be a problem for me continuing staying at the Grants.

In a good mood I went to the kitchen. Both Peter and Carmen were up, Carmen wore a white turtleneck sweater that fitted her gorgeous form like a glove, and tight black pants. I told them about my mother’s call and her request.

“Of course, you can stay, Ryan.” Peter said and continued, “I’ll also have to travel for a week or two on business. It’s nice to know, Carmen ain’t alone, when I’m away and Tony is busy with his date.”

Carmen blushed at this and with a smile I replied, “You can count on me, Peter, I’ll take good care of Mrs. G.” Inside my head I thought, I was truly blessed this day.

I didn’t want to push my luck, so I stayed away from Carmen the whole morning and we only shared some secret smiles over a distance. She definitely didn’t seem as if she would back out of our affair.

After school Tony asked me if we should play some PlayStation as Janet was busy tonight. I agreed, but already hated it as it would cut into my time with Carmen. I had only had a short chance to talk with her about her feelings and she had told me, she was really sore today as if all of her muscles had been overexercised. I had grinned at that, and told her it had been the most pleasurable exercise I had ever had. She only blushed and then Tony interrupted us.

After dinner Tony and I were playing games on the PlayStation in the den. As we played Tekken (the fighting game) Carmen entered the room and watched. At first Tony didn’t notice because he was seated in front of me on a recliner and occupied with getting his butt kick by my avatar, but I noticed my mature lover immediately and smiled to her. She smiled back and then said, “Are you guys interested in drinks and some snacks?”

“That would be cool, Mrs. G. Thanks!” I said.

“How about some beer, mom?” Tony asked with a sly smile.

“I don’t know. You’re only eighteen,” Carmen said with a laugh.

“Come on mom, you’re the coolest mom around and I know for a fact, that you drank a little beer, when you was our age. You let it slip one day.” Tony replied.

“Oh, you’re a devil Tony Grant. First you flatter me and then you bring up my hidden past of delinquency. Maybe it’ll work,” Carmen laughed as she walked out.

After a minute Carmen came back and she brought us a couple of beers and some chips. “You got your wish, now don’t make me regret it,” She said.

“Wow, thanks mom. You’re the greatest.” Tony replied.

“Well, I’ll go take a bath,” Carmen replied as she left the room.

For the next half an hour Tony and I were engaged in heavy fighting in the video game, however I won a lot of times making Tony some what aggravated. As I won another fight I could tell he was ready to explode, but then Carmen made a diversion as she walked into the den with a couple of beers.

“Another beer, boys?” She smiled.

I was mesmerized because she had changed clothes after her bath. Now she wore a dark red satin nightie, that was of mid-thigh length. The nightie was held up by two thin spaghetti straps and trimmed with white lace. It exposed a deep cleavage between her full round breasts. As a bow to modesty she also wore a red satin Kimono Wrap tied loose around her waist. I felt a throbbing in my cock as she walked towards me. I just couldn’t keep my eyes from the seductive, alluring sway of her hips under her nightie. Even with a satin robe every alluring curve and swoop of the hour-glass figure underneath was highlighted and emphasized by the clinging red material. Carmen handed Tony his beer and he once again focused on the game. As she bent down to give me my beer, she almost did it in slow-motion presenting me with a really nice view of her cleavage.

”Would you like to play?” I asked her.

“No thanks. I’ll just sit and watch you guys play,” Carmen said taking a seat on the couch beside me.

Tony and I continued the game, occasionally taking breaks to drink some beer and eat the snacks. Tony got more and more angry about me kicking his ass, so I said, “Hey relax man. It’s just a game and it’s obvious you haven’t played it as much as me. How about you’ll get some easier competition, so you can learn all the different tricks without getting your butt kicked.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t like to play in one-player mode.” Tony replied.

“That’s not, what I’m suggesting. How about I teach Mrs. G. the game, as she plays against you. I think it’s a win-win situation. You get to play against an easy opponent and if Mrs. G. learns to play the game, then maybe we can play it, when you’re on one of your dates with Janet.” I said.

“All right,” Bayan Escort Tony surly agreed.

“Please, Mrs. G. Why don’t you try it out?” I said to her while putting the game on pause.

“I really don’t no. There’s so many different buttons on the controller,” Carmen replied.

“Come on, Mrs. G. Be a sport.” I teased her.

“All right, pass me the controller,” She said.

“Can’t. The cord doesn’t reach all the way to your seat. Just move over and sit between my legs,” I said with a grin and continued, “Then it’ll also be easier for me to show you the correct buttons to push.”

Tony seemed indifferent to this as he continued to stare at the screen. Without looking back he just said, “Hurry mom, do as Ryan says.”

Carmen grabbed the controller and sat down between my legs. I reached my arms around her and led her fingers to the correct buttons. As the game began, I instructed my best friend’s mother while keeping my hands on top of hers to help her pick the proper buttons at the right times.

“Oh no, how can you be so mean to your older mother, Tony? You’re thrashing me every time.” Carmen cried out. “There’s too many buttons.”

“You’ll just have to take a beating. See, it’s not always easy to learn something new. Maybe you’re way too old,” Tony teased his mother now perked up by his victories.

“Too old, I’ll show you. Please help me, Ryan,” Carmen hissed.

“It’s all right, you’re getting the hang of it,” I replied. Although I was helping her with the game, I still was very much aware of her hot mature body sitting between my legs. Her scent was intoxicating and my cock began to harden. I knew she was sore from over previous tryst, so there would not be any real action today, but I decided to tease her a little bit.

After some time Carmen became more in tune with the controller, and I took my hands away so she could play on her own. I placed my hands on her back and began to caress her. Carmen got startled by this and lost another fight.

“Wow, you almost had me there mom,” Tony said.

“I know, but somehow I just missed my opening,” She replied and turned her head around and stuck out her tongue at me. I just grinned back and then a new game started and Carmen had to concentrate once more.

For some time I kept caressing her back and then it happen.

“Yes! I finally won a fight!” Carmen said laughing.

“Beginners luck, Mom.” Tony replied and continued as he got up, “I have to take a bathroom break, but I’ll be back and kick your butt.”.

As Tony left the room I put my hands around Carmen’s waist and lifted her up on my lap, still with the front towards the screen. She gasped at this and turned her head around looking into my eyes. I reached around and cupped her luscious tits, lifting and grasping. She reached back with her hands and grasped my head and kissed me squarely on the mouth, opening her lips and toying with my tongue. We kissed for some time and Carmen arched her back, so my hands became filled with her tits.

I fondled her, rolling and caressing her nipples through the satin fabric. Just as I was about to take the next step I heard Tony coming back and I broke the kiss. As he entered the room everything was almost back to normal, there were just some subtle differences. Now Carmen was sitting on my lap and even two layers of satin fabric couldn’t hide the fact, that her nipples were hard as iron.

Tony didn’t notice anything and soon my best friend and his mother were back fighting on the screen.

Now Carmen won a number of games and she teased Tony, “Old my ass. Bring it on.”

“Oh, fuck,” Tony responded clearly upset.

“I’ll have your back, my man. I’ll stop helping your mother and maybe try to distract her at vital moments,” I laughed.

Tony looked back at us and said, “Please do, it’s to humiliating to loose to my mother.”

“Oh now that’s just unfair,” Carmen laughed, “But give it your bet try Ryan, I’m really good at keeping focus.”

Once again mother and son played and after some time it was obvious Carmen was going to beat Tony again, so I said, “Let’s see, how ticklish you are?”

I moved my hands to her sides and started to lightly tickle her on the ribs. Carmen giggled a bit and started to wiggle on my lap, but she kept on fighting her son showing great skills.

“Fuck, you’re killing me mom. Come on Ryan, help me.” Tony said.

“Okay, I’ll do my best. But you’ll have to concentrate on the game yourself.” I replied.

“Right,” Tony said and turned all his focus to the screen.

I decided to use the opportunity and moved my hands up and cupped my mature lover’s breasts.

Carmen dropped her controller, clearly surprised by my bold action in this close proximity of her son, and Tony won the game.

“Great, keep it up, Ryan,” Tony shouted excited.

“Stop it Ryan.” Carmen silently hissed at the same time.

As the next game began Tony attention was on the screen, and once again I moved my hands to Carmen’s tits. This time she was prepared and shot an elbow back at me. I just grinned and kept on fondling her full tits. Carmen wriggled on my lap as a way to distract me from my doings. It didn’t help, it only made me hard and horny. I leaned forward so I could look down the front of Carmen’s nightie. I untied her satin wrap, and it made the upper swells of her sizable breasts visible and I could clearly see the outline of her hard nipples beneath the light fabric of the nightie.

Even with this distraction Carmen was winning the game. As she was about to smash her son for another victory, I moved my right hand beneath the fabric of her nightie and came into full contact with her left tit. Carmen lost her concentration and Tony got back into the game.

“Please stop, Ryan,” Carmen whispered as she quickly turned her head and look into my eyes. I could see her desire written all over her face contrary to her words and I leaned forward and brushed my lips lightly over hers.

Carmen gasped at my action and swiftly turned her attention back to the screen, so Tony wouldn’t be aware of our liaison. She continued battling her son, and I continued my distraction tactic. Leaning forward, I covered her neck with soft butterfly kisses as as I tweaked my best friend’s mother’s nipples between my fingers and thumbs. Carmen let out a small moan and pushed herself back against me.

After some time my constant necking and fondling made Carmen loose her concentration and with a kick, Tony defeated his mother. Carmen was breathing hard, without a doubt very excited by my constant teasing of her body’s erogenous zones.

The next game I decided to see, how much I had gotten to my mature lover, so I placed my hands on the couch. Not before long Carmen started to squirm around in my lap, unmistakable seeking my hard-on with her tight ass. Without my distractions she won the fight in a matter of minutes, but had also manage to make my cock even harder.

“Take that son. I got you,” Carmen laughed out-loud as she trembled in my lap all stirred up.

“Rematch,” Tony said not even turning around to look at us.

“Okay, let’s make it the last game. I have to go to bed after it,” Carmen replied.

I decided to take it to the next step, so as mother and son once again were battling, I moved my hands to Carmen’s thighs. Once again I leaned forward and this time I licked Carmen’s neck as I began to stroke her thighs lightly. Seemingly my best friend’s mother tried to ignore my actions as she kept her attention on the game.

As the fight on the screen got more intense, I let my fingers were move up beneath her nightie and before long they were coming into full contact with her naked wet pussy.

“No stop it,” Carmen whispered as she looked back at me. Her face was flushed and I could see her arousal in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Mrs. G. Tony is preoccupied with the game. Now keep up the game,” I whispered back as I began stimulating her engorged clit with my fingers. I kept my fingers going in a circular motion on Carmen’s rosebud making her trembled in my lap.

As the game continued and Carmen was desperate trying to keep her focus on it, I let my thump stimulate her nub and slowly inserted two of my long fingers into her sopping pussy. Immediately Carmen’s cunt muscles responded as they began to squeeze my fingers. I began to move my fingers in and out her pussy, but after some time I kept them inside of her and began flexing them.

I couldn’t believe Carmen let me do this in so close proximity of her son, but she was clearly lost in her own arousal. As I came in contact with her g-spot up inside the roof at her vagina Carmen started to shutter and quickly turned around and placed her mouth against mine as she let out a moan. It was luckily silenced by my mouth and Tony was still not conscious of our action.

I kept sawing my fingers in and out of Carmen’s hot pussy. Not before long I could tell she would climax in a matter of seconds. She was breathing very fast now and suddenly I felt her legs clamp shut around my hand.

I couldn’t hide my smile as I watched how Carmen tried to conceal her climax for her son. It was evident, she had to scream out her release, but she was very inventive as she moan out load, “Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggggg, you’re killing me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooo, I’ve lost.”

I rapidly removed my hands from Carmen’s pulsating pussy and wrapped her satin Kimono around her, trying to hide her aroused body. Then I placed my hands on the couch. Carmen desperately tried to control her emotions. She let out a huge breath of air and then trembled silently on my lap. God damn, I was hard. My cock was throbbing, and I knew I soon had to have some release.

Tony jumped up from the recliner and boasted, “I’m the champion. Fuck, I kicked your ass in the last game, mom. I’ll go grab a soda, do you want something, Ryan?”

“No,” I said and took hold of Carmen’s waist as she tried to leave my lap.

“Okay,” Tony said and left the room.

Carmen put the controller down and turned towards me and angry said, “What became of being careful?”

I smiled at her as I noticed her nipples were poking through the material of her nightie and Kimono, “Well, I just couldn’t resist, but now I serious have a case of blue balls.”

“Serve you right. I’m going to bed.” Carmen hissed as she walked out of the room making her luscious breasts sway enticingly with each step.

It didn’t help my hard-on, but before I could do or say anything, Tony came back into the room. The next ten minutes we played some more and then I said, “I’m tired, I’ll also go to bed.”

“Okay, buddy. I’ll stay up and play some more.”

I went to my room, but clad only in a T-shirt and my boxers I left it again. I tiptoed towards Peter and Carmen’s bedroom and soon I closed the door to the room. Carmen was already laying in bed, but gasped with surprise at my arrival.

“What are you doing here, Ryan,” She whispered.

“You’ll have to help me. I need release, you have made me so hot,” I whispered back.

“We can’t, Tony is home.”

“I know, but I promise, I’ll be really quiet. Please help me,” I said as I got rid of my clothes. My hard-on swayed proudly in front of me as I walked to my married lover’s bed.

“No, no, we can’t,” Carmen said as her eyes settle on my swaggering manhood.

“Yes, we can.” I said as I got close to the bed and removed her cover. Now she only wore the dark red satin nightie, and it highlighted and emphasized her fantastic figure.

“You’ll promise to be silent?” Carmen asked giving in.

“Promise, now get naked soul-mate,” I said as I smiled down at this hot milf.

Seconds later we were both naked in her marital bed. Another bastion had fallen in my seduction of my best friend’s mother.

“We can’t make love. I’m still really sore.” Carmen said.

“I know, but maybe you could use your mouth, to show me your love,” I responded and got up from the bed and standing at the side let my meat-cannon point directly at this hot Latina milf.

Carmen got up onto her knees, and moved her hand to my enormous cock. Her delicate hands could only barely reach around my thick shaft, and they didn’t covered a lot of its incredible length.

She looked fascinated as she began running her hands slowly from base to large head.

“You’re so big.” She half-breathed, her large tits swaying lightly by her actions.

I didn’t respond, as all my attention was on how Carmen’s hands was wrapped around my long pole and the sight of this incredibly hot married woman on her knees in front of me. For some time her hands slowly moved up and down my shaft enthralled my meat.

“Use your mouth, Mrs. G.,” I said as I felt a shiver of pleasure rushing through every nerve in my body.

Smiling up at me, this pristine housewife showed her passionate side as she teasingly asked,” Are you sure, you want my mouth on your penis?”

Before I could even respond her hands began to stoke faster and faster up and down my thick shaft.

“Fuck, you’re so hot” I uttered in a hoarse voice and lifted my right hand and stroke her long black hair, “Yeah, please suck my cock.”

My respond made Carmen glow as if she became aware of her power over me. Slowly my best friend’s mother leaned forward and placed her soft lips on the mushroom head of my manhood. Carmen began kissing lightly around the huge head, and then lifted my cock, so she could kiss the underside of the long, hard shaft.

I groaned at this and kept caressing my lover’s head. After some time I felt, how Carmen brushed her warm tongue against my flesh. She started licking all the way up my long pole and looking teasingly up into my eyes she once more kissed the tender head.

“Aaaarrrrggg,” I hissed as I shuddered.

With her eyes still staring deep into mine, the gorgeous mother and housewife pushed forward, her lips ever so slowly parting as they began sliding over the large thick head, until it popped into her warm, wet mouth. Keeping her mouth still, Carmen used her hands to slowly pump up and down my long pole. For some time Carmen kept letting her tongue twirl over and around the sensitive head of my cock as she kept stroking my shaft with her hands.

As next step in my Spanish teacher’s worship of my dick, she began sucking hard so her cheeks hollowed in. Then she slowly moved her mouth swallowing three inches of my dick. My mature lover began moaning around my cock as she gradually started to move her head up and down those three inches of my hard-on.

“Keep going, Mrs. G. You’re so good,” I groaned as my best friend’s mother continued to suck hard on my cock. Her hands started pumping back and forth along the rest of my huge shaft.

After some time Carmen pulled her mouth off my cock and stared up at me, her fist now pumping hard and fast along the entire length of my shaft.

“Oh, my God, Ryan. You’re so big, I have to take a break with my mouth,” She breathed hard but kept on jacking her fists harder and tighter around my shaft.

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