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Authors Note:

This is a continuation of the story Discovery. If you haven’t, you may want to go back and read it first or you won’t follow the story line as intended.


Finally reaching her apartment and closing the door behind her Ruth slumped against it, her breath coming in short gasps. Her mind was reeling from the combination of embarrassment and pure exhilaration that she felt. Holy shit; I can’t believe I did that, exploding like a schoolgirl the first time a boy lifts her skirt, and all he did was look at me!

She brought his features into focus. He was tall, probably just less than six feet against her five foot two frame. His face was handsome in a rugged sort of way, his years leaving lines of character etched into his tan skin. He wore his light brown hair a little long, just past his ears and it was peppered with little streaks of gray. His body was well proportioned with just a hint of extra weight around his midriff, nothing offensive or objectionable, just not the tight body of someone who spends a lot of time working out.

And then there were his eyes. They were a light brown with hints of hazel splashed playfully around them. They held an intensity that conveyed obedience and compliance while at the same time smiled to her and beckoned her to come with him on a journey to ecstasy. The type of eyes that seemed able to look into the soul and see all the hidden things that one locks away from the world, even the repressed desires she was unwilling to admit to her self. Coupled with İstanbul Escort his confidant demeanor, it was those eyes that had sent her into the abyss.

Catching her breath she walked into her bedroom to get out of her bathing suit, feeling the need to shower. Ruth stopped to assess herself in the mirror as she slipped out of her suit. Despite her forty years her body remained tight and lean. Her breasts, a full c cup had little to no sag in them and were topped with small light pink nipples that, when hardened, pointed upwards making a display of themselves against any tight fabric.

Her belly, while not flat, had a sensuous curve to it as it tucked into her plump hips. Turning and looking over her shoulder she was pleased that her ass was smooth and generous, the curves pleasant to the eye. Her legs were firm and tight with sensual calves and thighs that looked good in a short skirt and stockings. I guess all these years of yoga and palates have paid off she thought to her self.

She deposited her bathing suit into the hamper in the bathroom. Opening the shower, she reached in and turned on the water, feeling the need to cool down she adjusted the temperature to a cool flow with just a hint of warmth. Stepping in she let the water wash over her, needles of sensation struck her breasts and tummy. She turned around and let the water wash over her shoulders, leaning back to wet her hair in the flow. She washed and conditioned her hair and rinsed it out.

She reached for the body wash and squeezed Bayan Escort a liberal amount into her hand, the warm smells of coconut and vanilla greeting her senses as she started to rub it into her skin. Her hands glided over her breasts and her nipples began to quickly tighten, a twinge invading her belly. She gasped at the sensation, as it was unexpected, at the back of her mind those eyes, his eyes were suddenly upon her.

She tried to push the thought from her head to no avail; her hands seemed to have a will of their own as they glided upon her breasts and lightly pinched and pulled at her nipples. She could feel a growing dampness between her legs having nothing to do with the water spilling over her body. A now familiar twitching began growing stronger deep inside of her lower tummy. Her mind was starting to play tricks on her as she imagined him here with her, his hands gliding over her skin and pinching her tight pert nipples.

She imagined him sliding his hand slowly from her breast, down her body over her quivering tummy and to her now wet pussy, her own hands following this path with an insistence beyond her control. She moaned loudly as her fingers parted her lips and slid slowly between them, the lather from the soap causing them to glide effortlessly against her clit. Her mind imagined him pinching a nipple as his fingers played out s symphony of passion between her legs, her own hands following the moves of her fantasy lover.

She exploded into orgasm for the second time in the past Eskort hour and let out a loud moan as her fingers danced between her swollen lips, more intense than the one by the pool side as she imagined the mans fingers playing over her body as a fine musician stroking the strings of a guitar. She collapsed against the wall as the orgasm overtook her hardly able to stand upright from the intensity of her passion. Her mind and her fingers had taken over and she didn’t have a shred of control to stop them.

Her fingers continued to probe her swollen lips, another hand pinched and pulled at the nipple on her left breast. In her mind he was behind her, pressed against her body, she could almost feel his erection pressing into her back. He whispered into her ear, Let go Ruth, cum for me. Imagining him whispering those words into her ear sent her over the edge yet again. Her juices expelled violently from her tortured pussy splashing onto the shower floor in rivers mixing with the water from the shower and slowly circling down the drain. She wasn’t even aware a woman was capable of a forceful ejaculation as her body slid down the wall of the shower and she settled on the floor gasping.

Mini explosions of passion continued to ripple through her body, mini orgasms going of like firecrackers deep inside her belly, more juices flowing out and soaking her thighs. Finally she regained control of her fingers and her thoughts, curled on the shower floor with a stream of water raining down from above. She slowly rose to her feet, her arms reaching out, needing the walls of the shower for support to get back to a standing position. Get a hold of your self; all he did was look at you she thought to her self. Ruth reached over to the valve and turned the water all the way to cold.

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