Ashleigh’s Carnal Friends Ch. 03


The telephone rang. “Hello … is that John?”

“Who’s that?” I asked to a voice I didn’t recognise. There was a brief delay — as though she was deciding what to say next.

“You don’t know me … my name is Danielle … I’m Ashleigh’s friend.”

It was my turn to go quiet, to wonder what was going on, and wonder if I’d done something wrong — and this was payback time. “So … what can I do for you?”

“Ashleigh told me everything about you … and that.”

Now I was getting worried. When a beautiful girl offers you no-strings sex and you exploit it to the full, it has to be too good to be true. Had these girls cooked up something between them — something to incriminate me?

“It sounds like you and Ashleigh had a great time together.”

Now I was convinced she was after something, so kept quiet, and let her do the talking so I didn’t make matters worse. My heart began racing. My mind began to work out options. I started to prepare my defence.

“I wondered if you would like to get together … and … like … do what you and Ashleigh did … you know.”

I felt the relief run through me as the tension drained from my system. “Am I hearing you right?”

“Yeh, sure … I’ve got what you want … you’ve got what I want … why not?”

“Because girls like you don’t just offer men like me everything for nothing in return.”

“You did with Ashleigh … and she got plenty in return … so why not me?”

“I’d met her before, but I don’t know you … that’s why.”

“Well, you’re never going to get to know me if we stay arguing on the phone, are you?”

“Where do you girls come from? First it’s Ashleigh … now you.”

“You don’t get it do you, John? Our generation is the first to grow up with rap music and porn … we’ve heard and seen everything about sex … got into it years ago … and are always looking for something new.”

“Find it with someone else then.”

“Why should I when I know everything about you … and your perversions? You won’t be disappointed … you can do anything you like to me. “

The stirrings in my groin began to shout at me, telling me not to be so stupid — telling me not to care — telling me to be a man and get on with it. The caution inside me spoke, “I need to think about this, Danielle.”

“Well, I’m parked outside and it will take me a couple of minutes to reach you … so take all the time you need.”

By the time the doorbell rang, my erection was straining in my pants, my mind hallucinating about a girl I’d never met. I opened the door. She walked straight past me and took off her jacket and held it out for me, as if I was her servant. The room filled with a fragrance of spring flowers and spice. I couldn’t put a name to it, but she was probably doused in one of those new perfumes they advertise on TV.

Danielle dropped her bag on the chair and stood with her back to the mirror on the wall opposite. “Well, what do you think?” she asked.

She was less pretty than Ashleigh and not as tall or slim — but with lots to admire. I let my eyes run over her: medium height, made taller by her shiny black platforms; blonded cropped hair with a fringe crossing her brow; round face with brown eyes that danced with mischief; breasts heaving in a strapless black bustier, heavily wired to take the strain; black miniskirt; no stockings. A girl whose jaw jutted with confidence, who knew what she wanted and seemed determined to get it.

“It feels as if a high class escort just breezed in … ready for action.”

“Hold that thought … that’s how I want you to treat me … like a whore … paid to do anything.”

She looked me over just as much as I looked her over and, judging by the rise and fall in her breasts, seemed happy — and excited.

“Are those breasts for real?”

“Come and find out … if you like.”

“All in good time … this is happening fast enough as it is.”

“I have a surprise for you.”

“You must’ve felt very confident about me to come so well prepared.”

“Ashleigh told me all about you … and your preferences.”

Looking into the mirror behind her, I checked out her curves, her hourglass figure straining to break free of her miniskirt. Her eyes followed mine. She looked down and behind herself and worked her hands over the roundness of her bottom. She looked up at me through heavily made up eyes and spoke: “You can run your hands around my arse any time you like, John.”

“What’s the surprise?” I asked, with my erection about to burst out of my jeans.

“I’ve got no knickers on … do you want to see?”

Ashleigh was full of surprises — hard to beat, I thought at the time — but this was turning out even better. Danielle seemed determined to keep the initiative and drive our first meeting forward. Had I been her age, I would have floundered. At twice her age, it was flattering — and she was there for the taking — anything I wanted to do. How often in a lifetime does a man get an offer like that?

“I want to see everything, Bycasino Danielle … in good time.”

“I’m ready now.”

“OK, anything you say,” I said, turning the tables on her. It shut her up for a moment. I could almost hear her thinking the options through.

“In that case … sit on the settee … for your next surprise.”

I sat in the middle of the beige leather. She walked towards me slowly, her stilettos clicking on the bare oak boards. Then she placed one foot alongside me, using it as a lever to stand up, above me. She lifted her skirt to her waist, exposing her cunt — and showed off the second surprise — it was shaven smooth.

“Here, John … feed on this,” she said, lowering herself towards my mouth, the folds of her twat opening to offer me easier access.

Her cunt glistened with juice and desire and sex. I thrust my tongue up and into her gash. Different cunts taste subtly different: Danielle’s tasted of the usual sweat and urine mixed with crushed spring flowers, reminiscent of her perfume. I worked around and found her clit and sucked on it.

“Oh yes … I give me more of that.”

I grabbed her arse and pulled her into my face. I reached up to feel her breasts beneath the wiring of her bustier then rolled her over until she was under me. I sucked and bit at her cunt, pushing two fingers inside her and massaging my thumb in the space close to her arsehole. She clasped her legs behind my back, pulling me in, and grabbed my head with her hands, so firmly I could hardly breathe. Then she gasped and tensed and arched her back and gasped again and pushed my head away as I felt her cum ooze across my tongue.

“Wow, Ashleigh was right … you really do know how to treat a girl,” she said, fighting to regain her senses, “feel free to do that any time you like.”

“You’re off the scale, Danielle.”

“I know … I’m weird … just can’t get enough sex.”

She sat up beside me and I looked down into her cleavage. She thrust out her chest as an invitation to the unspoken words that passed between us.

“I’ve got another surprise for you, John … but you’ll have to find it.”

“Stand up,” I ordered, wondering what else she had hidden. She swung her legs off the settee, stood in front of me and kicked off her shoes. I ran the first two fingers of my right hand down her cleavage, and felt the soft tissue give way under my touch. The bustier seemed impenetrable, so I looped both hands over its top, into the softness of her flesh, pulling it down and away from her to expose her tits.

“You’re full of surprises, Danielle.” I said as the ring through her left nipple came into view.

“I love my nipple ring,” she said, pulling at it, stretching out the enlarged nipple, “I can feel it all the time … and it makes me feel special … none of my friends would dare to have one.”

“There are lots of things many girls are frightened to try.”

“I love to do things other people don’t do … I’ll try anything.”

“Then, I think it’s about time you got me out of my clothes,” I said, swinging her around and changing places, with her now sat on the settee.

As I pulled off my tee-shirt, she undid my belt and button and tore down my zip, in a single movement. My jeans, socks and shoes joined her shoes in seconds. She felt through my white Calvin Klein’s and around my erection.

“I knew I was having the right effect on you,” she said, yanking my boxers down to my ankles.

Without hesitation, she pulled down hard on my foreskin and swallowed my cock in one and wanked at me with her mouth. Her dark pink lipstick accumulated around the base as she attacked me over and over.

“Eight and three quarter inches, I would say,” she said, looking up at me with moon eyes, “just my size.”

“You’re a dirty bitch.”

“The dirtier the better … that’s how I like it.”

“You’re going to get the dirtiest sex you’ve ever had before I’ve finished with you.”

“I’ve got all night … I told my mum I was staying with Ashleigh.”

“Does Ashleigh know you’re here?” I asked, remembering Danielle knew everything about me and how I fucked her best friend.

“Oh My God, no … she’d kill me if she knew.”

“How did you find me?”

“I pinched your number off her phone and looked up your address.”

“You’re devious as well as horny.”

“Anything you say,” she said, gulping my cock down her throat again while she fondled my balls.

“Wank me hard, you fucking whore … suck me till I fill your mouth with cum.”

She followed my instructions like a slave. I felt stirrings inside my balls, telling me I was about to cum. As if she knew, she switched her attack to my balls, taking them into her mouth one at a time and sucking on them like the biggest gobstopper you’ve ever seen. Her saliva dripped from her mouth and my genitals and down my legs — stringy and sticky, just like cum.

She attacked my cock again. My balls began to twitch. My cock grew bigger in her mouth. She gagged. She spluttered. Bycasino giriş She looked up at me, lust shining from her brown eyes. I needed to cum. I extracted my cock from her mouth. Slaver dripped off it, down her chin, onto her tits, into her cleavage. I wanked at my cock, a few strokes. The pressure grew inside my groin. It felt like I was about to explode.

My cock exploded. Cum shot in all directions. Imagine how pleased I felt as successive shots streaked across her face and tits and hair, to leave strands of pearly necklaces behind.

I like to taste my own cum, so fell on my knees, down to her level. I licked around her face and took a large dollop on my tongue and stuck it into her mouth where we sucked and swallowed and shared the confection. We came up for air, laughing, wallowing in my jitz. I followed it down and smoothed it across the expanse of her tits with my hands, catching my little finger in her nipple ring and giving it a pull. She squealed with enjoyment, while I finished massaging the tacky cum into her tits until only the smell of sex remained.

She looked a mess: hair matted with cum and sweat; mascara running from her eyes; eye shadow and lipstick spread over her face; the remnants of semen covering her tits and glistening on her black bustier; skirt wrapped around her waist like a rag; her shaven cunt in full view. I could have offered her a towel to clean up, but decided against it. I wanted my whore to look the part.

“You make great sex, Danielle.”

“Look at the state of me,” she said, catching sight of herself in the mirror.

“I like my whores to look like they’ve been well used.”

“I look like I’ve been gang-banged,” she said with a laugh and a shake of her head. She admired herself in the mirror, found her makeup from her bag and plastered an extra layer on her lips and around her eyes.

“Is that how you like your whore to look, John?”

“It’s perfect … don’t change a thing,” I said. Leading her to the bedroom, I pulled back the duvet and settled her down, her wide brown eyes excited in anticipation.

“You got any porn?”

“Have a look in the drawer below the TV.”

I left to find two glasses and a bottle of red wine. When I returned, she was totally naked, sat propped up with pillows, knees in the air, feet wide apart, playing the part of the whore she was, her fingers inside her cunt. She was engrossed in the movie playing on the screen that dominated the wall opposite the bed — one of those compilations with a bit of everything — plenty for both of us.

“Do you like my tits? They’re real, not fake like the women in the film.”

“They are beautiful … but you know that already, don’t you?”

She smirked and lifted her right breast and stuck out her tongue and ran it over her nipple and shuddered as if someone had opened a window to let in a draft. Reaching down to take it in her mouth, she sucked it with a loud slurping noise for my benefit, while pulling on the ring on her left nipple. “I love my tits,” she said, “they make sure I get lots of attention from all the boys.”

“You are a fucking tease.”

“I know … and I play on it whenever I can.”

“Oh yeh … oh yeh … yeh …” came a breathless voice from the TV. We both looked over to watch a close-up of a cock fucking a well-used cunt.

I poured the wine while her attention was diverted to the porn queen taking another cock into her mouth. “Let’s toast our wild night together,” I said, offering her a glass.

“You’re not like anyone else I’ve been with,” she said, sipping at the wine with her eyes on the screen, “they want a bit of oral and a quick fuck, and they’re finished.”

I sat on the bed next to her and stretched out my legs. “Sex is like this wine,” I said, holding up the glass of fine Burgundy and letting the glow of the TV shine through it. “Drink it slowly and savour the taste … then you’ll appreciate its flavour and quality.” It was my best line — and it worked every time.

“You haven’t even tried to fuck me yet.”

“All in good time.”

We drank and toasted each other. I dipped my finger into my glass, coated it with wine and held it over her right nipple. The wine formed a globule before dripping onto her.

“Ooh, that makes me shiver,” she said, the drop rolling down and around the bumps on her areola.

I licked the drop of wine up before it ran away. Her nipple jumped to attention, so I took another finger-full and did it again. She laughed and laid back, her tits falling slightly sideward. I tipped a small amount of wine from my glass across her right tit and quickly followed it down with my tongue, lapping up every drop before finishing with the nipple firmly in my mouth. My erection began to recover.

She got the idea and knelt in front of me, her tits hanging loosely down her front, her face and hair still a mess of makeup and cum. My semi-erect cock in her hand, she pulled back the foreskin and dipped it into her glass. The end glistened with wine and she took it Bycasino güncel giriş into her mouth, sucking off the liquid. My erection immediately grew too hard to dip into the glass a second time without wine spilling over the bed. So, she poured a small amount over it, moving quickly to lick it off before it reached the base.

“I like freaky things like this … it makes sex much more enjoyable,” she said, “the taste of cum mixed with the wine is fantastic … the best wine I’ve ever had.”

I laid her back and took a mouthful of wine, which I then dribbled across her breasts. I had to act quickly. Scooping her breasts into my hands, I licked and slurped at the wine as I chased it around her tits and nipples, in and around the ring, down every side, to make sure none of it reached the bedding.

“Oh yeh … oh yeh … yeh …” said a voice on the TV, as if passing judgment on my action.

“You know lots of tricks … the sort that turn me on.”

“And you’re a quick learner, Danielle.”

I opened her legs and pushed two fingers inside her cunt, to hold it open. Her expression widened, as if enquiring about what was going to happen. Her face went wild with excitement when I placed the top of the bottle against the opening.

“You dirty bastard,” she said, a sneer of anticipation crossing her face.

I pushed the bottle inside her and heard the wine gurgle as it washed into her. She gasped and giggled at the same time. Pulling it out swiftly, I dived into her — drinking the wine as fast as I could to stop it escaping. I swallowed most of it, gagging and spluttering on the rest. A small amount got away and ran down towards her arsehole and on to the sheet.

“Wow … that’s what I call savouring the wine, John.”

“It tastes even better mixed with the natural juices of your twat, you fucking tart.”

“Oh yeh … oh yeh … yeh …” said the porn queen, but we had stopped watching.

The next time, I pushed the bottle into her as far as it would go, which was over half way, as her cunt, lubricated with fine wine, opened wide to accommodate it. From the amount of glugging inside her, I knew the next step would be difficult. I lifted her arse into the air before extracting the bottle and got my mouth to her cunt immediately.

Wine went everywhere: spurting over my face and up my nose and in my eyes; gushing from her cunt, as I tried to slurp it and swallow it and catch it with my hands. Having covered her top half in cum, her bottom half was now awash. Holding her arse as high as I could, I followed the river of wine down and around her arsehole, trying to lick and suck up and drink every drop.

My face and hair and hands were soaking in wine. Her cunt and stomach and arse were soaking in wine. The bed was soaking in wine — and we lay in the middle of it — and laughed until we were breathless — as breathless as the voices on the TV.

I turned her over and over, chasing the last dregs and cleaning them off with my tongue. “You taste like a brewery, Danielle.”

“And you behave like a sewer rat.”

While my breath recovered, I stroked around her cunt. “You did a good job on this … you shaved it really clean.”

“Ashleigh did it for me.”


“I thought you knew, John … we are … like … very close … and stuff.”

“How close is that?”

“Well, sort of … you know … like … we look after each other.”

“So when you’re looking after each other … does that develop into more intimate things?” I asked as I began to realise Ashleigh hadn’t been fully honest with me.

“We have been known to get a bit carried away at times … after a few drinks … and that.”

“Like sex, you mean?”

“Look John … I thought you knew.”

“So you’re like recreational bisexuals?”

“If you want to put it like that … I suppose we are.”

“And you get her to orgasm?”

“Every time,” she answered proudly.

“So she lied when she said she’d never had an orgasm?”

“Not exactly … she said: she’d never had an orgasm with a boy … there are lots of hair triggers among boys of our age, you know.”

I laughed. I’d been suckered by two girls half my age. I always knew men didn’t stand a chance when women dangled sex in front of them — but twice — and by teenagers — how stupid can a man get? It sort of made me angry with both of my teenage sorceresses. But not so angry that I wanted to change anything.

Two porn queens started to lick and suck the hell out of each other’s twats on the screen in front of us. Watching the action made me realise it didn’t matter. Why should I care? Sex on a plate from two eager tarts — it’s what men dream of.

“I told you, we’re the new generation … we had our first girl-on-girl session when we were sixteen,” Danielle said, picking up on my mood.

“There were no girls like you when I was your age.”

“Times have changed … girls queued up at school begging me for sex.”

“What did you do?”

“I told the young ones to come back when they were older … and sucked and fucked loads of virgin cunt.”

“And Ashleigh … what was she doing?”

“She did the same, of course.”

“I thought you girls wanted to learn new things from me … it sounds like I’ve got lots to learn from you.”

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