Anne , Paul’s Story Ch. 02


As the bedroom door closed behind them, Anne gave Paul’s elbow an affectionate squeeze; “Happy 65th Birthday Paul!”

Although both married to other partners, Paul and Anne had been friends for some time and spite of their age gap ~ she was in her thirties ~ they had a relationship that was special to them both. Some months ago now they had met discreetly in a hotel one afternoon. They had explored each other’s sexuality; culminating in mutual masturbation [but without penetration]. Both felt they would like to go further in their relationship and Anne had arranged a room at a friend’s flat as a birthday surprise.

Since his prostatectomy Anne knew that the operation was such that Paul could not cum externally and, therefore, there was no concerns re birth control.

They were now alone. Anne turned to Paul: “I’m your birthday present. Do you want to unwrap me?” She held her hands above her head and Paul undid her blouse to expose Anne’s delightful breasts encased in a lacy black bra. With lechery in his heart, Paul undid the zip at the side of her skirt and let it fall to the ground. His stomach gave a lurch as he saw Anne was wearing a matching pair of skimpy knickers and hold-up stockings.

Paul reached for Anne, but she backed away with a laugh: “I think I best unwrap the rest of your present! No touching!” She stepped out of her skirt and reached behind to undo her bra. Anne slipped off the bra and Paul gazed at her beautiful breasts with their dark nipples. It pleased him to see they were already raised with anticipation of things to come.

Anne hooked her thumbs into her knickers and very slowly pulled them down over her thighs and stepped out of them. She was now only wearing stockings and high heel shoes. Anne raised both arms above her head and slowly turned around for Paul’s inspection: “Do you like what you see?” she teased. As she turned her breasts swung invitingly and Paul could see the dark triangle of her pubic hair hiding her vagina. He remembered their previous meeting when he had gone down on her and tasted her sweet cunt. He wanted desperately to explore her with his tongue again!

Paul tried to reach for Anne, but she shook her head vehemently: “That’s just the wrapping removed, you main present is still to come.” she said with a wicked grin: “Take off your clothes Maltepe Escort and sit by the side of the bed.” Paul rushed to obey!!!!

Anne kicked of her shoes and lay on her back on the bed, her long dark hair spread across the pillow. Paul watched intently as Ann slowly and gently started to massage her breasts. With low moans, Anne began to roll her nipples between her fingers and massage her breast more roughly.

Anne moved her right hand down across her belly and started to rub her pubic area. Paul realized with delight that Anne’s present to him was going to be allowing him to watch her masturbating!!! He felt his penis grow and harden at the thought.

Anne bent her knees and opened her legs wide to let Paul have a clear view of events. She started to rub the outer lips of her vagina and then with a whimper of pure animal pleasure she inserted her index finger and began to massage inside. She could feel herself getting wetter and knew Paul could see her love juices beginning to flow. “I‘m imagining your prick thrusting inside my cunt Paul” she said huskily “Its gorgeous. I can’t get enough.”

Paul gave a groan and started to masturbate. “Don’t you dare cum yet” Anne chided. “I have plans for your penis.”

Anne inserted another finger into her vagina and began a vigorous ‘in and out’ motion. She protested weakly as Paul suddenly removed her hand from her vagina and inserted her two soaking wet fingers into his mouth. He licked them avidly: “You still taste divine.” he said and released her hand.

Anne quickly found her clitoris and began to play with it. She knew her orgasm was near. “I must suck your knob Paul. Give it to me now or else I’ll cum too soon”. Paul swiftly knelt beside Anne and inserted his erect penis in her mouth. Anne started to lightly suck on it but she was careful not to arouse Paul too much. Anne increased rubbing her clitoris and felt her orgasm rising inside her. With a shudder, she climaxed.

Paul removed his penis from Anne’s mouth as she struggled to regain her breath. “Thanks Anne. I’ve never had a birthday present like that before” he said with a laugh. He laid back on the bed and Anne cuddled up to him: “Glad you liked it!”

They rested for a while, then Paul leaned over and gentle ran his tongue around Anne’s İstanbul Escort nipples. Anne responded by reaching down and lightly massaging Paul’s testicles. She then ran her fingers up Paul’s penis and was delighted to find it still firm and erect. “More please!” Anne requested. Paul grinned and started kissing down her belly.

Anne’s eyes opened in surprise as without warning Paul swung his leg over her to adopt the ‘sixty-nine’ position. She opened her legs as far as possible to allow him ready access to her womanhood. As Anne took his penis inside her mouth, Paul inserted his tongue deep inside her vagina. Anne was still hot and wet from her orgasm and Paul licked her eagerly. Anne started to feel a climax welling up from deep inside her but Paul stopped his attentions and looked at her. “I want to bury my prick deep inside you and shag you senseless.” He said. Anne panted back: “Don’t talk about it! Just fuck me!!!!!!!”

“On your hands and knees then.” Paul commanded. Anne obediently turned over and presented her backside to him; her face on the pillow and her buttocks high. Paul had a perfect view of her vagina still wet from her orgasm. He guided the head of his penis to her slit and slowly rubbed it up and down. He pushed it in about an inch and then pulled it out again. Anne gave low cry: “Stop playing silly buggers and screw me!!!”

Paul laughed and thrust his penis to its full depth inside Anne until his balls rested against Anne’s outer lips. He then reached under Anne and started to play with her breasts. Anne was desperate for Paul to begin pumping her from behind. She reached back under herself and squeezed Paul’s balls. He took the hint, put his hands on her backside and began a slow deliberate pumping action. Anne reached under herself and rubbed her clitoris whilst Paul continued to move in and out of her. In this way, they both enjoyed a leisurely screw for a few minutes without talking but just revelling in the sensation of their first coupling.

Finally, Paul withdrew his penis and turned Anne onto her back. “You look beautiful” he said “I’m a lucky man.” He moved between Anne’s legs and she opened them wide and reached down to grasp Paul’s penis and guide it to the lips of her vagina. Paul entered her and felt Anne’s vagina muscles squeeze him gently. Anadolu Yakası Escort Anne felt wonderfully hot and wet as Paul’s penis buried itself deep inside her.

With a sigh, Anne clutched him to her chest and wrapped her legs tightly around him. Paul knew it was time to consummate their relationship to a new level.

He began to move slowly in and out of Anne, careful to watch her eyes. As they darkened with lust, Paul quickened his strokes pushing as hard and as deep as he could. Anne started to push back against his thrusts with increasing force. “I’m going to cum soon.” she pleaded “Don’t finish before I do!”. He could feel the walls of her vagina pulsating on his knob as she tried to draw him even deeper inside her with her legs. Paul held back his own climax as Anne writhed underneath him. “I’m cumming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed and Paul felt Anne’s body shudder under him as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Once he knew Anne was sated, Paul released his own pent-up emotions and felt his own climax flow through him. He collapsed on Anne’s chest and felt his penis grow limp and slip from inside Anne.

He rolled off Anne and gathered her in his arms. They lay quietly together in their own private world. After a time, they slept.

Paul was wakened by a cool hand massaging his testicles. “I love the feel of your balls Paul.” Anne said dreamily “There so firm and round.” Paul felt his limp penis stir and start to swell in response to Anne’s massaging. He lay back on the bed put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the sensation.

Suddenly, Anne moved and he felt her take his semi-hard cock into her warm mouth, running her tongue over the tip. Anne laughed delightedly as his cock stiffened and stood to attention. “I’m please to see your having no problem getting it up for me today.” Paul grinned back at her. “I’ve been taking Viagra. I feel like I could shag for England”

Ann laughed, straddled Paul to face him, reached down to guide penis to the entrance to her womanhood and settled down on Paul’s erection until it was buried to its full depth inside her. She started to slide up and down on Paul’s cock, her breasts bouncing to the rhythm of her movements. “I’m glad you feel like that Paul” She said with a giggle “I plan to shag you until you beg me to stop!!!” AND SHE PROCEDED TO DO JUST THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ But that’s a tale for another time.


Given their respective marital status neither know when or if they will ever share such moments again. Each one secretly hopes they will; and soon!

X——- Finis ——–X

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