An English Matron Ch. 03


This is a continuation of the previous two quite brief chapters which you ought to read to get the full sense of this one. I hope you enjoy it.


And so it did indeed continue. One Saturday evening I was round her place watching football on the telly. My team doesn’t normally do very well but they had won a big game that afternoon against the league leaders and the highlights were on Match of the Day. Elizabeth wanted to go to bed without saying so straightforwardly. I was quite happy to – but after the footy. I’d shagged her already in the middle of the afternoon when I came round so I was in no great hurry. Besides I’d had to sit through some mind-numbingly crap programme she wanted to watch earlier. I purposely sat in another chair facing the telly. It was a bit rude but a fair hint also.

She sat on the settee to my left just in my peripheral vision. She wore her half moon glasses which I knew she only wore for reading (and for turning me on) and not watching TV so I knew something was up. She had on a blue and white dress that buttoned down the middle. More distractingly she also wore smoky grey stockings. Elizabeth had great legs albeit quite plump the further they went up. Anyhow, they were the best preserved part of her body. She kept crossing and uncrossing them making a slight swishing sound as she did it. Any time I stole a glance in her direction she looked over her half-moon glasses and gave me a knowing smile which I ignored. She moved to the far end of the settee and sat more on the edge pretending to take an interest in the game. In fact moving to her new position put her at a more oblique angle to the TV but did bring her more directly into my field of vision.

She uncrossed her legs and held them slightly apart. Her dress flopped down in between thighs not revealing too much but I did notice that the hem was higher than I would have expected and her knees were visible. The sexual tension was rising but I tried to concentrate on the game. The next time I looked the hem had ridden well past her knees and her thighs had parted. Given that I was supposed to be watching the telly I couldn’t stare long enough to see far up between her legs. She pretended this time not to notice that I was looking fixing her eyes oh so innocently on the TV. I saw her rearranging her self again out of the corner of my eye. The dress was hitched right up her legs were apart, I could see the tops of her smoky grey stockings and then wondrous to behold, her white panties in the centre. Call me a perv but there is something about a woman’s white panties that drives me wild.

All thoughts of football vanished from my head. I looked at her crotch and then her face. She returned my gaze steadily over her half moon glasses. She crooked her finger and beckoned me towards her, parting her legs even more. She’d also undone the top button of her dress and the valley of her cleavage was clearly visible too. I looked at her crotch again, mesmerised and found myself shuffling towards her on my knees until I was there before her. I kissed her on the lips which she allowed briefly but putting her hands on my shoulders she forced me down. I kissed her breasts but I was still in the wrong place and she pushed me even further down until I was level with her thighs. Now I was in the right position.

She leaned back on the settee, pushing groin towards me. I put my hands on her dress and pushed it right up her hips. I kissed her left knee and then planted kisses all the way up her thigh until I came to her stocking top. I repeated the exercise on her right leg. I gazed at the amazing sight that was her panty covered groin. She put a leg on each of my shoulders and drew me to her. I kissed the material of her panties, smelling her body and her warmth and tasting her womanhood underneath. Her calves were hooked right round me now and she pressed me even further in but I pushed back, disengaging but only so I could take her panties off to give me unfettered access. I took my own top off and then dived back in for my supper. I licked her hairy quim until it ached and she reached down and pulled my head even closer so that I could hardly breath as I played with clit with my lips she came and washed my face with her juices. Of course I had a raging hard on by this time and unzipped my fly. But she would not let me do anything straight away. She stood up her clothes in disarray, took my cock in her hand and tugged me in to the bedroom where I had to undress her completely before I was allowed back between her thighs again to consummate the whole evening. I never did get to see the football — by all reports it was the best game we played all season! I really needed to get some control back!

Later the following week I arrived in the early evening and she was already in her robe. We got to her living room and we kissed passionately. She broke off and gave me her come on smile made lewder by her old lined and excited face and her half-moon glasses. She lightly touched my cock seeming to know Maltepe Escort exactly the spot to rub underneath my trousers. I started unbuttoning her robe and quickly took it off to lie in a heap on the floor.

She stood before me proudly in a white see-through camisole and knickers. Her large breasts sagged onto her belly and I could see the outline of her nipples beneath the gauzy fabric. The front panel of her knickers was not see through but shiny and satiny and I gazed at it. It was simultaneously grotesque and extremely exciting. She then played out our little ritual:

“Do you like what you see?”

“I do!”

“Tell Elizabeth what you want to do!”

“I want to kneel down and kiss between your legs.”

“Ask me properly.”

“Please Elizabeth, may I kneel down and kiss between your legs?”

“Of course you may, darling, but Elizabeth needs to get you ready.”

She undid my trousers and took off my shirt, pants, socks and shoes. Kneeling down, she was just the right height to suck my cock which she did until I almost came. Grasping my balls she led me off to the bedroom. She lay on the bed with her feet still touching the floor and her legs apart. I knelt down between them.

“Show Elizabeth how much you love her!”

I went to work on her with my lips, tongue and fingers. I started mid thigh on her left leg kissing my way down to her knee while stroking her right thigh with my fingers. I worked up and down her thighs getting closer and closer to her mound but not yet touching it. I trailed my tongue all around it, kissing her soft white lower belly as I passed it by. I returned to her large thighs. They were in good shape for an old lady but there were little blue veins here and there and the skin was not as taught as it would be in a younger woman. Although big they were still in proportion to her hips. I nibbled gently and nuzzled my way along from her knee along the inner thigh until my nose touched her bush underneath her knickers catching a whiff of earthy fragrance. I kissed the other thigh in the same place. I then pressed my face into her satin covered mound and nuzzled her. Looking up I noticed she was playing with her great big tits. I quickly drew her knickers off giving me full access to the tabernacle of my desire.

I started now to touch her bush with my fingers, parting her hair and brushing her lips with my fingertips while still paying full attention to her upper thighs with my lips and tongue. I could now see her puckered lips through her hair. She was not actually very hairy down here at all but there was enough. Sticking out my tongue I ran it very lightly over her lips following the contours as best I could. I then ran my finger down the same route, pressing gently in as they seemed to unfold out to greet me. I ran my finger right down along her perineum and up to her butt. I repeated this action with my tongue as far as it could reach.

I inserted my finger in her cunt a bit more. She was quite wet. Taking a deep breath I put my face right between her legs, thrusting my tongue as far as it would go, repeatedly until it ached. I came up for air and put my fingers there instead. She was whimpering and moaning now.

“Oh Baby, Baby, show me you love me”

I repeated the actions with my tongue again, burying my face in her groin, feeling her meaty wetness against my face and tasting her in my mouth. Her hands touched the back of my head and she feebly pressed it down further against her.

My face still grinding against her, I brought my index finger up and touched her anus. There was little resistance and it slid inside up to the first knuckle. She gasped and cried out. I arse-fucked her with my finger and cunt-fucked her with my tongue. I raised my head just before she climaxed to see her cunt, its lips enlarged and spread out and her vagina hole visible. The whole mass quivered and spasmed and her butthole opened and closed around my finger. I put my face down again and licked her as her orgasm subsided.

After a while she came back down to earth and reflected what had happened. She was quite shocked or seemed to be. I don’t think anyone had ever touched her there before.

“That was very very naughty. How dare you touch me there!”

“But you liked it!”

“Stand up and bend over!”

I obeyed meekly

“Legs apart!”

She slapped my buttocks lightly but not enough to hurt. The slaps became softer almost caresses and she started fingering my cleft.

“Lets see how you like it,” she said but in a low voice and not cross or vindictive.

Fortunately she always had her nails short and soon she was fingering my little brown hole. My cock was so stiff. She stopped and let me stand up right. She led me on to the bed.

“Make love to me again!” she commanded and I got to work with gusto in a good old fashioned hump. But her fingers had not finished and as I was in full swing so to speak she reached up, grabbed by bum and started to insert her finger. Ümraniye Escort It made me even stiffer. My humping got so vigorous that she lost contact with my bum. I’m not sure who orgasmed first but it was a good fuck. We’d never really explored each other’s butts before so it seemed we could set off on another adventure.

When I woke up she was sleeping with her back to me. I snuggled up and we spooned. She seemed to be dozing. I started lightly scratching her back. She loved this it was one of the less sexual physical contacts that she really enjoyed. I ran my fingers up and down, gradually each run went lower and lower so that her bum received as much as attention as her back. While still paying attention to her back my scratch runs went lower still to the top of her thighs. Over the course of several minutes I paid less attention to her back and more to her backside and to her perineum. She rolled over on to her front, still a little drowsy.

I knelt beside her. My hand continued to stroke her cheeks and thighs and started to touch her pubes. Leaning over I kissed her lower back, moving to her hips and then her cheeks. I started to nibble and bite gently. Her legs opened wider and I started to stroke her cunt which was very wet by this time. I could not get my fingers in and she raised herself on her knees and elbows. I slid my finger right in and started a gentle finger fuck while still nibbling her bum. I moistened my left index finger and started rubbing right in her cleft nearly but not quite touching her anus. Then I did pressing on it bit not inserting my finger. She was moaning and gasping now and my finger fucking became more intense with my right thumb stroking her clit. She reached under her body with her right hand and started massaging my dick. As she got more excited I bent over to kiss her between her cheeks inserting my tongue so it touched and tickled her rosebud. She climaxed quite violently her cunt pulsating on my fingers and her anus also contracting.

There were still some adventures we had not had had and which would allow me to get some control back. I did not see Elizabeth again until Friday night. When I went round she let me in. She was wearing a close fitting purple woollen roll neck top and a calf length dark red plaid skirt. We went to the cinema during which she let me stroke her leg quite a bit. Did I mention she had quite a big bum? Well she did and big hips to match. When we got to her flat I followed her upstairs admiring her shapely legs in their dark sheer stockings and taking in her large bottom which made her skirt flare out a bit more. I put my hand on it as we ascended the stairs and fondled it more as she let us in to her flat. She protested mildly but I would not keep my hands off her arse.

Once inside she scolded me but I stopped her mouth with a kiss and drew her to me feeling her large breasts squash up against my chest. I continued to run my hands over her buttocks as we embraced and her tongue ran forward into my mouth. We devoured each other for some time while my hands fondled and caressed her backside. After a while she started stroking mine and I brought one hound round the front to feel her large soft breasts under her soft woollen top.

We moved still embracing and touching each other intimately to the adjacent bedroom and I removed her top. She wore her old fashioned white slip underneath and I turned my attentions to kissing her neck and shoulders while still playing with her breasts with my finger tips. She stroked my cock but did not venture further. I unbuttoned her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and peeled off her slip so that she was down to her bra, satin knickers, suspender belt and stockings. She took my clothes off completely and as I stood naked before her she knelt down to suck my erect cock.

I let her take me nearly all the way there but stopped her before things went too far. I removed the rest of her clothes and we lay on the bed cuddling and enjoying each other’s flesh. My hands went back to her large backside and I caressed them gently, working my fingers into her cleft, then down and round her perineum touching the top and inside of her thighs as it returned. She got quite turned on by this and raised herself on all fours so that I could get better access. Her cunt was wet now and my fingers slid inside her. I still paid attention to the cleft between her buttocks with my other hand and started nuzzling and biting gently her large soft white cheeks.

I started to lick along her cleft and finger her arsehole. My other hand was rhythmically pumping inside her cunt. My thumb inside and my fingers on her clit. She was close to coming now and I moved in and started probing her anus with my tongue and she cried out as she orgasmed her flesh quivering and pulsing around my fingers. I quickly put my plan into action. I moved round behind her. My cock was so hard that it ached. She expected me to take her doggy-style but I had other ideas. I spat on both my hands, rubbed İstanbul Escort them on my cock and guided it into her butt. She protested but I was inside her.

“My turn!” I hissed. It was not like me to be rough or speak harshly and I think it daunted her a little.

I started thrusting gently away her large buttocks nestling against the tops of my thighs. Reaching underneath I stroked her long soft teats as they dangled below her. It wasn’t as good as vaginal intercourse but good enough and I enjoyed being in control for once. I started to hump more vigorously and she cried out whether in pain or pleasure I did not really care. We rocked and rocked and I think she started to come again as I spurted and spurted inside.

We cleaned ourselves up but didn’t talk much afterwards. In fact she went a little bit cool on me. She might have gone along with it in the heat of the moment but afterwards I think she felt I’d gone too far. English matrons generally do not get banged up the arse. I still went round to see her for sex and evenings out but our lovemaking was less passionate and more conventional. That suited me fine actually. She didn’t mother me and dropped her silly rituals and I didn’t try to give her a back scuttle. We still didn’t talk about it but balance had been restored between us at the expense of passion.

Our relationship had also developed in another and not especially welcoming direction. Socially she’d started to introduce me to her friends who were all about the same age. Mostly they were quite unattractive – either skinny and shrivelled or just fat and shapeless. There was one, Vanessa, who was tall and extremely busty. She probably had once been a great looker about thirty or even twenty years ago. Now she was still quite handsome although with quite a strong, beaky nose. At least she would have been but for the sour expression on her face. I learned later that her husband had deserted for a younger woman about a year ago and she was still in the bitter all-men-are-shits phase.

Conversation with them all was quite superficial and dull and after all we had nothing in common. None of them shared Elizabeth’s tastes in classical music. Vanessa was positively hostile to me, either ignoring my existence altogether or contradicting me when I spoke or even worse when I made a light hearted remark or joke dissecting it for meaning in a patronising sarcastic manner and completely spoiling it. As far as I was concerned she was a complete bitch (great tits though) and I avoided her company, refusing to come over if I knew she was about.

I did not involve Elizabeth in my social life. My friends knew I was going out with an older woman but they did not know how old and I was embarrassed about the age gap and the teasing I would get (and the sniggers behind my back).

Elizabeth had been invited to a wedding – some relative of her late husband. Word had obviously spread that she had a younger companion and I was invited too. I did not want to go at all. I wouldn’t know anyone and I didn’t want to be paraded as Elizabeth’s toyboy. What was even worse Vanessa would be there too – apparently she was a cousin of Elizabeth’s hubby (which is obviously how she and Elizabeth had got to know each other in the first place) and also a close relative of the woman getting married.

I told Elizabeth that I was not going in no uncertain terms. She begged and pleaded, she offered to pay for the hotel, she offered to buy me a new suit but that cut no ice. I wasn’t hard up, I had more money than she and even if I had gone I wouldn’t have bought a new suit – that’s the sort of thing a woman does. You may conclude from all this that I was rather a selfish young man and you’d probably be right.

It was a Friday night and I’d come over for the weekend but now I was positively grumpy and thinking about leaving either that evening or the following morning. However we didn’t row and she didn’t sulk or act hurt. Instead she acted very loving and sweet and didn’t bring up the subject again. At night after a good meal (she was a very fine cook) we were on the sofa watching TV. She put her hand on my thigh and started stroking it: affectionately at first and then more overtly sexually. Soon she was fondling my cock underneath my trousers at the same time as nuzzling my neck. She knew what turned me on. It was only a matter of time before she had my dick out. She bent over and started to gently kiss it, giving tiny nibbles to my foreskin and swirling her tongue and her lips around my cock head while at the same time slowly pumping my shaft with her hand. She gradually accelerated the pace, sometimes squeezing my balls but all the time massaging my head with her lips and tongue. Twice I was in danger of coming and she stopped and gripped my shaft at the base and then started again. This was maddeningly tantalising and the third time I instructed her (almost pleaded actually) to go all the way. She continued to pump with her hand and suck with her lips as I erupted in her mouth. She swallowed it all and continued to lick me dry but very gently as I subsided. Considering that until six months ago she’d never had sex for twenty years (or so she said) she was a fantastic cocksucker. In fact it was the best blow job I’d ever had.

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