An Adventure Motorcycle Ride Ch. 02


The following morning I did something I rarely ever do… I slept in. I guess I was so worn out that I hadn’t heard Rose leave my bed nor did I notice the sun blasting into my room. I found my clothes neatly folded on the dresser with a note on top which read “I’m going to be gone today to do some shopping in Lincoln and won’t be back until late. Make yourself at home and call Kim if you need a ride or anything. Thanks for last night; it was wonderful XOXO, Rose.”

I did my morning routine, dressed, grabbed my laptop and decided to walk to the café. Kim greeted me at the door of the café with a mug of coffee in hand. She had an enigmatic little smile on her face –it was difficult to know if the smile was a result of my being caught last night having sex with her Mom or what. As I tried to draw her into a conversation about the weather there was definitely tension in her manner. Kim had been bubbly and free-talking yesterday – today she was guarded and reserved. When she came to my booth and refilled my mug I decided it was time to say something. “I’m sorry about last night …I….we should have known better.” There it was out.

Kim sat down, kinda solemn and replied. “It’s not your fault; you and my Mom are certainly old enough to do it”. The ‘old enough’ stung a little but I knew she didn’t mean anything by it. “I should apologize for… peeking.” She blushed just saying the words and I let the topic drop.

The tension was broken and we talked freely. I asked if there was somewhere I could connect my laptop. She told me they had a wireless connection in the café so I fired up the computer. I called the dealers in Omaha and Loveland, Colorado and, as I suspected, they didn’t have the parts I needed. I eventually found the parts online and had them shipped to arrive the next day. One, maybe two more days here and I should be on the road again… not that I minded but my friends would be waiting in Wyoming.

I figured I’d make the best of my time and looked for things to be repaired around the café. I found some paint and brushes in the shop and went to work on the weathered sign out front, then some of the trim around the buildings. There were plenty of things that needed repair and it kept me busy all day and into the early evening.

Finally Kim came out with two beers, handed me one and said “You’ve done enough for one day.”

“I just want to help out, you guys have been so good to me” I replied before taking a long drink of the beer.

Kim told me she was closing up and asked if there was anything else I needed. The only think I could think of was a shower and perhaps another beer.

Kim and I left together, along with a six pack Anadolu Yakası Escort of beer. I thought of the night before, when Rose had left with beer and where it had led. The ride back was short and when we arrived Kim’s kids were waiting with the babysitter. I was surprised that Kim had two kids and still had a knockout body. I never asked about the dad of the kids but I gathered he was out of the picture; no one had talked about him at all. Unlike the night before I remembered to bring a bag off the bike with clothes and my shaving kit in the house. Kim took off upstairs with the kids and I excused myself to the bathroom for a shower and shave. Kim knocked on the door while I was in the shower and told me she was going to do a tub of laundry then gathered my dirty clothes. My mind ran wild as I thought of her watching me and her mother. I found my cock stirring and wondered if Rose’s daughter was as wild as her mother. I was nearly tempted to relieve myself in the shower but thought better of it.

It felt good to be clean and shaved after working all day in the hot sun. I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a tee shirt before leaving the bathroom. I had hoped that Kim would be in the kitchen or living room to offer me a beer. The house was quiet and I helped myself to another beer and retreated to my room. I shed my tee shirt and sweat pants leaving just my boxers and crawled into bed. I read for a little while and finished the beer before turning off the light. I wondered if maybe Rose would come home and come in for another round of hot sex but before I knew it I was fast asleep. I think I slept for about two hours when I heard the door to my room open and close quietly. “I wondered if you’d pay a visit when you came back” I managed, as I cleared my throat and focused my eyes in the dim light coming through the window.

“I’m not my Mom… are you sorry” she whispered.

“Kim?” I managed, a little surprised. “I’m not sorry at all…but…”

I could see her bright smile as she stood in the shaft of light and slowly unbuttoned the men’s shirt she was wearing. She looked stunning when she dropped the shirt to the floor. Her naked body was near perfect… her breasts were large, well rounded and still high. The rest of her body seemed very toned and solid. The sight of her and my thoughts of making love to her had my cock hard. Reading my mind, she slid into bed and kissed me. The first kiss was light but as she felt my half naked body next to her the second was intense – our mouths open and our tongues darted back and forth until they settled into an erotic dance. I could tell Kim’s style of lovemaking was different than her mother’s but Pendik Escort was still going to be hot. I rolled her onto her back and took hold of first one breast then the other, kneading them and teasing the nipples while our lips kissed more passionately. Her hand reached into my boxers and stroked my hard cock, pulling it through the fly. Her grip was firm and wow, could she handle a cock. I slowly licked a warm, wet trail down her neck and further down her cleavage. With my hand holding her breast firmly I licked my way up and around her taunt nipple. The areola was hard as I sucked the nipple deep into my mouth.

As I did the same to the other nipple she moaned deeply… “Gawd your cock is big… I need it!”

My cock was rock hard; the head was coating her hand with a copious amount of pre-cum. I continued to work on her breasts and nipples, teasing and taunting them. She released her grip from my cock, taking a dollop of pre-cum on her finger tips and rub it to her clit. Like the night before, she wasn’t shy about pleasing herself. “I’mmmm cummmmmming” she gasped as I sucked hard on her nipple, flicking my tongue over it as if it were her clit. Her hips rose of the bed as she shook violently and I knew she wasn’t kidding.

She didn’t miss a beat and pushed me on my back and mounted my cock. Her body came down hard on mine and her pubic bone ground against me while my cock was deep inside her. She rode back and forth rubbing her clit on me as she continued to cum. I pushed down on the bed and allow the bed springs to push me back in her. She spread her legs wider in an attempt to keep her clit to my pubic bone but I pushed her body up and down as my cock pumped her pussy.

“Fuckkkkkk me… your cock is sooo big!” She groaned. “It’s sooooo deep… it hurts but I love iiitttttt … oh fuck!”

My orgasm was building and I knew I was going to cum soon. She leaned back and started to ride my cock up and down… sending it even deeper. My hands gripped her hips and assisted her ride along my rod. Her hands parted her lips and her middle finger massaged her clit again. With the sight of her fingering her clit, I shot my first load deep in her body, followed by another, then another. Missing only one beat, she slid off my cock and scooped some cum on her fingers then slid back on my cock. She rubbed my cum on her clit as my body shook with the throws of a deep hard orgasm. With my cock held deep, pulsing in here, she was trying to bring herself to another orgasm with her finger. I quickly rolled her over on her back slid down her body until I poised over her cum covered pussy with my mouth. I pushed her fingers away and slid my tongue over her Kurtköy Escort button. Her moans told me she liked where I was at and what I was doing. I slid my finger in her tight walls and pumped them slowly as I licked around her clit. I found a rhythm to her body… my finger would push in while my tongue would slide down along her clit. I noticed her hands were gripping her breasts and pulling at her nipples as I fingered and licked her. Her orgasm grew from deep in her body and soon she was cumming again.

“Mmmmmmmm make me cum… I loooove it!… right there… I’m cummmmmmmming again….ahhhhhhhggggggghhhhhh… OH… FUCK!” She half screamed as her orgasm hit.

Her orgasm came in long waves, her hands had moved from her tits and took my head, first to pull me tight to her passion and then to push me away with the next wave. Her spasms and breathing slowed and soon she pulled me up from her pussy. She kissed me softly and said… “You are even better than what my Mom told me”.

She laid on her back as I stroked her soft blond hair and down her smooth body. She was asleep so quickly it surprised me.

I woke at my usual time, 5:30AM, and Kim had already gone to work. I had hoped that we’d make love one more time. I pulled on my sweat pants and tee shirt and trod off to the bathroom. After doing my business and cleaning up, I followed the smell of coffee to the kitchen. Rose was sitting at the table in a robe and had already poured me a cup of coffee. Her wry smile and blush to her cheeks along with “Good morning… and how was your night?” told me there were no secrets between her and her daughter.

I smiled and coyly said. “Good morning… I slept well ….when I could.”

That morning the parts came for my bike and it was ready for the road by noon. Rose, Kim and I had lunch together and exchanged small talk. They were so appreciative for all the repairs I made around the café and commented on how good it was to have a man around. I asked for a bill for everything… room, meals, bar tab, and the use of their shop.

Rose seemed hurt and absolutely refused my money she said “For everything you did for us… we should be paying you.” The innuendo was in her voice and Kim shuddered noticeably before throwing her arms around me.

“You are coming back?” Kim asked.

“I’m not sure when but I’ll be back.” I replied.

Rose hugged me and kissed me “You better come back and for more than a couple days” then whispered in my ear “You were wonderful… thanks for the great fuck.”

I blushed and I saw Kim’s acknowledgement of what Rose said to me. “That goes for me too.”

I was going to write another chapter but decided to leave it with what pretty much happened instead of making it fiction. Had I made it fiction or my fantasy I would have been seduced by both women in a ménage à trois. Oh, the names and places have been changed… I don’t mind sharing the story but not the women.

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