Affair with an Older Man Ch. 02


This is my personal story which started when I decided to enter my Labrador puppy into Championship shows and my encounter with an older, charismatic mentor, Cliff. I am 25 this year and graduated from college 3 years back. I was a contracted model when I was in college and upon graduation with a Bsc in Math, I set up a small education centre where I specialize in teaching the subject to high school students. It has been my job since.

If you have yet to read the first part of the story, please do, I promise you will not regret it. Please vote and leave comments too!


Cliff leaned in, “Give me a kiss,”

I smiled and gave him a quick peck on his lips.

“That was too fast,” he complained softly. I laughed. He looked really cute when he got displeased.

Reaching out to the back of his car, he took out a bouquet of crimson roses and presented it to me.

“Wow, these are such beautiful flowers.” I muttered. “For me?”

He nodded, smiling shyly like a little boy.

My heart fluttered. For a moment I was at a loss of words. I ran my fingers gently over the regal looking roses, all of them so full blooded and rich. I put down the bouquet, leaning forward and kissing him deeply and passionately this time. He kissed hard, raging with desire before he shoved his tongue into my mouth, exploring all his way with me. My heart was beating so fast. I moaned.

His hard on was pressing against my thigh. I was already dripping wet after our breath-stealing kiss.

“Get those car shades from the back,” he muttered.

With the car windows blocked Escort bayan out from the sunshades, he unzipped his trousers and placed his cock in my hands. It was erected and rock hard. I started massaging it, watching him leaned back against the leather seat, groaning in sheer lust. Each time we do this, my head spun, fast and furious. My heart craved for pleasure and all my unwritten moral codes are hurled out of the window, including the fact that he had not fully finalized his divorce and especially that we had a 20 year old gap between us. Cliff was 46 and going through a divorce with his ex-wife.

In this case, it became the factor that fueled my flames of reckless desire. He ran his muscular hands through my long, brown hair and gazed at my face. Then he smiled with satisfaction, the way a predator would be pleased before it devoured its prey.

My blouse was taken off, tossed to the back of his car. My bra was unclasped, the same done to it, in quick succession. His hands cupped my breasts. His mouth was now sucking on my tender tits. He licked and he sucked hungrily, his lust getting the better of him. “Your pink little tits are so perfect. You are so young…” He trailed off, enjoying my uncontrollable moans of pleasure.

I cannot explain it. I enjoyed being his weakened prey, waiting for his every instruction, eager to please. My religion forbade my loose morals. I have a boyfriend.

My brain erupted into little waves of pleasure as his tongue flicked gently over my clit. It is sensual as it is mind-blowing. “I want to watch you lose control in front of me,” Cliff Escort said and gave me a dark smile.

I made a small sound of mock protest. My clit was throbbing and my face was flushed with every flick of his tongue. Giving in, I muttered, “Lick me like your little slut. I want to cum for you. I want to suck your cock.”

He groaned. “You’re such a slut…”

He rubbed my pussy furiously until I could not take it anymore. Waves and waves of intense pleasure swept over me. I cried aloud as I orgasmed. My eyes rolled back, my heart thumping and gasping for breath. Before I could regain my composure, Cliff shoved his cock into my slightly agap mouth.

He grinned while I almost choke as his thick member almost touched the back of my throat. “Now suck and milk me dry,” he commanded. He was really dirty like that, unlike my boyfriend. My boyfriend was 2 years older than me. We met while we were in the last year of my university and he was a banker, often working late into the late nights. He was successful in his career but in bed, he was far from Cliff.

Cliff was a mixture of dark desire, lust and fancy. He threw me off balance with his experience and maturity, just like the beauty of all the things he owned that I could not have at my age. I was acutely aware of my actions and possibly drowning in my lost-cause denial of them.

I sucked and licked, doing rolling actions with my tongue all over his cock. He groaned harder, “I like it when you do that…”

Each time when I made him groan in lust, I decided I need no rescuing.

A car sped past us, honking. Bayan escort I thought the car shades were really safe. Maybe I was wrong about it. That seemed to thrill him that others might be able to see me giving him a blowjob. He was panting very hard. I was sucking harder.

He pulled out of my mouth. Without warning, he shot his load onto my face before shoving his cock back into my mouth. His cum dripped down my face and down my throat. I must have looked a mixture of shock and disgust because he quickly apologized and passed me a box of tissues.

“You didn’t warn me…” I lamented.

“I got carried away… Wipe the cum on my face.”


“Do it,” he grabbed my finger and got a gob of cum off my face and then put a streak of it across his face.

I laughed. Dabbing my face dry, I muttered, “Such fools.”

We spent the evening at my apartment and cancelling our dinner at The Edge, this beautiful restaurant by the cliff. After all, I could not possibly go out without thoroughly washing my face. I was annoyed with him because yes, I was a fool but not completely one as well. Did I expect a man of his caliber who achieved his success as one without self-control, even in the most heated moments of sex? Nope. He knew well what he was doing.

Could I lament about it?

When I stepped out of my bathroom, my hair perfectly blown dried, Cliff had dinner prepared. My eyes widened in surprise. He actually found my pasta, the sauce and even the mince meat.

“You never told me you could cook!” I exclaimed.

“Well, you never ask!” He replied with a cheeky wink.

I rolled my eyes, unable to hide a smile. As I settled down by my marble tabletop, the aroma of the pasta warming up my heart, I decided to right my wrong the very next time. Tonight, I should just enjoy our pasta.

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