Adventures in Thailand Ch. 01-02

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. All characters in this story are figments of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance of the characters to real people is strictly coincidental.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

I had decided that I needed a change in my life. I was tired of being a fast food manager. Life had to consist of more than managing high school dropouts and flunkies, I thought to myself miserably. I was despairing my circumstances when my friend George brought up an alternative. He suggested that I go to the Far East and teach English. Maybe this was the change I needed.

I was qualified. I had obtained an English degree, but could find no positions for an English major. It was about time I used what I had been trained for in college. The question remained was, where would I use those qualifications?

Thailand immediately stood out in my mind. My dad had spent some of his R&R time during the Vietnam War in Thailand. He had told me on several occasions, Find yourself a good Thai woman and she will wear you out. His endless stories about the gorgeous women there finally sold me on going to Thailand.

I contacted the Thai embassy in Washington DC and they gave me a list of potential schools that I could get in touch with in Thailand. I picked several schools that looked interesting and sent my résumé to them. Three schools responded to my inquiries and I chose the best of them.

I would have to pay for my airfare over to Thailand, but once there, they would help me with the rest of the expenses. The agreement sounded good to me. I already had enough money saved for a round-trip ticket, but bought a one-way. I was informed that it would be cheaper for me to buy another one-way in Thailand than it would be to buy one in the States.

The day for me to leave came rather quickly. I had given the proper notice to my job and was ready for a new adventure. I would start this adventure at Baltimore-Washington International airport. I would fly to LAX, then on to Honolulu, then to Seoul, South Korea and finally to Bangkok, Thailand.

Chapter 2: Korean Kim Chee

The plane rides were unmemorable for the most part. After the first flight, I grew tired of the food and the movies and spent most of my time sleeping. The stewardesses were nothing to look at either. It looked like my fantasy of joining the mile-high club of those who had made out in airplanes would not be fulfilled. This all changed on my flight to Korea.

I noticed her right away when I boarded the Korean Air flight to Seoul. She was greeting passengers entering the plane. Her face had radiance about it. It was obvious that this woman knew she was an attractive Asian woman. It turned out she was the head stewardess for the flight. I felt sure right then that my fantasy of pulling up her long skirt and fucking her from behind would have no chance. I put the thought in the back of my mind and prepared myself for another long flight.

After we had reached a cruising altitude, drinks were served as usual. I noticed my fantasy stewardess on the other side of the plane asking passengers what they wanted to drink. I longed to tell her I wanted a long cool drink of her sweet pussy, but figured I would get nowhere with comments like that. I guess I would be limited to my dreams about her. Maybe I would get lucky and she would deliver my dinner, I thought happily.

I drifted off to sleep with that thought in mind, only to be awoken by a goddess standing over me asking what I would like for dinner. I rubbed my eyes because I thought I was in a dream. I could feel her warm breath caress me as she asked me about my meal. My tray table conveniently covered the now growing bulge in my pants. I told her of my choice and she smiled and went to her meal cart and got my selection for me. I finished quickly wishing it were the stewardess I was eating instead of some boring casserole and then went back to sleep.

A few hours later nature called. Too many drinks that day forced me to leave my seat and head for the bathroom. The one in the front of the plane was occupied so I headed to the one in the back. I opened the door and stepped inside the small space. I failed to notice the puddle of water on the floor. I went about my business and zipped up afterwards. I was washing my face when the plane struck a large pocket of turbulence. My feet slid in the previously unnoticed puddle of water and my head hit the sink quite violently. I immediately noticed blood coming out of a gash in my forehead. Just before I passed out, I managed to reach out and push the signal button to beep the stewardesses for help.

When I opened my eyes, I was laying on a couch. I could hear soft feminine voices in the background. I felt a cool towel on my forehead. I turned my head and noticed it was my goddess wiping my wound. She had removed her uniform jacket and I could just make out her bra through her white blouse. Her hair was still in the bun that I had noticed when I first boarded the plane. She had a look of genuine trabzon escort concern on her face. At that moment I could not have been any happier.

“Mr. Thompson, are you feeling okay?” She asked in almost flawless English.

“I think so,” I replied. “How long was I unconscious?”

‘Only half an hour or so.” “One of the other flight attendants heard the call from the bathroom and thought it was one of the children playing a prank. She decided to try and catch the child in the act and discovered you lying on the floor. She contacted me and we brought you here to our lounge on the second deck of the plane.”

“You must have taken very good care of me because I feel much better already,” I replied smiling into her angelic face.

“I am very glad to hear that, but this accident will be the cause of my disgrace and will be the cause of my dismissal,” she said with tears beginning to flow down her face.

“I don’t understand what you mean, err, I’m sorry I don’t know what your name is,” I returned with a puzzled expression on my face.

“My name is Hsu, but you can call me Sue, It is because of my neglect that you will sue the airline and they will hold me responsible for the accident and I will lose my job. I will disgrace my family and myself.”

“There’s something that I do still not quite understand here,” I interjected.

“Is that not what you Americans do when there is an accident, you sue the airline?”

“I guess I could if I really wanted to.”

“The water that you slipped in was my problem. I failed to report it to the maintenance authorities and now something bad has happened. I will never reach my dream of being a woman reading the news on TV. I have brought disgrace on my family and myself.”

“Woe there Sue, I never said anything about suing anybody.”

“Why would you not do that, it would be missing a great opportunity for great wealth?” she asked with a puzzled look on her face.

“Great wealth is a wonderful thing if you earn it honestly, but if you have to hurt other people to get it, the money won’t make you happy.”

I wanted to reassure Sue that she was not going to lose her job because of the accident. I did not feel right about taking advantage of this situation. I might gain but I would ruin this beautiful woman and her reputation. Besides, it really was not money I was interested in at this point. Her being vulnerable like this made her all the more attractive.

“You are a strange man Mr. Thompson; I would not be so generous if I were in your position.”

“How do you know my name anyway?”

“I checked your wallet to see if you had any medical problems that I should be aware of,” Sue said with a secret smile that she thought I did not notice.

That smile intrigued me. There was something she was hiding from me and I did not know why. I wanted to find out, but was not sure how to go about getting the information from her. Not knowing was killing me.

“You are through, I give you that.” I returned with my own secret smile.

“I must apologize for not being professional and letting my feelings show to a complete stranger.”

It was now or never I told myself. I had to make my move now or forever regret not taking the chance when I had the opportunity. This woman stirred a passion I thought long dead. Her beauty consumed me and I wanted to please her very badly. It was time to make my move.

I took her soft hands and rubbed them across my face. I then reached up and wiped the tears from both cheeks. My actions puzzled Sue, but she did not stop me. I kissed both of her hands before drawing her angelic face towards mine. She initially resisted my kiss, but slowly gave in as my tongue tried to make its entrance into her enticing mouth.

Sue’s immediate departure towards the door of the lounge alarmed me. Oh, oh, I have offended her and the local authorities are going to be after my butt once we reach Seoul, I thought for a split second. This is not a good start to my overseas teaching experience. Instead of leaving, Sue stopped, locked the door and came back to the couch where I was lying.

“You are a bold man Mr. Thompson, I hope I won’t be disappointed.”

“You will have my complete attention Sue, I promise you that.”

Sue came and sat down next to me on the couch. It was her who forced her tongue inside my mouth this time. Her tongue fought mine until we found a rhythm and they move together as one. I drank in her saliva like it was the sweetest wine I had ever tasted. I closed my eyes to savor every sensation. The best was yet to come, I thought happily.

I reached up and caressed her bloused covered breasts. I could feel Sue’s nipples harden into bullet-like tips. I had been imagining this exact picture the whole flight and now I was getting my wish. Now that I was getting my wish it was time that I returned the favor.

“You must be used to women with larger breasts,” said Sue as she withdrew from my kiss.

“It’s not the size of a woman’s uşak escort breast that makes her sexy, it’s how she uses them that makes her sexy.”

Sue seemed satisfied with this answer and stood up to remove her white blouse. I felt sure that I was drooling anticipating the freeing of Sue’s magnificent breasts. She carefully unbuttoned her white blouse and laid it across the couch neatly. Underneath, Sue wore a bra obviously designed for long wear and not for sexual appeal. I felt my palms grow sweaty at the prospect of seeing those gorgeous globes of perfection.

Before removing her bra, Sue leaned into me. I would be more than happy removing to remove the last barrier to my nursing like a content baby. I licked her nipples through her bra and she moaned with delight. I stroked the soft skin of her back underneath her bra. Sue’s soft hair tickled my face as she leaned even further into me with her arousal.

I could no longer resist Sue’s white breasts. I eased my hands underneath the straps of Sue’s bra and slowly slid it down. I gently kissed the exposed flesh that I revealed until I reached the top of her breasts. A wanton look filled Sue’s eyes as my lips pressed against her flesh.

“Please, please,” Sue begged in a hoarse whisper.

I replied with a smile. I began tonguing the gorgeous curves of Sue’s breasts carefully avoiding her hardening nipples. My hands stroked her skirt-clad behind. Sue’s ass was beautifully soft and pliant under her skirt. I proceeded to wet each hardened nipple softly and then blew gently on them.

A soft groaned escaped Sue’s lips. Her breath was now shallow and labored. This time Sue didn’t ask. She forced my mouth down onto her hardened nipple. I followed her signal and started sucking for all I was worth.

With a bit of experimentation, I found that Sue loved it when I gently nipped at her nipples gently with my teeth. She began thrashing around the couch wildly as I continued my assault on her delicious nipples. Sue wildly grabbed my chest, as her face grew more and more flushed.

I took a momentary breather from my furious sucking. Sue used this opportunity to slowly slide her skirt off and fold it neatly besides her blouse. Only white cotton panties stood between her and total nudity. Sue’s female fragrance filled the air like the smell of honeysuckle’s blooming. A small stain that was slowly growing on her briefs showed me my actions had the intended consequences.

Before removing her panties, Sue pushed me back on the couch. She slowly unbuttoned my shirt and kissed the bare skin she revealed. As a slow torture, Sue ever so slowly sucked her way to my nipples. I was left panting at the skillfulness of her kisses. Sue returned the wonderful torture I had inflicted on her nipples. I arched my back and moaned loudly to encourage her actions.

A look of surprise as well as a bit of fear crossed Sue’s face as her hand moved across my crotch. I was a bit puzzled by this expression and asked her about it. She waited a moment before she replied.

“I have only had sex with my current boyfriend, and even when he is erect he only measures half the length of your penis. I am not sure I will be able to accommodate something so big.” Sue said bashfully.

“You’ll do just fine, I have confidence in you.” I smiled reassuringly.

I gently pushed Sue onto her back. I playfully licked her wet lips through her wet panties. Sue gave me a weak resistance about it being dirty. My hot mouth on her lower lips quickly changed that resistance into cries for more. I smiled and kept up the teasing with my tongue.

Ever so slowly I lowered Sue’s panties. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed with a small tuft of black hair at the top of her pubic bone. Sue’s delicate hole glistened with her juice. Her lower lips were taunt with a hint of being slightly parted. The sight of those perfectly pouting lips swelled my already boiling passions.

Sue squealed with delight as I dove into her treasure trove of juice. Her juice tasted like the sweetest duck sauce I have ever tasted. It was sweet yet tangy. Sue’s hips bucked wildly as I drove my tongue deep into the center of her juice. Her hands forced my face into her crotch with all the force she could muster. If I was going to suffocate, this is where I want to do it, I thought happily. My face glistened from the bathing of her female sauce.

Next, I decided to attack Sue’s clit. I located her nub hiding in its shroud and pulled back the skin gently. I sucked at the pea on the inside. Sue went ballistic and gyrated her hips spastically. I sucked and nibbled with earnest. Sue alternated between moaning, squealing, and outright yelling as her orgasms started coming in succession. After a long string of orgasms too numerous to count, Sue pushed my head away to take a breather herself.

“I wanted my boyfriend to do what you just did so wonderfully with your mouth, so I shaved my pubic hair thinking it would make it more inviting to him,” Sue revealed slowly.

“Did van escort it work?” I asked eagerly.

“No, he still insisted that it was dirty and continued with his usual boring routine.”

“That’s too bad. He’s missing out on the sweetest tasting pussy I’ve ever tasted,” I smiled mischievously.

“You are just saying that,” Sue blushed.

“If you don’t believe me, try some.”

“I must say you make me feel bolder and sexier than any man I have ever met,” Sue said as she took my challenge and licked some of her juice off of my face.

“I’m not taking credit for what’s already there.”

“You make me feel like the sexiest woman alive.”

“Isn’t that what I’m supposed to do?”

Sue ignored my comment and wrapped her small hand around my large rod. Slowly, she jerked it up and down, seemingly fascinated by its size. Sue’s actions brought even more blood to my stiff rod. Her other hand cupped my balls ever so gently. I groaned my approval.

“I want to try something else I’ve never tried,” Sue announced.

“What do you have in mind?”

“I saw in American sex movies where the woman puts a man’s penis in her mouth to give the man great pleasure,” Sue flushed, “That is another thing my boyfriend prohibited me from doing.”

“You didn’t even need to ask me that one,” I chuckled.

“I do not understand you.”

“I’m saying you can go right ahead and experiment all you want.”

Sue’s gorgeous face lit up at my approval. She started immediately kissing my cockhead with vigor. Sue’s eyes looked to mine for approval and my groan and I gave it to her. Slowly, she became bolder and took part of the shaft into her mouth. Sue caught on like a pro after I explained about her keeping her lips over her teeth. My control was quickly fading due to Sue’s newfound talent.

“When a man has an orgasm, what does it taste like?” Sue asked innocently.

“Each man just like each woman has an individually specific taste.”

“Hmm, I am curious once again.”

“Well, you can get a bit of a preview of the taste when a little bit leaks out before my final ejaculation.”

“MM., I have tasted some and think it is very delicious.”

“Keep working like that and you can have a whole mouthful to enjoy.”

With that, Sue picked up the pace of her sucking. She applied the most incredible suction around my shaft. I thought she was going to suck my whole body inside her she sucked so hard. I had reached the point of no return.

Sue’s eager look along with the incredible suction she applied blew away my control. I let loose a monster load of cum, pent up for an unknown period of time. Sue took in all she could. Wave after wave of scorching white juice flooded her mouth to overflowing. A little white line trickled down her chin. Sue eagerly swallowed the mouthful I gave her and cleaned up the remainder on her face with her tongue.

“I have a new favorite food,” giggled Sue after she finished.

“I see,” I grinned.

Sue sucked my rod clean. I thought she was just being through until she started nibbling on my balls. At that point, I knew she wanted more. I aimed to give all she could handle. I got the feeling that idea suited Sue just fine.

“I am happy to see that you are not finished,” Sue grinned. “My boyfriend goes to sleep after he finishes. I am eager to try even more new things.”

“I get the feeling your boyfriend doesn’t know what he is missing.”

“I want you to make love to me.”

“How would you like a quick vocabulary lesson on some useful English terms relating to sex, Sue?”

“That would be good, I do not want to feel like a doctor by referring to everything by its proper name.”

“I’ll stick to the essentials. Breasts are called tits. Your vagina is called either your pussy or your cunt, which ever you prefer. My penis is called my dick, cock, prick, again whatever you like. Putting my dick inside your pussy is called fucking. One last one, your behind is called your ass.”

“Let me see if I understand. These are my tits, she said as pressed her breasts against my face. This is my pussy,” Sue continued as she dipped her finger in her honey pot and then rubbed it across my lips. And finally, this is my ass,” she cooed as she spread her behind wide for me to see the pink flesh inside. “This is your cock,” Sue said as she jerked my rod slowly.

“You got all of the ones you mentioned correct, but you forgot one I taught you.”

“No, I did not,” Sue smiled sexily.

“Oh really?” I replied playfully.

“I want you to fuck me hard with your big cock.”

“You are getting the hang of this.” I said as I admired her quick learning.

Sue decided that we had talked long enough and wanted action. She led me by the dick while she lay back on the couch. Up and down Sue rubbed my hard cock on her lower lips and clit. We were as ready as we ever were going to be and it was time for action.

I pushed into Sue’s tight hole slowly. I had only worked a small bit inside when I started encountering resistance. I slowed my pace even more, but kept pushing deeper. The sensation around my cock was incredible. Sue’s cunt was tight, wet, and warm all at the same time. Both of us were enjoying this immensely.

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