Accidental Hazing Ch. 02

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“So they just let you fuck the shit out of them?” Kelvin asked Jason as they hung out in Kelvin’s dorm.

“Well I did a lot to them, but yeah the jist is I fucked them.” Jason smiled. He had spent the previous night in the room of two freshman pledges. Having snuck into the house, and subsequently their room, while on the run from a bunch of frat guys. He had beaten up three of their brothers while defending Kelvin and Kelvin’s girlfriend, Suzie.

It was a really weird fight as it started when Jason approached one of the frat brother’s girlfriends. John, head frat guy, had accosted Jason and began throwing punches. Jason who has some experience with fighting was holding his own without throwing a punch when one of John’s cronies grabbed Jason from behind. That’s when Kelvin got involved. He was incredibly drunk and tried valiantly, but ineffectually, to come to Jason’s aid. But it wasn’t until one of John’s friends pushed Suzie to the floor that Jason had had enough.

What ensued wasn’t much of a fight and ended with John and two of his friends on the ground in various states of pain. It also led to Jason fleeing down the street, alone, from the rest of the frat. Jason had run for about an hour through the streets of the college town before finding an open window to hide in. Inside he stumbled upon a sorority that was into sexual hazing of its initiates. Enter Brooke, a slightly foulmouthed brunette, and Cindy, a repressed masochist of a blonde. Believing they were following a hazing ritual they had allowed Jason to as Kelvin put it “fuck the shit out of them.” Jason had come up with whatever he could to degrade the two coeds. But in the end they both had seemed to enjoy the treatment, even getting off multiple times.

Ok, Cindy enjoyed the treatment, Brooke just kind of went along for the ride.

“I have pictures if you don’t believe me.” Jason smiled as he pulled out his phone.

“Yeah let’s say I didn’t believe you if Suzie asks.” Kelvin said as he went over to stand next to Jason. He showed Kelvin the video of the two perky teens on a bed making out.

“Are they blindfolded?” Kelvin asked Jason.

“Ha yeah they apparently have to keep blindfolds by the bed so their Pledge Mistress can screw with them at night.” Jason told him.

“And this ‘Pledge Mistress’ is the same Kim from last night?” Kim was the girl Jason had going to talk to when everything started. She had broken up with John on the spot before leaving the party. She had caught up with Kelvin and Suzie as they fled the frat house and asked for Jason’s number. The two had set up a time to meet later that week. “What do you think she wants?”

“I don’t know. Her first text was early in the night. But she texted after she spoke to the girls. She said ‘I’m impressed’ and then asked to hang out.” Jason said. “Then she said Cindy could hang out with us as well.”

“Cindy was the kinky one who liked to be spanked?”

“Yeah, she would beg for it ha.” Jason laughed, but he could feel his cock twitch as he remembered the little blonde wiggling her ass at him.

“Shit let me see the pictures.”

“I don’t know some of them are graphic.” Jason said. He wasn’t sure he wanted Kelvin to see them.

“Yeah that’s why I want to see them.”

“No I mean like my dick or my cum is in them.” Jason was starting to get embarrassed.

“Come on it’s just like porn. Just one more good one and I’ll shut up.”

“Ok,” Jason scrolled though the pictures while Kelvin tried to look over his shoulder. “If you keep bugging me after this one I’m telling Suzie you saw these.” He turned the phone to Kelvin.

“C’mon don’t be a-” He stopped speaking as he looked at the picture. “Holy fuck is that all your cum?” The picture showed the two girls blindfolded, with their hands tied behind their backs. Their faces were covered in cum and both had their mouths open displaying more cum in their mouths. “Jesus. And they just sat like that until Kim came to find them?”

“Yeah, they even greeted her without swallowing.” Jason laughed at the memory of the two young girls trying to speak with their mouths full of his cum.

“So you going to hang out with this Kim?”

“Yeah we haven’t talked much but she said she wants to hang out.”

“Think she wants to fuck you?”

“My guess is it is along those lines.” Jason laughed again. He actually didn’t have a clue why a girl like her would want to hang out with him.

Jason waited in the student lounge. He was nervous for multiple reasons: He didn’t even go to this school so hanging out in their lounge was awkward, he had beat up a bunch of frat guys who ‘did’ go to this school, he had basically raped two of the school’s freshmen, and finally he was waiting for what he considered one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. At any moment he could get jumped, arrested for a multitude of things, or get fucked. He kept looking around for familiar faces. He could really only identify John and probably the kid acıbadem escort whose nose he had broken, that kid should be easy to spot. He wasn’t even sure if he could really identify Brooke or Cindy. They had been wearing blindfolds the entire time and it was dark. He wasn’t sure he’d recognize them. He was afraid to talk to any girls with brown or blonde hair, which drastically cuts down the number of females, for fear they would recognize his voice. But he was here for a girl he would recognize. Kim, and she had strawberry blonde hair. As well as some of the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen.

And there she was.

She was wearing a flowing yellow sun dress. It was only spring but it was a warm day and she had seized the opportunity. She had matching yellow flip-flops on and a pair of sunglasses. Jason stood quickly as he saw her approach.

“Such a gentleman, standing for a lady.” She smiled at Jason as she leaned in for a hug.

‘I’ll never get girls. She hugs me like we are close friends when we have only spoken through text and that was mostly about how I fucked two of her pledges.’

“My parents raised me right I guess.” Jason said nervously, as the two sat down, he still didn’t know what this girl wanted from him.

“Ha just didn’t teach you not to fuck the shit out of freshmen.” She laughed. Jason liked the sound of her laughter, but he flushed at her harsh words.

“Yeah, I don’t know what came over me last night.”

“Well my froshes know what ‘came’ all over them.” She laughed again at her joke. “So I heard what you did to John and his buddies. I have to say pretty cool of you..”

“Yeah I’ve been in a few fights before.”

“Well I heard you were letting him beat on you until his friend pushed that Suzie chick.” Kim said. ” Then you went all crazy took three of them out in less than 30 seconds.”

“Sort of. I just don’t like people hurting others for no reason.” Jason told her.

“But basically raping two barely legal girls is ok with you?” She asked

“Well no but,” Jason trailed off as he thought. “I mean at first all I was going to do was make them kiss and stuff. But then something just came over me and I couldn’t stop myself. I think it was pay back for the way pretty girls treated guys like me in high school.”

“So these two unwitting chicks paid the price?” Kim leaned forward. Jason couldn’t help watching as the neck of her dress shifted showing more of her cleavage. She had a smattering of freckles across her chest to match the ones across her nose. “That’s why I asked you here. Well originally I just wanted to meet the guy who knocked John down a peg. But then once I found my girls…”

“I don’t know what you saw in a guy like that. You’re so beautiful, you could have any guy you want,” Jason blurted before he realized what he was saying.

“He was a tool. But a tool that came with free booze and parties. Plus he helped me get to be “Pledge Mistress” in my sophomore year. I’m actually the Rush Chair, but it’s awesome to have the girls call me ‘Mistress.’ So now instead of having one year I get three. And the only person I answer to is the President of the sorority. And she’ll be different every year.” Kim smiled at Jason. “Anyway I asked you here to help me.”

“What could I possibly help you with?” Jason asked.

“Well if what these two said can be believed,” She paused as she leaned even closer to him. She was so close he could tell she wasn’t wear a bra. Her tits were so perky and he could see the outline of her nipples as they slid under the thin material.

Kim lowered her voice before continuing. “You have a pretty nice cock. And even better you know how to use it.” She smiled. “Don’t look so shocked. You knew I had talked to the girls, that Cindy-chick won’t shut up about your cock. Your only interaction with them was fucking them. What did you think we talked about?” She rested a hand on his thigh. His cock began to lengthen down his pants. Kim’s eyes drifted to his crotch. “Yep defiantly a good size. You’re bigger than John already and my guess is you aren’t even hard yet.” Jason just shook his head. “John was usually to drunk to get it up. You have that problem?” Another shake of his head. “Good. So as I was saying. If these two can be believed,” She made a point of looking at his crotch again. “and I believe that they can, I want you and your nice cock to help me with hazing my rushes.”

“H-how uh how so?” Jason asked though he had a pretty good idea.

“I will probably just give you free reign with the girls like you had the other night. But now you will actually have me to back you up when the little bitches act up. Every Pledge Mistress has a signature. I want you to be mine.”

“So what you’re saying is for the next three years you want me to fuck the freshman who rush your sorority.” Jason said.

“Yes. I have to run it by the president every year but I can’t see anyone opposing. We pride our selves on having the hottest girls atalar escort and being the best fucks on campus. While you don’t exactly have the look of a guy most of our girls would date,” She indicated his dress of cargo khakis, hemp jewelry, multiple piercings, and t-shirt which read “My other shirt is trendy” and his messy hair and week’s growth of beard. Coupled with the fact he preferred Vibrams as opposed to regular shoes. “you are perfect for this.” She noticed the look on his face. “Hey I said ‘most’. Remember? I had texted you well before I found out what you are capable of.” She smiled at him as she stood up. “Now come on. I gotta try out my new hazing tool.” She winked as she held out her hand to him.

“What do you mean?”

“We are going to fuck Jason.” She said matter-of-factly, taking him by the hand. “I can’t let you go banging the shit out of all my pledges without at least trying you out once. Plus I saw you getting hard you need this too.”

‘Need this too? Is she wet?’ He wondered as he obediently followed her. His eyes were glued to her ass as they walked. The material slid over her cheeks so smoothly he didn’t think she was wearing panties. Before he knew what was happening they were walking through a door way. He broke his gaze away to look at their surroundings. They were in a public restroom, women’s by the lack of urinals.

“Where…” Jason began.

“What’s it look like? Come on.” She led them into a stall and locked it behind them. “Like I said it’s gotta be quick.” She wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him deeply. “Mmm.” She then dropped to a crouch and began working his belt. Once it was loose his pants fell right to the floor without any more help from her. She gave him a questioning look.

“I like to wear pants a little big.” He shrugged.

“‘Okay.'” She said, sounding unconvinced, as she returned her attention back to what she was doing. She ran her hands up his thighs and under his boxers. She was staring right at the tent in his pants. Her hands gripped his hidden shaft as she looked up at him.

All he could do was groan. Her loose dress, which bared both her sun kissed shoulders, was doing nothing to hide her cleavage. She saw his gaze and slid her arms out of the dress pulling it down around her waist. She reached up to pull down his boxers as he gazed at her chest. Her breast were about a B cup, and they had zero tan lines even though she clearly tanned. Her nipples were a lighter shade of pink than her skin and they pointed up proudly from the tips of her perky boobs. The smattering of freckles cover her sternum but faded out so as not to mar the skin on her breasts.

“Perfect.” Jason breathed.

“Now that is a reaction a girl could get used to.” Kim giggled as she helped him step out of his boxers. She then looked up at his cock which bobbed in place at about her eye level. “I could say the same about you.” She watched as a drop of precum oozed out of the tip. She licked her lips once before leaning forward and taking him in her mouth. She slid him in and out a few times, taking a little more than half of him into her mouth. She gagged a bit as she tried to take more and then took a deep breath through her nose before getting the head of his cock to slide into her throat. She wasn’t as skilled as Brooke but she defiantly knew what she was doing.

She pulled off him with an audible “popping” sound. She stood up and faced away from him. “Now don’t get the wrong idea. I’ve actually only fucked four guys, and all of them were boyfriends. But the story I was told about you was such a huge turn on. I couldn’t help playing with myself every night since. So I really need this right now.” She punctuated her statement by sliding her thong panties down to her ankles. She stepped out of one side but left the light yellow material wrapped around the other. She put her hands on the stall door. “Come on. What are you waiting for?” She said as she reached behind herself and grabbed his pulsing cock. She lead him toward her dress covered ass. “Do I have to do everything? Lift up my dress.” Jason did as he was told, moving in a trance. He couldn’t believe what was happening as he watched he toned ass appear.

“We have to be quick. I have things to do, this is rush week after all. Oh and try not to come in me. You apparently shoot a ton. It’ll be leaking out of me all day. Just tell me when you’re ready and I’ll try to swallow it. Now let’s go.” She directed him toward her pussy. Once the head was in position she placed her hands on the door to the stall again.

Jason grabbed her hips and then slid himself into her. He was only about half way. “Fuck, come on really give it to me. I said quick.” She thrust her ass out to him as she spoke.

Jason looked down to his length protruding out of her and then leaned back before slamming himself fully into her. He bottomed out against her cervix.

“Ugh. That’s it really fuck me baby.”

He started slamming himself into her over and aydınlı escort over, trying to get her to take the last bit of his cock in her wet hole. One hand still on her hips he slid the other over her dress and started to grope her tits.

“Yeah you like my titties don’t you baby. Squeeze them hard. Oh yes like that.” While he mauled one of her tits. his other hand slid from her hip down to her wet pussy. He began teasing her clit while he fucked in and out of her.

“Uhh I need to come so bad. Make me come with that big cock. I’m so close. Don’t. Stop.” Kim’s breathing got ragged as she spoke. “I’m cominggg. Yes, yes.”

Jason could feel her pussy contract around his cock. He pulled her off of himself and spun her around. He then lifted her up under her ass cheeks as he repositioned himself at her opening, holding her in the air. He pressed her against the door of the stall while her slid back into her warm cunt.

“Yeah keep fucking me baby. It’s so dirty, you fucking me in the public bathroom, after we basically just met.”

Jason could only grunt as he kept plowing into her. Her thong swung around on her ankle as he pumped into her. Some of her reddish hair had fallen over half her face obscuring one of her pretty blue eyes. He watched as her perky tits bounced with every one of his powerful thrusts.

“Come on baby, come for me. I want you to come in my mouth like you did to those two little sluts. Make me your dirty girl. Fill my mouth with your hot seed. Please.” Jason dropped her to the ground unexpectedly. She recovered quickly. She could hear the door to the bathroom open as she took him into her mouth again.

Her grabbed the sides of her head as is cum started to explode out of him.

“Oh fuck.” Jason groaned as he filled her mouth. So much cum was in her mouth it started to spill out of her lips but she didn’t swallow. Once he was done she pulled back and showed him his load in her mouth, then swallowed. She quickly stood up, pulled her thong on, and fixed her dress as she opened the door to the stall. Jason was leaning against the wall, his still mostly hard cock hanging in the air below his t-shirt.

Kim walked past the two college girls who were standing dumbstruck in the bathroom. She went the mirror to check her make-up. She slid the cum on her face into her mouth.

She addressed the two girls through the mirror. “You two are pretty cute. If he isn’t too tired from me you should give him a try. Best fuck I’ve had in a while.” She said over her shoulder as she left the restroom. The two girls looked at each other before they both looked in the stall where Jason was recovering. They both gasped at the sight of his semi-hard cock.

“Sorry girls. I uh gotta go.” Jason said as he pulled up his pants and quickly followed Kim out the door.

“Damn” He heard before the door closed behind him. He hurried to catch up with Kim.

“Oh you decided not to fuck the two of them?” She asked as she hurried across the campus. “What makes one pair different from the other?”

“Uh, no, and, uh I don’t know.” Kim smiled at his obvious statement. “So um are we doing what you talked about?’

“You mean helping me with the rushes? Maybe I have to run it by Jenny, who’s this years president. But I might just keep you for myself.” She smirked. Jason was so shocked he stopped in his tracks. Kim laughed and spun around but kept walking backwards. “Don’t get lost. I’m in a hurry.” She said as she spun back around. Jason once again hurried to catch up.

“So what like your ‘boyfriend’?” Jason asked.

“Maybe, fuckbuddies definitely.” She said still moving quickly. Then she stopped suddenly. “Look I can see your going to follow me the whole way to class. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. But we will definitely be seeing each other again ok?” She leaned in and kissed him. Pulling back she said. “I’ll text you tonight, ok?” Then she spun around again sending her dress spinning around her legs. She walked off leaving him standing and staring after her. She threw a quick look over her shoulder to see if he was still watching her. When she saw he was, she faced forward again fighting a blush and biting her lower lip as she hurried across the campus.

“And you didn’t fuck them? Oh my god you can be such an idiot.” Kelvin was sitting at his desk while he talked to Jason.

“You wouldn’t have either. You saw Kim the other night she is gorgeous.”

“Yeah but two girls? What guy passes up a threesome, with girls he hasn’t fucked yet, to chase a girl he’s already banged?”

“Are you listening to yourself.” Jason laughed at his friend. “I had a threesome like three days ago. And the girl I followed was offering me the chance to fuck more freshman! I passed up one threesome for the chance to have a whole lot more. Plus this girl is so hott. And I think she might have a thing for me.”

“Oh yeah? I thought you said she was all ‘wham bam thank you Ma’am.'” Kelvin joked.

“She was. But she looked over her shoulder at me as she left. Isn’t that like ‘girl code’ for being interested?”

“How the fuck should I know?”

“You are the one with a girlfriend. Maybe I should ask Suzie what she thinks.” Jason said as he pulled out his cell phone.

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