A Sinfully Delectable ‘Lunch’

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You called today and asked if I wanted to see you and have “lunch”. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, I replied, “yes, of course!” It had been quite a while since I have had the sinful and delicious pleasure of being with you…

I quickly got myself together and hopped into my car to go meet you. I was wearing a short denim mini-skirt that snaps all the way up, a slinky tight-fitting pink top, and a devilish little smile just for you. You phoned me while I was driving with instructions as to where we would get together. The mere sound of your sexy deep voice was beginning to send feelings of arousal throughout my body. You told me you had a surprise for me, that you were very much looking forward to seeing me. I too, was looking forward to seeing you. And you know how I do love surprises…

I arrived in front of a house, you were waiting for me out front. I detected a twinkle in your eyes and a mischievous grin that couldn’t be missed. I wondered what you were up to. You walked up to my car, held my hand, and helped me out. We said hello to one another, it was so nice seeing you again. As I stared longingly into your sexy brown eyes, you wrapped your hands tightly around my waist and bent down to kiss me, your tongue began probing deeply into my mouth and playfully intertwined with mine.

At that moment, I was all yours, and you knew it. Your sweet, tender kisses always seem to have that effect on me. You took my hand and led me to this house where I had never been before. You knocked on the door. A woman answered and invited us in. She seemed friendly and nice, her name was Meg. She was petite like myself, had long blonde hair, a pretty woman in her 40’s, like me I guessed. We sat on the sofa, she on one end, you on the other end. I ended up snuggled safely upon your lap with my arms wrapped around your neck, my legs draped over you to the side as I sat facing Meg. We all chatted for a little while getting to know one another.

I found myself giggling a bit…I tend to do that when I’m nervous. I felt your hand moving up and down my bare thigh, caressing it gently, moving it up a bit more each trip until you made your way underneath my skirt. I spread my legs slightly apart in hopes that your hand would dare to keep going further and further. I could hear myself begin to softly sigh as I closed my eyes. Your hand was so very close to my now achy pussy, it was beginning to tingle with anticipation. I could see Meg watching your every move, watching ankara2010.com my reactions to your sensual touches. You sensed I was a bit nervous and kissed me again, your kisses always mesmerize me.

My giggling suddenly ceased. My breathing became more pronounced. My desires became very apparent as soft moans involuntarily escaped from my lips. As you continued to kiss me with more hunger and aggression, I turned to face you, I wrapped my arms tightly around your neck, and spread my legs wide apart to straddle you. My skirt continued to hike up more exposing my ass, as I felt your strong hands groping me, squeezing me tightly against you. Our warm bodies seemed to be melting into one another. I could feel your hardness pushing up against me. You pulled down my little top to expose my breast to Meg. I heard you ask her if she liked it, right before you engulfed your mouth around my nipple and began sucking away. I was getting extremely turned on knowing she was watching us…

Your hand went under my skirt and pulled my black lace panties to the side. I felt your fingers nearing very close to the place I craved them most. I was so very hot for you as you began to thrust them deeply inside of me. The wetness you were feeling on your fingers was all you needed to know how very aroused you were getting me, and how much I wanted you inside of me, filling me tightly. I grabbed firmly onto your now very hard cock with my hand.

How I needed you to fuck me now, but you are never in a rush with me. You seem to enjoy taking your time, tantalizing every part of me, driving me crazy with desire. I glanced over and saw you bring your hand up towards Megs mouth. I watched as she sucked on your moist fingers, tasting me. It was very erotic watching her sensuous mouth moving around your fingers knowing where they had just been. At this point I was just about totally gone. I didn’t care who was in the room, where I was, or who was watching. You got up and undressed yourself, I was left on the sofa with my eyes half closed and feeling very lustful, mellow, and a bit dazed. You know when you get me like this, you can do just about anything you please to me.

You removed my top completely. You began sucking and nibbling on my left breast. Within moments, I could feel someone sucking on my right nipple as well, and a soft hand on my shoulder. Having both my tits sucked on at the same time felt totally awesome! My skirt was unsnapped all the way allowing it to fall to the floor, I now was totally naked being ravished by 2 mouths, four hands. Someone’s hand was on my pussy finger fucking me. I don’t even know who’s it was…I didn’t really care. I just know it felt so good as I lay there on the sofa with my eyes closed writhing about, enjoying all the sensations. I looked up at you with a hungry look in my eyes, you could tell I wanted you to fuck me with that cock of yours that fit so nicely in me. How I craved you so…

I moaned loudly as you began to fuck me. I wrapped my legs tightly around you to keep you just where I wanted you. Meg wandered off to another room to get something. I soon heard you whisper in my ear that we were being watched, as you continued fucking me slowly and passionately. I loved watching your cock disappear deeply within me, as my pussy seemed to just eagerly swallow it all up. I loved looking at the expression on your face as you seemed so determined to bring pleasure to me.

I hoped that you could see in my eyes how much I adored you and how much I wanted to return those feelings of pleasure to you. I looked up and noticed Meg was back in the room and standing behind you. I could see her hands on your cock fondling it, her mouth tenderly sucking my toes as you grabbed onto my ankles. I closed my eyes briefly and suddenly felt you being replaced by a soft mouth and a warm tongue gently licking my clit.

Without looking up, I knew it was Meg. I had never been with a woman before and was a bit nervous at first, but put up little resistance, I just enjoyed the pleasure I was feeling. You were standing nearby watching us and smiling as Meg gently kissed and licked my shaven pussy, her hands were on my thighs spreading them apart. I could see how turned on you were as I grabbed onto your moist and still rock hard cock, and began stroking it with my hand and squeezing your balls just the way you like, wishing I could reach it with my mouth and suck on it, taste you on my lips.

You kissed me again, squeezed my breasts, slowly moved down towards Meg and tongued my navel a bit, playing with my little Belly Ring. Soon I felt not one, but two tongues aggressively licking and probing my pussy as you joined Meg. I was going wild…your cock slid into my waiting mouth like it belonged there, and I began to suck away. I could taste your sweet cum mixed with my juices as I moved my tongue teasingly around you…

Meg had brought back a “toy” with her. I could feel her rubbing it up and down my slippery clit. You told her to fuck me with it. She was being very gentle with it and trying to fit it into my very tight little pussy little by little. You eventually took over and had no problem what so ever sliding that large rubber cock into me, as you began fucking me aggressively, just the way you know I like it! Thrusting it hard and deep within me, making me moan and beg for more. Oh how I love the way you fuck me! You know just what makes me tick. You had me cumming intensely over and over in no time at all. I could feel you beginning to tease my ass a bit with your finger, getting me ready for something you knew I very much wanted…

You brought me to my knees and squeezed my ass cheeks. I could feel your tongue moving up and down my spine as your erect cock pushed up against me, you pinched both my nipples sharply. I heard you moaning a bit as I noticed Meg was sucking on your cock now, her fingers were rubbing my clit, and your tongue was gently teasing my ass. You could tell by my body movements I was enjoying the feeling immensely, as I let your persistent tongue explore deeper and deeper. Suddenly, without warning, I felt you playfully yet firmly slap my ass…you know how excitable that tends to get me.

At this time Meg was now directly in front of me, and I could see she was getting very turned on herself. She spread her legs in front of me in a seductively inviting way. As your cock now began pushing against my tight, virginal ass and slowly entering it for the first time, my curiosity took over and I had my first taste of her very moist, smooth-shaven pussy. The harder you fucked me, the harder I went down on her, exploring her, licking her. She began moaning, I was purring away with passion. I could hear you grunting and panting as your throbbing cock moved deeper and deeper within me with every stroke until the entire length was comfortably inside me.

It felt so incredible. At some point, Meg must have shifted positions, for her tongue was now stimulating my clit as you continued fucking me. I continued exploring her with my mouth and fingers. I felt a vibrator slowly being slid into my extremely tight pussy while you continued fucking my ass. The combination of all the sensations at once caused us all to lose it almost at the same time, we seemed to be feeding off of each others pleasure. As I felt your hot cum shooting into me with such force, I began trembling, and was overcome by the most totally orgasmic feelings…

Yet another new experience for this always curious & insatiable PussyCat more to cum…Meow! >^,,^

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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