A Quickie for a Needy Husband


Dave and Nicole had been married for more than 20 years, and enjoyed a regular sex life. After marrying quite young by today’s standards, and raising two children, their life had just reached the “empty-nester” stage, and now they had more time for each other.

Nicole was an easy-going individual that had an infectious laugh, while Dave was a little more serious. As with most couples, there was a mismatch in sexual energy. Dave would like sex several times per week, whereas Nicole tended to really enjoy sex just prior to her ovulation.

Over the years, their sex-life had transformed from awkward to competent. Dave was a considerate lover, and always ensured that Nicole always had the first orgasm (or three), before allowing himself to be pleasured. He knew how sleepy he got after sex and he didn’t think it was right to get satisfaction and sleep, while Nicole was left wanting. Nicole was also a considerate lover. Knowing how much sexual energy Dave had, she would offer him “quickie sex”, and allowed him to fondle her and enter her before climaxing. She was satisfied knowing that Dave was sexually satisfied, and she enjoyed the intimacy even though she would often be too tired to orgasm.

One day, after Dave and Nicole got home from work, it was obvious that Dave’s energy levels were up. Gone were the days where he would grab a breast with no warning. He knew how much that irritated Nicole. She preferred foreplay to last a while, rather than going straight for the goal.

“Hi Honey! How was your day?” he asked.

Nicole was preparing dinner and replied, “Long and tiring. How was yours?”

“Same. What’s for dinner?” he asked as he sidled up behind her and reached both arms around her waist. He kissed her on her exposed neck and eskort bayan bursa snuggled up. Nicole could feel the bulge of his penis pressing against her buttocks, as it struggled to break free from the confines of his trousers.

“Roast chicken. I just have to finish cutting up these vegetables and put them in the oven, and then I can give you a quickie if you want? I am too tired for anything else right now”.

Never knocking back an opportunity, Dave agreed. “Sure thing. Sounds great. Is there anything else that needs doing?”

“No thanks. I will see you upstairs in a bit”. Dave needed no more convincing and headed upstairs to the bedroom. Gone were the days where they had to worry about what the kids were doing, and when they could have sex. It used to be a juggling act involving secret rendezvous in the laundry or other parts of the house, whereas now, he could start undressing without the fear of being caught by the kids.

Dave took his necktie off and started unbuttoning his shirt as he walked up the stairs. In his mid-forties, he was no longer the athletic man that Nicole had married so many years ago. The middle-age spread had begun, and he had to be more mindful of his diet and health than he used to. Still, he was tall and retained a lot of his muscular strength. After reaching the bedroom, he removed the remainder of his clothes and his bulging penis was finally set free. His penis was of average size, six inches long with a five and a half inch circumference. Lately, he had taken up “man-scaping” and his shaft and balls were hair free. It seemed to make the region a lot more sensitive to touch.

Nicole finished placing the vegetables in the oven and heard Dave’s shoes hit the floor upstairs as he took them off. altıparmak escort Even though she was tired, she did like the physical contact and the way Dave caressed her body before he finally plunged his penis into her. She headed upstairs to find Dave lying spreadeagled on the bed with his penis at full attention. This was going to be a quickie. It had been a few days since their last session, so Dave tended to cum quite soon. However, it meant he would last longer in a second session, if the opportunity came up.

Nicole started undressing and watched how Dave was looking at her hungrily. After giving birth to two children, her body wasn’t the same, but she knew Dave didn’t care. As she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, she could see his eyes rove down from her face and settle on the 12B cups, waiting patiently for the release of her breasts. Even though he had seen her breasts thousands of times over the years, the expression on Dave’s face made it look like he was waiting to see them for the first time.

Her breasts finally free from their enclosure, stood proud from her chest. Dave thought they were the ideal size. They were good handful in size and still quite firm. Nicole’s nipples hardened at the thought of Dave entering her, and she glanced at his still erect penis. The tip was glistening with his pre-cum, and Dave had started to fondle his balls.

Nicole dropped her skirt to the floor and pull down her underwear. She walked over to the bed and lay down on her back. Dave turned on his side towards her, and gently ran his hands down her shoulders towards her elbow and back up again. His touch made her shiver.

“Don’t forget, this is just a quickie.” She said. “I am too tired for more than bursa türbanlı escort that. Maybe later on tonight after dinner, I might have some energy of my own. No promises though”.

“That’s fine sweetie. I just want you so badly right now”. He leaned over and gently kissed her lips. She opened them to the enquiring prod of his tongue, and closed her eyes as they slowly explored each other’s mouths. Dave heard her breath slightly quicken, and knew her vaginal juices were starting to do their work, and make for a beautiful warm, moist entry. He moved his hand from her shoulder towards her breast as they continued to kiss. She gasped as his palm gently brushed her nipple.

She could feel the warmth building in her loins, and knew she was ready to accept Dave’s penis. Nicole rolled over and faced her back towards Dave. She lifted her upper leg and brought it forward towards her chest, leaving her labia exposed. Unlike Dave, who enjoyed being clean-shaven down there, Nicole was a bit more reticent about removing her hair.

Dave settled himself into position, and grabbed hold of his throbbing hot shaft. He placed the tip of his penis into her labial folds, and slowly pushed his way in, maneuvering until his penis was entirely engulfed by her beautiful warmth.

Nicole felt Dave enter and felt a flood of happiness. She was glad that Dave loved her and cared for her, and enjoyed the way her body responded to his touch. Dave reached around a grabbed a handful of breast and kneaded it gently as he slowly moved in and out of Nicole. He could feel the tension building, and knew he had reached the point of no return. After a few more deep thrusts, his body convulsed in spasms of orgasm, as his cum was ejected deep into Nicole’s accepting vagina. He felt a wave of satisfaction and weariness pour over him, and he lay there quietly panting, snuggling against Nicole’s beautiful back.

He lay for a few minutes stroking her hair and whispered “Thanks darling. You don’t know how good that felt.” She replied “I think I do Dave, I think I do”.

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