A New Life Ch. 5

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Judi awoke the following morning in a panic. It was one of those times when one wakes up without knowing where they are or whether it was day or night. Quickly, it all came back and Judi smiled and stretched. She looked over and saw that Derrick was not in bed with her. She looked at the clock and panic quickly set in again, it was 11 am, the convention started at 10. Judi jumped out of bed. She immediately felt her pussy open and spill the remains of the night of sex down her legs. When she got to the living room, she saw a tray of food on the table with a dozen red roses in a vase and a note. She walked over and sat down, opening the note.

“Sweetheart, thank you for one of the most satisfying nights of my life. You are an incredible woman with a great capacity to love. It was made even more special knowing that you are pregnant with my child. I LOVE YOU!

Please take your time and join us when you are ready. I want you to go shopping and buy a very ‘sexy’ dress for dinner tonight. I have made arrangements for us to go to dinner with two gentlemen that I have known for years; they are friends and very important business clients. If they decide to buy from us it will mean a multi million-dollar contract. I want you to keep them distracted, as only you can, as I work a deal. Have fun and get something real sexy! P.S. I want you to wear some thong panties tonight. Love, Derrick.”

Judi smiled, wondering about that last comment when she saw another envelope on the table. She opened it to find ten 100-dollar bills. My God, one thousand dollars to go shopping with, Judi thought. She sat there staring at the money in shock; she could buy quite an outfit for a thousand dollars.

An hour or so later, Judi stopped by the booth to say hello. Both Derrick and Terri were very busy. Derrick took a moment to kiss Judi hello but was quickly pulled away by another possible client. He apologized and turned to his client. Terri was also busy giving out literature and looking good, attracting men to the booth.

Judi felt too good to feel jealous about Derrick and Terri’s closeness. She turned and left for her shopping trip.

Judi had a very productive day, buying a beautiful evening dress, shoes, a purse and thong panties (there was very little money left when she was done). She went to the hotel spa and had a massage, facial and her toes and nails done. She also had an hour tanning session. Judi was feeling crazy and on impulse, she went back out and down the street where she had seen a tattoo pallor as she was shopping. She was taking a big chance that Derrick would not like it but she decided to be crazy for a change and get a little tattoo. She had a small red heart paced on her pubic area, just to the left of the top of her pussy lips. On the heart she had the initials “DJ’s” placed on a gold banner across the center. It meant Derrick Johnson’s pussy or cunt or slut or girlfriend or lover or baby maker, or whatever. She hoped he would like it, but if not, she had heard they could be removed now days.

When Judi returned to the booth, the crowds had thinned and Derrick and Terri were cleaning up. She kissed him and offered to at least help clean up. He said no, that Terri and he could handle it; he wanted her to get ready for tonight. They were to meet Eric and Doug at 6 PM.

Judi was surprised when Terri showed no animosity toward Judi because she had been gone all day. She smiled at her and shared several funny stories of the day. The two whispered and giggled about some of the characters that were hanging around the booth to get a look at Terri. Judi was surprised again when Terri kissed her on the cheek when she left.

Judi met Derrick at 6 in the lobby. Derrick gave out a low whistle when he saw her. Judi had on a red dress that was very short and tight. She had worn thigh high nylons this time, to give a little more class, and red high heels. The top of the dress was two strips of material that came up over her breasts and tied around the neck. When she turned sideways, you could see the sides of her breasts. She had chosen this style in hopes that it hid the suck marks on her neck. It worked unless she moved certain ways. Her breasts swayed provocatively underneath no matter how she moved.

Derrick hugged her again and led her out to a waiting taxi. “You look gorgeous and sexy, just the look I wanted. Let me tell you some about Eric and Doug. I have known them since college; we were fraternity brothers. They are both very rich and own a large manufacturing company. I want you to be nice to them and flirt. I am going to try and convince them that our equipment is the best they can buy and that it is very important to do business with your friends. I know they like our product but there is a lot of competition and business comes first. So you be sweet to them and I will work the business angle…deal?”

“I think I can do that,” Judi said with a smile. “But, just how friendly do you want me to be lover?” Judi erzincan escort asked, raising her eyebrows.

“As friendly as you need to be,” Derrick responded, without further explanation.

Judi and Derrick met Eric and Doug at a restaurant downtown. Eric was a tall and light skinned black man with blue eyes. Doug was somewhat shorter and darker. Both were handsome with beautiful smiles, showing bright white teeth.

When Derrick introduced Judi as his best sales person and a friend, Judi felt proud and even more determined to help sell this deal. The four talked and ate, sharing funny personal stories and bad jokes. They laughed a lot. Judi decided that she liked these guys right away; they were gentlemen. After dinner, the four of them went upstairs to the bar. There was a live band and a dance floor. The three men had drunk quite a bit but they were far from drunk. They got a table in the back (again, Derrick knew someone), so the music did not drown out their conversation.

Eric was the first to ask Judi to dance, then Doug. Derrick declined; preferring to talk business with whichever man was left at the table while Judi danced with the other. As the night wore on, Judi found that she was having a ball. Her life was improving in leaps and bounds.

Eventually Judi was sitting between Eric and Doug at the table with Derrick on the other side. On the dance floor, Judi gave off the vibes that the two men could take a few more liberties with her if they wanted. She began to rub her soft breasts against them and push her pelvis into theirs as they slow danced. She could feel both men begin to get excited. Soon their hands were sliding down her bare back and dipping below the waist of her gown. They both got down far enough to tell that Judi wore thong panties.

At the table, Judi was letting her skirt slide up her thighs farther and farther. Both men could look down and almost see her panty-covered pussy. Judi jumped when she felt Eric place his hand on her thigh. She couldn’t tell if Derrick could see that or not. Her pussy began to juice when she felt Doug put his hand on her other thigh. Judi was surprised when both men simultaneously pulled on her thighs until the dress would allow her legs to move no further apart. Her dress was now high enough that her sheer panties were visible. Both men would glance down whenever possible to see Judi’s panty covered pussy lips. The material was becoming transparent with Judi’s juice. Judi was afraid that she was going to climax if they did not stop. To break the erotic tension, Judi asked Derrick to slow dance, this time he agreed. Judi took Derrick’s hand and walked him to the dance floor.

“Well, are you having fun?” Derrick asked as he pulled her to him.

“God yes, Eric and Doug are so nice,” she responded hugging Derrick close, feeling a little guilty.

“You’re getting worked up aren’t you? I saw their hands,” Derrick said.

Judi bit her lip before responding. “I’m sorry Derrick, they are so sexy and the wine and the music and….”

“Don’t apologize sweetheart, I wanted you to be nice to them. In fact, they want to do more with you,” Derrick said.

Judi was somewhat shocked, not by the fact that they wanted to do more, but by Derrick telling her that. They were certainly making her hot but she didn’t want to do anything that would harm her relationship with Derrick. She really didn’t know what to say.

Derrick said it for her. “Listen Judi, these guys are my friends, they are nothing like James and Reggie. They are gentlemen, as you know, and they will treat you like a lady. This deal is really very important to me, but you are more important. If you want to spend the night with them, it might help the deal. However, it is not a requirement and you are under no obligation to do anything. If you say no, that will be the end of it. I will probably get the contract anyway.”

“I don’t know what to say Derrick. You know I love you but they certainly are making me hot, I am just not sure.” Judi answered.

“It is entirely your decision. I will not be mad or jealous if you decide to do it nor I will not be upset if you say no.” Derrick said sincerely. “I know these guys are clean, both are happily married and are not the kind of guys that go to bed with every woman they meet. You have captivated them. Why don’t you think about it for a while? If you decide to do it, go to the bathroom and take off your panties and bring them back to me. I will excuse myself and leave you with Eric and Doug.”

Derrick and Judi walked back to the table after the song ended. Judi no sooner sat down before both men had their hands on her thighs again. Judi tried to hold a conversation as both hands got closer and closer to her panty covered crotch. Judi sighed as she felt first one then the other hand begin to brush against her swollen lips. She began to squirm in the chair.

After about fifteen minutes of this teasing, Judi excused erzurum escort herself to go to the ladies room. When she returned, she had something bundled in her hand. She asked Derrick to dance. On the dance floor, she pressed her wet panties into his hand. Derrick smiled and kissed her before leading her back to the table. When Judi sat down, Derrick told his friends that he had an early day tomorrow and asked them to see Judi home.

The smiles on Eric and Doug’s face were wide as they shook Derrick’s hand and watched him leave. Judi felt a shudder go through her as she realized what she had committed to.

As soon as Derrick left, both Eric and Doug’s hands were back on Judi’s thighs. This time the two horny men got a surprise when they found that Judi had removed her panties. Both hands went for her pussy at the same time. Judi gasped as Eric’s finger plunged into her sopping pussy. When he pulled out, Doug’s finger took its place. Judi sat there in this darkly lit room with two handsome black men finger fucking her pussy.

Judi’s excitement grew as the two men continued to alternate fingers. Judi almost screamed when, by accident or not, both men’s fingers entered her at the same time.

Doug turned Judi’s lips to his as both men’s large fingers stretched her pussy. It was too much for Judi. She felt her pussy spasm and juice squirted onto their hands and the back of her dress.

When the kiss ended, Judi said in a breathless whisper, “We had better get out of here before I soak my dress.”

Both men agreed and escorted Judi outside and into a taxi for the ride to their hotel. Doug and Eric were also staying at the Plaza on the 15th floor. The activity inside the taxi on the way back to the hotel was a replay of the night before, except that it was now two black men, not one, that Judi was making out with. First Judi would kiss Doug then turn to Eric. Her ass was squirming on the seat as two hands played with her breasts. She could see the taxi driver’s eyes in the mirror as he watched her act like a total slut.

Judi couldn’t decide whether she was hotter tonight or last night. Tonight was pure sex; last night was sex, love and emotions. It didn’t really matter; she was going to get fucked all night again.

The three got plenty of stares as they walked through the lobby to the elevator. In the elevator, Doug and Eric held Judi close and alternated kissing her. Both had their hands inside her dress, fondling a breast. Judi could barely stand. Amazingly, the door opened on the mezzanine level and the same old lady and man got on. This time the lady looked at Judi with undisguised contempt. The old man had a very different expression on his face. Judi thought, “They probably think I am a hooker. Well, maybe I am.” Strangely, it no longer mattered what strangers thought of her. She was being loved and made love to for the first time in her life. She wasn’t going to let anyone destroy that feeling for her.

The two men practically carried Judi to their two-bedroom suite. As soon as the door closed, Judi’s dress was on the floor. Two sets of lips were on her tits and two hands played with her pussy. Judi had to slow things down or she was going to explode. She pushed Eric and Doug’s head away from her breasts and dropped to her knees. She looked up at the two surprised men and pulled first one then the other zipper down. She fished out Doug’s erect cock first. His cock was normal length, but very large around and very dark. Next, she removed Eric’s cock. His was more slender but longer and lighter in color. It was a real contrast, but Judi thought both were beautiful.

She turned to Eric first and began to lick the head. Her hand began to work on Doug. Both men groaned. Judi turned back to Doug and began to lick his cock as she jerked on Eric’s. Judi even pulled the men together and tried to get both cocks in her mouth at the same time. It was a tight fit but she was able to get both cocks in her mouth. It was an amazing feeling to have two large drooling black cocks in her mouth at the same time. How many white women sucked even one black cock let alone two.

Judi let Doug’s cock pop free and sucked hard on Eric’s. Eric groaned loud as Judi took his entire cock down her throat. He was shorter by several inches then Derrick, so she had no problem getting it all in. She used her throat muscles to work the head as it slid deep into her throat. She moved her head up and down several times bringing more groans from Eric. As soon as she slid his cock out, she replaced it with Doug’s. She had a little more difficult time with Doug’s because it was so big around. But she was persistent and got it all in her throat.

Judi alternated between the two cocks for some time. She then took both cocks and rubbed them all over her face, feeling the soft skin and spreading the slick juice across her cheek and lips. Judi was no longer sucking cock; she was making love to these two beautiful organs. bursa escort

Judi lost track of time as she regressed into a fantasy world where there was only her mouth and these beautiful black cocks. She was sucking on Doug when his moan brought her out of her fantasy. She felt him tense and begin to squirt his juice. She wasn’t expecting him to cum, so when it hit her throat, she choked and pulled his cock out. As she coughed, Doug’s cock spurted cream into her face and hair. Before she got her composure back, she felt Eric tense and begin to climax. Judi suddenly felt like she was in the middle of two out of control fire hoses. At this point, there was nothing she could do, so she decided to relax and enjoy the shower.

Eric and Doug’s cum were squirting all over her face. It was a feeling like Judi had never had before. Some women might have felt degraded but not Judi, she felt only erotic pleasure. Judi held both cock’s, trying but failing to catch all their cum in her mouth. As the force of their ejaculation dwindled, Judi was able to catch some in her mouth, but most of their cum juice was on her face. Judi had to wipe it from her eyes before she could open them again.

Almost in unison, Eric and Doug began to apologize. “God, we’re so sorry, I don’t know what happened, I guess we got a little over excited,” Eric said.

“Apology? I think I should be thanking you,” Judi said with a smile. “I am flattered that two sexy men got so excited over me that they lost control and came in my face. I loved it!” Judi said as their cum ran down her face and dripped from her chin.

The frown on the two men’s faces turned to smiles. Then Doug turned and hurried to the bathroom for a face towel. Judi wiped her face as best she could as Eric and Doug led her over to the sofa. They sat her down then stood up and began to strip. Judi smiled as she watched these two sexy men strip in front of her.

“We owe you sweet lady. Now let us take care of you like no one has ever done before!” Eric said, getting on his knees between Judi’s legs. Doug sat next to her and bent over and began to suck one of her hard nipples into his mouth.

Eric spread her thighs and began to move his head to her pussy, but stopped abruptly. “What’s this?” he asked.

Judi looked down and saw that Eric was looking at her new tattoo. She had forgotten it in all the excitement. Judi wasn’t sure what to say; she found herself blushing.

“DJ’s, –Derrick Johnson’s?” he asked. Doug bent over to look as well. “You are Derrick’s woman?” Doug asked before he thought to stop himself.

“Well, yes, I … I… guess…uh, we are…. Oh hell, yes he is, that is we are, you know,” Judi stuttered.

“Well, I’ll be dammed. That old dog never said anything,” Eric said.

“Please, I don’t think he wanted you to know,” Judi responded.

“Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us. You must be one special lady because Derrick don’t mess with just anyone,” Eric said.

Judi felt her face turn red again. Then she halted the conversation by pulling Eric’s mouth down to her pussy. He went willingly, immediately plunging his tongue into her wet slit. Judi moaned and bucked her hips up to meet his mouth. Doug resumed his work on Judi’s breasts, playing with one and sucking the other. It took only minutes for Judi to begin to climax. She had also been building tension all night. These two mouths took her over the top quickly.

“Oh yes, yes, eat me, eat my pussy,” Judi moaned as her body began to tense. “That’s it, suck my tits, eat me, oh God…I can’t stand…yes…God I’m cummmmiiiinnnnggg!!!! Judi screamed and pulled both men to her body.

As happened the night before, Judi began to squirt juice into Eric’s mouth. Judi was relieved when she heard Eric moan and double his efforts to please her. He placed his mouth directly over her juicy pussy and began sucking, pulling more and more juice out of her. Judi went crazy, grabbing his head and pulling tightly. She lost all control.

“Yes, yes, eat my cunt. Suck all my juices out. God, I am cumming so hard. Please, please suck me…suck me. Don’t stop, that’s it, that’s it, eat it, eeaat meee!!!” she screamed so loud it could probably be heard in the hallway.

Doug was working Judi’s tits, trying to hold her on the sofa. He was amazed at the level of intensity of this woman’s climax. No sooner did Judi stop one climax then another began.

Eric was a very talented pussy eater. It must have been forty-five minutes before he tired. Judi was getting exhausted, yet she didn’t want it to stop. She need not have feared, for as soon as Eric moved away, Doug took his place. He began to eat her with renewed enthusiasm and thus started another round of climaxes. Almost an hour later, Doug stood up and said, “Goddamn woman, you’re wearing us out!”

Judi saw that both men had hardon’s again. Doug sat beside Judi and joined Eric at playing with her tits. Eric leaned over and whispered in Judi’s ear, “Judi, we both want to fuck you.”

“Yes, please fuck me. Who’s first,” Judi responded, wanting a cock in her pussy very bad.

“No, we want to fuck you at the same time,” Eric said.

“No, uh…no, I have never done anal sex,” Judi said.

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