Yet Another Frat Initiation Story Ch. 07


Part 7: Fraternity Service

The morning’s activities were once again labeled cryptically, this time as “Fraternity Service”. When we got down to the breakfast table, we found that there was no food there. Instead, there was a note that said that pledges were required to service fraternity members before they would have anything to eat. We were to draw a name from a jar on the dining table, knock on that frat member’s door, and ask if there was anything we could do for him. We were to do whatever he told us to do. If we performed adequately, he would give us a token to keep—two or more if he was really pleased with our service. If we were unsatisfactory, he would dismiss us without any token. In any case, we were to go back to the dining room and get another name from the name jar and repeat the routine until the jar was empty. It was pointed out that one of the tasks we might be required to do was to place the person’s name back in the jar so there was no telling when the morning activities would be finished. However, the note expressed hope that we would find enough to snack on to get by until we could get breakfast.

I drew Terry’s name first. I didn’t know him well, but I had seen him watching yesterday’s activities. The slip of paper had directions to his room and I followed them to the third floor. I knocked on his door and heard him ask who it was. I told him and asked if there was anything I could do for him. He said to come in and, when I did, I found him still in bed, covered only by a sheet which was far from substantial enough to hide his erection.

“Come here”, he said flatly. “What do you think I’ve got under this sheet?”

“I guess just your body,” I replied, choosing to be noncommittal until I understood the game.

“Well, would you like to see?

“Yes,” I said, trying to sound interested but still tentative.

He frowned, “It doesn’t sound as if you really want to see. I’m sure you could do better. Tell me what you think you would see and how much you really want to see it. Tell me why you want to look and what else you would like to do. Convince me that I should let you look.”

The game was clear enough now. So I played along. “I think that you are naked under the sheet with a serious hardon. I really want to see because, if I’m right, it would really turn me on. I like to look at guys’ hardons. It makes me really hot. When I see a guy with a hardon, I know that he needs to have his cock sucked and I find it impossible to resist sucking him off if he’ll let me. It looks as if you have a really big cock and I’d like to feel it with my hands and take it into my mouth if you’ll let me.”

What I said surprised me, but it all felt like a game. The show yesterday afternoon had made it possible for me to say things that I’d never thought before and probably weren’t true. It was all just play.

He didn’t say anything, but he slowly began moving the covers down to reveal first his chest, then his stomach and the tip of his cock. As he pulled it down further, I saw that he was very well endowed. His cock was thick and long, and very hard. As I looked at it, I realized that part of what I had just said wasn’t just play—at least it wasn’t false play.

“I want you to kiss the bottoms of my feet and then lick up the insides of my legs going back and forth from one leg to the other working your way higher and higher until you come to my balls. Then I want you to make love to my cock and balls and lick my scrotum. All the while, you should tell me how beautiful my cock and balls are and how much you want them. Improvise and be creative. Then, I want you to beg for me to let you suck me off and cum in your mouth.”

The kissing the bottoms of his feet didn’t do anything for me, but I had to admit that as I got closer and closer to his crotch, slowly inching my way up with my tongue, the whole process did make me rather hot. When I got to his balls, I lifted them up gently and licked behind them. I could tell that it drove him wild and I enjoyed the feeling of control. His balls felt heavy and solid in my hands and I decided that telling him how they felt would be a good way to start my patter.

“Your balls are incredible. They’re heavy and firm. They feel hot in my hand and I want to take them into my mouth to caress them with my tongue.”

He didn’t object so I sucked first one and then the other into my mouth. I sucked on each gently and listened to him moan. I tried to get them both in my mouth, but they clearly wouldn’t fit.

“Oh, Jesus. Your cock is beautiful. It is so big and hard. I’ll bet you have fucked lots of girls with this beautiful thing—that is, if you can keep their mouths off it long enough to put it in their cunts. This is the kind of cock that wouldn’t just make women fall to their knees to worship, but it would make guys—even straight guys—do the same.”

I ran my tongue up and down the underside of his cock a few times and then continued, “It makes me hard görükle escort to think about your cock in my mouth. Would you please let me suck it?”

“You may suck my cock,” he replied magnanimously.

“Well, I’ve got to tell you the truth. I don’t just want to suck your cock. I want to take it all the way into my mouth and throat. I want to fuck your cock with my mouth. I want to slide my lips and tongue up and down your hard shaft until you shoot your enormous load of hot cum into my mouth. I want to feel my mouth fill with your semen, to feel the exciting tension of not knowing if I will be able to swallow fast enough to keep up with your ejaculation. I want to swallow wave after wave of your cream and then hold your cock in my mouth as it softens. Will you please let me do all these things? I’ll be forever in your debt if you would let me do this.”

“Well, I don’t know, Pledge. I don’t know if you are good enough to have my cum in your mouth.”

“Oh, please. Let me try. If you don’t like how it feels to have me swallow your cock and bob my mouth up and down your cock, you can stop me. But please let me show you that I can make you feel as good as I’ll feel doing it.”

Terry finally relented. I suspect that he couldn’t have resisted much longer no matter what I had said. So it happened that I began my eighth full-blown blowjob in three days. But this one was a little different. Here we were in bed and there was some preliminary play. Before, I’d just sucked guys off. The game Terry made me play had made a difference. I felt that I was making love to his cock and, so, when I took him in my mouth, it wasn’t just to give him a blowjob. It was something different. I liked the way the difference felt, but I wasn’t sure I liked admitting to myself that I liked it.

I set all this aside as I felt his hard cock fill my mouth. He was clearly bigger than Mark or any of my pledgemates. It felt exciting to have such a big cock filling my mouth. As I was bringing him closer to an orgasm, I thought about what I had said on stage yesterday about someday wanting to be fucked in the ass. The size of Terry’s cock made me think that someday might not come in this lifetime. But sucking such a big cock was great. My jaw hurt more than ever—even more than it had yesterday when I had sucked off all five other pledges. But despite the ache there, I didn’t pull off once. I just worked him harder and harder until I heard him grunt and felt his cum blast its way down the tube of his cock. My mouth did fill over and over again with cum. It was all I could do to keep up with him.

When he softened in my mouth, I pulled off of him and, looking up into his eyes, asked him if there was anything else I could do for him. He didn’t hesitate. He told me to stand up and drop my pants. I did it immediately, in the foolish expectation that he might want to reciprocate. But reciprocation was not in the game plan. He stared at my hard cock for a minute and said, “I just wanted to see how much you liked sucking my cock and swallowing my cum.”

I was embarrassed and asked if I could go. He said that I had better pull up my pants first. As I turned to leave, he asked if I wanted my token. I’d completely forgotten about those. He flipped me one and I turned to go again. He stopped me asking if I didn’t think I deserved more than one. I told him that was up to him, but he could tell that I was hopeful.

“Okay,” he said. “Give me one more nice sweet suck and I’ll tip you.”

I pulled the covers back again and noted that his cock was limp. I was able to take it completely into my mouth for a second or two before he began to harden a little. I sucked him gently for a few strokes and then he said, “Okay. Here’s your tip.” He pressed two more tokens in my hand. “Now, go downstairs and put my name back in the jar.”

As I walked back to the dining room, I met a few of my pledgemates going on their second assignments. I realized that I might be getting behind and hurried to my next assignment, who turned out to be Brad.

I knew who Brad was. He was incredibly handsome, with chiseled features, dark hair and light blue eyes. The girls on campus drooled over Brad. But he had a steady girlfriend, Megan, and what a girl she was. She looked like a Playboy model, only a little more interesting and lot more innocent.

Brad took me by surprise when he looked at me like I was from Mars and said, “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I’m supposed to do anything you want me to do—to “service” you.”

“I don’t want a guy. I’ve got Megan. Have you seen Megan? What the hell would I want with a guy.”

I didn’t know what to say and was debating just leaving.

“Of course, Megan does impose her limits. Still, I don’t think I could do anything with a guy.”

Mixed signals, if ever I heard them. I waited trying to figure out what I was supposed to do. Finally, I decided to ask..

“I don’t know what you want me to do. I’ll do anything I can, bursa sınırsız escort but I can’t be a girl.”

Brad looked at me and replied, “Well, maybe you can get close. Look in the closet. Do what you can and be convincing.”

I opened what turned out to be a walk-in closet. On the door was a woman’s dress in a rather large size and some other women’s things, including a blonde wig. I started to turn to go, but Brad said, “Oh, Allen. Don’t forget about the token. And, if that’s not enough, remember: ‘Videotape at eleven!'”

Shit. On reflection, I couldn’t see how this was worse than lots of what I had done in the last few days. I guess it just took me by surprise. I closed the closet door and took off my clothes. The pantyhose were very dark black, which was good unless Brad was into hairy legs. The bra was big enough to fasten around me and I was thankful that it clipped in front. I’ll never understand how women do those thingies in the back. It was clearly made for a transvestite because the cups were prepadded with fake breasts. The dress was a black wrap-around so it fit reasonably well. I put on the wig and stepped into the high heels. As I opened the door and tried to walk out, I gained a new respect for every woman who wears high heels.

I’m quite sure that I looked ridiculous, but Brad seemed pleased enough. I walked toward him and he started things off.

“Megan. I’ve been thinking about our little disagreement. If you really don’t want to suck me until I cum, I guess I don’t want to pressure you into it.”

For the first time, I wondered if he expected me to talk and, if so, whether I was supposed to use falsetto. I took a chance and talked in my regular voice, though I tried to sound a little feminine.

“Oh, Brad. I’ve been being silly about this. I know how much you want to cum in my mouth. And I’ve had fantasies about it. I imagine you getting really hard when I’m sucking you and holding my head tightly while you fuck my mouth. I imagine that I can’t do anything but suck you and hope that I can swallow your cum so I don’t choke. It makes me really . . . wet to think about.” I had almost said ‘hard’. “So, I don’t know why I stop you. I guess because I think that maybe you wouldn’t respect me if I let you do that. But now that seems silly. I’ve never let a guy do that before, and I want you to be the first to cum in my mouth.”

He looked at me and asked if I was sure.

I nodded and told him that I wanted to suck him off now. He seemed agreeable so I took down the cover. His cock was limp and I figured that it was because he wasn’t really into the guy thing and there were limits to my acting ability. But I figured that he would cum around soon.

“And, Brad. If I chicken out—I mean, if when you get near to cumming I try to pull my mouth away because I’m afraid—don’t let me. Hold me on your cock no matter what I try to do then.”

I watched him and he seemed to like this a lot. Then I moved down on his small, flaccid cock and took it in my hands and, from there, directly to my mouth. He hardened surprisingly fast and soon his cock didn’t seem small at all. He may not have been too into guys, but he seemed to like this one’s mouth. When he was completely hard and his hips started pumping, he rolled me over so we were in our sides and began fucking my face. This was different from the other blowjobs I had given. I really wasn’t doing anything. He was holding the sides of my head and pounding in and out of my mouth.

He started saying things like, “Oh, Megan. Oh, God. Megan, I want to cum in your mouth so much. Please don’t stop. Oh, God, Megan.” The idea of me stopping really didn’t make sense since I wasn’t doing much, but I guess either he wasn’t as controlling with the real Megan or she stopped rather forcefully.

Soon I could tell that he was starting to build to an orgasm. I began trying to back my head off. At first, he let me move back so I was almost off his cock. Then, suddenly, his hands on the sides of my face, he forced his cock deep into my mouth and pistoned faster and faster. I began to resist and sort of whimper, pretending to be trying to stop him—to pull off of him. He would have none of that, and he forced his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth on each thrust. Finally, I felt that increasingly familiar sensation of cum bolting down a cockshaft as my mouth began to fill with hard jets of his cum.

When he finished, he lay there for a minute or so and then said, “Oh, God, Megan. That felt so good.” And he pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply on the mouth. I didn’t kiss back, I was so shocked, and he immediately stopped. He looked embarrassed and told me to go now.

When I came out of the closet dressed in my karate suit, I asked him about the tokens. I don’t think he wanted to talk to me but he pointed to a stack on the nightstand, indicating that I should take them all. I left with five more tokens.

I had a couple of nilüfer escort “quickie” assignments. Simple first of the morning blow jobs. They were fast and got me two tokens each bringing my total to 10. I wondered how the others were doing, and what the “prize” was.

When I went to the name jar for the fifth time, there were only a few names left. I figured this would be my last assignment and, if I wanted to win (which I was certainly not sure of given that the prize hadn’t been announced), I hoped it would be a good one. When I saw that I had drawn Mark’s name, I wasn’t sure whether I was lucky or not.

Mark acted disappointed to see me, but I could tell it was just part of an act—something I had to play along with. He said that he really didn’t want another blow job this morning (I wondered how many he had already had), and even if he did, it wouldn’t be from me. He said he’d fucked my face enough for a while. Then he allowed as how maybe he could find something interesting to do with me if I’d be good and follow directions. I told him I would.

Then he told me to do a striptease show for him. This seemed silly, but he was serious. I’d taken off my clothes for everyone yesterday, but this turned out to be more difficult. There was the fact that I was the only one who was going to do it, and, then, it was for a more intimate audience. He put on some music and had me dance for him, which was really ridiculous. It was almost a relief when he instructed me to begin stroking my cock for him.

When I started to get aroused, he blindfolded me—very securely so that I couldn’t see a thing. Then he had me go on masturbating for him. He made me cradle my balls in my hand and tell him how it felt, or suck my fingers while I stroked my cock and tell him I was imagining that it was a hard cock in my mouth. I had to tell him how much I liked feeling his cock in my mouth the last few days and say that when I masturbate now, I always imagine sucking him off.

He took my left hand out of my mouth and pressed it into something cool and slippery—presumably the lubricant we had used the day before. He told me to get on my knees, spread them wide, and put two fingers up my ass as far as they would go. I was a little awkward getting down on my knees—I guess from being blindfolded—and when I got down the bare floor was hard and cold. After I slid my fingers in my ass, he put my right hand in the grease and told me to go back to jacking off. It felt really good with the lubricant and I was playing with different rhythms in my ass and on my cock. I suspected that he was going to stop me before I came, but maybe I’d surprise him and get to shoot my load. I hoped so. The morning’s activities had made me really horny.

He didn’t say anything, so I just went on jacking harder and harder. Finally, I shot my load all over the floor. As I let my fingers slip out of my ass, I was still breathing heavily and wanted to collapse—preferably on something soft, but I would certainly settle for the floor. Mark had other plans for me.

“Now you’ve gotten the floor all sticky with your filthy cum. Clean it off.”

I started to reach down and he cut me off, “Not with your hands, scum. Use your tongue. And I want every drop cleaned off the floor. You can use your hands to hold yourself up, but all the cleanup has to be done with your tongue. I guess you should have thought about the mess you were going to make in my room before you did it.”

He knew that, being blindfolded, the only way I could do this is to lick all around in front of me. That didn’t seem to bother him. Resigned to my fate, I bent over to lick the floor. I found a big load of cum almost right away and started licking it up. Then, I let out a gasp, followed by a scream.

Mark had quietly gotten behind me and grabbed my hips, forcing his erect cock against, and finally into, my virgin ass. I’m sure he had it well lubed and my fingers had lubed me up inside, but it still hurt like hell and felt as if it was going to tear my asshole open. Jesus, it felt big. The pain started to recede a little and he began sliding in and out. I really didn’t like this. I hadn’t agreed to this and I wanted it to end. I tried to pull away, I even tried rolling over to get away from him. But once he was in my ass, his hands were locked on my hips. Going limp didn’t help, he just held up my hips and fucked my ass. Pretty soon, I just accepted it—accepted him—without cooperating, but without fighting either.

Of course, I had forgotten completely about licking my cum off the floor. I guess he had too, for a while, but he remembered now and he reminded me, telling me I would be punished if I didn’t get it clean right away. With that, he spanked my ass really hard. I put my face down to the floor again and started licking. This posture provided him with even better access to my ass and I felt him push in to the hilt over and over again. The pain was gone now . I felt him loosen his grip on my hips, and, when I didn’t try to get away, he removed a hand and reached around to grasp my cock. For the first time, I realized that it was hard again—so soon after I had just shot my load. Since my cock was still slippery from the lubricant, his hand slid up and down the shaft as his hips pounded into my ass.

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