Yeliza Awakens Pt. 01

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First of two, hope you like it. Based on real experiences.

Part 1: Morning excitement

Early on a Saturday morning, he came out of a gentle sleep. He was giddy. As he had been every time. This time was special however, this time he had done the most preparations ever for this event. His legs and pubic area rigorously shaven the night before.

His clothes felt almost alien like on his smooth skin. The instructions to remove his hair had put him in a mental state of submissiveness already.

His girlfriend would be coming over. Over the last year they had experiment with a fantastic fantasy of his, namely crossdressing.

Or at least this is how innocently it started. Now he would say its something more like, sissification, feminization or however you want to call it. He was going to be her girl. Or an attempt, to be the best he could.

He checked the time. She could be here any second. His heart was racing. Seconds seemed like hours. Time crawled by so slowly, and she seemed to be making him wait on purpose. As if to serve her plan for today somehow. His heart skipped a beat, or two, as he heard the buzzer to his apartment. He practically raced to the door. Opening it as casually as he could.

“Hey baby.” She said with a bright smile on her face.

“Hey.” He answered. The nerves clear in his tone. She frowned a little at him. Wrath in her eyes.

“Is that the way to greet me?” She asked as she walked in. “Especially considering what we are going to do today?” She continued.

He flushed red as he quickly closed the door, “I am sorry, Mistress” he said. By making him say it, she had effectively placed him in a submissive and obedient state of mind.

She walked over and sat on the bed. “Well, are you clean my slave?” She asked. He nodded, unable to speak because of his nerves. “Well I want you to shower again, and this time use the feminine soap and shampoo I made you buy,” she said.

He knew better than to argue, “Yes, Mistress” he answered dutifully. He headed to the bathroom, until stopped by her commanding tone.

“Where do you think you are going? My sweet, sweet slave. Get naked right here! No more dirty boys clothes for my beautiful wannabe girl,” She said.

Being called a wannabe girl and forced to take off his regular clothing emasculated him. Making him become ever more docile and obedient. His arousal at this realization grew. Like wildfire comes roaring, he was naked before his mistress. She nodded approval. This time, naked, he hurried into the bathroom. He turned on the shower and cleaned himself with the designated soaps and shampoos. He dried himself off thoroughly, and went back to the other room where his girlfriend, now mistress, was waiting.

Part 2: The Dress

While he was showering, she maneuvered to his little stash of clothes he had. They had bought most of it together over time. As she looked at the clothing inside the boxes, she considered what to make him wear.

A dress she remembered buying with him specifically sprung out at her. The simple yet elegant floral pattern, the short but over the shoulder sleeves. The deep dark fabric of the cloth itself, and of course the beautifully finished collar. An elegant yet simple piece. This was it. She decided then and there.

As she waited for her little slave to finish showering, she could not help but think back about them buying the dress she picked for today. A beautiful summer Saturday it had been. He was wearing shorts. His hairless legs clear to see for everybody. If he wanted to go try on dresses, he could not afford to have hairy şişli travesti manly legs. No, he had to be smooth as the girl he was pretending to be.

Before they had gone out, she had made him wear panties. The excitement as he put them on was clearly visible and put him in a submissive state of mind. Not ready to question his mistress, but simply obey.

As a cherry on top, he had purchased a remote control but plug. With her permission of course. She distinctly remembered the sound he made as she slowly pushed the well lubricated toy in his boy pussy.

With all the power at her fingertips this day would turn out to be a great pleasure for both of them. He was sure to pull up his pants high. In fear of anybody seeing his panty predicament. All of this was visibly Adding to his submissiveness and arousal.

“All right my little slut, are you ready to go out?” She said as her fingers found the button on the remote.

He felt the toy come alive gently, this was the softest vibration it had. He felt his cock pulse in his panties.

“Yes, mistress.”

They headed downtown, it was a short walk from his apartment. She was whispering words to him about things that would be coming soon, asking him questions and making him answer with; yes, mistress, in public. Sometimes when passersby where near she would pretend to not have heard and make him say it louder. Every time, you could hear the submissiveness grow in his voice. Mentally he was already completely her bitch. She flickered through the different vibrations on the but plug as she walked. Seeing his reaction. Seeing him whimper. Seeing her power. Her pussy grew wet from the control she had over him.

They arrived at the store she had in mind; it was a department store with very discreet changing rooms. They entered. She took the lead. Summer season was still in fashion and there were plenty of dresses to choose from, they ended up with a few floral-patterned ones and a few more plain ones. They headed to the changing rooms and went in the booth together. He hung the clothing from the hooks.

“Get undressed.” She said softly as she clicked the button. Switching the toy to a faster mode. In his obedient state he undressed carefully. Revealing his panties and very erect cock. She grabbed his hard member through the silky soft red material. “What’s that you are wearing?” She asked

“Panties” he answered softly. She squeezed his dick, and pressed the button.

“What’s that, slut?” She demanded, raising her voice.

“Panties, mistress.” He answered loud enough for the other changing stalls to hear him.

“That’s right, bitch. Good girl.” She purred, “and who are you wearing them for?” She asked him.

“For you mistress.” He answered shakily as she had now fished out his hard cock and was stroking it. Her skilled hands teasing him. She was sitting on the little bench visibly enjoying his torment. She grabbed, pulled and tugged expertly. Driving him insane. “Please, stop mistress” he said through his pleasure. He could feel the familiar build up to an orgasm approaching. His look in his eyes pleased her greatly. They were pleading her. Pleading to stop, pleading to continue and let him cum. She sped up, and gripped even harder, feeling his manhood twitch in her hand.

“Why, this is a lot of fun” she teased.

“Otherwise I will cum mistress” he answered. She let his cock go. It was purple with excitement. The look still in his eyes. She was in full control.

“All right then slut, no cumming for you until later” she said playfully. bakırköy travesti Enjoying her full power and control. “We do not want to burden the employees with a special clean up, now let’s try on the dress then.” She said.

Part three: The Transformation

She snapped out of it as he entered the room naked and hairless. The look on his face docile, but excited. She was sitting in a high chair and looked at him.

He saw the clothes on the bed. Clearly what he was going to be putting on very shortly. She beckoned him “This is what you are wearing today, my pretty.” She said. “Now let’s get started. You smell amazing” she said. He walked toward her. His eyes at the ground. Knowing his place.

She was in charge; the whole room knew it. “Let’s start with the simple stuff my dear.” She pointed to the red lacy panties. They matched the redness of the floral dress.

He had walked toward the bed, and clothing. Nervous, excited and submissive. His cock tingled as the soft lacy fabric encased his manhood. Emasculating him, making him docile and very excited. He tucked his half-swollen penis inside the panty. The pantyhose was next. Thick and black, you could still see his legs through them.

“What do you think you are doing?” He heard. “Did you ask permission?” She continued.

“No” he said nervously.

“No what?” She demanded as she slapped his ass hard.

“No, mistress” he said. He had taken the slap without twitching.

“That is better slut, but where is my apology?” She demanded. She had stuck out her foot.

He knew what to do, he knelt, down to her feet, pantyhose half on his one leg. “I am truly sorry, mistress” he said. As he went down to kiss her foot.

“Apologize as you kiss my feet slut, and thank me for forgiving you.” She said.

He did what was asked of him, kissing her feet. Apologizing, and thanking her between kisses. “That is better my good girl” she said.

Excitement for being called a good girl shot through him. “Now off with the pantyhose and put them on properly this time.” She said.

“May I please put on the pantyhose, mistress?” He asked. He looked at her. She did not flinch. “Please mistress, can I?” He pleaded. This time with more conviction.

“All right then.” She answered. The fabric felt wonderful as he slid it up his smooth legs. Hiding the masculine shape and bringing out the feminine shape of his legs.

“Come over here” she said strictly as she pointed in front of her. He walked over.

She got his prosthetic boobs and pasted them on his chest. “Hold those my pretty.” She said. He held them tightly to his chest.

Facing away from his mistress, he had no idea what was going on behind him. His cream-colored corset is what came next. An over bust he had tailor made for himself. His hands shot to help his mistress put it in place. The hooks in front had to be closed. “Are they closed in front?” She asked. He nodded. “I hope you are ready, and even if you are not. Too bad.” She said.

He quickly moved the corset so that it would bring out the best femme shape in him. He felt the first tug on the strings. The sound they made as they slowly tightened excited him deeply. As the initial tightening processed, the time had come for the real cinching.

“This is such an important moment, is it not my pretty?” She asked.

“Yes mistress” he managed to squeeze out as she tightened his waist. Squeezing the air from his lungs.

“No where to go, and all mine” she said as she did the bottom, and top as well.

“Yes, istanbul travestileri mistress.” He answered breathlessly. His moans as she tightened the corset pleased her, the control she had making her wet.

She tied it firmly. Pleased with the hourglass silhouette. She rubbed her hands over his feminized shape. “How does that feel?” She asked.

“Tight, but good mistress. I feel controlled. I feel yours” he answered. Her hands had found his hard cock in his panties and she was massaging more life into it. She knew he was hers. All the power in her hands. She could feel herself getting even hotter.

“I can feel you enjoying it” she said. His hard dick now obvious in her palms. She turned him around toward her. “Time for the dress baby girl.” She said. His pleasure faded when she let go of his hard dick, he longed for more excitement. Though he knew he had to wait.

The comment made him flush red. Excited and eager to wear it. He let her put on the dress. It fell beautifully over the corset and his bust. He enjoyed the fabric on his body. Falling ever deeper into submission and feminization. His mind becoming more obedient and controlled by her. He admired the floral patterns as he remembered buying it with his mistress. His daydream was interrupted quickly as he felt his mistress tugging at the fabric. Making sure it sat properly. He felt so very femme already. His persona in his mind changing to a submissive slave wannabe girl. His cock throbbed at the thought.

“Alright my wannabe girl, time for some make up. Now pay close attention because you are going to have to practice it yourself.” She said. The prospect of having to practice, somehow made him feel even more feminized and aroused. All he could do was embrace the process and embrace becoming her girl.

A makeup kit and brushes were put on the desk, and he was sat in the chair. No mirrors yet. As she brushed on foundation and concealer, she shared some tips and tricks. Contour and highlighter next, where to put it. What to do and what to avoid. How to make his face rounder and more feminine. How to blend and how to erase mistakes.

His eyebrows were the biggest challenge for her, they sat low above his eyes, making it hard to have them appear femme. She had to be resourceful, but managed to do it with some gel, highlighter and an eyebrow pencil.

His eyes were next. She explained the eye type he had, that it was hard to do right because lf the depth his eyes had in his face. She pointed out how to do eye shadow that matched his blue eye color. Some lip liner and, lastly some deep red lipstick. His constant state of arousal during the lesson made him remember all her tips and tricks very clearly.

Some lip liner and, lastly some deep red lipstick. His constant state of arousal during the lesson made him remember all of her tips and tricks very clearly.

His mind was weak from being aroused all day. His dick aching under his feminine attire. Even without having seen himself he no longer felt like a man.

He felt like a sissy, her sissy. His cock ached at the idea.

It was visible to her; she saw what was happening in the moment and moved in for a kiss. She was so close to his lips. His eagerness to kiss her was all he could think of. Yet he knew he could not.

“Don’t want to ruin your pretty lipstick, now do we my slut?” she teased. His cock twitched at being denied by her. He had no power and loved it.

“No mistress” he whispered back to her. He was in an erotic trance, willing to do anything for a little more of her attention.

With his make-up done, it was time for the wig. She had picked out the blonde one as it suited his natural hair color.

“Now sit still.” She demanded as she fidgeted a little to put it on properly. “It has to sit right to make you look your best my pet.”

All he could do was obey, he was eager to please and could no longer say no to almost anything.

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