Wife Knows My Secret Ch. 01

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My wife went to work and I decided to stick around the house and lounge today. Spring time in Las Vegas is the best weather, the heat isn’t stifling yet.

My name is Michael. I’m 5’11” and weight of 155lbs. I am fairly hairless and have soft features, especially with my longer styled red hair. I am in sales which allows for some flexible hours that often offer me too much freedom for my mind to wonder. My wife Kelly is Asian, 5’2″, dark hair, dark dreamy eyes, and is a trainer and nutritionist at a local posh gym.

As soon as her car pulled out of the driveway I went into our bedroom, to use our bathroom, before I did a few chores, my wife had left her clothes on the bathroom floor. I picked them up to take them to the laundry basket when I felt her silky panties in my hand. My cock went straight up. I brought them to my face and inhaled her sweet scent. I slipped out of my clothes and pulled her panties on. I have played this game before.

I dress up in my wife’s clothes and pretend to be her slut. Of course I only fit in her bras and panties. I clasped her bra and slipped it over my head and shimmied my way into it. I gently touched the tip of my nipples through the lacy material and felt them get instantly hard. I pinched each one and moaned as my cock twitched in her panties. I wanted to stop this obsession of mine. I told myself to stop. But once I feel the feminine lace and silk against my body I’ve lost the battle.

I pulled off her clothes as I walked out our bedroom sliding door, which leads out to our secluded backyard and pool. I dove into the water and let the cool water reduce my sex drive. I swam a few laps to burn off this urge. The morning sun began to heat up as I let it soak into my naked body. My cock hardened again and whipped back and forth as I swam across the pool. This only made matters worse for me.

I got out of the pool and went back to the bathroom to shower. I grabbed my wife’s perfumed soap and started to scrub my body. The feminine smell was making me harder. My soapy hands caressed my nipples. My head went back as I continued to gently rub my nipples. I reached back to my ass and slipped my soapy finger into my rosebud, “Oh you like that don’t you slut?” I whispered to myself.

Before I could stop myself I already had her shaver in my hand and was gliding it up my leg. I was removing the sparse hairs that grew sporadically up and down my legs. I continued up and shaved my balls and above my cock. I bent over and slid the razor between my ass cheeks, clearing the hair there as well. My chest only had a couple of stray hairs by each nipple that were gone with one swipe. I lifted my arms and took off the thickest patches I had on my body, and that only took a few strokes.

I poured a handful of soap in my hand and gave my body a nice scent of rose peddles. I felt feminine and clean, almost. We have an enema wand attached to our shower nozzle hanging in the shower that my wife uses when we engage in anal sex which she loves. I grabbed the wand and got down on all fours. I reached back and inserted the hose into my ass. I wiggled my ass and enjoyed the small intrusion. The hose had a shut off valve about half way up the shaft. I reached back and released the flow. I leaned my head forward and let my bowels flush out. I had taken the drain cover off already so the waste went right down the sewer.

I felt clean on the inside and out. I dried off and began the process of becoming a slut. I went to my wife’s dresser and pulled out a pair of nylons with the garter belt and a black lace panty and bra set. I put the bra and panties on first, then I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled one of the nylons onto my hand and scrunched it up, then I put my toes in and dragged the soft silky nylon up my clean shaven leg. I did the same with the other nylon. I slipped the belt on and snapped the tops of the nylons in place. I felt so sexy.

I then went to our closet to pull out our toy box. My hands begin to shake with anticipation as I opened the lid. I pulled out my favorite 8″ thruster dildo. This dildo is great because once inside you can turn it on and it vibrates and actually extends and retracts inside of you giving the thrusting feeling of being fucked. I grabbed the anal cream that goes in the anal canal to desensitize you, and the other bottle of lube that makes it slide in nice and easy. Then I picked up the life like 7″ dildo and head to the bed.

I grab my towel off the floor and lay it out on the bed, draping it over the side. I pull the panties off, being sure to rub my hands up and down my legs at the same time. My cock is hard as a rock. Our closet doors are mirrored giving me a perfect view of what I’m about to do. I set up our video camera on the nightstand facing the mirror and turn it on. I stand in front of the mirror with the life like dildo. As I hold the cock up to my mouth I begin my show to myself as I imagine my wife being dominant and me being the submissive slut, “Look Maltepe Öğrenci Escort at you all dressed up, like a slut that is dying to get fucked. Is that what my little slut wants? Now suck my my cock, I want you to get it all hard and wet.”

My body is on fire with desire. My knees are wobbly with anticipation. I slap the rubber cock against my lips and cheek “You want to suck his cock don’t you baby? You’re dressed like a slut, now suck cock like one. Take it in your mouth baby and show him how much you want his cock down your throat.”

I lick the head of the dildo. I let the saliva in my mouth begin to coat the cock as I work the first couple of inches in my mouth. I start pulling it in and out of my mouth, pushing it in more and more with each stroke. I’m able to go about four inches before I gag. I reach for my poppers and take a long hit in each nostril. My body burns, my nipples are hard as rocks. My desire to suck this cock is amplified by a thousand as I put it back in my mouth. I start to fuck my mouth again with the cock like dildo. The ridges and veins along the shaft are realistic as they protrude along the shaft of the cock. My tongue explores every inch of the cock in my mouth. I concentrate on breathing through my nose as the balls of the dildo slap my chin. All 7 inches are going down my throat. All captured on camera for me to watch later.

I wish I could hear my wife call me her little cock whore as she watches me get face fucked and take all 7 inches down my throat. I want to hear “That’s my little cock sucker. Get him nice and hard, show him how much you love having a cock in your mouth.”

I set the ‘cock’ down and move over to the towel on the bed. Still standing on the floor I bend over to the mirror and show my ass. I place a large dollop of the desensitizing cream on my finger and then I use the mirror to guide my finger to my tight puckered rosebud. I swirl around the soft tissue before I press my finger into my hole and feed it some cream. I make sure I get the cream all around as I twist my finger inside. I moan as the intrusion feels so good. Then I look in the mirror at myself and imagine her standing behind me, her breasts pressed against my back, a strapon pushing against my hole, her hot breath against my ear as she says ‘Is my cock sucking slut of a husband ready to get fucked? Ready for me to shove my cock in your tight pussy?’ I say this loud enough for the camera.

I take my fingers and circle my hard nipples through the black lace bra, the sensation is intense as I throw back my head “Oh baby fuck me with your big cock. Shove that big cock in my pussy. Show me you’re in control.”

I grabbed the thruster, greased it up, bent over the bed, with my ass facing the mirror, and started to push the big head into my pussy. I took another hit of poppers and my pussy opened up to allow entrance. I moaned as I fed all 8 inches of that cock into me.

‘”You like that don’t you slut? You want a cock in you so bad. Moan for me, show me how much you like it.” I said it out loud pretending to be my wife.

The camera was running and I was moaning and thrusting that cock in my ass. “Yes fuck me. Make me your bitch. Cram that big cock in my pussy.”

Then I flipped on the remote for the vibrator to begin working its magic. The dull humming started making me moan “Oh yes that feels so damn good.”

Then I flipped the other switch for the thrusting to start. I held the cock firmly in my ass as it began to retract and plunge into the depths of my ass “That’s it take that cock. You like getting fucked don’t you slut? Show me how much you love getting fucked.”

I began to moan loudly, my ass wiggled in the mirror as the thrusting and the vibration droned on. I took another hit of poppers and flipped both switches to the highest level. My head was spinning as the assault on my ass took over. My moans became deeper. I could barely hold the cock in my ass as the thruster was trying to force its way back out of my ass, “Oh god yes fuck me hard. I’m your fuck toy, fuck me hard. Shove that cock in my pussy. I love being your submissive slut. Uggghhhhh!!!” I screamed as my orgasm ran from my toes all the way out my cock. I shot my load against the side of the bed, that goodness I draped the towel over it.

As the orgasm subsided I switched off the toy and let it fall out of my pussy. I reached back and spread my ass to the mirror showing the camera my gaping hole of a pussy wide open.

I cleaned everything up and put things away. Over the next couple of weeks I jacked off to my slut video. I went on a last minute business trip for two days. I didn’t have time to get my SD card with my video on it so I just watched some sissy porn. I got home midafternoon and figured my wife would still be at work. I was surprised when I walked in the kitchen and she was standing at the stove cooking.

“Well this is a pleasant surprise Kel (short for Kelly).” I walked up behind Maltepe Çıtır Escort her and kissed the back of her neck which I know drives her nuts.

“Oh don’t go starting something Michael. I took the afternoon off to clean the house and make a real dinner for us. Go unpack and shower, by then dinner will be ready.” My wife was a hot number, at five two, one hundred forty pounds of pure muscle from working at a gym.

I’m a sales rep for a gym equipment manufacturer which is how I met my wife. I work from home when I’m not on the road visiting customers. My body is tight but no muscle mass. My skin is very pale with almost no hair except for the usual head, pits, and crotch. I have red hair, but not the nice deep red, the florescent red. If I put a yellow suit on with black shoes I would look like a number 2 pencil. I keep my crotch shaved clean because Kelly loves to suck my six inch by inch and a half round, (Ironically I have a pencil dick) cock, but hates hair in her mouth. She returns the favor by keeping her pussy clean as well. My nipples are a bit larger than the size of a quarter and very pink against my white almost ghost like skin, with my nipples a bit bigger than a pea and extremely hot wired.

I showered, threw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt and head back to the kitchen. Kelly made a great dinner. As we ate, drank wine, and chatted about our work week the wine kept flowing and my head was a little light. We got ready for bed and Kelly came out wearing a white lace pair of panties that were sexy as all get out and no bra. I stripped my clothes and hit the sheets naked, as usual. Kelly pulled me into a nice hug as her hands starting raking up and down my back as we kissed, “I miss you when you’re away on business trips. I enjoy our quiet time in bed at night.”

Kelly started kissing me, on the lips, down my neck, and back up the other side until she ran her tongue along my earlobe. I was moaning and squirming. “Oh god Kel that feels so good.”

“I love your body Michael, you smell and taste so good.” She continued exploring her way down my body stopping at my nipples. She flicked her tongue on my right nipple and a hissing sound came out as my back arched.

“I love how sensitive your nipples are, you start moaning like a slut. I love that.” She then started to suck and nibble on my tits. I was holding her head keeping her latched onto my nipples as my body gyrated on the bed and I did moan like a slut. My cock was hard as a rock and I already felt a drop of precum drip onto my stomach.

Kelly kissed her way down my stomach. I spread my legs wide, to allow her to lie between them, as she dragged her wet pussy over my cock. She licked the top of my cock then the shaft. “Nothing like a cock covered in fresh pussy juice. MMMM!” she purred.

Grasping my cock, she began to run her tongue all over my cock and balls. Her saliva was dripping between my legs. Her left hand slid under my ass and lifted it off the bed as she was fucking her mouth with my cock. Then I felt her thumb pressing against my asshole. Using her saliva as lubricant she massaged the opening. I began to move my hips and pressing back against her thumb using my body to beg her to enter. I was moaning like a slut for sure. “Looks like my little slut likes his ass played with as much as me. That is so HOT baby. You like your ass played with? Do you want me to fuck you with my finger slut?”

“Ya” I whispered as my body was convulsing.

“Ya? No baby, you have to tell me what you want. The more you tell me the more I do, and this is really turning me on. Tell me you little slut.” Kelly was massaging the entrance of my hole and driving me nuts. She keeps calling me her slut which is really turning me on.

“Yes Kel, push your finger in pleeeeaaase! Oh yes fuck me.” I couldn’t take it anymore I needed something inside.

I felt her finger press into my hole. My body naturally pushed against her finger letting it drive all the way in. I let out a long sigh. “Oh baby it is so soft and hot inside. No wonder you love to fuck my ass. This is so hot. It feels great doesn’t it baby? Getting fucked feels so good, tell me how good this feels. Tell me you want more. This is going to make me cum.”

“MMMM! Fuck me Kel. Fuck me harder. I’m going to shoot. Fuck your slut. Oh god yes.” My cock was jumping up and down on my stomach as my body would tense and relax. I could feel my cum boiling to the surface as Kelly’s finger massaged my prostate. This was so different than a dildo and so much better.

“You mean like this baby?” Kelly inserted another finger and started shoving them in fast and hard, the assault on my prostate was too much as my ass clinched her fingers so tight I swear I was going to snap them off.

“Oh yes slut try and fight me off. Fuck your ass is strong. Oh My God I’m cumming Michael. I’m fucking your ass and cumming with you. Shoot that load baby, show me how you like getting fucked baby. UUGGGHHH!” Maltepe Elit Escort Kelly shoved her fingers all the way in and froze as her body shook with her own orgasm. My cock jerked and shot past my head and onto the bed, then hit my lips with a large wad before that last three spirts hit my chest and then filled my belly button with the final dribbles.

Kelly pulled her fingers out and began to lick my cum up off my chest. As our bodies became prone she swiped her tongue across my chin to gather the last of my cum before she plunged her cum covered tongue into my mouth. The kiss was so passionate and I was still hard as a rock. The rest of my cum flowed from her mouth to mine as our tongues coated each other’s mouths with my cum.

“Fuck that was the best orgasm ever and we didn’t even touch each other’s cock and pussy. Fucking wild. Why has it taken us so long to figure this one out? Holy shit this was hot.” Kelly was still coming down off her orgasm.

She scooted her pussy over my still hard dripping cock and sat down on it, “Ummmm, that feels so fucking good. I’m going to ride this cock until it hurts.”

Kelly started to grind her pussy down on my cock. If she pushed any harder my balls would have gone up inside of her. I reached up and started to play with her tits. I wet my thumbs and started to slowly draw wet circles on her nipples which quickly became hard.

“That feels so good Michael, my tits are so sensitive. Pull on my nipples baby, pinch them. Oh god yes, work those titties baby, work them hard. Work them like I want to work that ass of yours. You’d like that wouldn’t you slut. You want me to fuck you again, HUH? Want me to take my dildo and fuck you like a little slut? OH GOD TWIST THEM HARD. AAGGHHHH!!!”

“Yes Kelly, get a big strapon and fuck your slut. Make me beg for that cock of yours. UGGGHHH!” I shot another load into my wife’s pussy and she came so hard she squirted all over my balls and down my ass soaking the bedspread.

“FUCK! My entire body is shaking. I’ve never come like that before. Looks like we have to change the bed before we can go to sleep.” We both laughed as she fell on top of me.

I rolled us both over so I was now on top. My shrinking cock, finally, slithered out of her drenched pussy. “You can change the linens while I clean up your pussy.” I pushed my body down and dove into her cum soaked pussy. I started lapping at her inner thighs. Her cum was sweet and salty, it tasted so good. Then I ran my tongue along her really swollen pussy lips. They were engorged and so fucking hot. I opened my mouth wide and covered her entire pussy. My tongue snaked in and started to pull out my cum. The combined taste was getting me hard again.

“Oh god Michael eat your cum baby. Oh you’re such a slut eating your own cum from my pussy. Yes, yes that’s it suck that cum out of my pussy. Eat it all up and show me what a good slut does.” She didn’t last long before she rocked another orgasm. We were both spent for the night. Fuck the bedding, we cuddled up and passed out.

Saturday morning we woke naked and crusty, both covered in dry cum. I told her I would stay home and do the laundry and mow the lawn if she went grocery shopping. It was a deal as we showered and began our day. Kelly said she would stop at the gym first to take care of a couple of things then do the shopping, should take her a couple of hours which was perfect for me to do my chores. I told her to pick up some food that we could grill outside sense it is such a great day.

As I stripped the bed I remembered our night of fucking. I pulled the bed cover to my face and inhaled the scent of pussy juice and cum and immediately got a hard on. I thought to myself I had better get these in the wash before I lose it and start jacking off. I threw them in the washer and went outside to mow the lawns. I was dripping in sweat as I emptied the last of the grass into the waste can. Just in time as Kelly pulled into the garage. “Hey lover, why don’t you give me a hand with these packages and then I’ll give you a hand with your package?” She winked as she got out of the car and popped open the trunk.

We grabbed a couple of bags each and headed into the house. Kelly dropped her bags off on the counter and ran down the hall with her purse still hanging off her shoulder, “Start putting things away, I gotta pee.”

I emptied the bags and started putting things away. Kelly came out and we finished up. Kelly came up to me and kissed me and then she licked my neck “I love your taste when you’re all sweaty, like sweet nectar. Let’s go out to the pool and relax the afternoon away, then we can bar-b-q the chicken breasts and grill the veggies for dinner?”

I agreed and headed to our room to change, “Where are you going?” I turned back to her and she lifted off her shirt and was shucking her shorts and panties at the same time. “We don’t need suits.” Then she threw her panties at my face. I caught them and inhaled her pussy scent.

Kelly smiled as she watched me smell her panties, “You’re such a slut. Now lose the shorts and let’s get out there.” Our backyard butted up against a nature preserve and the houses are angled in such that our backyard is totally private. We swam and lay out in the sun naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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