Water Play On A Summer Day

Parker was lying naked in the pool on his lounger with a cold brew in his hand. Eyes closed, totally relaxed and unaware that anyone was in the vicinity. The heat blazed down on his bronzed body and the cool ripples lapped at his sides. As he finished the brew, he tossed the can to the waste bin at pool-side…two points. “Musta not had enough, yet.” He chuckled. He decided it was time to even his tan and turned on his stomach on the water lounger.

His thoughts drifted back to his recent written rendezvous with the red head in Dallas. He felt a heated rush as he thought of their last encounter. She wasn’t a real beauty by anyone’s standards. Pretty? Yes. Striking? Yes. Her color combination with clear soft skin, dark blue eyes surrounded by thick dark lashes and auburn curls to frame her face, were enough to gain attention but, it wasn’t her appearance that captivated a man. It was the expressions and the way she moved. She enjoyed the art of lovemaking and it was apparent in the devilment gleam in her eyes if ever you should catch her glance. Even now he envisioned her tanned ass lying in front of him open and waiting. He imagined her little puckered ass whole just begging to be pushed, prodded and licked with his tongue.

He opened his eyes and the creases of the water raft brought the image more into focus. He glanced around the pool area. Wife and kids were gone; so he should be alone for a while. Sure that no one was watching, he slid his tongue up the crease of the floating mat. The soft texture of the raft reminded him of her soft skin and he moaned wanting to taste her. The brew and the sun had blinded him to sanity and the folds of the raft quickly become slick with saliva as he pretend to ream her pert tight little ass hole. In his mind, he again felt her squirm beneath his tongue. The memories of their last fuck feast were so vivid.

Her quivering and shaking as he prodded her privacy seemed magnified now in the folds of the raft and he even imagined he could smell her scent and taste the wetness that dripped from her hot little pussy. Again and alone his tongue stroked her ass hole then her drenched pussy, back and forth, until she explodes into a thousand tiny pieces sending waves crashing against his tongue. Above the hum of a local lawnmower he could hear her moans of pleasure.

Lawn mower? The intrusion brought him back to the present and he felt his toes dangling in the cool water beneath. His cock was semi-engorged and pressing into the mattress; a hard-on brought on by his imagery. It felt good the friction of the raft against his lengthening member. The vinyl tugging at the head of his cock and he couldn’t resist a slight lift or two of his hips. Then with a reality check he decided he should probably save this one. “Better send you into the water, boy.” He thought to himself. He slid down onto the mattress until his half hardened cock and balls are immersed in the cool water of the pool. His upper body was floating with the raft….

Anna watched from a distance his actions, aware that Parker thought he was alone. A smile twitched on her lips as she recalled the vivid love scenes they had tecavüz porno played out together in prose. He must be remembering them now, she thought. She watched as he licked at the raft and her fingers ached to message his hardening cock. She waited in the shadows until he slid his thick piece into the water… she was worried that he would waste his beautiful erection without her and wanted to join in the fun. As he relaxed again, she slid into the water. It felt good to her naked body and turning on her side she did a stealth turn on the surface of the water careful not to cause a ripple. She checked once to see if Parker had noticed any intrusions then dove for the bottom of the pool. She swam toward the raft along the bottom until she was directly beneath. Looking up she could see his naked genitals swinging back and forth in the cool water, enjoying the rippling effect and a renewed hard-on.

She pushed towards the surface and found her target. Nibbling first then enveloping the thick stiffness in her warm mouth. She felt his surprised jerk and letting go of her prize she surfaced beside him smiling playfully! Turning, Parker caught sight of the vixen responsible for his engorged cock. He mumbled, “Where the hell did you come from? How long have you been here, you little….” Careful now, he admonished himself. It’s okay if she sees your arousal. Remember, you asked for this a long time ago. His eyes swept over her nude as she stood in the water. “….my god she’s beautiful,” he sighed. Standing nude, waist deep in the pool, she placed a finger at her lips as if to say, “Gee mister, I thought you liked me?”

Suddenly, his mood changed and surprise and anger were replaced by more intense emotions. He pulled her to him her wet body pressed against the length of his with only a thin veneer of moisture to separate their union. Her breasts molded to his chest and he felt her hardened nipples against his skin. His lips found hers parting her pouting lips and staking his claim inside. His hands slid down her body sampling the water soaked globes of her breasts then lower to her ass. He pulled her tight for a moment pressing his burgeoning penis between the softness of her thighs. Then he raised her to the surface to administer a sharp slap to her rear. Surprised by the intrusion, she pushed away and laughing shyly, she muttered a protest.

He laughed and said “you deserved it, now tell me what you saw!” She smiled shyly and reached for his stiff cock… running the fingers along the length she replied, “enough…” He grasped one of her breasts and playfully tugged as he admonished her to tell him what she saw. She continued stroking his cock making it hard for him to concentrate as her fingers brushed over the tip and then dipped back to the underside. Palming his balls, she ran her thumb along the backside in search of that smooth little spot then back again to the front to message his thickness. She teasingly told him she had watched him as he licked and sucked the creases of the water lounger and knew he wanted her ass. A bit embarrassed by her account of his actions he tweaked her nipple and travesti porno asked if she liked watching him in his arousal… Her answer was a stiff pull along the length of his engorged cock.

Anna’s recount of Parker’s actions and her fingers messaging him had bloomed his erection. She seemed hell bent on keeping him hard. His cock was hard and aching and he felt she would pull seamen from his soul with her fingers. Seeing desire etched in her eyes he led her to a love seat built into the pool where he sat down. Standing as she was in the water her gorgeous breasts and nipples were just below the surface of the water and his cock was level with her face and lips. “Just keep you eyes on my cock” He told her removing her hands from his member. He took his hardened erection in hand and proceeded to message the burgeoning piece only inches from her full red lips. She watched lustful and wanting to take him in her mouth but he admonished her to just watch. Pre-cum beaded on the head of his cock and she could not control a slight dip to taste the salty mixture. “Just watch” He repeated.

He then raised a leg up between your thighs. Climbing up until her pussy was resting on his shin. He gently bobbed his leg up and down in the water. Her pussy grew warmer and slick against the bone of his leg. The warmth increased as he raised her body from the water again and again her breasts above and below the surface of the water as he continued to masturbate inches from her lips. Her breath quickened a bit and she gasped as his shin made contact with her clit brushing the tiny sensor up and down the length of his shin.

All the while her eyes remained fixed on him manually stroking, that cock head so very close to her lips. She licked her lips and again uttered a low moan as her body responded to the environment, the heat, the water, the scent of his seamen and summer air. An environment thick with arousal made special by only these two bodies. Finally, she could take it no more and clutching his thigh with one hand she pushed his hands from his cock and hungrily massaged him herself. He groaned his hands now free to caress her shoulders, neck and brush the damp curls from around her ears.

Watching her as she bobbed in front of his bulging cock he felt the jizm threaten and wanted to blow on her pretty face only inches away. Still he held back, manipulating her pleasure. She rode his shin as she clung to his thigh with her free hand. Each time she pulled her hand forward she would dip and brush the tip of his cock with her tongue. Never quite taking him in her mouth but teasing his engorged purple bulb. Her painted lips were only inches from his cock as she pumped his hard thickness with her hand. Her tongue darted out to catch the salty drops of pre-cum. Bill’s fingers clinch in her hair and he felt the familiar weight of his load as his balls filled with seamen. His body screamed for release but, still he held back.

He watched her breasts bobbing in and out of the water with the rhythm of his swing. Her hips began to move faster and more aggressive now, increasing with the rhythm of her hand. xhamster porno Her thighs clenched tight against his leg pressing her swollen clit against him. “Ahhhhh…” she gasped and he felt her release as she trembled against his leg. He released the clutch on his cock and let it throb. With it’s tip just barely submerged, Pearl drop orbs of seamen jet streamed through the water settling like lava lamp oil on her breasts. Swirling with the water over the mounds of her chest till little drops of cum clung to her nipples. She continued to pump his cock until his vintage was spent then licked the residue from his sensitized head.

He pulled her to him, setting her damp naked body fully on his lap, and claimed her lips in a heated kiss. Passionately, he explored the warm dark cavern between her for what seemed like eternity. The touch of their bodies entwined with only a thin veneer of water to separate their union. A rocking motion began in her hips as his cock was nestled directly between the folds of her pussy lips. She began to rock back and forth allowing him to feel the tiny hard marble of her clit. Gently at first, she stroked his cock with her tiny pulsing tip then pressing harder she ground the tip against the head of his cock sending electrical responses through his balls. Their mouths locked.

Their tongues intertwine pulling and sucking with fervor each in search of the other’s pleasure. She pushed her hips upward and then sharply back down directing his still hard cock back into the wanting hole of her pussy. The heat from her pussy engulfed his cock building tension in her cavern and her inner muscles began to tense as she stroked his flaxen spike. All he could do was hold her face to his as she pushed and thrust with long hard strokes. Her gasps punctuated her pleasure as she climbed to the peak of her climax. The expressions of passion and pleasure he watched on her face made and unforgettable etching in his memory. He felt her shudder as she crested the precipice and smothered her lips with his own as her insides exploded releasing her sexual energy in pulsing waves against his cock.

Her orgasm lasted for more than 20 seconds and he rode the pulses until she was through but, he was sure there would be more pleasure. That is the best part of being with a woman, there are so many ways and places to pleasure them and he couldn’t let her leave with any dregs of desire left in her body. Finally, he slid her off his shaft and positioned her on the coping edge of the pool. He moved between her spread legs as they dangled in the water. Sinking his head to her still throbbing mound he began to blow soft kisses into the perfect warmth of her pink center. “I have to cool you off a little.” He admonished. “That poor baby is smoking.” He muses licking softly at the juices with his tongue. She laughed and pushed him away from her smoldering desire and lifting her legs climbed out of the pool. “Wait, where are you going?” he asked. “To get a drink and I need more moisturizer.” She said.

Climbing from the pool he followed her… catching up to playfully swipe at her ass. “I’ll give you more moisturizer.” He retorted. They laughed!

A couple of cool drinks later and Parker suggested that she lay-out by the pool while he applied the mildly scented suntan lotion to her back. “But what about my thighs and ass,” she teased. “Oh, you know I will show personal attention to those extremities.” He stated.

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