Unbidden Pt. 02


Note: Thank you to everyone who read my first story! I appreciated your responses very much, especially since I’m new to this. This is the second part to Unbidden, and you can go and read that first if you haven’t yet, but this one has a bit of background. It also has some build-up before the sex so, heads up! I’d welcome your responses, good or bad, so please feel free to leave me some feedback. Thanks again!


I woke up in a strange hotel bed, still pressed against Shaie with my head on her shoulder. My left arm draped across her shirted torso but my legs met bare skin under the white sheet that covered my own nakedness. I stretched lazily, breathing in her scent. Shaie’s perfume still clung to her skin and mixed with her warmth, making her smell like a rose garden in summer.

I smiled as bits and pieces of the night before began running through my head. Not many people get to have their fantasies realized and have them turn out to be so much more than they could have ever imagined. And last night, Shaie did that—no, Shaie was that—for me.

Slowly, I propped myself on one arm and gazed down at her. She looked even more beautiful in sleep, her Hispanic features even softer. Instinctively, my hand reached out to brush a wayward curl off her forehead.

It was then that the implications of what we did last night decided to hit me, and I drew my hand back.

What the hell was I thinking?

Last that I heard, Shaie was in a relationship with a woman named Lucy. I have seen them together at parties, too, and two people couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Both unbelievably gorgeous and successful women in their early thirties, I wouldn’t dream of getting in between them, even if I thought I could.

Not that I thought I was ugly. I was fair-complexioned, with long brown curly hair falling just below my shoulders, deep brown eyes, button nose, and thin lips. My 36b’s may be a tad big for my slim frame and, okay, I was a bit on the short side at 5’3″, but that was nothing a couple inches of heels couldn’t fix. I knew I have drawn in a fair number of people in my 28 years of existence.

Besides, Shaie found me plenty attractive enough last night.

Lucy, however, was in a whole other level. She had a strong personality to match her looks, too—the kind that would fight tooth and nail to get and keep what she wanted—and the last thing I needed in my life right now was unnecessary drama.

Which was why I had been, for the most part, content to simply nurse the crush I had on Shaie from afar. It never even crossed my mind to act on it before. I lived a pretty uncomplicated life and I liked it just the way it was.

But then, last night happened.

Clearly, it was a mistake, but that didn’t mean it had to disrupt our lives, did it? I just needed to make sure it didn’t happen again, which shouldn’t be a problem. I had avoided Shaie before. I could easily do it again.

One night stands happen all the time, I thought as I got off the bed. I found my clothes neatly folded on a desk, my phone sitting on top. The time read 5:18, Sunday morning.

I dressed hastily, eager to get away before Shaie woke up. I didn’t want to have that conversation. Once fully clothed, I turned to leave, my eyes falling back on the beautiful woman I had just spent the night with.

Shaie looked so innocent, so peaceful while she slept that, for a moment, I was incredibly tempted to lie back down beside her. Instead, I did the right thing and walked out of the door.

I went to work Monday morning, confident that I had my Saturday night indiscretion safely behind me. No contact had been made by either parties since and, while I could admit feeling a little disappointed, I was also very relieved that Shaie and I seemed to be on the same page about it.

One perk of working for a small advertising firm was that we got to dress casually at the office. That day, I wore a plain royal blue shirt with the sleeves rolled up over tight denims and a pair of heels. The coffee brown scarf I had on was a bit odd, given that it was one of the hottest days this summer, but it was either that or show everyone the hickeys I still had on my neck that no amount of concealer could hide.

There were three of us in brand management—Brad, Kayla, and I—and we all shared the same small space at work. As I approached our cube that morning though, I could tell that they weren’t too pleased about something.

“Should I even ask?” I quipped as I set my energy drink on my desk and sat in front of my computer.

Brad angled his chair slightly toward me and replied, “Check your emails.”

I did, and saw that we all got an urgent one from our boss about a new potential client. A small, relatively new fitness company called Floe was looking to run an ad campaign in the city. Big whoop, right?

But Floe was apparently blanketed by a much bigger company that owned a lot of popular chains all over the country. Reeling in this small fish just might give us a shot at Betturkey a bigger fish, and possibly get our foot in the door of national advertisement. Because of that, all three of us were expected to prepare and present ad pitches in a client meeting at 3 PM…

“This afternoon?!” I exclaimed loudly as I read the words, leaning back against my chair. Beside me, Brad grinned and shook his head.

“I know!” He mouthed, rolling his eyes. I stood up, downing the rest of my drink.

“I’ll need more of these then,” I said as I walked away, wriggling the empty can between my fingers before throwing it in the trash.

By 3 PM, I sat at the long table beside Brad, opposite Kayla and Sarah from account services, as we all waited for the meeting to start. I was a bundle of nerves at that point, but mostly from all the Red Bull I had been drinking that day. I knew I had come prepared, though, and I was more anxious to get the whole thing over with than anything else, really.

The door opened and our boss, George Bundt, walked in. He was a bit young, only mid-forties or so, and was a pretty cool guy most of the time. Today, he actually wore a tie, letting us know how important he thought this meeting was.

He held the door and my energy drink-laced heart slammed forcefully against my ribs as Shaie suddenly appeared, her short curls perfectly coiffed to one side like waves.

She wore little makeup save for some red tint that drew attention to her full lips. Her soft yellow shirt perfectly complemented her tan, and she wore it over dark, cropped slacks and heels. As simple as her ensemble was, Shaie looked like she belonged in the pages of a fashion magazine.

I watched as her light brown eyes scanned the room and stopped on me.

Oh, crap!

Every head in that room instantly turned to let me know that I had actually said the words out loud.

George looked at me sternly before he cleared his throat. After introducing Shaie to everyone, he showed her to her seat at one end of the table. He then took his on the other end and the meeting began.

I kept my head down as it all faded into the background. My mind spun with images of my night with Shaie, alternating with questions. Why was she here? This couldn’t be a coincidence, could it? What the hell was she playing at?

And then Brad was softly nudging me to let me know it was my turn to speak, and I looked up, straight into Shaie’s eyes.

You can’t stare at people that way, her words repeated themselves in my mind.

I quickly averted my gaze as I shakily began my pitch. Two sentences in, however, and Shaie stopped me.

“I’m sorry, Jamie,” she said. She had one of the most soothing voices I had ever heard. “But I keep getting distracted by that thing around your neck. It’s actually a bit warm, do you really need it?”

My eyes narrowed on Shaie. The innocent look on her face was soon betrayed by the slightest tilting of her lips and the glint in her eyes. We both knew exactly why I was wearing the scarf.

“It’s just that I’d like to be able to concentrate on what you’re saying.” She smiled sweetly, silently calling me out.

I didn’t need to look at George to know he was frowning at me again.

Wordlessly, I met Shaie’s challenge and took the garment off. I fixed my hair hastily so that it was at least covering parts of my neck, but not before I saw Kayla’s eyes widen, having glimpsed what I had been trying to cover. I glared at Shaie, who grinned incorrigibly in return.

I continued on with my 10-minute pitch effortlessly after that, too annoyed with Shaie to still be distracted by her presence. I leaned back in my chair after I was done, confident that I had nailed the whole thing. Even my boss got excited over some of the ideas I had presented.

When everybody else had had their turn, George asked Shaie what she thought. She leaned forward, looking pensive for a moment. I didn’t realize until then how much I wanted her approval and I shifted in my seat, not liking the feeling at all.

“I like Jamie’s ideas,” she answered, keeping her eyes on George. “But I also think Kayla’s slogans are really good. Is there any way you could put the two together?”

Of course, I nodded and Kayla readily agreed. Shaie was a potential client. Even if there wasn’t a way, we’d make one.

“Great!” Shaie beamed. “We’re also looking into other firms, but I like what you’ve shown me so far. You can prepare a more detailed pitch and present them at our office come Monday. And Jamie?”

I looked up.

“Do you mind giving me a copy of the mockups you showed us? I’d like my business partners to see them.” She said.

“Sure, take these,” I replied swiftly. I handed a folder to Brad so he could pass it on to Shaie, who looked slightly amused and a bit disappointed at the same time.

I knew I could have offered to email the files to her, but I didn’t. I had a feeling that opening any line of communication with her would be a slippery slope.

“I teach Betturkey Giriş Vinyasa at Floe, MWF,” Shaie continued addressing the room. “You’re all welcome to join one of my classes for free this week if you think that’d help you get a feel of what our company offers.”

I started to shake my head. I didn’t exercise, my figure mostly relying on my quick metabolism and paltry appetite, and I doubted I could even last a full yoga class. But before I could politely decline, George chimed in about what a great idea it was, and quickly committed Kayla and me for Wednesday. Did my boss really have to be such a kiss-ass?

Shaie watched my reaction, a slow insufferable grin spreading across her lips. The memory of how those lips had felt against mine suddenly came to mind, and damned if I didn’t felt the strongest urge to kiss her right then and there.

I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough when the meeting concluded. I needed to regroup, thrown at how quickly my day had just flipped. In just the span of an hour, all my plans of keeping away from Shaie had completely gone out the window.

So there I was at Floe, Wednesday after work, waiting for the last Vinyasa class of the day to start. I had tried to weasel out at the last minute, but good ol’ Kayla just had to have an extra yoga mat in her trunk and an extra set of work-out clothes in her bag that I could ‘totally use’.

The class wasn’t for another ten minutes, but there were already about twelve people when we walked into the room. True to form, Kayla immediately set up a spot in front of the class and began chatting people up. I, on the other hand, made a whole new row all by myself at the back.

Zen and chic was how Shaie had tried to describe Floe, and I could see what she meant. Certain areas, like the reception and the locker rooms, were set up like swanky urban places. The actual rooms where classes were held, however, were made to look like gardens—complete with faux grass carpets as well as a mixture of real and fake flowering plants. With the sunset-ty lighting and soft nature sounds playing in the background, it almost felt like we were outdoors.

It wasn’t long until Shaie walked in, smiling like a fucking ray of sunshine as she greeted the room. She wore a loose and white dry-fit tank top over dark grey sports bra and leggings, and I found myself wishing that Kayla’s top wasn’t such a tight fit on me—nor such a bright shade of pink. I tried to make myself invisible by hiding behind the woman in front of me.

I had spent the past couple of days actively pushing away thoughts of Shaie from my mind so I could concentrate on work, but maybe that wasn’t the best way to handle my attraction to her after all. Faced with her actual presence again, I suddenly had no idea what to do with myself.

She started off the class by asking us to close our eyes, following it with some breathing and stretching exercises. Her gentle voice was impeccably cadenced, and I felt myself relaxing as I heeded her instructions. But then she started on the Vinyasa flow and—after a couple of awkward poses on the mat—I opened my eyes just to make sure that I was doing it right.

I looked around to find someone I could copy, but my gaze was drawn to Shaie instead. She was somewhere between the first and second row, guiding students through poses as she continued to talk.

I became transfixed with the graceful sway of her hips as she walked around. I looked on, completely mesmerized at how pretty and poised she was, even as the soft smile on her face slowly faded into an inscrutable expression as her eyes locked with mine.

I was so lost in the sight of her that it was a moment before I realized I had just been caught staring. I bowed my head quickly and closed my eyes, remembering the previous time Shaie had given me that exact same look. No amount of yoga could make me feel relaxed after that.

Her soft, commanding tone was all around me, and I could tell whenever she was near or not. I tensed a few minutes later when I suddenly felt her touch—first on my arm and then on my thigh as she corrected their placements. My heart quickened as she gently splayed her hand on my abdomen, the other, lingering on my spine while she made sure I was in a proper table top pose. My face grew hot as I felt myself getting wet, instantly reminded of when Shaie had last had me in a similar position.

Still, I kept my eyes shut and my breathing even until she eventually moved on. I might not have control over how my body reacted to her touch, but who said Shaie needed to know?

I hung back in the locker room a good fifteen minutes after the class, not wanting to risk running into Shaie again. I figured my best bet was to avoid contact whenever possible, given her undeniable effect on me. By the time I went into Floe’s spacious shower room, everyone else was already in a stall.

I started checking for a shower I could use, but it seemed none was available. I was about to turn back and wait in the lockers some more when I heard a stall click open. I walked towards it just as its occupant was coming out.

Well, fuck my luck.

Shaie stood in front of me, securing her towel with one hand as she slightly tilted her head and shook her hair with the other. Water still clung to her skin and my eyes involuntarily followed a particular droplet that ran from the base of her right ear, down to her neck and past her collar bone, only to meet the fabric at the top of her breast. When I at last managed to pull my eyes back up, it was to meet her gaze as she finally noticed me standing there.

Again, I avoided her eyes.

“I, uh,” I tried to speak, but my voice came out barely audible and the rest of the words wouldn’t come. I ended up helplessly pointing at the stall behind her, indicating my intention of using it.

Shaie just looked at me for a moment, and then she gave a soft, little laugh as she stepped aside. I went in with a sigh of relief and turned to close the stall. I was surprised to see that Shaie had followed me in and I took a couple of steps back instead. That damned unreadable expression was back on her face as she locked the door behind her.

“What th—” I began, but as I spoke, Shaie swiftly turned on the shower to my left and a blast of cold water hit me. I sputtered, backing away from the shower’s reach and into one of the tiled corners of the stall.

I wiped the water off my face with one hand and watched as Shaie pressed her index finger to her smiling lips. She then took her towel off and hung it by the door. Mine, however, now lay in a sodden pool on the floor, having fallen in all the commotion.

For the first time, I found myself looking at Shaie’s naked form, and I wondered how one human could be so flawless.

My eyes travelled up the length of her evenly tanned legs, then further to her firm thighs and shapely hips. She was neatly trimmed where I was shaven and I forced myself not to stare, dragging my gaze to the flatness of her stomach instead. Her breasts were perfectly proportioned and her nipples stood erect. I had to make a conscious effort not to lick my lips at the sight of them.

Finally, my eyes settled on her lovely face and Shaie grinned at me as if she didn’t have a single doubt that I liked what I saw.

She stepped closer, cupping my jaw with both of her hands, and I held my breath. Her right thumb wiped a droplet off my lips as she bent her head down, her tongue softly licking the rest of the water away before plunging into my mouth in a slow and gentle kiss. Her mouth teased and coaxed, and my sigh was shaky as I met her tongue with my own.

I closed my eyes and pulled her closer, one hand going to her waist while the other rested on the small of her back. The kiss gained momentum as our skins touched and her hands went to squeeze my ass. Her tongue moved a little faster as she pressed me against her, exploring a bit deeper, and I began to do some lip sucking and nibbling of my own.

After a moment, Shaie drew away and leaned back. I opened my eyes, feeling the cold air against my skin where there had been so much heat just a few seconds ago. Her light brown eyes searched mine, asking for some sign to let her know that I, too, wanted what was clearly about to happen. I pulled her back in quickly and kissed her with all the desire I had been holding in.

Just like that, the gloves were off. Her kisses grew hungry, her hot mouth urgent as it moved from my lips, to my cheeks, then to my ear in quick succession. My body squirmed against hers as she nipped and licked at my neck, and I felt my pussy getting slicker every time her teeth grazed my skin. I gasped and bit my lip to keep myself from moaning, still aware that we weren’t the only people in the shower room.

Cupping my left breast in her right hand, Shaie gently pulled on my already hardened nipple. She gave it a tender little twist and I couldn’t help but whimper, causing her to briefly place a finger on my lips as she bent her head towards the puckered nub.

“Shh,” she said before her mouth took in the sensitive bud. One hand squeezed my right breast as the other found my wetness, alternately sliding up and down my slit and circling my clit. The gentle pressure she applied all over was effectively driving me wild and I clutched at her head to urge her on.

Her mouth left my breast and began tracing a path down my stomach as she put both hands firmly on my hips. Shaie started placing light kisses on the insides of my left thigh, her tongue darting out every so often. My own hand moved to cover my mouth as I waited, anticipating the feel of her wonderful tongue on my pussy.

But then I felt her teeth sink into my thigh and my eyes flew open as she began sucking on the sensitive flesh. I hissed at the sudden intense pain, my right hand balling into a fist and slamming against the wall beside me. My other hand pulled at her hair, instinctively trying to get the torment to stop.

By the time her mouth left the soft tissue alone, tears were stinging my eyes. Instantly, she began licking my clit, and the pain slowly faded away into pleasure. I bowed my head, relaxing against her mouth. Shaie drew away and met my questioning gaze.

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