Twin Perfection

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*Authors note*

If you don’t like ridiculously huge dicks and tits and asses and muscles, this story is not for you. If you do like that stuff, please enjoy.

* * *

So, my story. My story is actually a fun one I think. A bit ridiculous, but mostly fun. My name is Katrina, and this is how I found my sexual paradise.

My young life was nothing interesting. I was a nerd, I was a loner, and I played a lot of video games. I did well in school though, so I got my pick of colleges. I ended up getting a full ride at a small college a few hours away from where I lived. It was nice and quiet, about eight thousand students, and I sailed through my freshman and sophomore year much like I had my high school days.

I hadn’t dated anyone throughout my life. It’s not that I’m hideous or anything. To the contrary, I think I’m rather pretty. Piercing blue eyes, a deep brown hair that I’ve always kept long. I’m quite pale, but I don’t like the sun, so that’s to be expected. Slightly above average height at about 5′ 8″ and at a healthy 170 pounds I had some nice soft curves. Nothing to write home about for some, but I was quite proud of my body. I just happened to like hoodies and sweatpants, and I didn’t go out.

Two things about my body gave me problems, and since you’re reading this story you at least know one of them. The first are my size 18 feet. They’re obnoxious to buy for, and almost everything that’s made is just practical. Nothing fun or fancy or sexy (not that I needed it, but still). The one pair of heels I have is a 6″ stiletto, but I have no trouble walking in them; my feet are so big that they don’t even look like they are that tall.

The second problem was my 15 inch long cock.

Now, I had come to love my cock over the years. After some research when I was young, I know it’s truly an impressive tool. It’s just shy of a foot around at its thickest point, and is paired with baseball size testicles, which leads to a truly legendary amount of jizz whenever I cum.

The trouble is I didn’t have anyone I could share this with. There’s no way to bring up in casual conversation about whether somebody likes futanari. So I’ve just stayed quiet and to myself. For the most part, that worked to, until I needed to move out of the dorms after my sophomore year. I needed a roommate to afford an apartment, but I didn’t really have any friends. What do I do? I put out some ads and wait for someone to call.

Of the few people that responded to my campus fliers, only one person agreed to meet me for coffee. I maintained that getting to know each other was essential to being a roommate, and thankfully this woman agreed. There was a coffee shop down the street from the apartment, so we decided to meet there. I arrived early, in my usual hoodie and huge sweatpants, to hide my cock and my make my feet not so noticably huge.

I figured the woman walking in looking confused was the person I needed. “Amy!” I said with a wave as I threw my hand up. She noticed me and walked over, and we shook hands as she sat.

“I see you are also a fan of hoodies and sweats,” she said to me as she sat down, smiling. “So that’s a good start.”

“I agree,” I replied. “So I will be a junior next year, finishing up my degree in biology. How about you?”

“I’ll be a senior, and I’m a chemistry major myself. Chemistry is something of a…passion of mine.”

“Same for me an biology. You never know what you’re going to get.” I laughed.

“Same with chemistry!” she said with a smile.

We talked for over an hour, clearly enjoying ourselves and each other. It was definitely a good fit, and I couldn’t have been more excited.

As we leave to go to the apartment, get her on the lease, and talk about when to get her stuff in, she asked a very interesting question. “Are you happy with yourself? Like, your body. It’s part of my summer research paper.”

I just looked down at her as we walked (she was maybe five feet tall). “Um…well I’ve never really thought about it.” We walked in silence for a moment. “I guess I like my body. It’s a bit different, but I’ve always enjoyed the oddness of it.”

“What about your body is odd? You look very healthy and well proportioned to me.”

I chuckled and just said “I will show you later. Promise. Let’s just get up to the apartment first.”

* * *

I had been debating the whole time she signed the lease over to show her my feet or my feet and cock. As we got into the apartment I decided on just my feet, not wanting to have her too scared after just agreeing to move in.

“So yeah,” I started as she looked around, ” my odd thing. What size shoe do you wear?”

“A size six. Why?”

“I’ll show you.” I took my shoe off and walked over to her, placing my foot next to hers. “Your feet are absolutely miniscule next to mine.”

“Holy shit. Your feet are enormous! Thats so cool! How do you not show these things off all the time?”

I laughed, a bit stunned by her reaction. “I don’t know. I love them, and their Kadıköy escort bayan size. I just don’t know how comfortable the rest of the world will be with my unique size.” I was aware of the double meaning as I said it, but it was thankfully lost on Amy.

“Well I don’t think it matters what the world thinks. If you like your body, you should flaunt it. If you’re not happy with your body, change it!” she said with a smile.

“Change it?” I was intrigued by the last part of her statement.

“Oh yeah, that’s the rest of my research I’m doing. Finding chemical compounds that can change a person’s body. It’s really complicated and has to be specially formulated to each person, but I can do it. I just need someone to test it on besides myself.”

“What kind of changes can you do?” I said, way more intrigued than i should have been.

“I’m pretty sure I can make it so your body will grow or shrink just about any body part.” She said with a smile. “I can even combine them, though that gets a little tricky.”

“Hmm maybe you could…”

“Shrink your feet?” Amy said, anticipating my response.

I hesitated. “Grow…a bunch of stuff.”

“Oh?” Amy was now curious.

Oh to hell with it. “Yeah. But we need to talk about this like scientists. Then you can freak out.”

“Ok. Scientific it is. What all do you want?”

“Bigger tits, bigger hands, bigger feet, bigger muscles, bigger balls, bigger cock.”

“So just bigger? What about taller?” she responded, completely not phased by what I said.

“Taller would be good. I’ve had the feet of a giant for years. Now I want the body of one.”

“A giant? How big do you want to go?”

“Massive. The biggest there is.”

“Alright. Tomorrow we can go into my lab for testing. And then you can grow to your hearts content.”

I stood there stunned, confused as to where that honesty had come from. That was from such a deep place I didn’t even know I felt that way. “Um…I don’t know where that came from.” I said, apologizing.

“It’s ok Katarina, I do. I made it so my pheromones instill trust in other people. Another part of my research.” Amy smiled at me reassuringly. “Now, can we be done with scientific?”

“Sure, why not. What’s up?”

“I want to see your cock. I’m a huge futa fan, and I never thought I would meet one.”

I blushed. “I never thought I would meet someone who liked futa at all.” I dropped my sweats. “I’m quite proud of it as well.”

My cock rose swiftly to it’s full 15 inch size, Amy drooling as she stared. “Holy fuck that’s sexy,” she said as she dropped to her knees and immediately started sucking my cock.

I was in heaven. I had never had a blowjob before, and it was amazing. I didn’t last long and in less than a minute I could feel a massive orgasm building. “I’m gonna cum,” I said, but it came out more as a whisper.

“Mmmmhmmm!,” Amy hummed, not coming off my cock for an instant. I unloaded the biggest orgasm I’ve ever had into her waiting mouth, rope after thick rope of cum erupting down my cock and down her throat. Amy didn’t miss a drop, and after more than 30 long ropes my orgasm subsided. Amy popped off and said “Wow your cum is delicious. I could live off of that stuff. And I’m full. That was like the best salty milkshake ever.” She was all smiles. Then she looked at confused. “You’re still hard?”

I chuckled a bit. “Yeah, I always have to go at least two or three times when I jerked off. It gets pretty messy after a bit.”

She just blinked at me from her knees. Then she stood up, took my cock in her hand, and said “Come on. You’re gonna fuck me with this until you’re soft, whether I’m unconscious or not.”

And fuck we did. She couldn’t take all of my massive cock, though she did take a respectable ten inches or so. Her pussy was dripping wet and insanely tight on my cock. She started having squirting orgasms after only a few thrusts, having a few really intense squirts and then slowing down to just leaking pussy juice after a few minutes. She passed out after my second orgasm, laying a puddle of squirt and cum, a smile plastered on her face. I just kept pumping and pumping, finally going soft after about half an hour and five orgasms. I passed out next to Amy, amazed that I had found such an incredible woman, and drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning I woke up, peeled myself off the sheets, and showered off before heading into the kitchen. Surprisingly, Amy was already in there making pancakes. “And she can cook!” I exclaimed. “You’re officially perfect.” I said with a chuckle. Now getting a full look at her in the morning, she was utterly gorgeous. Big firm tits that put mine to shame, a tiny waist, and an ass to match those tits.

“Well thank you,” Amy replied, blushing a bit. “You’re pretty incredible yourself.” She served breakfast and as we sat down to eat she had some questions. “So you want to grow…just about everything right? I’m assuming by how you put it that you don’t want the growth Escort Kadıköy to be proportional.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well,” she said pulling out a piece of paper, “if you wanted to get taller, I could just make it so you stayed proportionately the same. For example, you have a 15 inch long cock at 5′ 8″ and if you were to, say, be seven feet tall, that would make your cock… just over a foot and a half long.”

“You think I only want to be seven feet tall?” I asked?

She shuddered. “Whoo. That was what I hoped you would say. But still, I’m assuming you want to be tall but also hugely disproportionate.”

“Like what?”

“Well let’s say that you were eight and a half feet tall. That would make you the tallest woman ever. Your cock, proportionate, would be…a few inches shy of two feet. But we can change it to grow faster.”

“I want to be massively disproportionate.”

“Alright. Well then let’s get started.”

As we discussed how I was going to grow, one thing became abundantly clear to me. “What about you? I can barely fuck you now, let alone if I get any bigger.”

“Oh don’t worry,” Amy said, stroking my cock like an old friend, “I’ve got a plan for that.”

The next few days were a whirlwind of activity. We got Amy moved in, spent some time at the University lab (she had access and we were the only ones in there), and had a lot of sex. My sex drive never dipped and her thirst for my cock only got stronger. Quite a few times she sucked me off in the lab. Afterwards she would just say “Sorry, needed a hearty snack.” I thought it was hilarious.

After a little over a week, Amy was finished with our serums. They didn’t look like anything to terrifying, although mine had quite a bit more liquid in it. I asked Amy and she replied simply with “You’re going to grow a lot more than me.” It was fairly cryptic but very exciting.

“Now I have to warn you that this is going to be a crazy intense experience. I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen. I initially thought about breaking it up into a few different vials, but I wanted to get huge now, and I know you do too. As such, I’m not sure how big we are going to get.”

I looked at Amy, then at the two vials in her hands, then back at Amy. “Let’s do it.”

“Awesome! Let me get my tape measure.” As she ran over to her bag, I could only imagine how big we we’re going to become. “Here, let’s take down starting measurements. Measure everything, and I do mean everything.”

“OK. Let’s start with you.” As I wrapped the tape measure around her, my cock started to stir.

“Don’t get too excited. The fun hasn’t even begun,” she said, stroking my cock to full mast.

“Oh I can’t wait,” I replied with a devilish grin. I will do a light breakdown of her measurements. At five feet even, she was definitely short but stacked. A 28H cup, thanks to her earlier experiments, gave her huge tits on a tiny frame. A small 24 inch waist flared out into a 36 inch ass. She was completely gorgeous and, at 125 pounds of toned body, the perfect fuck buddy.

“Ok, now my turn,” I said as I handed Amy the tape measure. The only thing y’all don’t know is that I had 32D cup boobs. Not bad, but nothing compared to Amy. Paired with a 26 inch waist and a 38 inch ass, I was decently curvy, just nothing like my beloved.

“So do you want to go first, or me to go first, or at the same time?” I asked her.

“Either at the same time, or me first. I need to be the proper size for you. I can barely handle your monster cock now.”

“Alright, well then let’s do this thing.” As she handed me the syringe with her growth mixture in it, I had one question. “Should we order a bunch of food? This is going to make us crazy hungry isn’t it.”

“Good idea! Load it up with all the meats and get 40 of them.”

“Forty?! That’s enough for weeks!” I said, chuckling at her ridiculousness.

She just looked at me and said “No seriously. We are gonna need a lot of calories after this. And probably continuously. Forever.”

I was even more intrigued. “Alright. I’ll order it.” Ten minutes later, the pizza was ordered and on its way. I turned back to Amy and asked if she was ready.

“Yep. Just inject it slowly in my ass.”

“Alright,” I replied, my hands shaking in anticipation. With the most intense concentration I could muster, I press the needle into her beautiful ass and slowly pressed the large volume of liquid in. “Done,” I said as the last drop disappeared. “Now what?”

“Now we wait until the growth starts. Until then, I’m hungry.” Amy dove down onto my cock and began another expert blowjob. As she began to deep throat my immense tool, I was lost in the pleasure of her skilled mouth. After a few minutes I felt my orgasm building, and as I prepared to shoot my load down my lovers throat, she pulled back and off of my dick.

“Hey, what’s…wrong?” My voice trailed off at the end as I looked at Amy’s quaking figure with rapt attention. Slowly, so much so I wasn’t sure, Kadıköy Rus Escort she started to grow. The first thing I noticed was that her shirt was starting to get very tight, as her already big juicy tits started to swell. Not to be outdone, her ass started its own expansion, filling the space in her pajama pants in less than a minute.

As her growth continued, I found myself stroking my cock, jacking off to my lovers growing form. She was getting taller as well, as some of her belly was starting to show as her torso grew longer. “Do you want to take your clothes off?” I asked her?

“Are you kidding?” she panted in response. “I’m busting out of all of these clothes. Just watch.” She didn’t have to tell me twice. Her tits we’re the size of basketballs now, and her shirt had finally started to give way, the threads creaking on both sides of her shirt until…*rip!* they tore up the sides, freeing her glorious tits just in time for my epic first load of cum to be sprayed right on them. “Oh hell yes! Coat my new tits with your cum!” Amy yelled as she massaged her still growing tits, grabbing massive handfuls at time, her (definitely bigger) hands still failing to keep up with her huge tits.

Amy’s stretching pajama pants alerted me to the next piece of clothing that was going to fail spectacularly. As her ass expanded, I heard the back of them give way, watching as her hips and thighs shredded the rest of the legs, leaving shredded bits of clothing hanging from the elastic waist band that had been pushed up to her waist. Her thong gave way with a snap, unable to keep up with the expansion of her hips. “Fuck me!” she screamed, and I was more than happy to oblige.

As I walked between her legs, her mass was already truly impressive. I hadn’t fully appreciated how tall she had already gotten, her torso quite long, where as her legs weren’t longer at all. They were quite thick though, and her ass was firm and huge, easily lifting her pussy a full foot off the ground. Her tits we’re the size of small beach balls, full and firm and being continuously kneaded by my beautiful fuck buddy. As I knelt down, there was a puddle of pussy juice below us, and I knew I was only going to make it better.

I slowly pressed my cock into Amy, burying myself all the way to the hilt for the first time in my life. It was a truly glorious experience, and I came immediately, flooding her insides with my cum. I just kept thrusting away, enjoying the feeling of all 15 inches of my cock inside the hottest pussy on the planet, reveling in the expanding form in front of me. I laid on Amy as I continued to fuck her, losing track of time in both of our orgasmic bliss.

I was finally pulled from the haze of my orgasm by a pounding at the front door. “Our pizza!” said a Amy’s booming voice. I stood up, completely mesmerized by the sight in front of me. “Katrina, get our pizza. I’m starving. Then you can measure me.” I nodded and walked, naked, over to the door, my erect cock swaying slowly in the wind. I opened the door and was greeted by a very cute delivery girl.

“Hi, here’s…” her voice trailed off as she stared at my cock. “Your…pizza.”

“Thanks.” I said, grabbing the pizza and setting it on the ground. As she handed me the receipt to sign, Amy called out behind me.

“Katrina, I’m hungry. Bring me a few of those pizzas!” The delivery girl finally noticed my girlfriend’s immense form, screamed and ran away.

“Damnit Amy, you scared her. I was gonna invite her back for some fun!” I said with a chuckle.

“Eh she was too tiny. She would have never survived you at this size, let alone what you will become.”

As Amy reached out to grab the pizza, the size she had attained finally started to dawn on me. “Holy fuck you’re enormous. Look how big your hands are! They’re almost as big as the pizza!!”

“Yeah I asked for them uncut. Watch this!” Amy picked up the whole pizza and folded it in half like anyone else would a regular slice. She even ate it in as many bites, her whole body completely enormous. “Ok, let’s do some measurements. I want to see how big I’ve gotten!”

Massive doesn’t even begin to explain how big Amy had gotten. She had a muscular athletic physique, covered by a delicate layer of feminine softness. “Hey, I thought I was the one getting muscles?” I laughed.

She pressed her absolutely massive tits together and said “I needed to make sure I could carry these things around. They’re so big…and heavy…and sensitive.”

“Hey hey, focus here! We can fuck again after I’m done growing.” I said with a smile. “Now let’s get started.” First, she stood up to her awesome new height. “You’re a full eight feet tall, with an amazing 11 foot wingspan!”

” And I still can’t reach my nipples!”

“Yeah but your hand is almost as long as my cock at 14 inches.” As I said it, her warm hand wrapped all the way around my cock as she slowly stoked up and down its length, covering a large amount of it’s surface area. “Your chest measures an impressive 84 inches, and your tits are…304 inches! God I thought they looked like full beanbag chairs, and I was right!” They were firm and full and ridiculously heavy. I had no idea how Amy was standing. They were capped with 10 inch nipples, which would have and anyone else’s dick look puny by comparison.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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